My dear fashionistas, welcome to a new fashion story on the Mr.M blog. I want to thank you for your wonderful words and numerous compliments on my work. I’m really glad you like my take on fashion and that I’ve inspired many women in their golden ages (50+) to change their minds and bring color into their lives. Today’s post I will start with fashion details that can sometimes make an outfit more interesting than the pieces of clothing itself.

I’m not sure if I mentioned in one of the previous stories that Leo is my zodiac sign and because of the characteristics of Leos, I have an extraordinary love for the gold color and adore jewelry. Jewelry is perhaps the most important fashion detail that can say a lot about the woman who wears it. Today I will present to you a special cameo jewelry of an Italian brand that is famous in the world – CAMEO ITALIANO.

What exactly is Cameo jewelry? A cameo is a material that is carved in raised relief, often depicting a profile of a face, nature, or some special mythical scene. Cameos, hard or precious stones carved in relief, or imitations of such stones in glass and mollusk shells. Cameos are usually a gem (usually agate, onyx, or sardonyx) that has two layers of different colors, with figures carved in one layer so that they are raised against the background of the other. Cameo is the converse of intaglio, which consists of an incised, or sunken, engraving in the same class of material.

The history of this material goes back to the early Sumerian period (around 3100 BC) to the fall of the Roman civilization, from the Renaissance and from the Neoclassical period in the 18th century. Greek cameos, made of colored quartz, were purely decorative (as opposed to intaglios, which were used as seals) and reached a high artistic level. In contrast, Roman cameos, mostly made of sardonyx, onyx and glass paste, were usually carved with portraits and mythological scenes and were often signed by the artists.

Due to the increased interest in classical civilization, the art of cameo engraving was perfected again in the Renaissance. Cameos were used to mark personalities, as in ancient times. In England during the 16th century, cameos were made with the head of Queen Elizabeth to celebrate the victory over the Spanish Armada. In the 18th and 19th centuries, cameos adorned jewelry such as diadems, belts, brooches, and bracelets.

The history of the CAMEO ITALIANO brand begins in 1957 when Mr. Michele Di Luca opens the doors of his jewelry atelier. Thanks to his ability and creativity as one of the most talented master engravers, he realized his dream – to bring the uniqueness of the cameo shell to the international stage.

Michele Di Luca’s great passion for creativity not only earned him a gold medal for his contribution to the economic development of the Campania region, but also inspired his children Gino, Anna, Pina and Marinella to join the company in 1980. In 2012, Gino Di Luca launched the brand that launched cameo as a contemporary gem: CAMEO ITALIANO.

Each cameo is a small, unique and unrepeatable masterpiece, precious thanks to the artisanal approach to production. CAMEO ITALIANO is part of a tradition that preserves techniques that have been passed down for more than two centuries in Torre del Greco, the only place in the world where shell cameos are engraved. A gem that symbolizes the values and authenticity of the “Made in Italy”.

After many years of experience and passion, the engravers of the CAMEO ITALIANO house were awarded the title of Master Engravers. In this type of art, the viewer is seduced by the love that the artist skillfully imprints into his detailed creation, a process that makes it unique, unrepeatable and therefore beautiful.

In the rich offer of CAMEO ITALIANO jewelry you can find necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and watches. CAMEO ITALIANO jewelry is divided into several collections, which I will present to you in detail in the following posts.

In today’s post I present you a necklace, earrings and a watch that are part of the CAMEO ITALIANO collection.

The “Partenope” watch that you have the opportunity to see in today’s post is a special watch with a design engraved by hand on the shell and 925 sterling silver, cameo size 30mm. The watch is adorned by a dark blue – navy bracelet.

I chose this unusual set because it irresistibly associates me with my name and I love seeing rose motifs on clothes or jewelry. I am fascinated by the beauty of this jewelry, that’s why I want to invite all those who want to know more about the Italian brand of jewelry and watches CAMEO ITALIANO and discover what the Di Luca family has prepared for the new season, visit their official online store and follow them on social media channels Facebook and Instagram.

My outfit today is coincidentally made up of Italian brands. The first fashion brand I want to present to you today is Herno fashion house. What caught my eye about this brand is their motto: “In the beginning it was water, which carries the flow of life.” It creates something new…”

This is how In Flumine est vita, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Herno, sums up the praise for the sublime element that animates the brand, water. Whether in river or lake, rain or fog, snow or humidity, it is the muse that inspired the quintessential high-performance product that started it all and continues to this day: the raincoat.

It was from that cotton from 1948, treated with castor oil from the airplanes left by the war, that young Giuseppe Marenzi and his wife Alessandra Diana felt the possibility of opening a business. And from the beginning, with the urgency and enthusiasm typical of that period of great ferment that was postwar Italy, experimentation and innovation pervaded Herno’s vocation.

The coexistence with lake and river water took shape and became functional first in jackets and then in high-performance coats, well designed, made with superior craftsmanship that can only be found in Italy, and also useful for protection from the cold and find shelter from the rain, northerly wind and humidity in the lake region. That’s what water is to Herno: connection, love, passion, challenge, ingenuity. And success.

The winter jacket you see in today’s fashion story is part of the permanent iconic Herno collection, in a bright red color.

In today’s fashion story, I will present you some fashion pieces from my favorite Italian brand – Max Mara. Max Mara is a world famous Italian fashion brand. It was founded in 1951 in Reggio Emilia by Mr. Achille Maramotti. This legendary brand sponsors and awards the Max Mara Women’s Art Award. Achille Maramotti began creating wardrobes in 1947, and officially founded the Max Mara fashion house in 1951. How did the brand name come about?

The second word of the brand – “Mara” was derived from Mr. Maramotti surname, while “Max” referred to Count Max, a local legend, who was rarely sober, but always so classy and stylish! Mr. Maramotti was one of the first to see that the future of women’s fashion lay in the mass production of designer quality clothing. He also wanted to put his Max Mara brand at the top in front of the names of individual designers, although he hired Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Dolce & Gabbana, Narciso Rodriguez and Anne Marie Beretta. The company is still in the hands of the family and is one of the best family fashion businesses in the world.

The Max Mara group has 35 brands in its fashion empire, of which the Max Mara brand remains the heart of the company to this day. Other brands include Sportmax, Sportmax Code, Weekend Max Mara, Marella, Pennyblack, iBlues, MAX&Co. and Marina Rinaldi. An interesting information is that Marina Rinaldi is a brand founded in 1980 and named after the greatmother of Mr. Maramotti.

Max Mara is my favorite brand because it absolutely meets my criteria when it comes to wardrobe, which are: quality, interesting models and cuts, good selection of materials, as well as fine processing of materials. Today I decided to show you a turtleneck sweater, a skirt and a bag from this timeless Italian brand. The turtleneck is made of the finest cashmere, as is the skirt, while the bag is made of leather with the embossed croco print.

If you want to know more about the Italian fashion house Max Mara and discover what the Maramotti family has prepared for the new fashion season, visit their official online store and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Coat: Herno




Turtleneck: Max Mara

Skirt: Max Mara

Bag: Max Mara

Shoes: Tod’s

This time I decided to complete my outfit with shoes from the Italian brand Tod’s. There is no person who has not resisted wearing shoes of this famous Italian fashion house, regardless of whether it is a person of female or male gender, Tod’s shoes are loved by the whole planet because of their refined elegance and incredible comfort. The shoes from today’s fashion story are an iconic model with a gold-colored T metal logo, while the shoes are made of dark-navy croco embossed leather.

I hope you enjoyed my fashion story today. Soon I will show you some outfits from Qatar that can serve as inspiration for the new spring season. See you in a few days at the same place, with some new interesting story.

Best Regards,


This post is sponsored by the Max Mara, CAMEO ITALIANO, Herno and Tod’s brands. This post is my personal and honest review of their products.

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1 year ago

Sehr geehrte Frau Rose, ich habe viel über Cameo-Schmuck gelesen und freue mich, dass Sie solchen Schmuck tragen. Es ist sehr eleganter und besonderer Schmuck und Sie haben es auf diese Weise gezeigt. Du siehst wunderbar aus und ich bewundere, wie du es schaffst, den Jahren zu trotzen! Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg an dich und deinen Sohn. Heike

1 year ago

Dear Rose, I honestly don’t know where to start with the compliments. You look fantastic, your outfit is perfect because I love bright colors, especially red. You can see that you took care of every detail.

1 year ago

I love the Max Mara brand, the skirt is lovely! Is it the FW22/23 model? I’m glad you continued to write your fashion stories! Best, Michela

1 year ago
Reply to  Michela

Dear Michela,

Thank you for your time to write me this wonderful message. Yes, the skirt is part of Fall-Winter 22/23 collection. I will try to keep regularly with my fashion stories.

Rose & Marko

1 year ago

Dear Mrs. Rose, you look fantastic! Honestly, I’d like to look at least half like you in my older years. You really have an iconic style that is not often seen.

1 year ago

I really like your watch and Herno jacket. I love their jackets because they are stylish and extremely practical for every day, they are easy to wear on trips because they don’t bunch up like other brands’ jackets.

1 year ago

You look wonderful, dear Rose, you have an incredible appearance and a special energy that you radiate. I am glad that you are back to share with us your view of some fashion trends. I would like to see you often on the Mr.M blog. Many greetings to you and your beautiful son! I look forward to your travelogues and fashion stories from Qatar.