Dear fashionistas, I hope you are doing well. I believe that today’s fashion story will be interesting for many women because I will share with you my favorite fashion pieces. The subject of my first fashion story on the Mr.M blog is the beauty of fur and pearls – symbols of style and immortality. Fur is a noble material that has always been worn by celebrities, members of royal families, while in Belgrade this status symbol was worn by great ladies.

In addition to fur, the necks of those elegant ladies were decorated with pearls, which have always been a timeless classic. My mother loved fur, and from her I inherited my love for this noble material, as well as for pearls, which I still wear with great pleasure.

After the published fashion story about the FURMARK certificate for the sustainability of fur in the fashion industry on the Mr.M blog, Marko and I received numerous questions regarding the selection of the appropriate quality of fur, as well as the selection of a fur coat model. Many ladies were in doubt, since buying a fur coat is a serious investment and therefore it is necessary to carefully choose the right model for yourself. There are furs of different quality on the market, from pieces to whole skins, natural and dyed fur.

Therefore, it is best for everyone to choose the fur that the lady thinks is the best and always ask the professionals, who can help you and answer all your doubts. Prices can vary and it is certain that with a higher price, you get better quality, which is of course the desire of all of us. A coat is a piece that is eternal, it can be passed on to generations to come.

I love fur and love to wear it. This wonderful mink cape with an unusual cut has taken a special place in my wardrobe this winter season. I am always happy to give my trust to Italian furriers because of the exceptional quality of workmanship and unusual design. The cape that you have the opportunity to see in today’s fashion story is a true masterpiece of the Italian fur shop Nello Santi.

The story of this brand begins in the chilly autumn of 1943, when the inhabitants of the Italian town of Grosseto were anxiously awaiting the coming winter. It was a winter that swept the whole area with cold winds and white frosts, as it does every year. The capital of the Maremma region was badly affected by the Great War. The population was exhausted and battered by years of conflict and poverty, as well as their sad loss of offspring, misery and hunger.

A few years later, in 1960 to be exact, the war ended and great Italy finally experienced a revival. Those were the years of the “dolce vita” (Sweet Life), even in sun-drenched Tuscany, style and elegance and the label “Made in Italy” were becoming increasingly sought after. Women competed to show off in the most expensive and unusual furs. Furs were trending, and Nello Santi as a specialized workshop for prestigious, high-quality furs experienced its heydays.

Alessandro Santi, who grew up in the world of fashion and luxury furs, took over the family company and in a short time became famous throughout Tuscany for his distinctive style and the skill with which he took care of every detail, turning each garment into a unique fashion piece of great value and extraordinary beauty.

The gentle and elegant lines of Nello Santi fur have always been inspired by the authentic landscapes of sunny Tuscany. This unusual Italian fur shop experienced its turning point of success in the 80s, when the determination of the Santi family went one step further and conquered the international markets of luxury goods.

Thanks to the eldest son of Mr. Alessandro – Nello Santi, this brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and timeless elegance. Mr. Nello Santi is aware of the value of what he has inherited. He has a deep understanding of his company, which is why he always makes sure that his customers can come to Grosseto and visit the workshop that his grandfather created many years ago, in the country where he was born, where it all began.

Nello Santi fur collections are enriched with new notes, colors and lines that fit well with contemporary styles, while never neglecting the elegant cut of his original designs.

The combination of nature and craftsmanship, which the Santi family offers as a selfless gift to new generations today more than ever, in the face of the rise of mass production and the use of highly polluting synthetic fabrics, represents a practice of “green elegance” that must be protected and passed on. Fur has a history as ancient as the world itself. It has always been a part of the natural cycles of human life and in addition to being an exclusive and unique product, it is ecologically sustainable at every stage of production and does not cause pollution of the natural environment.
Producing, buying and wearing a fur coat is a gesture of love for tradition and nature and, like any gesture of love, it is capable of bringing beauty and pleasure into our lives.

If you want to know more about Nello Santi fur brand and discover what the Santi family has prepared for the new winter season, visit their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Fur Coat: Nello Santi

Pearl filigree necklace: Ohrid Pearl Filevi 1928

Pearl earrings with rhodium plated silver: Ohrid Pearl Filevi 1928

Turtleneck: Max Mara via MYTHERESA

Trousers: Luisa Spagnoli

Bag: Coccinelle

Gloves: Max Mara

Shoes: Christian Louboutin via MYTHERESA

In addition to high-quality fur, I always like to wear pearls, which have always been a timeless fashion classic. My outfit today was enriched by a pearl necklace and earrings from the famous Macedonian brand Ohrid Pearl Filevi 1928.

The Filevi family is a family that has been producing Ohrid pearls since 1928, which is confirmed by historical facts and numerous institutions. The secret of making Ohrid pearls is still one of the most closely guarded secrets of this family, which combines pearls into creative pearl necklaces and bracelets, and has been passed down from generation to generation for the fourth generation. When we talk about pearl, we always think of the pearl that is in the shell, but the Ohrid pearl is much more than that and has a more specific way of production. It is extremely important to note that there are only two families in Ohrid who know the secret of making the famous Ohrid pearl.

The Ohrid pearl is not found in the shell, but is made by taking the brightest (inner) part of the shell, processing it well and obtaining the desired shape – a grain of mother-of-pearl. Another process of grain processing is coating the already obtained mother-of-pearl grain with an emulsion obtained from the scales of the Ohrid fish – Alburnus scoranza. Today, several new models of Ohrid pearl necklaces appeared, which accentuated certain events such as weddings, celebrations and visits, girlfriend proposals and many others.

The Filevi family – Ohrid Pearl Filevi 1928 offers a rich collection of unique handmade jewelry. A large selection of different colors of cultured natural pearls allows you to choose the ideal piece of jewelry for your sensibility. Each creation is characterized by an individual approach to conception and design. They are made in different lengths according to the customer’s wishes. Their jewelry is for people who want to be different, with a unique fashion style.

Today, my neck is adorned with a pearl necklace with filigree and an elegant figure of a lady. What is a filigree? Filigree is one of the most beautiful metalworking techniques. This technique has been used throughout the centuries to produce extremely high-quality and valuable jewelry as well as decorative items that we still admire today. In order to make a decorative item or jewelry using this technique, silver, gold, and less often copper wire is used to compose the motif. Threads of wire are bent and interlaced, tied together and thus a complex motif is formed that can be placed on a metal base or completely free. Circles, flowers, and geometric patterns were made from filigree wire. Small metal balls were sometimes placed on objects made in this way.

Pearl earrings that complete my outfit are Filevi 1928 rhodium-plated silver earrings. You can find the rich Filevi 1928 collection of Ohrid pearls and jewelry with classic, marquise and rhodium silver in the center of Belgrade (Serbia), at Knez Mihailova 29, in the passage next to the Progress Gallery.

Also if you are going to the heart of North Macedonia – Ohrid and visiting the capital Skopje, take the opportunity to visit their stores.

The making of Filevi 1928 jewelry is a real art and each handcrafted piece of Filevi jewelry has, above all, a special sentimental value. Passion for jewelry and love for fine craftsmanship is reflected in every single piece of Filevi 1928 jewelry. All you have to do is imagine and wish for an Ohrid pearl, and Filevi 1928 is here to create and realize your wishes and ideas together with you.

If you want to know more about Ohrid Pearl Filevi 1928 brand and discover the world of Ohrid pearls, visit their official online store and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed my fashion story today. See you in a few days at the same place, with some new interesting story.

Best regards,


This post is sponsored by the Nello Santi and Ohrid Pearl Filevi 1928 brands. This post is my personal and honest review of their products.

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1 year ago

A fur coat is a symbol of femininity and you really wear it with dignity! You are an exceptional lady with refined style and distinct elegance. Today, it is rare to meet a woman like this on the street, who can really wear a wardrobe without the wardrobe wearing her. Wonderful story!

1 year ago

Dear Rose,I am also like you, just one big fan of fur and pearls as well. I love fur and love to wear it! I’m glad that even today there are people like you who are honest and who have said loudly on the Internet that they love fur and appreciate its elegance. In addition, you explained very well why real fur is good compared to artificial fur and some basic characteristics. I remember Mark’s post about the FURMARK certification of fur sustainability in the fashion industry and have been fascinated by his work and love for fur ever since.… Read more »

1 year ago

What a fur cape! I’ve always wondered how mink cape fit and I was afraid that they don’t fit a woman very well, but believe me, I’m amazed! I read your blog post and I’m traveling for the Christmas holidays in Italy, I’m going to visit Rome and I see that this is the place where Nello Santi is close, so I’ll see if I can set aside a day and go by train to visit their fur workshop and maybe I’ll finally treat myself to an oversized cape like this mink fur coat! You are a wonderful woman and… Read more »

1 year ago

A wonderful fur coat, a wonderful pearl necklace, but you are so special, Mrs. Rose, and that’s why this outfit is so unusual. I like your energy and writing style and I wish you the best of luck in your work! Can Filevi 1928 pearls be shipped to the Netherlands?

1 year ago

Liebe Rose, du siehst fantastisch aus! Ich mag deinen Stil sehr und lese gerne den Blog deines Sohnes. Ich bin vor 3 Jahren auf dich aufmerksam geworden, als du in einigen Modegeschichten im Mr.M-Blog zu Gast warst. Ich freue mich, dass Sie sich entschieden haben, Ihre Modegeschichten zu beginnen. Aus diesem Text ist ersichtlich, dass man alles von Ihnen lernen kann! Ich liebe Pelzmäntel und habe eine besondere Vorliebe für Nerz. Du siehst toll aus und glaub mir, ich möchte eines Tages so aussehen wie du! FG Martina

1 year ago

Liebe Rose, wunderbarer Outfit-Post! Ich frage mich, ob Sie vielleicht wissen, ob es in Deutschland einen Pelzladen oder ein Atelier gibt, das Nello Santi Pelzmäntel verkauft? Ich mag Ihren Pelzmantel sehr und ich liebe übergroße Cape-Pelzmäntel, ich würde gerne ein Modell wie dieses aus Zobelfell kaufen.