My dear fashionistas, how are you today? This spring was spent in cheerful and interesting fashion stories. I would like to thank you for the wonderful messages of support and suggestions for the Mr.M blog that you send me every day. In the previous months, I wrote to you about some new brands of watches that have beautified my outfits and some of them have found their way to your hearts, and I am glad that my recommendations have helped you find your ideal friends with whom you spend time.

A watch is more than just an instrument used to measure time. With the development and modernization of the watch industry, watches have become real small pieces of art that adorn our hand on all occasions. We wear the watch when we go to work, when we go for an casual city walk, but also on those formal occasions when we reach for a little more elegant pieces that would complete our outfit.

The watch is sometimes an ideal gift for people who are dear to you because a watch is a special gift and is given from the heart. Watches are like people, with different characteristics and temperaments, and every watch finds its owner, it is a thin thread of connection that is felt the moment you open the box and see your watch. When someone gives you a watch, believe that you mean a lot to that person and that you have a special place in their heart.

Today I present to you a Swiss brand of art watches that has moved all limits and presented a new modern era of timekeeping – MUSE. When you read the brand name, you understand the importance of art and inspiration, which are just one of the basis of this unusual young Swiss watch brand.

This young brand was founded in 2016, in response to today’s fast-paced lifestyle, allowing art lovers to slow down and enjoy the moments that mean something to them. Is it possible to stop time?

Science has not proven that yet, but the MUSE brand achieves this with a slow-motion display of time, enabled on luxuriously made watch models from special 6 collections.

The duo behind this Swiss watch brand is made up of two industry experts and big watch lovers Pascal Robert and Frédéric Leuba. What brought the two watch engineers together with decades of experience is the love for watches and the vision of merging the classical watch tradition and the elements of contemporary art.

MUSE watches are for all art lovers with refined taste and a sense of aesthetics. The basic idea of the founders of the MUSE brand was to re-examine and present the representation of time through an artistic prism. Mr. Robert and Mr. Leuba replaced the traditional hands, so the hours, minutes and seconds are shown in special art forms inspired by elements of nature and architecture.

MUSE dials are a moving art, time passes and different formations and shapes are made. As I said at the very beginning of today’s post, watches have become real small pieces of art today, only technology and inspiration have made it possible to enjoy the beauty of shapes that change on the MUSE dial every minute.

The time on all MUSE watches is displayed in an unusual way: The disk closest to the sapphire crystal represents seconds, the middle disk is used to display minutes, while the disk closest to the dial is used to display hours. The largest geometric shapes are always for displaying the change of hours, to the smallest for displaying minutes.

The MUSE brand has artistic limited watches that are classified into 6 special collections: Akylon, Kagura, Stella, Stella-S, Tanoura and Kyrian. In the following post, I will tell you the details of each collection that are specific to the MUSE models.

All MUSE watches are available in two sizes: 37 and 44 mm. The hexagonal shape of the MUSE watch case is very common and their watches are made of titanium. Titanium, as a material, is not only extremely light, but also very useful due to its resistance to corrosion and scratches. In addition, titanium is considered hypoallergenic, which is an ideal material for all those fans of watches who are looking for nickel-free watches that cause allergic reactions.

If you are looking for a watch for everyday use with great artistic value, MUSE watches are the ideal choice for you.

The watch I chose to be my partner in the new adventures is the Akylon GT. The watch case is made of 100% titanium in the color of rose gold, while the dial is made of aventurine, a type of quartz that is characterized by its transparency and the presence of mineral impurities in the form of platinum that give it a shimmering or radiant effect called aventurescence.

My watch is adorned with an Elaphe bracelet in a bronze-gold color. The bracelet is made of Elaphe water snake skin, which does not belong to the protected species. For all additional information and news about MUSE watches, you can follow them on their official Facebook page and Instagram account.

The jacket you have the opportunity to see today is from the new Brunello Cucinelli SS21 collection, a classic iconic timeless model of a suede Safari model jacket made of suede leather with 4 pockets. You can always find this model of jacket in the offer of the Italian fashion house Brunello Cucinelli, only the colors always change depending on the season. Like all products of this renowned fashion house, this piece is made of the highest quality materials, in this case of the finest suede leather which is extremely light and due to its color easily fits with almost all related colors that you can wear during spring, summer and autumn. current drape and beige tones.

Jeans are also part of the new Brunello Cucinelli collection for spring – summer and I can tell you right away that these jeans have become my favorite piece in the wardrobe this season. I’m sure you’ll see them more often this summer on my blog!

Today I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to another new brand on the Mr.M blog that comes to us from Sweden. Stenströms is an internationally known Swedish fashion brand for its exceptional quality. Using only the best fabrics, the Stenströms company makes classic and modern clothes. A perfect blend of tradition and elegance with the constant development of manufacturing technology based on 120 years of sustainable craftsmanship.

This short-sleeved T-shirt made of the highest quality merino wool has a classic polo collar and a V-neck. This unusual, neutral brown color, someone will say the color taupe is ideal for all occasions and is easily matched with other colors of similar tones. This shirt is made in knitted ribs in the cuffs and on the hem.

I decided to show you how you can wear this t-shirt on everyday casual occasions that do not require a strictly formal way of dressing, but if you want to achieve a more elegant classic look, you can wear this t-shirt on classic tailored pants.

This spring, novelties also arrived from my friends Picard Lederwaren, who supported my adventures around the world for years, and Picard’s leather friends never let me down. The quality and design of Picard leather goods and accessories is amazing and after so many years and carrying pounds of luggage I carry my Picard backpacks in blog posts.

Today I present to you the Infinity model, my new friend from the new Picard collection who is keeping me company in Berlin this spring, while we are ready to look forward to the new travel adventures that await us.


Leather Jacket: Brunello Cucinelli

T-Shirt: Stenströms

Watch: MUSE Art Watches

Jeans: Brunello Cucinelli

Backpack: Picard

Sneakers: Jacob Cohen

I used these sunny spring days in Berlin to walk my new Jacob Cohen sneakers made of pony hair, which I was a little indifferent to at first because I was afraid that pony hair would fit in with my spring style.

Of course, the brown color goes great with my pastel colors in the wardrobe, and the pony hair further accentuated the elegant note of this sportive-elegant casual outfit.

My dear fashionistas, we have reached the end of this special post where we discovered some more interesting brands together! How did you like my outfit today? Have you found some inspiration for some of yours great spring outfit?

I really tried to prepare today’s post with a lot of love and I hope you will like it! See you in a couple of days with some new interesting story!

I advise you from the bottom of my heart to listen to my advice due to the current unfavorable health situation in almost all European and countries around the world. If you need to go out into the fresh air, take a walk and clear your mind, feel free to do so, but do not go to places where there are a lot of people and encourage crowding.

I understand that people need to go out into the fresh air for physical activity and mental health, but you can do that by simple walking the city every day, on low-traffic pedestrian streets. Of course, you can walk in parks and other types of green areas or promenades along rivers, but keep the prescribed physical distance, use disinfectants and wear a mask.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT ME page. Stay tuned!

With love from Berlin,

This post is sponsored by Brunello Cucinelli, Muse Switzerland SA, Stenströms, Picard Lederwaren and Jacob Cohen brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.

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The perfect outfit, really every piece is fascinating! The jacket is perfect, I adore suede leather and the safari jacket is a timeless and iconic piece that never goes out of style! The T-shirt is a wonderful color, I can’t define the exact color, but it fit this outfit perfectly! I like the watch, it’s unusual, but I honestly only like its bracelet because of the color and python skin. When I see the watch, I honestly like to see the numbers on the dial, I tried for 10 minutes to see how many hours there are by reading the… Read more »


The backpack is beautiful and unusual! Everything looks good on you, this spring is really cheerful and urban on Mr.M blog! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for replying to every email with a lot of attention! I have written to you several times and each time you have responded with full response. Some bloggers have never answered my usual question when some link from their post didn’t work, but you are incredible exception. Greetings from Avignon!


Lieber Marko, du siehst toll aus! Dieses Outfit ist sehr schön und die braune Farbe steht dir super.


This watch is very beautiful, it may be a little strange, but it is a real piece of art.


This watch is really interesting and unique piece, not for everyone… Marko I love your style, it is just perfect.