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Today I will present you the second post with the outfit that you have in mind for Prom, Graduation party or some other special occasion. In my last post (LINK), you had a chance to see something unusual.  Today as you can notice I’ve got back to the good old classics. It has always existed the famous “war” between the colors and it is extremely pronounced when it comes to black and navy color. What is the difference?

The black color has always been and remains popular. For women, it’s always been a little black dress, while for men that is the simple black suit with which you can never go wrong. It was all good until some new fashion trends are not introduced a new color – navy! Navy color became a substitute for black. The combinations kept elegant look but  navy color has a certain warmth that Black color could not provide.




Brown-Navy War…

This time I decided to follow my “safe” path of classics. I’m sure that you can’t go wrong with a classic navy suit. I added some brown details, yes you read it right – Brown color! This silent war of these two colors has been going on for some time. Well-known fashion house Saint Laurent (formerly Yves Saint Laurent) has managed to “calm” things a little and they used this “unusual” combination of colors in their collections.

I sincerely hope that you liked my outfit and you’ve enjoyed today’s post. For all kinds of proposals, suggestions and questions you can contact me via social media. I just can’t wait to read your comments!



Sako – Suit: Zara

Pantalone – Trousers: Zara

Košulja – Shirt: Zara

Kaiš – Belt: Louis Vuitton

Mokasine – Loafers: Louis Vuitton







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