My dear fashionistas, welcome to my new fashion story on the pages of the Mr.M blog. I’m really glad you like my take on fashion and that I’ve inspired many women in their golden ages (50+) to change their minds and bring some novelty into their lives. My story today will be dedicated to a famous Italian knitwear brand, which I’m sure you’re familiar with because you’ve seen it in my son’s fashion stories.

Since I had the opportunity to see for myself the quality and design of the sweater that the Aida Barni brand team gave to my son, their proposal for cooperation surprised me, but also made me happy because they recognized my vision. Aida Barni is synonymous with perfect softness and refined Italian processing of cashmere. Also, sometimes you need to make yourself happy with something new, maybe it’s a new hairstyle, and I was made happy by the pieces from the new Aida Barni collection for Spring – Summer 2023. Today I present to you this unusual long elegant white dress, which is ideal for all occasions because of it’s beautiful and special knitted work.

I love the sea and sometimes I like to swim and sunbathe, but there is one activity that I am extremely fond of – walking on the beach while the sea washes over the sandy beach. That feeling when I walk barefoot on the beach brings me back to some carefree days of my youth and whenever I go to the sea I like to be alone and enjoy morning walks on the beach. That’s why today I decided to share with you my idyllic moments of peace and tranquility, but with style!

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Aida Barni is a brand belonging to the Annapurna Group. Founded in 1978, the Annapurna Group has become one of the leading Italian and global manufacturers of high-quality cashmere knitwear with its two fashion lines for women and men under the names Annapurna and Aida Barni. Annapurna uses only the latest production techniques available on the market, from cashmere looms to the latest and most advanced machines for making knitwear of all sizes. The current production capacity is about 120,000 pieces per year.

It is important to note that the entire production cycle is carried out in Italy, more precisely in the company’s factory located in the city of Prato, which is also the center of the district of the same name located in the very heart of Italy (the central part of Italy). “Made in Italy” is more than a manufacturing concept, but this brand has proven that it is much more than the perfect cashmere sweater on the store shelf. It is love at first touch, an impression that is remembered.

Aida Barni’s concept of women’s “sporty elegance” is simple and stylish, but rich in materials and subtle details that make this brand iconic because it represents the expression of uniqueness and special class. You can buy Aida Barni cashmere items in well-stocked stores throughout Europe and the world and through authorized online stores. When you give someone an Aida Barni piece, it’s more than respect and pure love, because you’re giving a piece that is woven with a love of tradition and a deep respect for art that isn’t given every day.

The dress you see in today’s post is from the latest Aida Barni SS23 collection, crystal white color and made of the finest material. An iconic color for the new summer season, which you really need to have in your wardrobe!

If you want to stay updated and find out what new things Aida Barni has in store for us this fashion season, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Today I decided to re-combine an unusual and striking fashion detail – a fiery red Magenta bag from the new Fratelli Rossetti spring-summer 2023 collection that can change your view of the fashion world. Fratelli Rossetti leather goods and footwear is fantastic for the reason that this brand makes classic shoes that are elegant and simply unbeatable, shoes for all times!

What is the story of this brand? In the middle of the 20th century, more precisely in 1945, Mr. Renzo Rossetti started his story from scratch, where he worked alone to cut leather for several types of sports shoes. His shoes were sold at the famous Brigatti store in Milan, one of the few remaining stores of its kind in the city. After a few years, Fratelli Rossetti saw success, but, wanting to develop further, they transferred the brands and equipment for this special production to Atala Sport in Padua.

The story of the Fratelli Rossetti company is an inspiring story of a successful Italian family business that opened its doors in 1953. This is not just an ordinary business story, but a family story: the founder, Renzo Rossetti, and his wife, Lisetta, were dedicated to their work all their lives. The company Fratelli Rossetti is currently run by the second generation of the Rossetti family, the brothers Diego, Dario and Luca, who, due to their different roles and by developing their own different skills, have successfully brought their company to its 60th anniversary, always in search of quality and united by their passion with strict respect for tradition.

Fratelli Rossetti has a long tradition of “big little innovations”. In this company, tradition and quality have always gone hand in hand with insatiable curiosity and commitment to innovation. From the introduction of tassels and the invention of shoes designed to be worn without socks, to stylistic innovations and the launch of the “masculine” style, to the application of colors in unique chromatic shades. It was Renzo Rossetti who emphasized the importance of embracing new materials, styles and shapes: back in the 60s, he was already experimenting with different color combinations on leather. Today, the company continues its research and development activities thanks to the knowledge of its craftsmen and the creative spirit of the styling department.

Fratelli Rossetti in its collections for women and men has timeless classic iconic models that you can find all year in their offer, some of the women’s models are: Brera, Magenta, Estate and Hobo Sport.

In today’s post I present you one of the iconic Magenta handbags from the latest SS23 collection. A handbag is a special fashion detail that adorns every woman, that’s why I decided to combine this beautiful red Fratelli Rossetti red handbag from the Magenta line with my outfits this summer, which is made of soft smooth leather. The bag has a magnetic closure featuring the iconic Fratelli Rossetti gold-colored metal buckles. You can also carry this bag over your shoulder, that way the bag will get a look of sporty elegance. The main compartment of the bag is equipped with a small inner pocket with a zipper and a small pocket on the outer back.

If you want to stay updated and find out which models of shoes and accessories the Fratelli Rossetti brand has in its offer, visit their official online store and follow them on social networks Facebook and Instagram.


Dress: Aida Barni

Bag: Fratelli Rossetti

Flat shoes: Dolce & Gabbana via MYTHERESA

Necklace: Cameo Italiano

Earrings: Cameo Italiano

Watch: Cameo Italiano

Sunglasses: Cartier via MYTHERESA

Silk Scarf: Loro Piana

Jewelry is perhaps the most important fashion detail that can say a lot about the woman who wears it. Today I will present to you a special cameo jewelry of an Italian brand that is famous in the world – CAMEO ITALIANO. What exactly is Cameo jewelry? A cameo is a material that is carved in raised relief, often depicting a profile of a face, a still life, or some special mythical scene. Cameos, hard or precious stones carved in relief, or imitations of such stones in glass and mollusk shells. Cameos are usually a gem (usually agate, onyx, or sardonyx) that has two layers of different colors, with figures carved in one layer so that they are raised against the background of the other. Cameo is the converse of intaglio, which consists of an incised, or sunken, engraving in the same class of material.

The history of this material goes back to the early Sumerian period (around 3100 BC) to the fall of the Roman civilization, from the Renaissance and from the Neoclassical period in the 18th century. Greek cameos, made of colored quartz, were purely decorative (as opposed to intaglios, which were used as seals) and reached a high artistic level. In contrast, Roman cameos, mostly made of sardonyx, onyx and glass paste, were usually carved with portraits and mythological scenes and were often signed by the artists. Due to the increased interest in classical civilization, the art of cameo engraving was perfected again in the Renaissance.

Cameos were used to mark personalities, as in ancient times. In England during the 16th century, cameos were made with the head of Queen Elizabeth to celebrate the victory over the Spanish Armada. In the 18th and 19th centuries, cameos adorned jewelry such as diadems, belts, brooches, and bracelets.

The history of the CAMEO ITALIANO brand begins in 1957 when Mr. Michele Di Luca opens the doors of his jewelry atelier. Thanks to his ability and creativity as one of the most talented master engravers, he realized his dream – to bring the uniqueness of the cameo shell to the international stage. Michele Di Luca’s great passion for creativity not only earned him a gold medal for his contribution to the economic development of the Campania region, but also inspired his children Gino, Anna, Pina and Marinella to join the company in 1980. In 2012, Gino Di Luca launched the brand that launched cameo as a contemporary gem: CAMEO ITALIANO.

Each cameo is a small, unique and unrepeatable masterpiece, precious thanks to the artisanal approach to production. CAMEO ITALIANO is part of a tradition that preserves techniques that have been passed down for more than two centuries in Torre del Greco, the only place in the world where shell cameos are engraved. A gem that symbolizes the values and authenticity of the “Made in Italy”.

After many years of experience and passion, the engravers of the CAMEO ITALIANO house were awarded the title of Master Engravers. In this type of art, the viewer is seduced by the love that the artist skillfully imprints into his detailed creation, a process that makes it unique, unrepeatable and therefore beautiful. In the rich offer of CAMEO ITALIANO jewelry you can find necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and watches. CAMEO ITALIANO jewelry is divided into several collections, which I will present to you in detail in the following posts.

In today’s post I present you the earrings, necklace and watch that are part of the CAMEO ITALIANO collection.

The “Partenope” watch that you have the opportunity to see in today’s post is a special watch with a design engraved by hand on the shell and 925 sterling silver, cameo size 30mm. The watch is adorned by a dark blue – navy bracelet.

I chose this unusual set because it irresistibly associates me with my name and I love seeing rose motifs on clothes or jewelry. I am fascinated by the beauty of this jewelry, that’s why I want to invite all those who want to know more about the Italian brand of jewelry and watches CAMEO ITALIANO and discover what the Di Luca family has prepared for the new season, visit their official online store and follow them on social media channels Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, the piece that every stylish woman needs and that helps you “hide” from the world when you need a break – glasses! My favorite model of Panthère de Cartier sunglasses, it’s always in my bag during the summer because when you get to a certain age you don’t want to think about wrinkles around your eyes any more.

During my stay in the capital of Qatar – Doha, I had the opportunity to get to know the Qatari culture, heritage and tradition, and in addition, I attended the opening of the first store in the State of Qatar. Fratelli Rossetti celebrates its seventieth birthday with the expansion of its retail stores in Italy and abroad, celebrating the year 2023 with the opening of its first boutique in Doha in the most famous Mall of Qatar, a new store that proves a significant presence in the Arab markets in addition to the store in the United Arab Emirates in the Dubai Mall.

I would like to thank the Fratelli Rossetti team for the warm invitation to attend the opening of the first boutique in Qatar, as well as the wonderful gifts that marked my spring wardrobe. As part of this event, I had the chance to see for myself the art of handwork and the beauty of hand-knitted leather.

I hope you enjoyed my fashion story today. Soon I will show you other outfits from Qatar that can serve as inspiration for the new summer season. See you in a few days at the same place, with some new interesting story.

Best Regards,


This post is sponsored by the Fratelli Rossetti, Aida Barni, CAMEO ITALIANO, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana via MYTHERESA, Loro Piana brands. This post is my personal and honest review of their products.

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3 months ago

Dear Mrs. Rose, you look beautiful! I admire your attitude and appearance. Believe me, I would like to look at least half as you do at your age! The dress is beautiful!

3 months ago

You are one woman with a special energy and attitude who could make an expensive dress out of an ordinary sack. The dress and bag are divine! I love the Fratelli Rossetti brand and wear their moccasins and ballet flats and I’m so glad they recognized you as a brand ambassador! Best regards to you and your son, you are doing a great job and are a great team!

3 months ago

Dear Mrs. Rose, I want to convey to you my sincere admiration for your work, because you really possess a special energy and ladylike appearance that hardly any woman today has. Were you a model in your youth? I know you very well from somewhere, but I can’t remember where I know you from. I have the impression that you were active on television from the world of movie and entertainment.

3 months ago

Dear Rose, you look beautiful! I wish my mom was like you, but the older she gets, the more she closes herself in the house. Do you have any advice on how I can get her out of the house and introduce her to some social life?

2 months ago

You look wonderful, I admit that I have never seen a beautiful woman in my life! I wish I had this kind of elegance and refinement, but I wasn’t born with it at all…

2 months ago

Liebe Rose, du siehst wunderschön aus! Ein großes Lob an Ihr Aussehen und Ihren Sinn für Mode. Ich muss auch die Arbeit Ihres plastischen Chirurgen loben, da Sie für eine Frau über 50 wirklich fantastisch aussehen. Mit FG Lenka