Dear my fashionistas, I hope you are well and ready for a new fashion adventure on the Mr.M blog. Today’s post will be a little different from previous fashion stories because today we have a special guest who decided to share her definition of elegance with us. Many of you have asked me where my mom is and you wished to see her in some new fashion story.

We have a family tradition that my mother and I are in charge of fashion awareness, while my father and sister are our eternal projects for experimentation that are not exactly fashion lovers. My father’s famous sentence quoted by everyone in the family: “Style is obviously a hard and arduous sport as soon as my wife and son don’t come home from morning till night!”.

My mother never had the need to try to find beautiful things, I really don’t know how, but she has a fashionable “sixth sense”. During the purchase, she has a feeling of which store to enter and which she is sure will find the real treasure. She is one of those people you can send to an outlet or to Mars, she will miraculously find an extremely beautiful thing (in my father’s dictionary there is a definition, beautiful = expensive).

She is a woman who has an eye for detail and who notices everything, the best expert who just needs to look at a garment or fashion accessory and you will immediately get a comprehensive and detailed explanation of why you should buy something, or why you should give up and look further…

One of the things I could never learn from my mom is the true definition of elegance. Elegance is reflected in the ease of choosing models, cuts and colors. When you mention the word elegance, people often mean wearing only one-color pieces of clothing and fashion accessories, but reality and theory sometimes differ significantly. Achieving an elegant and refined look requires a little effort and a good choice of colors. It is important to never forget what the real power of simplicity really is.

Some pieces of clothing and fashion accessories are simply timeless iconic classics. Real classics resist the ravages of time and you can always wear them regardless of constant fashion changes. Among these pieces of clothing are certainly quality coats, ballet flats and the famous pearl necklaces. These pieces of clothing and accessories are still as attractive today as they were 20 or 30 years ago, and most importantly, they are always elegant. It is good to have these details in your collection, because they are a sure way to achieve an elegant and refined look in women world.

On the other hand, men also have fashion details that never go out of fashion, such as good suits, coats, jeans and sneakers. Many people think that time will do its thing and that some fashion piece will become obsolete, but believe me, miracles happen!

Never underestimate the power of a good and quality bag, because this fashion accessory completes every fashion outfit. This does not mean that the bag must be strictly branded, but it is important that the model is simple and made of quality materials. What you should always strive for are flat cuts and breathtaking models.

If you want to achieve a refined and elegant look, you must know what suits you well. What exactly does that mean? You simply need to know which colors suit you best, but also which models of coats, skirts and dresses best suit your build. Don’t buy clothes and fashion accessories at any cost just because they are on sale or you will be taken away by the “ultra” attractive cheap price. Sometimes it may be better to pay a little more for a good piece, but it will look good on you and you will be satisfied.

For a good look and achieving the full effect, it is especially important how you will take something, it is a “game” where attitude and self-confidence are very important. Only a person who has an attitude and who is confident in himself can look elegant and refined. An elegant person is what she really is, not what she wears. Don’t let the clothes wear you, the pieces of clothing are there to contribute to your expression of personality.

In today’s post, my mother and I wanted to show you the beauty of cashmere items and fashion details of the fashion house GOBI Cashmere from Mongolia. Coats are timeless classics that never go out of fashion, and regardless of current fashion trends, each of us should have a beautiful red or camel coat, because these are colors that can be easily combined with other colors.

Founded and built by the Mongolian community, the GOBI Cashmere brand combines tradition, modern innovation and technology to make pieces of the highest quality cashmere for almost 40 years. GOBI Cashmere offers the finest and most luxurious pieces made of cashmere. This brand is known around the world for special cashmere coats and is the only company in the world that exclusively produces cashmere clothes with many years of experience and immense love.

Mongolia is known in the world as the “Kingdom of Cashmere” because of the way this precious material is produced and made. The cold Siberian climate has led to the breeding of Mongolian goats in a special way and because of that they have a dense undercoat that contains the longest and thinnest strands of wool in the world.

This “royal fiber” is the softest and highest quality cashmere. What makes the goats of Mongolia even more valuable are the four different natural colors that can be found alone in one area.

In addition to participating in improving the financial balance, cashmere has played a vital role in the professional training of shepherds and enabling them to participate in the business fashion world. GOBI Cashmere is one of the few companies in the world that gives shepherds the opportunity to eliminate intermediaries and thus make direct sales.

To prevent the possible use of cashmere knitwear by the world’s leading brands, they also have the freedom to negotiate directly with customers so that they can have their voice and set the price. Unfortunately, this business opportunity is not available in most rural areas, but GOBI Cashmere is working to improve conditions.

Even the inhabitants of large cities in Mongolia recognized the dedication and work of their nomadic colleagues. For them, it is something more than just a piece of luxury cashmere clothing. Over time, the GOBI Cashmere brand has become a part of the national identity that the Mongols are very proud of. Cashmere has always been synonymous with cloud-like quality and softness. Fibers obtained from cashmere goats are three times better thermal insulators than sheep wool. Wool is combed during the natural process of wool shedding, when goats begin to change their wool and “change” their magical winter coat.

Shepherds with generational knowledge manually comb cashmere fibers to protect goats from overheating and secondary diseases such as ticks. This is the best, most sustainable and most humane way to get cashmere. This way of getting cashmere is almost like a massage. Cashmere is a very delicate material, but with proper care, you can wear your favorite pieces for a long time.

What does the process of traceability GOBI Cashmere mean? The GOBI Cashmere cashmere tracebility process means that every production step will be recorded from start to finish and all processes will be preserved. In order to be able to document the origin of each strand of cashmere fiber, many records need to be made. GOBI Cashmere presents its new project on the possibility of tracking cashmere fibers.

This project will provide an opportunity for all customers to find out where the cashmere from which their garment is made in Mongolia comes from. Because cashmere is indeed a sustainable source of raw materials, each product received a monitoring rating based on several factors. I believe that this revolutionary project will mark a new era in the fashion industry.

I am sure you are interested in learning more about this unusual and traditional brand from Mongolia so you can find all the information on their official social media channels on their Facebook page and official Instagram profile.

Today’s elegant outfit was completed by a watch from the Akylon collection of the art Swiss brand MUSE, which you had the opportunity to meet in one of the previous posts.

The case is made of 100% titanium in the color of rose gold, while the dial is made of aventurine, a type of quartz that is characterized by its transparency and the presence of mineral impurities in the form of platinum that give it a shimmering or shining effect called aventurescence.

My watch is adorned with an Elaphe bracelet in a bronze brown-gold color. The bracelet is made of Elaphe water snake skin, which does not belong to the protected species. For all additional information and news about MUSE watches, you can follow them on their official Facebook page and Instagram profile.

MUSE watches are for all art lovers with refined taste and a sense of aesthetics. The basic idea of the founders of the MUSE brand was to re-examine and present the representation of time through an artistic prism. Mr. Robert and Mr. Leuba replaced the traditional hands, so the hours, minutes and seconds are shown in special art forms inspired by elements of nature and architecture.

MUSE dials are a moving art, time passes and different formations and shapes are made. Watches have become real small pieces of art today, only technology and inspiration have made it possible to enjoy the beauty of shapes that change on the MUSE dial every minute.

This spring, some new models also arrived from my friends Picard, who supported my adventures around the world for years, and Picard’s leather friends never let me down. The quality and design of Picard accessories is amazing and after so many years and carrying pounds of luggage I carry my Picard backpacks in blog posts as well.

Today, my mom got a chance to see the quality and beautiful design of their most famous Weimar model from the special premium collection Made in Germany. This model is made of the highest quality leather with a crocodile print in a gentle navy blue color.


Coat: GOBI

Turtleneck: Escada

Trousers: Max Mara

Bag: Picard

Sunglasses: Chloe

Optical frames: Chopard via Edel Optics

Pear Necklace: From personal collection

Shoes: Gucci


Coat: GOBI

Polo T-Shirt: GOBI

Watch: MUSE Art Watches

Trousers: GOBI

Sneakers: Valentino via Mytheresa Men

My dear fashionistas, we have reached the end of this fourth special post where we discovered one incredible knitwear cashmere brand from Mongolia! How did you like our outfits today? Have you found some inspiration for some of yours great spring outfit in camel or red color?

We really tried to prepare today’s post with a lot of love and we hope you will like it! See you in a couple of days with some new interesting story!

I advise you from the bottom of my heart to listen to my advice due to the current unfavorable health situation in almost all European and countries around the world. If you need to go out into the fresh air, take a walk and clear your mind, feel free to do so, but do not go to places where there are a lot of people and encourage crowding.

The process of vaccinating the population in Germany has begun and I believe that the situation will soon improve and that our lives will return to normal soon!

I understand that people need to go out into the fresh air for physical activity and mental health, but you can do that by simple walking the city every day, on low-traffic pedestrian streets. Of course, you can walk in parks and other types of green areas or promenades along rivers, but keep the prescribed physical distance, use disinfectants and please wear a mask.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT ME page. Stay tuned!

With love from Berlin,

This post is sponsored by GOBI Cashmere, MUSE Switzerland SA, Mytheresa, Picard Lederwaren, Edel Optics brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.

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Dear Marko, nice to see your mom and you together again! I haven’t seen her in any of your campaigns for a long time and I’m very happy to see you together after a long time! Your mom looks fantastic, she looks more like your older sister and you are both beautifully styled and elegant. The red color emphasizes her beauty! Warm greetings from Bristol!


Marko, I really like your outfit and your mom’s fashion accessories! I really can’t decide which glasses are better and the bag is fantastic if it wasn’t for the Picard brand I would really think Hermes Kelly is from a real crocodile! Your mom is a real lady and I would love to see you together on your blog more often than before! It’s clear to everyone since you inherited such a good sense of fashion!


You’re both so cute! Big greetings for mom!!!! I would love it too so my mom wants to take pictures with me for campaigns but she is very shy!


Deine Mutter hat einen schönen Mantel und die Tasche ist wie ein Traum! Ich liebe die Marke Picard und ich liebe ihre Taschen, aber sie waren immer teuer… FG Ursula


Wonderful pictures and I like the emotions I feel when I see you two in the pictures! All praise for the post and a lot of greetings to your mom! I hope to see your Mother more on your blog.


Lieber Marko, deine Mutter und du sehen wunderschön aus! Die Mutter ist eine echte Lady und das merkt man schon daran, dass man ein paar Details über Mode erfährt. Es ist wunderbar, diese Liebe in Bildern zu sehen, auch wenn es zu Werbezwecken war. Viele Grüße aus Hannover! Lea


Wonderful pictures of one mother and son! Your mother looks fantastic! I really would never say it’s your mom, she’s a young woman! Since you are 30 years old, mom and you look almost like the same age! All the praise for mom and the way she takes care of her skin! I believe that there is little to the merit of genes, but I noticed that there is also the merit of expert doctors who care about the “youth” of women. Indeed, I am very happy to see a woman in her best years look so beautiful and well-cared!


Dear Marko, Your mother and you look really beautiful! Your outfits are incredible, I especially like your coat and sneakers, I adore the Valentino brand and I really like the color and model of your mom’s coat and her bag! All the details are so stunning!


Lieber Marko, dein Outfit ist sehr schön, deine Uhr gefällt mir besonders gut! Ich liebe ungewöhnliche, exotische Dinge und deine Uhr ist fantastisch! FG Klaus