Hi guys!

Welcome to my new post! The Proms and Graduation Parties season is ended slowly, so I decided that this small series of special postings called “The Graduation party with Mr.M” will end with this third post. I have to admit it was very interesting while I was doing these posts and I honestly think I’ll work them next year!

This time I will be a bit bare and admit that this is perhaps the most favorite post from this series of posts. You had the opportunity to see this blazer in my previous post (LINK). Navy –  White is always a beautiful combination. I must admit the best choice, but you have to be careful when choosing a shoe color, sometimes it’s best to stay on the safe road and choose same color tones. Experimenting with colors is sometimes useful and you can be surprised with good results, but in this case, it would not turn out just fine. For example, that I had red loafers, they are a beautiful detail for themselves. Red color always refreshes, but in this combination would be just wrong.


As a great fan of Tod’s Moccasins, sometimes I just can’t describe them so well.

Tod’s is well known for its comfort and elegance. They always have some many colors in their collections. Each one is just wonderful and it can always be easily combined.

I sincerely hope you liked my combination and that you enjoyed this post today. You can contact me through social media for all kinds of suggestions, suggestions, and questions. With great expectation, I expect your comments.



Sako – Blazer: Zara

Duks – Sweatshirt: Esprit Original

Farmerke – Jeans: Zara

Mokasine – Loafers: Tod’s











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