Hello guys, I hope you had a good time last weekend and you have started this week in the good mood. Today, finally the inspiration found me and I’m here on computer with smile on my face writing for you a new post. Traveling is a wonderful thing, the most beautiful gift you can afford to yourself and your loved ones.

When it comes to travel, it is always better to explore a destination in a good company, because when you are alone, you’re not inspired enough to investigate. Of course you can always meet someone new on the trip, for example my best friend Maria has found a guy like that, she was alone, he was alone and they have married after 4 months, now they have kids… You can see what happens when you decide to travel around the world alone, she was decided to see Europe and hop! She found the love oh her her life! ?

Today I will take you to Europe, or more precisely to the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague. Today’s post will be divided into two parts: About Prague and Outfit post. I hope you will enjoy!



I believe that you have been in this beautiful city so far, but this was the first time for me. Many people  call Prague with the special name – the Golden City. When I think about it, they are right Prague really is it! A city that simply sends you some special vibes with some unique charm and charisma. Maybe that’s why people from Europe and the world are attracted to come and visit this amazing city. Imagine the fact that that even the greatest emperors like Napoleon or Hitler didn’t have the heart to attack this beauty, they had just let it and today we have the opportunity to enjoy the original architecture of this city.




There is one interesting legend how Prague got the name. Namely, the legendary Czech princess Libussa is the person we need to be thankful for. It is believed that she is a fabulous ancestor of all the Czechs. According to legend, she founded Prague in the 8th century. Today, she only “lives” in promo ads for Staropramen beer. Who knows, maybe the princess was the fan of the beer! ?



Prague is also known as the town of beer and good entertainment. I have a lot of bars in the heart of the city, but I have to admit that I’m  many more little bakeries selling the famous Trdelnik! What is that? Trdelnik or Trdlo is a famous candy, which has become a symbol of the city, but originally this sweet is not from the Czech Republic. I’m sure you’ve seen that cake. It is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix.


Very interesting candy. Depending on whether you want only the lightened Trdlo without any flavours or you want Trdlo with Nutella or whipped cream, the price ranges from 3 to 5.5 euros. I’ve tried, interesting sweet, light and you will want more! ?



For start it’s good for you to know some basic things.  You know that certain things in the Czech Republic are significantly more expensive, such as: street food, restaurants, fashion items… The official currency is the Czech Crown and my advice is to be very, very careful when you exchanging the money and ask if you need 3 times as how much you will actually get. Price in supermarkets are very good and you can buy interesting pastries! Albert Supermarket was my choice! I reccommend you to visit.




The city has left on me an impression with amazing architecture and kindness of Czech people. I would like to go back one day and to continue my research where I stopped! ?



On the periphery of the city there is an interesting outlet called Fashion Arena Outlet, we planned to go there but due to the lack of time we did not succeed because we were in Prague for three days and we didn’t manage our time well, maybe next time I will have more luck. Take a look at their official website on the brand list and I’m sure everyone will find something for themselves. Maybe it’s best to go there during seasonal sales – winter or summer, so you can buy something nice on that famous 70% discount! Who knows, everything is possible!



I would like to say thank you to Tourism Board of Czech Republic for this wonderful journey. I had incredible time and I hope we will see again in future!


Mosaic House

Close to the heart of Prague, there is an interesting hotel/hostel Mosaic House. The hotel has many interesting things to offer. On the ground floor there is a restaurant and an unusual bar that reminiscent of American jazz bars, always have live music and mom and I had the opportunity to enjoy it. The next day we used that morning sun and the perfect natural light to make pictures for my outfit post. I think we did a good job!


This outfit is great for every day, whether you have something to do like meeting with some friends or just little walk around the town or maybe planning to go out after this is more than enough. Perhaps changing trousers might be a fairly decent business combination.


Stripes are the fashion details that you can’t just miss out. One year they are very popular, next year may not appear, but believe me it will be back because that is fashion and stripes are absolutely everywhere! This sweater was my love at the first sight because of the combination of my favorite colors. That’s me, the eternal classic!



Sweater: Esprit Original

Trousers: Zara

Sneakers: Adidas


Everyone should have a nice pair of beige classic trousers. Neutral color that matches with all colors perfectly, check it out on your own, believe me you will be suprised.

Sneakers I really think there is no need to describe them, Gazelle is a model that is real classic. Adidas made a iconic sneakers for all fashion tastes! ?


How do you like this combination? How did you like Prague? I would like to hear your opinion! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social networks, you can find on the CONTACT page.

We’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!





Camera: Alpha 7r via Sony Deutschland

Post is sponsored by Tourism Board of Czech Republic and Mosaic House.







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5 years ago

I was in Prague last year with my wife for our 10th anniversary and we had amazing time there. We are so happy to see your post. Your photos are amazing and so artistic. I just want to ask you did you maybe saw the Clock Tower in the center? I’m just asking because I don’t see some photo of that tower and I thing you would make a perfect shot with your Sony toy!

Greetings from Scotland!

5 years ago

Prague is really wondeful city like a fairy tale! I love your photo from the bridge it’s so nice and I don’t know how to describe but I feel so much positive energy. If you come to Palermo please don’t hesitate to call me I’m a city guide and it will be my pleasure to show you all the sight which are good for photos!

Amber Myers
5 years ago

Prague is such a gorgeous city. I’d love to go one day and explore it. And yes, this outfit is pretty awesome! I like the shoes.

Sarah Honey
5 years ago

Your pictures are so beautiful! They really showcase Prague. Prague is a fantastic city. Can’t wait to visit again!

5 years ago

Prague is one area we have not had the opportunity to visit yet. We will have to do some research further and find out more about this city and the area.

5 years ago

This place looks absolutely gorgeous! I would love to travel as much as you do! There’s so many places in this world and so little time!

5 years ago

Love this combination! It was wonderful exploring Prague through your photos. I would love to visit one day.

5 years ago

What gorgeous photos. Prague looks amazing, the buildings and things to see just look stunning. I would love to wander around. I’ve never really thought of Prague as a place to go visit, until now.

Tomi c
5 years ago

Looks like you really enjoyed your visit to Prague. It is one of the cities on my travel bucket list. Oh and your outfit is gorgeous and perfect for travel.

valmg @ Mom Knows It All

That sweater and sneakers pair perfectly. I’ve never been to Prague, from the photos above it looks like they have some interesting architecture.

Alison Rost
5 years ago

I think Prague will always be one of the most beautiful cities! Thanks for giving us a brief background on how it was named and why it’s called the Golden City! I love your outfit as well!

5 years ago

My Grandfather was born in Czechoslovakia. I would love to visit there sometime and see where he grew up.

Sara Welch
5 years ago

Prague is an incredible city. There is so much history there it is crazy.

Carol Cassara
5 years ago

I love Prague. We go to Europe every year to tour around and visit family and I think Prague will always be one of my faves. I just love how beautiful this city is, there’s no wonder why they call it the golden city!

Terri Beavers
5 years ago

I’ve scarcely seen a more beautiful place on earth. There is so much to do and see there, and those beautiful blue skies are even prettier than here.

5 years ago

It’s always fun to hear about how areas get their names. I love to travel but haven’t had the chance to do much lately. I may have to consider Prague.

5 years ago

What a beautiful city. I have never been to Europe and these are the kinds of places I would love to visit!

Gemille Sleweon
Gemille Sleweon
5 years ago

Such a beautiful city and great photos! I want to visit Europe soon.. might have to add Prague on my list of places to visit.

Kate | Life of a Ginger

Such a pretty city! I’ve never thought about going to Prague but maybe I’ll have to give it a try.