My dear fashionistas and travelers, I hope you are well and ready for our last fashion adventure in Moldova. Today’s fashion story will be dedicated to an unusual Dutch brand that changed my view of fashion and the moment I realized that luxury has become available to everyone – Aurélien.

At the very beginning of today’s fashion story, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Invest Moldova Agency and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova for the kind invitation and the amazing experience to get to know the Moldovan culture and customs better. It is a great honor and pleasure to have had the opportunity to visit Chisinau and other famous tourist attractions in this wonderful small country with a big heart in Eastern Europe!

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There is no person in the world who does not like to feel a piece of clothing that is made of the highest quality materials. In addition to the correct selection of quality materials, in order to obtain a luxurious product, good processing of materials is also required during the process of making garments. Aurélien is a brand that has managed to meet all requirements and provide customers with the opportunity to enjoy quality products at significantly more affordable prices.

What should we know about the Aurélien brand? This is a brand with a strong focus on timeless classic style, based on craftsmanship, choosing the finest natural raw materials and materials, Aurélien offers a collection of exceptional luxury at an elegant, affordable price.

The Aurélien brand introduced a completely new innovative concept of “Smart Luxury” to the market, which represents a new look at luxury fashion products. Aurélien represents a timeless Mediterranean fashion style for the most discerning customers. This brand celebrates the embodiment of carefree joy in life, which we all need sometimes. Over time, Aurélien has become synonymous with casual elegance, timeless design and two of the most desirable raw materials, primarily Cashwool® and Softey® suede leather.

Through the concept of “Smart Luxury”, this brand offers unmatched value for money that customers usually pay in the luxury fashion industry. The recipe for the success of this brand is Italian craftsmanship because Aurélien collaborates exclusively with the most successful ateliers in Italy and Europe, using the finest natural raw materials and processes to develop a new type of fashion luxury with a strong focus on nature, creativity and innovation. Aurélien’s concept of luxury that embodies craftsmanship and luxury that helps to enhance the integrity of our fashion choices.

Aurélien directs the business in an unique way, modernizing marketing efforts, operating economically and keeping the chain from product design to the consumer almost entirely in its own hands, this unusual fashion brand offers a collection of pure luxury at a lower and significantly more affordable price than is normally expected in the luxury market. goods. When it comes to value for money in the high end fashion industry, Aurélien is one of a kind.

In today’s fashion story you have the opportunity to see the Aurélien leather jacket made of the highest quality suede leather, as well as the Voyager Chelsea dark brown boots that you saw in one of the previous fashion stories from Moldova.

If you want to stay updated with all the clothing, shoes and accessories Aurélien has to offer for ladies and gentlemen, visit their official online store and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Today we are meeting again with the famous Italian knitwear brand that you had the opportunity to meet in the previous fashion story. If by some chance you missed reading an interesting story about the André Maurice brand or you want to remind yourself of some interesting details, take a few minutes of your time and enjoy the beauty of Italian luxury knitwear with the following link.

An André Maurice piece of clothing is something more than just a wardrobe, because you have the opportunity to wear an exclusive and unique valuable gift of knowledge. The story of this brand is unique because with the influence of light, colors, smells, atmosphere, shapes and traditions of the territory of origin – Monferrato – combined with the constant desire to discover and face the whole world, we get a unique fashion story that has been passed down from generation to generation for 4 generations.

Art and beauty, culture and knowledge, tradition and heritage are the axioms that inspire the André Maurice team every day, striving never to indulge in useless compromises or useless shortcuts. Art and culture, in any of its forms, are often able to generate the same surprising sense of satisfaction that has always inspired the André Maurice team in the thinking, design and creation of all collections for a century. In this creative and unusual way, the art and culture of knitting can convey the spirit, love and tradition of the precious hands that participated with a lot of emotion in the creation process.

Tradition is something that is the basic starting point of the André Maurice brand. Gestures, rituals and customs that are repeated and transferred indefinitely, creating a nostalgic illusion of stopping time, which tirelessly chases modernity. Tradition has always been a source of inspiration for the André Maurice team, as an invisible glue between past and present, as well as a deep groove towards the future. By repeating everyday gestures, they remain faithful witnesses of the material and the spiritual burden that should be shown in the work and transmitted over time to generations to come.

André Maurice as a brand that cherishes true values and respects tradition and the spirit of heritage is woven into every piece of clothing, the tradition, culture, and fragrances of Montferrato. Find your Genius Loci and create some of your unforgettable moments to remember this winter season with garments from the latest André Maurice FW22/23 men’s collection and warm your dreams with the softest cashmere.

If you want to stay updated and find out what all the new models of knitted garments André Maurice brand has in its online store for dear ladies and gentlemen, follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.


Leather jacket: Aurélien

Sweater: André Maurice

Trousers: Loro Piana

Sunglasses: Givenchy via Edel-Optics

Boots: Aurélien

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of this last special fashion story from Moldova where together we discovered the beauty and brilliance of the true elegance of the prestigious Italian knitwear brand André Maurice, the beauty of Italian elegance with the famous luxury brand Loro Piana and the Dutch brand that nurtures the concept of smart luxury Aurélien , partners with whom fashion stories are a real adventure. I sincerely hope you got some inspiration for your ideal outfit! See you soon and continue our adventures on the Mr.M blog! How did you like my outfit today?

I really tried my best to prepare today’s post with lots of love and I hope you like it!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or any message for me, you can write me below in the comments. Of course, as always, you can contact me via email or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. I’ll see you soon!

With love from Moldova,
Mr. M

This post is sponsored by the Invest Moldova Agency and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, as well as André Maurice, Aurelien, Edel Optics and Loro Piana brands. This post is my personal and honest review of their products.

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1 year ago

An interesting fashion outfit proposal with an acceptable price! I looked at the Aurelien website and I like their style and the prices are affordable considering the quality of the materials and the design. I like your suede jacket, since we are of similar body type, what size did you take for yourself?

1 year ago

Your sweater and jacket are very nice! I love neutral shades when combined with pastel colors. You look great, I look forward to your next stories on the blog!

1 year ago

Your sunglasses are great! I was unable to find it on the Edel Optics website. Do you have any suggestion where I could find it and can you write me the model number so that I can find it easier?

1 year ago

Your new sweater is my favorite because I love sweaters with interesting writing. Can you tell me where to buy this sweater online since it is not available on their online store?

1 year ago

The boots are beautiful, they are very beautiful in dark brown color and they look a lot like Loro Piana boots and they are much more affordable than other luxury brands like LP.