Prom night “king” – Part I

Hi, guys! Welcome back!

I hope you’re doing good and you’re ready for my new post. These days I’ve got a lot of messages on the social media and I have to admit I’ve also got a few emails with a request to make a couple of posts about Prom night. You gave me a serious task because it’s not easy to make posts with this topic. This post I have decided to call “Prom night with Mr.M” because as I said at the beginning, this will be a small series made up of a couple of posts where I will show you some of my recommendations.

Whether it’s High-school prom or “Big” Prom (after undergraduate studies), it’s very important for a young man to feel comfortable in his suit (or some other types of outfit) and to wear it in his favorite color. When a little guy “grows up” and comes to “Big” Prom it’s a little different story…

I am the person who loves to do research everything first and to see what’s new about the season colors and prints (this sounds like my job description). When I finish my first part of the job, I just know I’m ready for next step – shopping. Searching for the first outfit for this type of posts was not easy, but I knew one thing that suits must be blue, that was my first “mission”.



Stripes, stripes, stripes…

They are the detail that has always been in trend. There is no point in talking about brands of mass production or luxury brands. You can always find famous stripes in their collections. Except they are interesting, they can help people with excess weight to look skinny and to cover their disadvantages.


Of course with a nice suit you must have and appropriate shirt. When you think about the shirt it’s very important to think about details on shirt or prints and model. She always has to follow the suit and of course silhouette of your body. I noticed that a lot of men buy the shirt with stripes or with some other details. They are struggling to do it right and to buy ideal one…  Please don’t play too much with the details. That is nice, but not necessary, sometimes people cross the border with their style wishes… If you choose to buy the unusual suit, then you try to find some simple shirt.



Elegant shoes or Sneakers?

Until now, it was assumed that for special occasions you have to dress like you are on the Red Carpet… I’m glad that times are over now and men have begun to wear sneakers for special occasions. When I say sneakers, I don’t think about Air Max or some sneakers for running. Those are “Lifestyle” sneakers that you can find them at any fashion brand. Lifestyle sneakers are some combination of shoes and sneakers, so you will get the elegance and sporty casual look in just one pair of shoes. Of course, who still wants to wear shiny elegant shoes, just do it! It’s always stylish and fashionable!

I hope you enjoyed my today’s post. For all suggestions and questions please contact me via social media. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Sako – Blazer: Zara

Pantalone – Trousers: Zara

Košulja – Shirt: Zara

Patike – Sneakers: Moncler













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