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How are you today? I hope you are ready to see my new post! Today you will see my last post from the series of Berlin Fashion Week posts. This is the outfit that I wore on the 4th day, but I had a minor accident with a memory card and my pictures are lost, and my irresponsible head was not immediately transferred the images on my computer after shooting! So, I did the pictures yesterday when I went to the final sales, so I decided to combine work and pleasure and just to enjoy the moment!

I managed to somehow the impressions about Berlin Fashion Week, and I have to admit that the excitement of BFW (Berlin Fashion Week) has not passed yet, it’s easier for me to write about it! 😀 I met a lot of bloggers, both German and European, who came to BFW to feel all the charms of Berlin.

I met a lot of bloggers, from Germany and some from Europe, who came to BFW to feel the magic of Berlin.




BFW is an event that can help designers, models, and bloggers to make some progress in their career. It was a little hard because there were a lot of events going on at the same time and I was struggling to do all of it so my day was literally filled from 10 am until 7 pm and then my day didn’t finish because we bloggers must eat something and to spend some time together… (this was not for recording, we destroyed all the evidence!)


The organization was amazing, I will soon write a special post about the BFW with the pictures which I will get from their photographers and so they can best illustrate the beauty of creations that I had a chance to see. Some bloggers were too emotional as if they were not going to be on a Fashion Week next year, but I think it’s the same tradition as travelers are clapping the pilots when they take off… (that’s my opinion). I’m glad that I met people who are great fashion lovers just like me!


I found this wonderful jacket in Zara, it was totally surprising to me and it became a part of my outfit that day, and in the end, the combination of pure elegance  transformed into some urban street elegance, even people wondered if it was “Balmain” when I told them that is simply “Zara” which you can buy for 20 euros on final sale, they just could not believe it. Viva la Zara !!!

The trousers are classic, which you would say “boring classic”, but I love it and here you can see how you can wear classic trousers with some urban pieces and to make a good match! In Berlin, I was thankful to God for having this jacket, because it was barely 15 degrees outside, and the rain just didn’t stop… In Belgrade, I almost didn’t get a heat stroke, but I was a hero because the post has to be published! Maybe the pictures from Berlin would be more interesting because I was jumping over the little ponds and I pretend that I was waiting for the taxi… Since the situation in Belgrade was “hot” (32 degrees) as in express pot I had to calm down and make pictures on a modern place…


I sincerely hope that you will like my post, my Alphie ( a name for my camera) did his job perfectly, but my photographer was a bit nervous…

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Of course I have to thank my friends from Sony Deutschland who gave me my new friend Alphie who helped me to record all my fashion outfits and the happiest moments in the best possible way.

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Jacket: Zara

Shirt: Zara

Trousers: Zara

Sneakers: Moncler

Camera: Sony model Alpha 7R via Sony Deutschland







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