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How Facelift with Dr. Samir Ghoraba cost me my Face?

Sensitive Content Warning! Please be aware that photos in this blog post show severe medical complications and may be disturbing for some viewers. I am sharing my personal experience with the respect for the parties involved.

If you are a minor, please stop reading the personal medical experience from this blog post.

ملحوظة لجميع القراء الناطقين باللغة العربية: تحتوي هذه المدونة على محتوى حساس ومعلومات حول المضاعفات الطبية الخطيرة الناجمة عن جراحة الوجه التجميلية التي يجريها الدكتور سمير غرابة. بما أن الدكتور سمير غرابة يعمل في مصر والإمارات العربية المتحدة (دبي) ودول أخرى في الشرق الأوسط، فمن المهم للغاية أن تقرأ منشور المدونة هذا وتفكر في اختيار جراح التجميل الخاص بك. اجعل هذا المنشور بمثابة تذكير جيد بجميع المخاطر المحتملة المرتبطة بالإجراءات التجميلية وأهمية اختيار جراح تجميل مؤهل وذو سمعة طيبة.

Due to the threats that I received from the Dr. Samir Ghoraba when I asked for the fair compensation for everything that I suffered, I am warning in advance that any interruption, hacking, blocking and/or disrupting of the Mr.M blog or the Mr.M (mrmbymarkotadic) channels on social media which are used by Marko Tadic and Ruzica Tadic will be the subject of legal actions. The responsible authorities have been already warned and all responsible participants will be prosecuted for media work obstruction.

This post reflects my experience and it represents my view on the work of Dr. Samir Ghoraba and Dr. Mohamed Yassin. We agreed to have collaboration, that was mediated and organized in agreement with Mr. Abdelslam Ghoraba, CEO of the Samir Ghoraba clinic. The text is written after discussion and careful consultation with my legal team and contains professional and non-edited content without intention to humiliate any party involved. Considering the fact that I am in possession of a written evidence which confirms my collaboration with Dr. Samir Ghoraba, I have full legal rights to share my experience, which unfortunately happened to be extremely negative.

This is me before facial rejuvenation surgery

My dear readers, I hope you are doing well. Six months passed since my operation (19th of September 2023) and I believe that it is the right time to share my experience about surgical facial rejuvenation interventions in Egypt. As I wrote in the previous posts on the blog, the operation in Egypt did not go well and my health was seriously compromised. I don’t want even to mention esthetic and psychological damage that I suffered and still try to stabilize. In this post I will share with you all details of what happened to me. Moreover, I would like to thank all of you for the support and understanding that you showed during last six months of my recovery.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Why Egypt and Dr. Samir Ghoraba?

People are wondering how I select Dr. Samir Ghoraba to be my plastic surgeon for this intervention. I am 65-old woman and last several years I noticed some changes on my face that I could not improve with creams and anti-age cosmetic treatments. I have been thinking about surgical facial rejuvenation for years, I was searching on Internet for different possibilities, less and more invasive. I made a list of plastic surgeons at whom I would perform surgical facial rejuvenation, among them were surgeons from Turkey, Egypt and the Middle East. After I saw that Dr. Ghoraba was on training at Dr. Suleyman Tas Clinic, whom I heard is a great expert, I decided to keep to follow the work of Dr. Ghoraba on Instagram. At the end, I asked my son to send him an email and we got the positive response from his brother Mr. Abdelslam Ghoraba and that’s how everything started.

Members of Dr. Samir Ghoraba team: Dr. Samir Ghoraba (in front), left to right: Dr. Mohamed Yassin, Mr. Abdelslam Ghoraba and Ms. Asma Elsakka. Fair use disclaimer: The photo was taken from the official website of the clinic in Cairo with respect for the privacy of other members who were not involved in my experience with Dr. Samir Ghoraba. The content is publicly available, the purpose of using this content is informational.

My trip to Egypt and first experience with Dr. Samir Ghoraba

My preparation for this trip started 3 months before the operation which was scheduled on 19th of September 2023. I was very excited thinking how I will have another look in a very short time. I was looking forward to all these changes as I was waiting long and I expected much, perhaps too much. My son Marko and I were very excited and believed in all images that Dr. Ghoraba was posting. I didn’t have some concerns and doubts. This was my largest mistake and I regret it.

The day of our trip finally came and I felt the mixture of happiness and uncertainty, but I wanted to believe that everything will be fine. The same feeling followed me during the whole trip and became even more intensive when we landed in Cairo in early morning hours. The same day, in the late evening I had my first appointment with Dr. Ghoraba in his office.

The first impressions increased my uncertainty, but I ascribed everything to my lack of experience with that part of the world. The assistant of Dr. Ghoraba – Ms. Asmaa Elsakka, asked for money for this intervention immediately when we have finished the consultation at Dr. Ghoraba’s office. I would like to bring attention during the contract of cooperation, Mr. Abdelslam Ghoraba insisted exclusively on cash payment of the costs of surgeries.

Me on the day of surgery

During the cash payment process, we requested to receive a printed or online receipt or some confirmation letter that we have paid the costs of the operations, but Ms. Elsakka politely refused and said there was no need for it. After we finished the payment and left the Dr. Samir Ghoraba clinic, half hour later we received the Whats App message from Ms. Elsakka informing us that they cannot accept banknotes that we gave her because they are “old and other color”, even though they were taken from our bank in Serbia just before our trip. I must mention that I paid for the hotel and other expenses from the same series of banknotes and everything was paid normally. This is the main reason, why I suspected a fraud and I contacted my husband and a family lawyer, who warned me about the fraud that prevails in poor countries and advised me to say that I don’t have any more cash with me and find a way to fix the problem. If there really was a problem with the banknotes, Dr. Ghoraba and his team would immediately cancel the operation. Marko and Mr. Abdelslam Ghoraba together with Ms. Elsakka spent long time discussing this and at the end they accepted our banknotes.

Dr. Ghoraba was always surrounded with many people. There was always cameramen and person who was directing his videos, his assistant and his brother. It was very strange to me that he spends more time learning the text that he should say during video than time that he spends listening me. I have never seen this approach, but I wanted to believe and this was crucial. Now I sincerely regret that I didn’t trust my gut to visit the pyramids and return home. The operation was scheduled for the next day without any preparation, laboratory analysis or any other diagnostic testing. I had several operations in my life and I always had to prepare medical documentations before intervention. I am healthy woman and I have regular check-ups that my daughter, who is an experienced doctor, annually organizes and in last several years 2 times per year. She wanted to be sure that I’m ok and I had full check-up only 2 weeks before my trip to Egypt. Everything was fine and therefore I was not particularly concerned why Dr. Ghoraba or his team did not ask for some analysis. However, my daughter was very concerned after my operation and she did not like this approach to the patients. Marko was my support the whole time. He showed me images of all ladies who previously underwent the same procedure and allegedly looked great only a few days after the intervention.

Day of operation has arrived

The day that I was waiting that long finally arrived. I was mentally ready, or at least I thought that I am fully prepared for everything that was waiting for me. The plan was to have intervention, spend one night in the hospital and return to the hotel next day. When I think now about this ambitious plan, I have only a bitter smile on my face and I am wondering how naïve I was at that time.

I came to the hospital, I was admitted and directed to my hospital room. The operation was scheduled for 8 a.m., but Dr. Samir Ghoraba showed up very late around 11:30 a.m. in my room. That morning, I saw his coworker Dr. Mohamed Yassin in my room, just a few minutes before I went to the operation theater. Marko explained him in English what are my expectations and he said that he understood well everything. Dr. Ghoraba was in the operating theater. He used some marker and drew some lines on my face. I must mention that Dr. Ghoraba did not fulfill our agreement to have my son present during the marking of my face for a better explanation in English. The previous evening, I repeated my request via whats app message to his team, who confirmed that they had confimed that he is informed about my request.

How I looked just before the operation

I was already on the operating table and I didn’t see what he drew. I hoped that we agreed last night about changes that I want to make and didn’t suspect anything until the very last moment when I was left alone with his coworker Dr. Mohamed Yassin and anesthesiologist because Dr. Ghoraba left the operating room. I got scared as this was not what I expected, but I was already on the operating table and I hoped that Dr. Ghoraba will come in a few minutes.

Anesthetics were given, I started to count, as anesthesiologist told me, and slowly I fell asleep…

After approximately 10 hours I woke up in my room. Everything was misty, I felt nausea and I vomited three times. There was no strong pain, but I felt strong suffocation, as somebody is strongly strangling me. Nurses assured me that this is normal reaction after neck lifting, but this feeling was very strong and remained for days. It was horrible. I was frightened. Dr. Mohamed Yassin with the nurse and his assitant came several hours after operation to check me and told that this was normal post-operative course and that everything be fine in a few days. I tried to smile at his encouragements and they took a lot photos of me, commenting in Arabic. My son asked if everything was okay, Dr. Yassin stated that this is all part of the recovery process and that we should not worry.

My first photo right after the operation, due to the time difference the time zone is marked on the picture, it is from Serbia (Cairo is +1HR), so it was almost 9pm at the moment of taking this photo
This is me a few hours after the operation, the mask was still present, Dr. Yassin took it off a few hours after the operation.

Recovery in Egypt

The initial plan was to stay overnight and to be discharged from the hospital next day. The next day arrived, but I could not feel well to sit in bed and not to return to our hotel. Nurses and Marko straightened me up, but this was very difficult for me. I couldn’t walk alone and there was no way I could go back to the hotel and receive medications there. We decided that I will stay additional 3 days in the hospital that we paid immediately in cash.

I could speak about Egyptian private healthcare system for days and attitude of their healthcare workers and particularly nurses for days. However, I will not do that. I can only say that I would never recommend them to anyone.

This picture was taken a few hours after the operation, the drains are present on both sides of the ear (the tubes you see in the picture). This picture shows that a hematoma has developed, which should be removed to prevent necrosis, which of course was not done.

Dr. Yassin was trying to force me to go to the doctor’s office (located on the other part of the city) that evening to have Dr. Samir examine me and remove the drains, since this cannot be done at the hospital where I was operated on. I said that I did not have the strength to move and ask him to call Dr. Ghoraba to examine me and demanded that he remove the drains at the hospital where I was at that moment. He invited Dr. Ghoraba and he was also very unpleasant and said he would show up tomorrow “when he has time” regardless of my pleas and complaints about feeling bad.

I felt slightly better after taking pain killers, but still far away from all these women who presented on Dr. Ghoraba’s Instagram profile as perfectly fit 2 days after face lifting. I was wondering what’s wrong with me, but everybody was assuring me that everything was normal for this operation.

The next day, the hematoma becomes increasingly visible and darker on the other side of the face.

Dr. Ghoraba came to visit me on the third day. He came only to take video and pictures with me and post it on social medias. As he did previously, he came with his team, focused on the content for social medias, assured me that everything was fine and left. In the meantime, I saw once more his coworker Dr. Mohamed Yassin, who examined me and told that everything is fine and expected. None of them told me that something went wrong, that I had large hematoma along the length of the incision, particularly in front of and behind both ears. I asked many times, but they told me that is normal.

Four days after operation I was discharged. I have already written that plan was to stay at the hospital only 1 night, but I could not imagine myself in the hotel room because I didn’t have strength to walk along the corridors in the hospital.

Dr. Ghoraba and Dr. Yassin required me to lie flat, regardless of the fact that I complained of back and neck pain and that my son said that he had read numerous recommendations from American plastic surgeons that after a facelift and necklift, the patient should lie in an elevated position to prevent blood pooling. Regardless of everything, I respected Dr. Ghoraba’s requests.

Dr. Ghoraba saw me after 7 days and prescribed me some cream for my bruises, as he called my hematomas. He was assuring me that my recovery is longer due to my age, but that everything will be fine. These “bruises” soon became black ugly crusts. However, Dr. Ghoraba told me that this is the part of healing and that I will have normal skin below, particularly if I use cream that he prescribed me.

During next two weeks that I stayed in Cairo, Marko gave his best to help me and recover me. He was continuously encouraging me, saying that everything will be fine, helping me to walk around within the hotel. He was taking care about my therapy, organizing our visits to the doctor’s office. Don’t forget that we are in Cairo and not in Europe. Their way of life and communication, traffic, rules, working hours, food are very different from everything that we know. One thing is when we visit Cairo and Egypt as tourist and quite different when you are patient there and need to rely on their facilities. I did not think about these issues before.

I felt somewhat better, but far from normal. I was taking antibiotics and other therapy. My daughter insisted on this, particularly antibiotics. Honestly, I didn’t want to show her my crusts and every time when we had video calls, I was holding telephone in front of me and try not to turn on the side. I didn’t want to make her worry and subconsciously didn’t want to admit myself that something bad is going to happen to me. Because of my children, I wanted to believe that everything will be fine. At this point, I just wanted to go home and thought that I will instantly feel better when I arrive to Belgrade. At that time, I could not even imagine that this was only the beginning of my worst nightmare…

During my stay in Cairo I continued to follow the advice of Dr. Ghoraba and Dr. Yassin, no matter what because I trusted their expertise.

Last time I saw Dr. Ghoraba one day before I returned to Belgrade. He removed my sutures. It was very painful and I am known as somebody with very high threshold for pain. I asked for the hundredth time Dr. Ghoraba what will happen with my face and I heard the same story as always that everything will return to normal state in a few weeks. My whole face was swollen, I had ugly black crusts in front and behind both ears (I didn’t know that this calls skin necrosis) and I had difficulties to move lips (I thought that this is due to facial swelling).

This is me 14 days after surgery, on the day of suture removal, you can see in the picture that the sutures are still there, and that my condition has worsened and the necrosis has advanced. I was not aware of my condition, and Dr. Ghoraba examined me and did a CO2 laser treatment that burned both my eyebrows

After removing the sutures, Dr. Samir Ghoraba did a CO2 fractional laser to remove facial wrinkles. During the laser treatment, I felt an unusual smell, which I thought was normal, but after a few minutes I realized that Dr. Ghoraba burned both my eyebrows. He left the office and went to examine other patients and I got up to look in the mirror and noticed that both of my eyebrows were totally burned, which I complained to Dr. Yassin, he was troubled by my concern and said everything would be fine. After that, Dr. Ghoraba gave me his written discharge letter and confirmation that I am allowed to travel back home.

The next day we should return to Belgrade and I thought that everything will be perfectly fine from the moment when I land to the Belgrade airport.

Return to Belgrade

The return day has finally arrived and I instantly felt adrenalin rush which helped me to overcome my physical weakness that has not left me since the day of the operation. Our trip to the airport, passing through the airport and the flight from Cairo to Belgrade were the real adventure that drained the last atom of energy out of me. I was very weak even 17 days after the operation that this trip to Belgrade was like some triathlon for me.

I came to Belgrade and my daughter was waiting for me. She came to Belgrade only to see me after the operation and she did not know anything about my fears. When she saw me, I instinctively knew that something was wrong. She tried to act normally and not to frighten me. After everything finished, she told me that she instantly saw skin necrosis and sent photos of me to her colleagues surgeons who confirmed her suspicion. She explained everything to Marko and organized to do necessary analyses and to see surgeon as soon as possible.

I felt better when I finally came home, but my weakness was the same. My expected miracle did not happen and I was very sad, frustrated, disappointed, discouraged, angry and hopeless. Next day medical examinations in Belgrade began…

the necrosis progressed after returning to Belgrade – October 2023
The necrosis involved the region in front of and behind both ears

All Complications revealed (skin necrosis, facial palsy and neck cyst)

When I came to the Emergency Center after seeing the first surgeon, I realized that all my fears that I felt in Egypt had unfortunately come true. My children tried their best to encourage me, the surgeons talk to my daughter while I look at my son and try to find comfort, but in his eyes I see only fear. That’s when my fight for life began and I was no longer a cosmetic surgery patient, but a survivor with severe complications who was on the edge sepsis.

Necrosis on the other side of the face – October 2023

The plastic surgeons called a meeting where my son showed all the pictures from the first day of the operation to the moment of our arrival in Serbia. Plastic surgeons with a lot of experience were shocked that I managed to get home at all and that they could even see me in front of them in this condition. They started doing numerous tests on me, the blood tests were not good at all and the results showed a serious infection and my daughter was desperate and angry, she also called her infectious disease colleagues who continued with the tests and advised to do a CT of my head and neck immediately to determine the degree of necrosis to see how deeply it has affected the tissue.

In mid-October, about 4 weeks after surgery, a cyst appeared on the neck. My medical team in Serbia said that the necrosis infection was advanced and I began daily drainage (puncture) of liquid bacteriological contents from the cyst.

My son and I in consultation with the legal team, sent an email to Dr. Samir Ghoraba where he was informed about my health condition and pointed out his numerous mistakes, as well as the medical omissions he made during my operation and due to poor post-operative care, that he could have prevented the necrosis using numerous medical methods and that all this could have been differently. I asked for compensation and reimbursement of all travel expenses.

Dr. Ghoraba admitted in an email his medical mistake and medical negligence and offered me a shamefully low compensation of 10,000 euros with his request that I sign an NDA agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement), and never write a negative review of his work.

Written confession of guilt Dr. Samir Ghoraba and offering shamefully low compensation for his medical errors and medical negligence, with the express request that I sign an NDA and never share a negative experience with his work. Disclaimer: The email recipient is the owner of the Mr.M blog – Marko Tadic, who contracted this collaboration, we (Ruzica and Marko Tadic), as recipients of the email, have the right to publish the content since no written or verbal agreement on the confidentiality of information has been signed.

Correspondence with Dr. Ghoraba after admitting his guilt continued and he behaved as if we were in the market, not that he had committed serious medical negligence. He used metaphors “you act like we hit you with a car” and other unpleasant sentences that emphasize his character and unprofessionalism. I informed him that in case he does not compensate me, I will make public my personal experience, to which he followed me by threats shutting down our channels of social networks, as well as other channels of communication like blog. I was fair and waited… It’s been 6 months…

My health condition deteriorated significantly and a cyst appeared on my neck. I was worried and felt severe pain and pressure in my neck. With the help of my daughter’s colleagues, I managed to get in touch with one of the best plastic surgeons in Serbia, who accepted my case and agreed with his team to take care of me. Daily punctures of liquid from the neck began, the amounts varied from 10 to 40 mm, sometimes punctures (removal of liquid) were done twice a day. I went into a state of sepsis and started receiving intravenous antibiotics.

The picture was taken after one discharge of a cyst on the neck. It took almost a month to puncture the cyst on the neck until it burst

The punctures went on for weeks and one evening I felt that my bandage and the pillow under me were so wet and out of fear I had a panic attack and started screaming. The nurse came and started to calm me down, then my children and the surgeon came, who calmed me down by insisting that it was a small discharge from the cyst, which was the only way to calm me down at the moment because the cyst had burst. I suspected that something more serious had happened, but I tried to calm down, regardless of the fear of death, I would be at peace because at least I came home and was with my children.

My daughter told me the truth later, because they didn’t want to aggravate my mental state which was seriously damaged by everything that happened to me. My son regularly took pictures, but I didn’t have the courage to look at them. The psychologist’s advice was not to show me the pictures. I gathered my strength and we all together looked at my pictures together in December 2023, when I saw with my own eyes for the very first time what happened to me.

The cyst on my neck burst and I was treated for sepsis – November 2023

UK Medical Title Misusage of Dr. Samir Ghoraba

Upon my return home, my attorney and my family conducted a thorough investigation of the work and medical titles of Dr. Samir Ghoraba. The first step was to check the medical title used by Dr. Ghoraba on his social media profiles: “UK Board Certified Consultant”. We contacted all medical facilities in the UK and received numerous responses which showed that Dr. Samir Ghoraba abuses UK medical degrees and titles. I will quote the response of a leading institution:

“Please do not be dazzled by board certified surgeons, “Board Certified” is a North American term that does not exist in UK and is deliberately used to try to attract patients under false pretense.”

Reposted from NHS official website:

Doctors who hold registration but not a licence may be working as an academic or outside the UK. They cannot undertake any of the activities clinical work – for which UK law requires them to hold a licence to practise.

The GMC has a public medical register where patients and the public can check the records of any doctor in the UK. Disclaimer: This database is publicly available, I only used public data that you can view at the following LINK. This is Dr. Ghoraba’s medical record: LINK (the image shown is a copy of the download version that is publicly available).

Dr. Samir Ghoraba was on some sort of training in the UK, he could not legally be a visiting doctor and perform any kind of operations on patients in the UK without a medical license to practise. He can only perform his academic activity, which must not include work on patients. Just to be clear, Dr. Samir Ghoraba does not have a UK medical license.

He misleads patients about his work on his website. He was also expelled from the Royal Academy of Plastic Surgeons for non-payment of dues, and uses an MRCS (Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons) medical title that does not belong to him.

Information from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Disclaimer: As the recipient of this email, I have legal right to publish this email for informational purposes.
Dr. Samir Ghoraba has no right to use the title MRCS which he often uses on his social media profiles. Disclaimer: As the recipient of this email, I have legal right to publish this email for informational purposes.

After I contacted medical institutions in the UK and received answers, Dr. Ghoraba has changed the information on his main IG profile – @samirghoraba, the Bio section and the medical title is no longer “UK Board Certified Consultant” it has been changed to “UK GMC Registered”. He has „registered without licence to practise medicine in UK“. Top plastic surgeons are licenced by the UK and US Medical Boards and this signifies their expertise and quality of work. I believe that I am deceived because Dr. Ghoraba falsely used the title and misled me into believing that he is an excellent surgeon who is licensed in a country like the UK because of his knowledge.

Presentation of training and work of Dr. Samir Ghoraba on his official website. Fair Use Disclaimer: The content is a screenshot from the official website of Dr. Samir Ghoraba and is available to the public – LINK. Due to the agreed cooperation and since it represents publicly available content and this post is of an informative nature, I do not violate any rights of use by using this content.


Acts committed:

  1. Serious medical negligence and medical mistakes (responsible persons: Dr. Samir Ghoraba and Dr. Mohamed Yassin)
  • Deliberately hiding information about the patient’s health and endangering the patient’s health condition (responsible persons: Dr. Samir Ghoraba, Dr. Mohamed Yassin and other staff of Dr. Samir Ghoraba’s Clinic)
  • Tax evasion (money for operation costs was requested to be paid in cash, even mentioned in advance in emails during the cooperation agreement, no printed or online receipt was issued for performing services at Dr. Samir Ghoraba’s clinic. (responsible persons: Mr. Abdelslam Ghoraba and Ms. Asmaa ElSakka)
  • An attempt to double charge the operation costs (with the excuse that my USD banknotes are old and other color, the hotel was paid with them in an amount higher than the operation costs and the payment was made normally, which indicates an attempt to defraud Dr. Samir Ghoraba’s team consisting of Mr. Abdelslam Ghoraba and Ms .Asmaa ElSakka.
  • Misuse of medical title: UK Board Certified Consultant. Dr. Ghoraba does not have a medical license to practice in the UK, he has applied for registration on the General Medical Council (GMC) register but is not licensed to practice medicine as a general practitioner or specialist in UK. I have a document on which it is written that Dr. Samir Ghoraba is not allowed to work with patients in the UK, so his stories on his website that he has performed delicate operations at the Birmingham Clinic as a visting doctor are misleading patients.
  • Image editing and manipulation of the final results of cosmetic operations. Dr. Ghoraba and his team significantly edit the images and thereby mislead patients about the results of cosmetic surgeries. That was done in my case as well.

Participants in this acts:

  1. Dr. Samir Ghoraba – the surgeon who performed Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift interventions with forehead tightening and fat transfer in the lower and upper eyelids.
  • Dr. Mohamed Yassin – Junior surgeon, assistant Dr. Ghoraba who participated in the performance of my operations and who examined me after the operation and supervised my recovery with Dr. Samir Ghoraba
  • Mr. Abdelslam Ghoraba, introduces himself as the CEO of Dr. Clinic. Samir Ghoraba and with him I agreed about the terms of our cooperation, the price of the operation and the way of promoting the clinic Dr. Samir Ghoraba. He was responsible for the financial agreement and terms and conditions of our cooperation and promotion of the work of Dr. Samir Ghoraba.
  • Ms. Asmaa ElSakka – one of the numerous assistants of Dr. Samir Ghoraba and is in charge of collecting money in cash and regulating payments before the surgery itself.
Evidence that I was a patient of Dr. Samir Ghoraba: Invitation letter and discharge letter. Disclaimer: The published content is the full ownership of the patient and he has full legal right to publish it because this content is used for informational purposes.

My recovery is still ongoing, I am left with serious scars and half of my face is paralyzed, I am taking different types of medicine to be able to move my head without pain. I do not have any condition or co-morbidity that would cause this type of complication and it is very easy to prove, as I am not a smoker and I do not have diabetes, hypertension or any other chronic condition or medical treatment.

In consultation with my medical team managing my case, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to do revision cosmetic surgeries after some time: face, neck and forehead lift, blepharoplasty, as well as new fat transfer, because the fat transfer done by Dr. Ghoraba and Dr. Yassin, the fat did not get accepted on my face, which is often the case with unprofessional doctors. The results of the cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Ghoraba not good at all, the skin of the face and double chin is in bad condition. The skin of half of the face is sagging, as well as the skin of the double chin because liposuction of the double chin and neck lift were done in a wrong way. Since I am still recovering, my medical team is not sure when it is a good moment to have revision cosmetic surgery done again. I don’t know how familiar you are, but all revision cosmetic surgeries cost significantly more than when it is done for the first time and there are a small number of plastic surgeons who are willing to operate on such patients.

Dr. Samir Ghoraba has fake positive reviews in Google written by him and his team from fake profiles after I left a true negative review with evidence of his horrible work he did to me.

This is just one of the numerous reviews of the work of the Dr. Samir Ghoraba clinic. It’s interesting that when I leave a negative comment, some patient’s reviews appear who within 24 hours leave reviews about surgeries they had a long time ago. Disclaimer: the published content is already online published on the Internet and is publicly available. Since it is possible to delete and edit reviews on Google, recordings were made that prove the truth of the content. By publishing this photo, I do not bear any legal consequences because the content is publicly available, and if it is deleted or edited, there is a document that the content existed.

Dr. Samir Ghoraba operates on patients in the territory of Arab Republic of Egypt – Opal Aesthetics in New Cairo and UAE (Quttainah Specialized Hospital in Dubai and First Medical Center in Abu Dhabi). He also visits Middle Eastern countries, so pay attention and think carefully if you decide to have surgery with him. You make that decision at your own risk.

I just want to share my personal experience and Dr. Ghoraba is already informed about my case, he admitted his mistake and offered me shameful compensation which is not covering my surgery in Egypt, recovery expenses and all revision surgeries and he blocked me on social media, also he is deleting my review on Google review.

I want to mention that in the meantime I got in touch with a couple of former patients of Dr. Samir Ghoraba who had unsuccessful operations, bad experiences. Dr. Ghoraba did not offer revision operations to them or pay compensation, for the sake of all of us I decided to share my experience.

Evidence of facial paralysis

UPDATE April 2024: Buying fake positive Google Reviews

After the publication of this post on March 19, 2024, the growth of positive 5* reviews on the Google Business account of the clinic Dr. Samir Ghoraba. I assumed that the reviews were bought, but I had no proof. A few days ago I received several emails from people that they received messages on the Whatsapp application to write positive Google reviews for the work of Dr. Samir Ghoraba and that they will be paid depending on the number of reviews they write. In the picture below you can see the price list and the link to the Google Business account of Dr. Samir Ghoraba. This explains the sudden magical growth of reviews from 150 reviews and an average rating of 4.1 to almost 1500 positive reviews that make no sense and thus Dr. Ghoraba raised his average rating to 4.9.

In addition to showing my personal experience in this blog post, I want to express my sincere concern about the surgical skills and knowledge of Dr. Samir Ghoraba and his fellowship and clinical instructorships in plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine. If he behaves like the surgeon who operated on me, then I am really worried about what kind of knowledge and skills he can pass on to residents or specialists in Plastic surgery, ENT or Dermatology, Maxillofacial medical fields.

I am seeking compensation and I would not allow Dr. Ghoraba to operate on me ever again and I will not give up until I get the fair compensation I deserve.

Unfortunately, this is my story, but let’s do our best to raise awareness together for such events to not happen again, because today I was a victim of the ignorance of a cosmetic surgeon, and tomorrow it could be someone from your environment. If you find my story educational, feel free to share, so we can prevent unprofessional surgeons from destruction of someone’s health and appearance.

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Ružica Tadic


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