Dear fashionistas, I hope you are well and ready for a new fashion adventure. Today, we continue our winter idyll in the heart of Belgrade with the brands that you fell in love with this fashion season on the Mr.M blog. One of them is JETSET, a Swiss brand that is a pioneer in the production of luxury outerwear and ski equipment. I may not be on the mountain right now, but I’ve brought sporty elegance to the city!

JETSET brand was founded in 1969 in the Swiss alpine resort of St. Moritz. From the very beginning, this exceptional brand has prided itself on creating luxury ski clothing and equipment, constantly setting new standards in this segment of luxury goods.

JETSET brand has become a widely recognized brand for its high performance ski clothing, along with a passion for provocative and progressive design. These core principles define the JETSET spirit – a sense of style awareness for all seasons that effortlessly transitions from the ski slopes to the city streets. Having long been the brand of choice for a select few who want to excel both on and off the ski slopes, the JETSET brand continues to inspire new generations of forward thinkers to this day.

JETSET has always been open, independent, adventurous and self-confident in setting new trends for new generations to come. JETSET’s expertise in working with extraordinary and technically advanced materials is matched by their innovative approach to prints, embroidery and colours. Craftmanship and originality are the brand’s trademarks, appealing to their self-conscious audience as much as the trademark slim fit and subtle sexiness of JETSET sportswear.

JETSET has long established itself as a forerunner of the luxury sportswear segment for women and men, and it’s no surprise that they pioneered the evolution from athleisure to streetwear. JETSET became synonymous with iconic streetwear trends during the 90s and this ability to blend high performance sportswear with contemporary fashion continues to this day. Whether it’s spring-summer or autumn-winter, the JETSET collection never ceases to attract attention. This brand has long-standing good relationships with leading international retailers as well as online sales platforms.

Proud and inspired by its roots in the Swiss Alps, JETSET has always been driven by the desire to be in the right place at the moment of creating new trends. JETSET is a leading brand in the segment of luxury sportswear, regularly inventing and redefining contemporary style with a unique appreciation of heritage and zeitgeist. Honest and direct in communication, JETSET will always nurture a close relationship both with its partners and with its audience, which consists of a large number of active, self-confident and conscientious customers.

In today’s post once again I present to you the iconic JETSET model of the EVERETT JACKET MET, the jacket with a metallic design comes in a regular fit with fleece inserts on the collar and zipped pockets. Other features of this winter ski jacket include a detachable hood, two extra large front zip pockets, two inner zip pockets and a small ski pass pocket on the sleeve.

The waterproof, windproof and breathable ski jacket is designed with water-repellent zips, a detachable snow guard and arm gaiters with thumb holes. The jacket’s hems and arms have adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners, while the cozy lining is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Take the opportunity to discover their exceptional JETSET collections for men and women and enjoy this season’s winter magic in style!

If you want to stay up to date and find out which models of ski clothing and accessories the JETSET brand has in its offer, visit their official online store and follow them on social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Mauro Ottaviani is an iconic Italian brand of refined premium knitwear that warms fashion lovers all over Europe and the world with its incredible pieces! How to describe this Italian brand in 3 words? Passion, innovation and coherence. These are associations for the Mauro Ottaviani brand, which aims to provide a concrete answer to the needs of modern men, who are used to dynamic rhythms, yet capable of appreciating the values of quality and design. The search for raw materials became a central element, following the philosophy that high performance is obtained when design and functionality are perfectly balanced.

How did this brand come about? The roots of this fashion house date back to 1978, when Raniero Ottaviani founded what is still the production core of today’s company – passion and love for knitwear. A few years later, in 1993 to be exact, Raniere’s three children – Mauro, Simona and Elena – took over the group, inspired by their father’s work, but looking for a way to develop it in order to take the family legacy even further.

In today’s post, you have the opportunity to see a sweater that is made of an exceptional combination of cashmere, wool and silk bouclé, model BL72001 CASHWINTER. This winter, Mauro Ottaviani has prepared models made of 16 types of fibers and materials for all lovers of soft knitwear.

My sweater suggestion today from Mauro Ottaviani’s latest FW 2022/23 collection is made from a combination of cashmere, extra fine Larnbswooland and silk bouclé, materials used to create super soft and fluffy garments. It is a sumptuous and modern combination of yarns, which respects winter trends and with a touch of luxury at the first touch, as well as essential softness. All products made from this yarn are soft and fluffy, with a special touch of elegance and timeless classics.

The Mauro Ottaviani brand specializes as a high-level service that offers quality support to its customers, who are among the most demanding names in Italian and international menswear. The company’s geographical location in the heart of the Umbrian production region guarantees access to superior craftsmanship and the expertise of a great culture and tradition.

If you want to stay updated and find out what the Mauro Ottaviani knitwear brand has prepared for the new winter season, visit their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Another brand we’re meeting again today is Marco Pescarolo, a brand from Naples that combines traditional classic Italian tailoring style with modern casual elegance. Naples is known as a colourful, lively, exciting and diverse city, indeed one of the most fascinating cities in Italy. This is where we begin our today’s story about the Marco Pescarolo brand.

Marco Pescarolo is a brand that nurtures the Neapolitan spirit where warm, vivid tones balanced by sophisticated and sharp cuts create a different sense of fashion. The essence of Neapolitan traditional lifestyle and elegance meets contemporary casual style, resulting in a new concept of beauty. Marco Pescarolo is a unique brand that is loyal to its roots and through its brand symbol – Masca Pulcinella this brand wants to pay respect to Neapolitan culture and history, which is the key to the brand’s vision. The symbol of the Marco Pescarolo brand is a mask that belongs to the ancient figure of Pulcinella, a representation of the Neapolitan way of life.


Jacket: JETSET

Sweater: Mauro Ottaviani

Trousers: Marco Pescarolo

Shoes: Christian Louboutin via MYTHERESA

The Marco Pescarolo man is one who successfully combines casual and business wear, as well as formal and informal wear, to exude positive energy and poise in any context, regardless of the circumstances. Marco Pescarolo is a brand that is constantly improving and as a result of one of the many researches is the line System: a new generation of fabrics, in which the exceptional qualities of natural fibers are emphasized and improved with special treatments. Application of high performance membranes, to create technologically developed garments in the perfect balance between style, comfort and functionality for men who know who they are and exactly what they want.

As I mentioned that the symbol of this brand is the Pulcinella mask, who was Pulcinella? According to some beliefs and legends from Naepolitan tradition and culture, it is believed that Pulcinella was a simple man, who tried to face all his problems with a smile. He showed his happiness with a strange dance, jumping and shouting. His daily life was unpredictable, but he was still spontaneous, simple, friendly, funny, talkative and adventurous. The same enthusiasm for life and joy is what the Marco Pescarolo brand brings to its creations every day.

In the world of Marco Pescarolo, there are countless choices of materials and possibilities: cashmere, wool, cotton, jersey, denim… These are just some of the materials this exceptional brand uses in its creations. Providing the best garment treated with avant-garde technologies to be wrinkle-free and not pilling or peeling is the primary goal of the Marco Pescarolo brand.

The elegance presented by the Marco Pescarolo fashion house can be worn on any occasion. Based on the appeal of precious details and the expert selection of materials, the Marco Pescarolo brand is characterized by its uniqueness that represents the “bespoke tailoring” mindset. The Italian touch is a must: all raw materials, accessories, and even production and realization bear the Italian brand. Reinterpreting the Italian tradition, the brand is able to express a new concept of fashion, intended for men who want to keep the character of their elegance exclusive. A combined synthesis of modernity and clothing perfection, a balance of style that is noticed every time you wear Marco Pescarolo clothes.

If you want to stay updated and find out what the Marco Pescarolo brand has in their new collection for the new winter fashion season, visit their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Everyone who follows the Mr.M blog knows that I am a big fan of quality and interesting shoes, regardless of whether they are sneakers or elegant shoes, I always try to pay maximum attention to fashion details such as footwear. Today we’re hanging out again with a famous French house whose creations I adore and you’ve seen before on the Mr.M blog.

I got these Christian Louboutin shoes from my dear friends MYTHERESA MEN, a shopping platform. It is a Rantus Orlato model made of real python skin from a limited series in metallic navy-blue color. Sneakers got their five minutes this winter when I got new winter pieces that I admit I chose based on these shoes!

The jacket went perfectly with these shoes, just like it was created by the fashion house Louboutin! If you want to find interesting fashion pieces and a special collection of shoes, you can find them on the MYTHERESA online shopping platform where all fashion lovers can find something for themselves!

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of this second special December fashion story where together we discovered the beauty and brilliance of the true elegance of the pioneer of luxury sports equipment JETSET, the prestigious Italian brand from Naples Marco Pescarolo, the beauty of Italian knitwear with the famous luxury brand Mauro Ottaviani and the famous French with the shoe brand that has become an urban legend Christian Louboutin, partners with whom fashion stories are a real adventure. I sincerely hope you got some inspiration for your ideal winter outfit! See you soon and continue our adventures on the Mr.M blog! How did you like my outfit today?

I really tried my best to prepare today’s post with lots of love and I hope you like it!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or any message for me, you can write me below in the comments. Of course, as always, you can contact me via email or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. I’ll see you soon!

With love,
Mr. M

This post is sponsored by the JETSET, Marco PescaroloMauro Ottaviani and Christian Louboutin via MYTHERESA brands. This post is my personal and honest review of their products.

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1 month ago

The dark navy color suits you really well, especially this metallic one, because it makes you look younger. A coral red detail like a sweater is always nice to wear! You can see that you take care of the details.

1 month ago

The trousers are really good, I really like the pockets on the legs, they are really an interesting detail. Christian Louboutin shoes are always the best choice if you want the combination to shine and they went great with the jacket! This has definitely become a lifestyle jacket!

1 month ago

Hi Marko, you look great as always! I have been following your Istanbul adventure on Instagram and was amazed when I received an email that there is a new fashion story on the blog! You really amazed me with your work and how much material you prepare for your readers! Have a great time in Istanbul and I can’t wait to see your outfit posts from Istanbul!

1 month ago

Dear Marko, the whole outfit is unusual, especially because of the colors. I adore your shoes because I love python and the color blue even when it’s metallic is my dream!

1 month ago

You look really nice and I like your winter fashion stories. I love the way you combine a ski jacket with elegant pieces and it looks completely different and unique. Keep it up and I look forward to your new holiday fashion stories.