My dear fashionistas, welcome to the first February fashion story on the Mr.M blog! I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the readers of the Mr.M blog, because they were deprived of a fashion story last Friday. Many of you have sent me messages on social media and emails asking when the story will be published, but I took a little break due to health problems. I sincerely hope you enjoy today’s fashion story.

I believe that you have learned a lot about me by now, and as far as fashion seasons are concerned, you know that the most interesting stories have always been from the autumn-winter period and how much I have a special love for this cold, but also interesting fashion season. Winter is my favorite time of the year, when we are able to dress in “layers”, but we can wear some fashion pieces that will help us brighten up the gloomy winter days.

Today we are meeting again with an interesting Italian brand Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano – FPM. This exclusive Italian brand of leather goods and luggage was founded in 1946. FPM Milano represents the artistic expression of the best Italian talent and aesthetics, as well as excellent expertise. Traditional hand-crafting with the use of top-quality materials is today combined with the innovations of avant-garde metals and modern design.

FPM Milano luggage offers travelers practicality and style, all in one suitcase and backpack. Designed by Marc Sadler, these lightweight aluminum-clad and reinforced suitcases are inspired by vintage trunks, purpose-built to give you the durability you need on your travels. The combination of Avante-Garde materials and Italian design motifs give these FPM suitcases a robust and secure look.

In today’s post, I present to you an exceptional fashion accessory from a special limited collection that was launched on the American market – a leather backpack from the Bank on the Road Econyl® collection that is entirely made in Italy, ideal for business and leisure people, capable to satisfy any practical functional or aesthetic need. The practical inner pocket of the backpack allows you to charge your tablet and smartphone anytime, anywhere. This modern, elegant backpack is made of the highest quality leather with special attention to metal details. Aluminum personalization recalls the innovative creativity of the FPM Bank collection.

In the previous posts, you had the opportunity to see the same model of the backpack, which is made of high-quality and waterproof nylon in a wonderful dark blue – navy color.

I believe that many of you will wonder why I chose a leather backpack of such a light color, when it is a well-known fashion fact that white things can be dirty only “by looking at it”. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to enjoy the color palette of different leather goods, but I have never been able to fulfill my desire to have a light-colored backpack: white, beige or cream. I love bright colors and it’s hard to find leather backpacks in these colors on the market.

When I received an email from the FPM Milano team, I have to admit that when I saw the 3 colors offered: white, cognac (camel) and black, I immediately knew it was fateful. Bank on the road is a backpack model that really proved to be a good friend on my back during my adventures around the world. My navy nylon backpack has traveled with me for more than several tens of thousands of kilometers and after so many years is in very good condition, as you could see a few days ago on the Mr.M blog in one of the previous fashion stories. If you want to remind yourself of some details or by any chance you didn’t get to read the story, you can visit the following link.

As I mentioned a little while ago, this leather model of the Bank on the Road backpack is made in 3 colors: black, cognac (camel) and black. I am confident that everyone will find their favorite color and wear the backpack with great joy, noting that this line of leather Bank on the Road backpacks is available in the American market, so you can ask your friends, acquaintances or maybe if you have some family members who live in territory of the United States of America to assist you in purchasing this backpack model.

If you want to stay up to date and find out which models of suitcases and travel accessories the FPM Milano brand has in its offer, visit their official online store and follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Brunello Cucinelli is a famous Italian luxury fashion brand that sells a full range of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories in Europe, North America and East Asia. The company was founded by Mr. Brunello Cuccinelli in 1978. An interesting fact related to the founder of this legendary brand is his outlook on life, as well as his special life philosophy and refined fashion taste, which strongly influenced others. Mr. Brunello Cuccinelli deservedly became one of the most loved people in Italy, but also around the world. For all fashion lovers, he is a symbol of modern entrepreneurship of the 21st century.

How did this fashion story begin? When Brunello Cuccinelli turned 25, he came up with the idea of making cashmere clothes. He wanted to make “Made in Italy” products that are of high quality, with a bit of innovation with a deep respect for traditional craftsmanship. Brunello Cucinelli opened his fashion house in 1978 specializing in Mongolian cashmere clothing for women. In June 2014, owner Brunello Cucinelli transferred ownership of the company in an effort to be supportive and beneficial to his daughters and continue his philanthropic work.

In 2017, Brunello Cuccinelli recorded an incredible record in sales of its fashion range worth 500 million euros, of which 35% in North America. An interesting fact is that the company owns 94 of its 124 branded stores worldwide. In January 2017, Brunello Cuccinelli launched his online store. Last year, the brand began its first foray into the world of perfume by presenting two fragrances designed with Euroitalia, a company specialized in the creation and distribution of luxury perfumes.

In today’s post, you have the opportunity to see the shearling coat, which is a piece from the new FW 23/24 collection. The production of the shearling coat is exceptional and it is important to note that it is handmade using natural materials that support sustainable fashion.

If you want to stay up to date and find out what all the fashion novelties the Brunello Cuccinelli brand has in its offer this season, visit their official online store and follow them on the social media Facebook and Instagram.


Shearling Coat: Brunello Cucinelli

Turtleneck Sweater: Mauro Ottaviani

Trousers: Marco Pescarolo

Backpack: FPM Milano

Shoes: Ferragamo

Mauro Ottaviani is an iconic Italian brand of refined premium knitwear that warms fashion lovers all over Europe and the world with its incredible pieces! How to describe this Italian brand in 3 words? Passion, innovation and coherence. These are associations for the Mauro Ottaviani brand, which aims to provide a concrete answer to the needs of modern men, who are used to dynamic rhythms, yet capable of appreciating the values of quality and design. The search for raw materials became a central element, following the philosophy that high performance is obtained when design and functionality are perfectly balanced.

How did this brand come about? The roots of this fashion house date back to 1978, when Raniero Ottaviani founded what is still the production core of today’s company – passion and love for knitwear. A few years later, in 1993 to be exact, Raniere’s three children – Mauro, Simona and Elena – took over the group, inspired by their father’s work, but looking for a way to develop it in order to take the family legacy even further.

In today’s post you have the opportunity to see a 100% cashmere roll top, model WS28037 MAKALU. This winter, Mauro Ottaviani has prepared models made of 16 types of fibers and materials for all lovers of quality and refined knitwear. The roll you see on me is made of pure cashmere.

Pure cashmere is the basic yarn of luxury knitwear, it has a soft and silky texture, it is also firm, but also extremely pleasant to the touch. Classic, timeless and exciting material. This yarn is obtained from the fleece of the Hircus goat, and has the following essential characteristics: isothermal (maintains a stable body temperature), hygroscopic (breathable) and antistatic (does not attract dust). The comfort of wearing cashmere clothes knows no bounds. This type of yarn is inherently brilliant and provides perfect color definition. All the colors are strikingly bright and fascinating, especially the white, which embodies the purity of the fiber, as you can see in my fashion story today.

The Mauro Ottaviani brand specializes as a high-level service that offers quality support to its customers, who are among the most demanding names in Italian and international menswear. The company’s geographical location in the heart of the Umbrian production region guarantees access to superior craftsmanship and the expertise of a great culture and tradition.

If you want to stay updated and find out what the Mauro Ottaviani knitwear brand has prepared for the new winter season, visit their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Since the whole outfit was in a certain elegant tone, I decided to wear my favorite Salvatore Ferragamo in croc leather. I must admit that they completed this outfit in an unusual way. Of course, the black color fits perfectly with the colors that prevail in my wardrobe. Ferragamo is a famous Italian brand that is at the very top of the fashion industry and has conquered the fashion scene. After several years of success, he managed to occupy a high position in the world of fashion and is known for the production of the famous women’s Varina ballet flats and men’s sneakers made of exotic leathers.

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of the first February fashion story, where together we discovered the beauty and splendor of elegance with the Italian brand Brunello Cucinelli, elegance and prestige with the luxury Italian knitwear brand Mauro Ottaviani, refined elegance with Marco Pescarolo, the prestigious of the Italian brand of travel haberdashery and accessories FPM Milano, partners with whom fashion stories are a real adventure. I sincerely hope you got some inspiration for your ideal outfit!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or any message for me, you can write me below in the comments. Of course, as always, you can contact me via email or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. I’ll see you soon!

Mr. M

This post is sponsored by FPM Milano, Brunello Cucinelli, Mauro Ottaviani, Ferragamo and Marco Pescarolo brands. This post is my personal and honest review of their products.

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5 months ago

Beautiful pictures, I have always loved black and white photos for the artistic feel. Kudos to you for having the courage to wear a white backpack. As a woman, I have a hard time dealing with a white purse when I wear it to work. I always pray first before I even think to look at the bottom of my bag because I get sad when I see it dirty. Bright leather items are difficult to maintain, but they are really beautiful and special. All praise for your outfit is really outstanding!

5 months ago

The backpack is beautiful, I remember when you showed the FPM Milano red trolley last year, I immediately bought it and why FPM has fantastic suitcases. The prices are maybe quite higher, but their quality is something that is very important when it comes to suitcases that can last for years.

5 months ago

Dear Marko, you look absolutely adorable and I am really proud of you. Are you still on that special diet? I suddenly gained 8 kilos and I’ve been trying to lose weight for months, but it’s not working. I went to a nutritionist, but honestly it didn’t help me, I followed a diet regimen, but the results were completely invisible, like I lost 500g – 1kg, then I even gained a little more weight. Your outfit is beautiful and keep it up! I look forward to your new fashion stories!

5 months ago

Hi Marko, the outfit is excellent regardless of the fact that it’s black and white, it’s easy to see that you’ve combined the shades nicely since it can be seen because of the shadows. I noticed that you are a perfectionist and a great esthete and you are really special. You could make black and white pictures more often!

5 months ago

Lieber Marko, du siehst wunderschön aus! Dein Outfit hat mir heute sehr gut gefallen, vor allem deine Schuhe, der Lammfellmantel und die Schuhe. Sie sind ein Mann mit einer besonderen Energie und einem raffinierten Geschmack für Mode. Ich würde gerne mehr Männer wie dich auf den Straßen Berlins sehen, aber leider laufen junge Männer der klassischen Mode davon und sie erkennen nicht, wie anders und eleganter sie aussehen würden, wenn sie sich wie du kleiden würden.

5 months ago

Ausgezeichnetes Outfit! Der Rucksack ist göttlich! Verkauft FPM Milano seine Sachen in irgendwelchen Geschäften in Hamburg und Umgebung? Mit FG, Ulrich