My dear fashionistas, I sincerely hope you are well. I’m sure you’ve made all the preparations for the weekend and organized time for yourself and your family. Today’s fashion story will be dedicated to a fashion brand that you had the opportunity to see on the Mr.M blog last year and that won your hearts in no time because of its exceptional and quality items made of cashmere.

GOBI Cashmere is a brand from Mongolia that processes the “royal fiber” into pieces that warm people all over the world. Founded and built by a community of Mongolians, the GOBI brand has combined tradition, modern innovation and technology to craft the finest quality cashmere pieces for nearly 40 years. GOBI offers the finest and most luxurious pieces made of cashmere. This brand is known worldwide for its special cashmere coats and is the only company in the world that exclusively produces cashmere clothing with many years of experience and great love.

One of the most important questions arises: Why is cashmere of exceptional importance to Mongolia?

There is a hidden gem in the interior of Asia, more precisely somewhere between Central and East Asia that has been overshadowed by its larger and more affluent neighbors. This gem is Mongolia – the land of the royal fiber that the world knows by the name – Cashmere.

Did you know that Mongolia is the world leader in the production of cashmere and on a global scale participates in about 50% of the world’s production, which indicates the quality of production. Mongolia has slowly but surely become recognizable on the world fashion scene.

Mongolia is known in the world as the “Kingdom of Cashmere” because of the way this precious material is produced and made. The icy Siberian climate has led to the breeding of Mongolian goats in a special way and because of this they have a thick undercoat that contains the longest and thinnest strands of wool in the world. This “royal fiber” is the softest and highest quality cashmere. What makes the Mongolian goat even more valuable are the four different natural colors that can be found alone in one area. The importance of cashmere can best be seen in rural Mongolia where economic development is encouraged. Kashmir is a source of income and employment for more than a third of the population of this unusual Asian country and a large proportion of nomadic families who make up 90% of the total household income.

Mongolia’s economy depends on cashmere production due to Mongolia’s cold and dry climate, which is not ideal for the development of agricultural branches. Due to the lack of many resources in the country, livestock became their most valuable asset. For these nomadic families, their survival plays a crucial role, while they maintain and pass on centuries-old traditions. Today, shepherds rely more and more on the cashmere industry.

Apart from contributing to improving the financial balance, cashmere has played a vital role in training shepherds and enabling them to participate in the business fashion world. GOBI is one of the few companies in the world that gives shepherds the opportunity to eliminate the middleman and thus sell directly. To prevent possible exploitation by the world’s leading cashmere knitwear brands, they also have the freedom to negotiate directly with customers so they can have a voice and set the price. Unfortunately, this business opportunity is not available in most rural areas, but GOBI is trying to improve conditions.

Even the residents of big cities in Mongolia recognized the dedication and work of their nomadic colleagues. For them, it is more than just a piece of luxurious cashmere clothing. Over time, the GOBI brand has become a part of the national identity that Mongolians are very proud of. Cashmere has always been synonymous with quality and cloud-like softness. Fibers obtained from the cashmere goat are three times better thermal insulators than sheep’s wool. The wool is combed during the natural process of wool shedding, when goats begin to shed their wool and “lose” their magical winter coat.

Shepherds with generations of knowledge comb the cashmere fibers by hand to protect the goats from overheating and secondary diseases such as ticks. This is the best, most sustainable and humane way to get cashmere. This way of getting cashmere is almost like a massage. Cashmere is a very sensitive material, but with proper care you can wear your favorite pieces for a long time.

Mongols take cashmere for granted because it is one of the most valuable materials that is part of their tradition. Almost every Mongolian can get it at a reasonable price and enjoy the quality and features of this material. At the same time, high-quality cashmere is still today one of the most luxurious fibers to be found around the world, including countries like Mongolia that produce more than they need. Cashmere is much more than a soft and warm material from which quality and luxurious clothes are made every day. It is a representation of a way of life, a long tradition that has been developed over generations from generation to generation. GOBI is making efforts to protect Mongolian nomads and their herds of goats by introducing the ability to trace the cashmere fibers used to make GOBI fashion pieces.

This option allows you to be sure that you have become the owner of the softest and finest piece that has been made with a lot of love by the experts of the GOBI team in Mongolia.


T-Shirt: GOBI

Jogging Trousers: GOBI

High-Top Sneakers: Christian Louboutin via MYTHERESA MEN

What does the GOBI cashmere traceability process mean? GOBI cashmere’s traceability process means that every production step will be recorded from start to finish and all processes will be preserved. In order to be able to document the origin of each strand of cashmere fiber, many records need to be made. The company GOBI presents its new project on the possibility of tracking cashmere fibers.

This project will provide an opportunity for all customers to find out where the cashmere used to make their garment comes from in Mongolia. Because cashmere is a truly sustainable source of raw materials, each product receives a tracking score based on several factors. In one of the next posts, I will explain the goal of this project in more detail and I believe that this revolutionary project will mark a new era in the fashion industry.

In today’s post, you have the opportunity to see a T-shirt and trousers in an unusual light shade of powder pink, which are made of the finest cashmere silk blend. Pieces that are primarily designed to provide incredible comfort are made from an ultra-soft blend of silk and cashmere. They are great for walking around the city, but they are also great for the home fun, if you decide to “train” your brain with your favorite movie or series marathon!

I am sure you are interested to know more about this unusual and traditional brand from Mongolia so you can find all information on their official social media channels on Facebook page and their official Instagram profile.

Everyone who follows the Mr.M blog knows that I am a big fan of high quality and interesting shoes, regardless of whether they are sneakers or elegant shoes, I always try to pay maximum attention to fashion details such as footwear. Today we’re meeting again with a famous French house whose creations I adore and you’ve seen before on the Mr.M blog.

Today’s fashion story is special because I have the opportunity to show you my favorite black Christian Louboutin shoes that are a real work of art that marked the work of this famous maestro whose masterpieces adorn the shoe closets of many celebrities from the world of music, film and entertainment, and even politics! There is no person who has not resisted wearing this designer, regardless of whether it is a person of female or male, Louboutin shoes are loved by the whole planet.

If it wasn’t for my friends from MYTHERESA, a shopping platform that is a real fashion treasure for all men and women fashion lovers, these shoes wouldn’t be in this blog post on the Mr.M blog today. I am very grateful to the MYTHERESA platform for their trust and wonderful collaboration and I would like to thank them again from the bottom of my heart for my Louis Orlato Strass high-top sneakers made with Swarovski crystals.

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of this special fashion story where we discovered together the beauty and brilliance of the true elegance of cashmere with the luxurious Mongolian brand GOBI and the French brand Christian Louboutin via the Mytheresa Men platform, with which every fashion story is a real adventure. I sincerely hope you got some inspiration for your ideal outfit! See you soon and continue our adventures on the Mr.M blog! How did you like my outfit today?

I really tried my best to prepare today’s post with lots of love and I hope you like it!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. See you soon, stay tuned!


This post is sponsored by GOBI and Christian Louboutin (via MYTHERESA) brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.

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1 year ago

My first association with the GOBI brand is your mom and you when you took pictures in Berlin, I remember your stories when people took pictures of you on the street! Kudos to you for maintaining relationships with brands over the years and for not forgetting to support them! I’m looking forward to your autumn fashion stories and your non-progressive choice of interesting knitwear!

1 year ago

Ich liebe die Marke GOBI, sie haben tolle Kaschmirkleidung! Ich habe 3 ihrer Mäntel und trage sie jetzt seit 4 Jahren, nichts hat sich geändert, sie sehen aus wie neu! Wann starten die neuen Herbst/Winter Fashion Stories auf dem Mr.M Blog?

1 year ago

Ein wunderbares Outfit, mein lieber Marko! Sie haben immer hervorragende Modekombinationen, dieses Mal haben Sie einen einfachen Trainingsanzug mit Schuhen von Christian Louboutin kombiniert, Sie sind wirklich eine Modeikone! FG Steohan

1 year ago

I love your shoes, you amaze me every time with your way of matching Christian Louboutin shoes with your outfits! You even have to make an elegant outfit out of a tracksuit! With shoes like these, I wouldn’t walk on the ground, I would hold them high in the air so as not to destroy them, how beautiful they are!!!!

1 year ago

Lieber Marko, deine Schuhe von Christian Louboutin gefallen mir sehr gut! Ich liebe auch Gobi, besonders ihre schönen Mäntel, ich habe seine Mäntel! Ich kann es kaum erwarten, deine neuen Reiseberichte zu lesen!

1 year ago

CL Louis Strass are really everything I could want in this world! I’ve fantasized about those shoes for years! You are so one lucky guy, but since you are working for years on Mr.M blog, you really deserve all beautiful things!