My dear fashionistas, welcome to the last fashion story on the Mr.M blog in 2022. I must admit that it is a great honor and pleasure for me to have the opportunity to end the year with you and to write you my vision of the fashionable furry winter in style.

In the previous fashion story, we started the discussion about choosing the ideal fur coat model, as well as the type of fur, introducing the new Italian fur brand Nello Santi.

At the very beginning of today’s fashion story, I would like to refer to a very important topic that is of great importance for both sexes – proper skin care. When we are beautiful and young, we honestly have no need to think about additional care of the largest human organ that remembers everything – the skin.

The skin has three layers: epidermis (upper layer), dermis (middle) and subcutaneous fat (lower layer or hypodermis). Proper additional skin care is very important when a person enters the world of adults – the age of thirty and the first signs of aging appear. My mother tried to develop in me an awareness of proper skin maintenance and how to deal with fine wrinkles and skin imperfections in the right way. The first and most important step is to gather information and find a doctor who understands your wants and needs.

My choice is the SKINFLUENCER Anti Aging Center in Belgrade, a place where you will solve your current problems of the skin of the face and body, as well as those related to inexorable aging or the constitution. Besides clinic in Belgrade, you can find SKINFLUENCER anti aging centers in Paris, London and Dubai and experience luxury on your own skin!

SKINFLUENCER got its name from the commonly known word, SKIN, and another word for laser energy known to a narrow circle of experts – FLUENCE. I had the opportunity to feel the benefits of a revolutionary treatment for those who want to stay young without surgery. Morpheus 8 is a treatment with microneedles that introduces powerful energy of radio waves into the skin to rejuvenate the skin of the face, but also shape the figure by melting fat deposits and removing cellulite.

In addition to Morfeus 8, SKINFLUENCER center there are other methods by which you can realize your wishes and solve facial skin problems with 4D Photon laser rejuvenation, electromagnetic stimulation, as well as other rejuvenation methods (anti-aging) – botox, fillers and threads. Doctor Branka Krkljuš, who decided to share her many years of experience with us in the wonderful ambiance of the SKINFLUENCER center in Dedinje, you can feel the benefits of rejuvenation using the world’s anti-aging medicine with regular special promotions, so that a rejuvenated look is available to everyone.

The black cape that you have the opportunity to see in the previous fashion story is a true masterpiece of the Italian fur atelier Nello Santi. The coat in today’s post is also a true work of art from Nello Santi as well.

The story of this brand begins in the chilly autumn of 1943, when the inhabitants of the Italian town of Grosseto were anxiously awaiting the coming winter. It was a winter that swept the whole area with cold winds and white frosts, as it does every year. The capital of the Maremo region was badly affected by the Great War. The population was exhausted and battered by years of conflict and poverty, as well as their sad loss of offspring, misery and hunger.

Alessandro Santi, who grew up in the world of fashion and luxury furs, took over the family company and in a short time became famous throughout Tuscany for his distinctive style and the skill with which he took care of every detail, turning each garment into a unique fashion piece of great value and extraordinary beauty.

The sophisticated and elegant lines of Nello Santi fur have always been inspired by the authentic landscapes of sunny Tuscany. This unusual Italian fur atelier experienced its turning point of success in the 80s, when the determination of the Santi family went one step further and conquered the international markets of luxury goods.

Thanks to the eldest son of Mr. Alessandro – Nello Santi, this brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and timeless elegance. Mr. Nello Santi is aware of the value of what he has inherited. He has a deep understanding of his company, which is why he always makes sure that his customers can come to Grosseto and visit the workshop that his grandfather created many years ago, in the country where he was born, where it all began.

Nello Santi fur collections are enriched with new notes, colors and lines that fit well with contemporary styles, while never neglecting the elegant cut of his original designs. The coat in today’s post is made of the highest quality mink, it is a female because the fur is shiny and light.

Many people wonder what the difference is between mink fur coats that are made from male and female mink fur. Male fur is heavier, but it is stronger and more resistant, so these fur coats are easier to maintain, for example, if you keep the fur coat during the summer at home, it does not require any special care. The fur of the female mink is softer, shinier and significantly lighter, so those fur coats are aesthetically more beautiful and light in themselves, but they require certain care.

Fur coats that are made from female mink fur must be stored during the summer period at furriers who provide the service of storing fur coats in specialized refrigerators, and in this way you will maintain your fur coat and save it from unwanted guests – moths.

The mink cape you can see on me today is a beautiful cognac color with striped trim with an extra detail that I love – fringe. The combination of nature and craftsmanship, which the Santi family offers as a selfless gift to new generations today more than ever, in the face of the rise of mass production and the use of highly polluting synthetic fabrics, represents a practice of “green elegance” that must be protected and passed on.

Fur has a history as ancient as the world itself. It has always been a part of the natural cycles of human life and in addition to being an exclusive and unique product, it is ecologically sustainable at every stage of production and does not cause pollution of the natural environment.
Producing, buying and wearing a fur coat is a gesture of love for tradition and nature and, like any gesture of love, it is capable of bringing beauty and pleasure into our lives.

If you want to know more about Nello Santi fur brand and discover what the Santi family has prepared for the new winter season, visit their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to high-quality fur, I always like to wear pearls, which have always been a timeless fashion classic. My outfit today was enriched by a pearl necklace and earrings from the famous Macedonian brand Ohrid Pearl Filevi 1928. In the previous fashion story, we enjoyed together the elegance of a three-row pearl necklace with filigree and an elegant figure of a lady, while today my neck is adorned with a more modest, but very elegant two-row pearl necklace necklace with filigree and baroque pearl.

The Filevi family is a family that has been producing Ohrid pearls since 1928, which is confirmed by historical facts and numerous institutions. The secret of making Ohrid pearls is still one of the most closely guarded secrets of this family, which combines pearls into creative pearl necklaces and bracelets, and has been passed down from generation to generation for the fourth generation.

When we talk about pearl, we always think of the pearl that is in the shell, but the Ohrid pearl is much more than that and has a more specific way of production. It is extremely important to note that there are only two families in Ohrid who know the secret of making the famous Ohrid pearl.

The Ohrid pearl is not found in the shell, but is made by taking the brightest (inner) part of the shell, processing it well and obtaining the desired shape – a grain of mother-of-pearl. Another process of grain processing is coating the already obtained mother-of-pearl grain with an emulsion obtained from the scales of the Ohrid fish – the scarecrow. Today, several new models of Ohrid pearl necklaces appeared, which accentuated certain events such as weddings, celebrations and visits, girlfriend proposals and many others.

The Filevi family offers a rich collection of unique handmade jewelry. A large selection of different colors of cultured natural pearls allows you to choose the ideal piece of jewelry for your sensibility. Each creation is characterized by an individual approach to conception and design. They are made in different lengths according to the customer’s wishes. Models are for people who want to be different, with a unique fashion style.

Today, my neck is adorned with a filigree pearl necklace, a locket containing a baroque pearl. Probably many of you are wondering what is filigree? Filigree is one of the most beautiful metalworking techniques. This technique has been used throughout the centuries to produce extremely high-quality and valuable jewelry as well as decorative items that we still admire today. In order to make a decorative item or jewelry using this technique, silver, gold, and less often copper wire is used to compose the motif. Threads of wire are bent and interlaced, tied together and thus a complex motif is formed that can be placed on a metal base or completely free. Circles, flowers, and geometric patterns were made from filigree wire. Small metal balls were sometimes placed on objects made in this way.


Fur Coat: Nello Santi

Pearl filigree necklace: Ohrid Pearl Filevi 1928

Pearl earrings with rhodium plated silver: Ohrid Pearl Filevi 1928

Turtleneck Sweater: Loro Piana

Trousers: Loro Piana

Bag: Louis Vuitton


Pearl earrings that complete my outfit are Filevi 1928 rhodium-plated silver earrings. You can find the rich Filevi 1928 collection of Ohrid pearls and jewelry with classic, marquise and rhodium silver in the center of Belgrade (Serbia), at Knez Mihailova 29, in the passage next to the Progress Gallery.

Also if you are going to the heart of North Macedonia – Ohrid and visiting the capital Skopje, take the opportunity to visit their stores.

The making of Filevi 1928 jewelry is a real art and each handcrafted piece of Filevi jewelry has, above all, a special sentimental value. Passion for jewelry and love for fine craftsmanship is reflected in every single piece of Filevi 1928 jewelry. All you have to do is imagine and wish for an Ohrid pearl, and Filevi 1928 is here to create and realize your wishes and ideas together with you.

If you want to know more about Ohrid Pearl Filevi 1928 brand and discover the world of Ohrid pearls, visit their official online store and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

When choosing shoes, I try to always choose comfortable and elegant shoes. The story of the GRAFFITI brand is based on the top quality and comfort of the shoes they offer, as well as the dedicated work of their team who have been there for many years and participate in the constant improvement of the rich and selected offer of quality Italian footwear.

After almost 30 years of successful business in Serbia, they are still recognizable for their excellent selection of Italian shoes of top quality and elegant design… In their stores in the most attractive locations in Belgrade, in addition to the Graffiti brand, you can also find several renowned brands such as: LAURA BELLARIVA, ROBERTO FESTA, JEANNOT, RAS and others.

I hope you enjoyed my last fashion story in 2022 today. See you in the new year in the same place, with some new interesting story. To all the readers of the Mr.M blog, I wish you a happy New Year and Christmas holidays!

Best regards,


This post is sponsored by the Nello Santi, Ohrid Pearl Filevi 1928, Loro Piana and GRAFFITI brands. This post is my personal and honest review of their products.

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1 year ago

Dear Rose, thank you for the beautiful fashion story. You look fantastic and I am glad that you took the time to write us the last post of 2022 and I hope that you will continue to appear in style on the Mr.M blog next year as well! I love reading Mark and your stories and I look forward to your new fashion and travel stories in 2023! I wish you a happy New Year and a merry Christmas! Best, Christine

1 year ago

This is what a stylish lady looks like! I honestly don’t know what I like more, this wonderful oversized mink cape or the LV bag, you really are a lady of style with exquisite taste. I wish you a happy new year and lots of happiness and health, and let’s hang out on the Mr.M blog next year as well!

1 year ago

Dear Rose, it is really nice of you to give a recommendation for proper care of your skin, many young people do not understand how important proper skin care is, especially when you reach an age when wrinkles and other irregularities appear on the skin. It’s nice that you educate people and I wish you a lot of health and happiness and that you share your advice with us on the Mr.M blog next year. Happy New Year to you and Marko! I looking forward seeing you soon!

1 year ago

Dear Rose, you are a real life inspiration for me and I remember when you first appeared with Marko on the Mr.M blog couple year ago, I said to myself that I want to look like that in some 20-30 years. You are a rarity, a real lady with a refined style. I wish you all the best and I can’t wait to read your next stories in the new year! Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Elisabeth

1 year ago

Liebe Rose, du bist eine glückliche Frau und ich freue mich, dass es noch Frauen wie dich gibt, die den Trends folgen und sich auf das Leben freuen! Dein Outfit ist wunderbar! Genau wie Sie trage ich sehr gerne Pelzmäntel und wollte mir schon immer eine Nerzcape kaufen, aber so ein Pelzmantel ist schwer zu finden. Ich wünsche Ihnen ein frohes neues Jahr und Weihnachten und hoffe, dass Sie auch in den kommenden Jahren so schöne und lehrreiche Geschichten schreiben werden. Begrüßen Sie Marko und sagen Sie ihm, dass wir gespannt auf seine neuen Geschichten im Mr.M-Blog warten! Mit freundlichen… Read more »