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MALO: An Extraordinary Italian Story about Cashmere with a long Tradition…

My dear fashionistas, welcome to a new fashion adventure on the Mr.M blog. Today we will introduce you to a new Italian brand that makes amazing cashmere products for all seasons. This story will give the insight how you can look fashionable and stylish for all seasons and be prepare for hot and warm spring-summer or cold and rainy autumn-winter season.

You all know that I am a big fan of well designed and extraordinary quality knitwear and I always try to show you some of the best brands that I am sure you will always find for yourself and your beloved ones the most beautiful great knitwear, clothing and accessories to complete any outfit.

Today’s story will be dedicated to a brand that has changed many things in the fashion industry, especially in the world of knitwear – Malo.

Malo (derived from the Latin ego mālō, meaning “I prefer”) is a famous Italian luxury brand of cashmere, which was launched exactly 50 years ago by the brothers Alfredo and Giacomo Canessa in 1972 in Florence. All Malo products are exclusively made in Italy. Their collections are seasonal and distributed through a direct sales network that includes Malo stores, multi-brand stores and specially selected luxury department stores in different parts of the world.

Choosing Malo products means prioritising the quality of the most noble materials, high craftsmanship and artistic forms, absolute standards of excellence linked to a long artisanal tradition in creating unique garments, made to last over time.

The Malo brand has been developing since its inception and has perfected its products while improving its image policy to conquer the American market. The creative direction of the brand is followed by important fashion names such as Gianni Bugli, Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Saverio Palatella, Fabio Piras. The first appearance was in New York in 2006, which was a great success with the press and international buyers. Anna Piaggi defined the Malo brand during an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph as “the best producer of cashmere in the world.”

Malo sweater is an exclusive piece that should be used and left for generations to come, that way you will understand that it is the product you are looking for. Materials and form are always connected, from the choice of raw material to spinning, from dyeing to turning the yarn into a product, each Malo cashmere sweater has almost fifty years of history and will continue to evolve while respecting tradition.

Every step is subjected to constant checks carried out by Malo company’s expert teams, because this is the key to success and excellent results are achieved. So true that Malo bases its production on artisan processing techniques handed down over the centuries. There is no stage of production that can be fully entrusted to a machine or a computer, certain stitches, a certain loop or complex processing can only be done by the hands, experience and skills of highly specialized craftsmen.

The turning point in the modern history of the brand is the year 2019, which marks a new course for the historic Florentine brand, because in life our roots are the past, and the future is made for dreams. Today, the company is returning to its first love, the premium cashmere knitwear that made it famous worldwide, and aims to take the brand beyond knitwear into a pret-a-porter line where the same effects can be created in different fabrics.

Handmade knitwear is the pride of the Malo brand, it takes eight to sixteen hours to make one garment, an alchemy that transforms precious fibers into very soft fabrics and then into sweaters by the skilled hands of specialized artisans. Superior materials in combination with rigorous craft techniques guarantee exceptional aesthetic results and absolute comfort, the Malo sweater was created to be worn and passed on to new generations. Cashmere in its purest form is actually one of the most resistant yarns in nature, how soft it is, how durable it is, how strong it is, it must be respected, taken care of, appreciated for its unique qualities, for the sensations it gives to the skin that go straight to the heart.

The Malo brand has been dedicated to developing the art of fine knitwear for generations, each garment is entirely produced in Italy in Campi Bisenzio in Tuscany and in Borgonovo Val Tidone in Emilia Romagna, regions that are the repository of a long artisanal tradition at the heart of Made in Italy. The finest yarns arrive clean in the company’s laboratories through a completely transparent supply chain, from green Mongolia to the icy steppes of the Andes mountains to Italian factories, every step is subject to constant checks. Absolute quality is the first selection criterion for Malo, then it will be the experience, skill and careful eye of craftsmen dedicated to turning precious yarns into exceptional garments.

Why is the Malo brand so special? When buying any luxury product, the after-sales support and services provided by the brand are very important and that is why the Malo brand has developed a special service for its customers called “Malo Forever“.

Every item that comes out of the Malo Workshop is made to last. The art of the Florentine laboratory perfectly made in every single detail, after which the story of the new owner will make it unique. Whether you opt for a cozy sweater, a warm wrap scarf, a gift, a gift, worn over and over again, everyone has that special item of clothing that can bring back memories or stir up forgotten emotions.

Malo offers its customers several services of manual repair of branded items of all materials, whether they are made of wool, cashmere or any other natural fiber. If well maintained, high-quality knitwear can last for decades, and Malo’s professional regeneration service is part of the Malo product care process.

The most precious objects are made to last, they are a part of one’s life, like any other element of memory. In the Malo laboratories, every detail is taken care of: each garment will be carefully inspected, mended, washed only with very mild soaps that will make the fibers even more sensitive to the touch. After washing, the garment will be “shaved” to remove the “bunch” that has built up over years of use. At this stage, the entire garment will be carefully combed by hand. Each item of clothing is renovated by Malo expert craftsmen and your product is ready for a new life.

How can you take advantage of this “Malo Forever” service? This service can be used by bringing the item of clothing you want to regenerate to one of the Malo boutiques. Malo staff will be happy to take it over, from in-store delivery all the way to the hands of a Malo Craftsman to work their magic.

In today’s post you have the opportunity to see two special pieces from the latest men’s Malo Spring – Summer 2022 collection that are my favorites this season. The sweater is perfect for the man who pays attention to details and leaves nothing to chance. This unusual Malo kiwi green sweater is a perfect example of the care and dedication of Malo artisans. This sweater is made of 50% cashmere and 50% cotton.

The second piece from today’s post is the Malo navy joggers pants in 100% soft cashmere. It can be worn as a sporty piece, but for moments of relaxation, when we want to achieve a look of relaxed and casual sporty elegance. The quality is felt at the first touch, but not only that, but also the craftsmanship of the workers is hidden in every detail.

If you want to be up to date and find out which models the brand Malo has in its offer from the men’s and women’s collection, visit their official online store and follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Armand Nicolet is one of the few independent watch brands that is still active in the territory of Bern and in Tramelan itself, known for its traditional watchmaking. The company has adopted the latest methods of work, while respecting the oldest watchmaking tradition. The entire process of creating and manufacturing Armand Nicolet watches takes place within the company from creative vision, design and production process to quality control. This independent method of production provides an unrivaled guarantee of quality. The company guarantees a perfect product, a watch that every satisfied customer will proudly wear on their wrist.

In today’s post, I present you a watch from the M02 collection with a mechanically automatic mechanism with chronographic and date functions. Model A844AAA-AG-M9742 has caliber AN500 (based on VAL 7750 or SW-500 modified according to Armand Nicolet brand specifications). The case is made of the highest quality stainless steel. Guilloché decorated dial 42 mm diameter with applied indexes and Arabic numerals.

if you want to know more details about this unusual brand of watches, read one of my previous fashion stories on the blog by clicking on this link.

Techical Information

  • Case Size: 42mm without crown
  • Case Thickness15mm
  • Movement: Mechanical, automatic with a power reserve of 46 hours
  • Calibre: AN500
  • Dial: Guilloché decorated dial with applied Arabic figures and indexes
  • Case Material: Stainless steel 316L
  • Glasses: Sapphire crystal with antiglare treatment and sapphire crystal on see-through screwed back
  • Bracelet: Stainless steel 316L bracelet
  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM / 100 Meters

If you want to be updated and find out which models Armand Nicolet has to offer, visit their Official Online Store and follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.


Sweater: Malo

Jogging Cashmere Pants: Malo

Watch: Armand Nicolet

Sneakers: Bally

Everyone who follows the Mr.M blog knows that I am a big fan of beautiful shoes, regardless of whether they are sports sneakers or elegant shoes, I always try to pay maximum attention to fashion details such as shoes. Today we are meeting again with a famous Swiss fashion brand whose creations I adore and I was very excited to see how Rhuigi Villaseñor will revolutionize the history of this brand as the new creative director. For all the people who are not familiar with the work of this fashion genius, Rhuigi is the founder of the famous luxury street fashion brand called Rhude.

Bally will always be true to its Swiss heritage and tradition, but as you can see modernization is the key to the success of global brands and that is why the Bally brand is at the very top of the fashion industry.

The sneakers that you have the opportunity to see in today’s post are from the latest Bally collection, the Demmy model that has won the hearts of fashion lovers for its unusual sporty elegance that it radiates. The Demmy sneaker offers a mixed media variation on the design of the same name. They are made of tan leather and white mesh, with contrast details in orange. The rubber sole and technical outsole speak of Bally’s inspiration for “fashionable” running.

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of this special fashion story where we discovered together the beauty and brilliance of the true elegance of Italian knitwear with the famous luxury brand Malo, the Swiss watch brand Armand Nicolet and the Swiss luxury brand Bally, partners with whom fashion stories are a real adventure. I sincerely hope you got some inspiration for your ideal outfit! See you soon and continue our fashion adventures on the Mr.M blog! How did you like my outfit today?

I really tried my best to prepare today’s post with lots of love and I hope you like it!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. See you soon, stay tuned!


This post is sponsored by MaloBally and Armand Nicolet brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.


British elegance and Italian style on the streets of Berlin

My dear fashionistas, how are you today? I sincerely hope that you are well and that you are protected from this health catastrophe that started a new winter “wave”. All over Europe, the situation is alarming and we need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

Each of us must continue to work, but we must do our best to adjust our work and daily life in accordance with the current health situation. Since I have to do my job, I try to take pictures at a time when there are not many people on the streets and to avoid indoors for taking photos.

I appeal once again that it is necessary to take new precautionary measures and try to stay healthy and make our environment a better place. In previous posts, you had the opportunity to see me in a winter jacket, many of you sent me numerous messages asking where is my famous Mr.M symbol, a fashion piece without which autumn cannot pass on Mr.M’s blog – the trench coat.

I will dedicate the first November fashion story to my favorite fashion piece by which I became recognizable. The trenchcoat is a piece of clothing that has become a legendary fashion piece of the wardrobe of women and men around the world. The famous Burberry double-breasted coats are made of gabardine. Gabardine is a fine fabric made of combed wool or cotton. Woolen fabric is used for coats, suits and women’s dresses, while cotton is used to make light dresses and cotton is lined with rubber which is used to make raincoats.

Burberry trench coats have an insulated lining, classic or raglan sleeves. Classic versions of the Burberry trench coat can be found in different lengths, from just above the joints (the longest version) to above the middle of the thigh (the shortest). These coats were originally a garment for army officers, the coat model itself was developed before the war, but during the war it was adapted for use in the trenches of the First World War, after which they got their name – Trench Coat!

Traditionally, double-breasted trench coats are buttoned with 10 front buttons and have wide lapels, a “storm” flap and pockets that close with the buttons. Each double-breasted trench coat has a belt around the waist, as well as belts around the joints that can also be fastened. Have you ever wondered why coats have straps on the sleeves above the wrist?

During the war, these belts were practical to keep water from flowing through the forearm when officers used binoculars during the rain. The trench coat often has “shoulder straps” that close and these were functional characteristics in a military context. The traditional color of the coat was “khaki”, a light shade of yellow-brown. Today, newer versions come in many interesting colors.

Trenches remained in trend for decades after the First and Second World Wars. Their original role as a striking part of a military officer’s uniform provided the coat with a new, more elegant business note, although many prefer to tie a belt instead of using a buckle to project a more casual look than a strict military uniform.

In the 1960s, intellectuals wore trench coats over black roll neck sweaters, while some people wore coats as fashion details, as an elegant alternative to jackets.

Double-breasted trenches and coats have become an integral part of our everyday life and there really is no person in the world who does not have a double-breasted trench or coat in the wardrobe, regardless of the brand, a double breasted coat is a iconic fashion piece that never goes out of fashion.

My love for coats is due to my grandfather and father, who were great collectors of trenches and coats as well. My grandfather and father saved a part of their fashion paradise for me as well, and my father gave me my first Burberry trench coat almost 13 years ago, which I still jealously guard and wear today.

These are some of our family rituals, so we passed on our “male” love for coats to our dear ladies in the family. My mother as one of them was not a fan of this piece in the beginning, but with our influence, these fashion treats were also found in her wardrobe.

I have noticed that many people confuse the terms “trench coat” and “coat”. The trench coat is “thinner” and it is worn in the transitional seasons – spring and autumn, when we need protection from unexpected rain and windy weather, and we do not want to wear some heavy and warmer pieces.

A coat is a slightly more “serious” fashion piece for winter time, made of a thicker material, most often wool, cashmere or a combination of these two materials. There are other more exotic materials, but they are less often used due to the high costs of making and processing these materials, the best example is Vicuna shiny llama hair, which is exceptional and rare, but very expensive. A sweater made of Vicuna costs several thousand euros…

When we talk about wool, their fibers consist of several layers. Wool retains heat well and is often used to make sweaters and comfortable winter clothes such as coats, jackets, scarves and gloves. What all belongs to the wool fiber family? These are cashmere, angora, merino wool, lamb wool and mohair.

In today’s post, I wanted to show you an everyday, casual and relaxed fashion combination where one elegant piece, such as a trench coat, can be combined with jeans and sneakers. Also, this time I took the opportunity to show you a red roll neck sweater from my friends from Scotland, Johnstons of Elgin, which you saw in a more elegant edition in one of the previous posts.

Navy – red combination is always refreshing and proved to be the best fashion tandem where we have navy blue, which is a symbol of elegance, while red rejuvenates and refreshes a person. Red indicates a new beginning and brings a certain dose of joy.


This outfit is made up of products from the new Johnstons of Elgin and MooRER collection for autumn-winter 2020/21. In the list below you can find links for each product from today’s post.

One novelty for all of you, since I regularly get questions, do I have a discount code, I asked Johnstons of Elgin and they came out with my own personal code “MT10” you have a special 10% discount on the entire offer of Johnstons of Elgin products.

Trench Coat: Burberry

Roll Neck Sweater: Johnstons of Elgin

Jeans: MooRER

Sneakers: Bally

MooRER and Johnstons of Elgin are brands that try to make each piece with great care and you can really feel it when you worn their products. Their models are extremely comfortable, practical and wearable for any occasion, whether it is the clothes you need for every day and work, up to those slightly more formal occasions.

I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the self care and protection of yourself and your loved ones. Let’s prevent the spread of the Corona virus and try to make this as just one bad dream that we have successfully forgotten.

Since I made these photos outdoors and I respected all the prescribed physical distance of 2 meters, I didn’t need to wear mask, but I wear a mask indoors and regularly buy hand sanitizers in small packages so I can always carry them with me.

Dear my fashionistas, we have come to the end of this special fashion story about the iconic fashion piece called – The Trench Coat. How did you like this navy blue – red outfit of mine that I walked the streets of Berlin today? I have prepared this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you like it! See you in a couple of days with a new fashion story from Germany!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. Stay tuned!

From Berlin with Love,

This post is sponsored by Johnstons of Elgin and MooRER brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.


The Berlin Fashion Diary: A Definition of an Urban Bally Classic

My dear travellers and fashionistas, how are you today? I hope you doing well and that this month has started in a good mood for you. When I was younger, I didn’t like September so much because we all know that school starts. On the other hand, I still love the beginning of September because then I celebrate my birthday.

On this day, around half past nine in the evening, one Marko was born. Thus begins my story that turns less than thirty years old today. Today I got up with a pain in my back and said to myself: “Well, Marko, good luck to us! We are getting old!”

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are all like little children when we celebrate a birthday. We look forward to gifts, whether they are small things or something more valuable, someone’s attention is always appreciated. Today, it is most difficult to get the most expensive gift from people – dedication and attention.

While on the one hand I think about aging, there are gifts to rejuvenate me and take me back to my childhood for a moment. It is a great pleasure for me when people in my environment remember my birthday, especially when these people do not have social networks that remind them of other people’s important dates, which means that you are important to someone and that is the best gift you can get from life.

Yesterday, I decided to make the photos of the gifts I got from fashion house Bally. I’m sure you’ve heard of this famous fashion brand that comes from Switzerland, and we all know that the Switzerland is more than a country of elegant and incredible clocks and interesting cuisine, but I would also add that they are quite fashion-friendly. In addition to exceptional precision, comfort and elegance, this incredible Swiss brand is adorned with the epithet – urban elegance.

The Bally brand was founded by Karl Franz Bally and his brother Fritz Bally in the basement of their family home in the town of Schonenverd, Switzerland. Their original products were elastic bands. During a business trip to Paris in 1849, Carl Franz wanted to buy his wife lace-up boots. Unfortunately, he was unable to remember the size his wife was wearing, he decided to buy that model of boots in all available sizes, knowing that one pair would surely be the right one. This is what I call the love!

During a visit to one Paris factory where boots were made, he noticed that each shoe had buttons with elastic bands similar to those produced by his family in Switzerland. Carl Franz got the idea to create something new, so he decided to expand his business to the production of footwear.

Together with his brother Fritz, Carl Franz hired designers to help them, and so they started hand-making shoes in the basement of his house.

The Bally company was founded in the basement of one family house in 1851, and only three years later the first factory was built, which was located in the center of the town. Unfortunately, in 1854, Karl’s brother Fritz Bally retired and left this job.

By the 1870s, the Bally brand was already recognized as a leader in the footwear industry. The company name changed to CF Bally and then to CF Bally & Sons when Karl handed over the business to his sons in 1892 and passed away a few years later. The fact is that Karl passed on his tireless creative and visionary pioneering spirit to his sons. Bally as a brand has grown and thrived by opening its stores in Geneva, Buenos Aires, Paris and London.

In the 1980s, Bally was also one of the first European luxury goods brands to open in post-reforms and opening borders to China. The brand has also expanded its range to include clothing, bags and leather goods for men and women. In the 1990s, Bally became a global brand, opening its stores in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Lebanon and Turkey.


Sweatshirt: Makia

Trousers: BALLY

Sneakers: BALLY

I was inspired by this story and I am very pleased to have received gifts from this exceptional brand from Switzerland for my birthday. I hope that we will celebrate beautiful moments together for many years to come, and I hope that the situation will significantly improve after this pandemic caused by the COVID-19 situation.

How did you like my today’s birthday combination? I have prepared this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you like it! Something new, something old and a unique balance is created. See you in a couple of days with a new story from Germany! Together we will discover the beauties of Magdeburg, the capital of the Saxony – Anhalt German state.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page. See you soon with another interesting story about Belgrade!


This post is sponsored by the Swiss fashion house Bally.