My dear fashionistas, welcome to my new post! How are you today? I admit that it’s more boring to remind you how it’s hot as hell this summer, but it’s summer time that we all find our own way to “survive”. Today, I decided to share with you my first outfit post from Malta and at the same time to show you my first outfit I was wearing at the opening of Malta Fashion Week in Valletta.

Before I start, I would like to thank my friends from the National Tourism Organization of the Republic of Malta for a kind invitation. It was my pleasure to meet Malta from a completely different angle and, in addition to the famous stories about the knights and the island of waves, I realize that Malta is an unusual destination, which is, by the way, from the fashion aspect is one developing country.

After finishing with a tour of one part of the island, according to the plan and program, little Marko was supposed to go to the opening of the biggest fashion event in Malta – Fashion Week. This event is very important for the Maltese people, those are the days when Malta shines more and when people go out to gather and show some new fashion pieces from their closets that they might not wear everyday. On another hand that is also the goal of these fashion events, to play with art and to show some personal sense of style and fashion.

I decided to stay consistent with my “boring” elegant style, so I decided to take on some typical Sailor’s style. I’m sure you’re wondering what this Marko is talking about now! This style is based on three basic colors, which are navy (dark blue), white and red. There are also iconic stripes, which are in some way a trademark of this style. Otherwise the rule is that the stripes are almost always horizontal, but since in my life everything is different, I have solved to “turn” them vertical!

“All women love to kiss the sailors…” it is the famous quote, so I wanted to try my luck! It was there on the fortress of St. Elmo a lot of nice ladies, but none of them kissed me, they just came to see new fashion shows, looking for some inspiration… Okay, maybe I will be the lucky one next time.

The St. Elmo fortress is one of the largest open-air war museums in Malta that is of great historical and cultural significance to Malta. Fashion Week was supported this year by the Malta Tourism Authority and other famous companies and they wanted to combine fashion and history. Who watched my Instagram Stories from the fashion shows, you saw the beauty of the creation of various fashion designers. I think this event will remain in my memory because of the incredible location, the incredible smell of the sea, the breathtaking landscape and the interesting fashion creations that were created with lot of love by brands and fashion designers.

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on wearing sunglasses as part of this outfit, but I needed them because of the sun. While I was waiting for a special dinner to celebrate the opening of Malta Fashion Week, I decided to use my time wisely and make some photos of this lovely outfit. I walked around Valletta, just trying to remember about some interesting facts which I’ve learned about this unusual city that day from my guide.

I crossed along the streets Valletta, enjoying in the view of the sea from almost every street. My legs were little swollen, because of long walk that day, but I managed to make some graceful and stylish steps on the streets of Valletta and after I went to the opening of Fashion Week and saw the first shows. Sometimes my life is not perfect as it looks like on Instagram, but I’m trying to make it better at least for myself to have the strength to move on with my life.

I always try to do my job professionally as much as I can. In my job there are 3 sides which always need to be satisfied! First, people who regularly read and follow my content need to find out some value and personal usefulness of my work, second are my clients who also need to be satisfied and the third side – ME. Why? I am happy that I have the opportunity to turn my love of writing into a nice job that has its advantages and disadvantages, but it I truly love it from the bottom of my heart.

My love for fashion and travel has no limits, I do not care where my journey will take me, but it is important for me to have some nice memories and stories that I can share with all of you anytime.

For all these beautiful photos were taken in Malta by my best photographer with good equipment and I am grateful that I have wonderful friends of the blog who believed in me and my work and thus helped me to advance myself and that I can always share with you my memories in the best possible quality images and resolutions. This time we got a little boost, so my camera got “a new eye”, a lens from a special Sony Lens series for professional photographers G Master and I hope you will now enjoy even better photo quality. Thanks again for such a wonderful gift! I like it so much!

My dear fashionistas, once again we have come to the end of our adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of this post, I would like to thank my friends from Malta Tourism Authority for this incredible adventure and for their huge efforts to make my stay unforgettable and I felt like at home.

How do you like this interesting summer vibe outfit? Have you ever visited Valletta? Have you maybe had a chance to visit Malta before? I would like to share with me your experience!


Shirt: Zara

Trousers: Burberry

Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo

Sneakers: Saint Laurent

In a couple of days we will continue our adventure in Malta, you will find out more about this island and I will show you the beauties of sister’s island Gozo. I can’t wait to share all those beautiful photos with you.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.



This post was sponsored by Malta Tourism Authority. I also thank my friends from Burberry for this wonderful gift and Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera with Sony FE 24-70 mm lense from special G Master series of professional lenses.
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3 years ago

I love when I see some well dressed man on the street. You were in Malta and that is tropical area, so your outfit is perfect for that area and also for a FW. Believe me I was in Milan couple days ago as photographer. I really do not know how some people call themselves fashionistas and they even do not know to match some colours or styles at all. I like your style and your blog is different so those are the main reasons why I follow you for almost 3 years now!

3 years ago

I love the sneakers! ❤️?? Red colour and simple model it’s just ?

3 years ago

You combined Zara with Burberry, Ferragamo and Saint Laurent… I must admit that is interesting choice, now even Zara shirt looks more “expensive”. I like your sense of style and balance which you always keep, so everyone could find something affordable.

3 years ago

Nice outfit! BTW I saw you on Malta FW with some girl in the first row on Jason Grech show. You both looked amazing!

3 years ago

I love your photo in red telephone box, it’s so stylish like “Hello, Mr.M is here is it me you’re looking for?”. Just keep this way and I’m sure you will be one of the best fashion and travel bloggers in the world. Cheers from London! Nicole