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Fashion Diaries: The Secret lies in finding the right accessories…

Dear my fashionistas, good morning and welcome to my blog. Difficult times have come and instead of counting down to the holidays that are getting closer to us, we live in fear that we will be healthy the next day. At the very beginning of the post I would draw your attention to be careful and to look out for others. I think that each of us has a conscience, and if you feel bad, stay at home and let’s hope that this health catastrophe will pass soon and that we will all see the light at the end of the tunnel together.

Today, this cold November Tuesday, I am sharing with you another fashion story from the streets of Berlin. November is sometimes really the last month of the year when we can take advantage of the weather and walk some of our favorite fashion pieces that occupy a special place in our closets. In my case, it would certainly be – a Trench Coat!

In the previous post, you had the opportunity to see a navy blue trench coat, but today I will show you a honey-colored trench coat, which is one of the most famous and best-selling colours of the fashion house Burberry.

I remember when I got my first Burberry coat which I still keep today, but if someone had told me I would get a similar coat few years later, I really couldn’t believe it.

In addition to this favorite piece of mine that has refreshed my fall wardrobe for this and next seasons to come, I am also looking forward to some new unexpected details that have enriched my outfit today.

The watch is known as the best fashion accessory for every man. There is a quote: “Show me what kind of watch you wear and I’ll tell you who you are.” Every man determines his style, and fashion accessories are the ones that determine the direction in which that style will develop.

A wristwatch is much more than just a time indicator. A watch is a piece of art that adorns the hand of every man and woman and depicts the personality of the person wearing it. When buying a watch, the most important thing is to forget about trends and find yourself and stay consistent with yourself and your style.

Today I decided to show you a new watch in my collection – Epos Originale 3420 SK – an elegant automatic skeleton watch in an extremely thin edition.

The Epos company was founded in 1925 when Mr. James Aubert founded his own watch factory “James Aubert SA” in Vallée de Joux, a valley in the Jura Mountains that many consider to be the “cradle” of mechanical watches and is located in the Swiss canton of Vaud (Waadt).

Mr. Aubert was a passionate mechanical watch engineer, who dedicated his life to the development of new watch mechanisms. He was a top master of his craft and spent most of his efforts focusing on the technical development of chronographs and minute tutors.

He passed on his true love for watches and his knowledge to his son-in-law, Jean Filion, who then became the leading manufacturer of EPOS watches for many years. Mr. Filion has continued the tradition and made great strides in the innovations that have made this brand so unique in the market.

In the early 1980s, the success story of the traditional Swiss watch stagnated. New quartz technology has radically changed the true face of the watch industry. There were almost no brands that wanted to produce classic mechanical watches, with the exception of a few luxury watch brands.

Peter Hofer, a longtime expert in Swiss watch production, was one of the few who still believed in the future of mechanical watches. Believing in this vision, his wife Erna, as the biggest support, decided to found their own company in 1983: Montres EPOS SA.

Their only property was exclusively a passion for mechanical watches and all the necessary technical knowledge to create mechanical masterpieces.

Personal contacts with key people in the Swiss watch industry, as well as extensive knowledge of the global watch market, have enabled Peter Hofer to successfully develop his own brand. From the very beginning, Hofer was supported by Jean Fillon, who was the driving force behind many interesting EPOS innovations.

During 20 years of his work, Hofer has remained true to his vision, developing stunning collections that include fascinating mechanisms in collaboration with Mr. Fillon.

In the early 2000s, Peter Hofer sought successors who shared his indescribable passion for mechanical watches.

New business partners in EPOS are the Chonge-Forster family, a family with deep roots in the Swiss watch industry: Ursula Forster, who became the new president of the company, comes from a family with a long and rich tradition in the production of Swiss watches. Her husband, Tamdy, who has taken over as CEO, has been working in the top positions in the Swiss watch industry for many years.

Together, they took over the company from Mr. Peter Hofer in 2002 and have since developed the EPOS brand, expanding their product portfolio and expanding internationally. Building on the long legacy and knowledge selflessly invested in the company, they have always focused on creating highly sophisticated mechanical masterpieces at affordable prices, remaining true to the company’s slogan: Art in the watchmaking world.

After this interesting story about time and tradition in Switzerland, where time is highly valued, we move briefly to the most famous cradle of fashion – Italy.

There is no person in the world who cannot hide his joy when he smells the new Italian skin. Today I present to you the most famous workshop that creates real small leather masterpieces. Welcome to the Restelli workshop where the art, tradition and beauty of handicrafts meet.

Now let’s all imagine this picture together: “Milan, 1920 and a glove shop near the Duomo”. At the same time, they made personalized gloves in according to the wishes and tastes of each customer.

At that time, gloves were a symbol of elegance and sophistication, an irreplaceable fashion accessory for all occasions. Piero Restelli soon realized that his passion, handwork with the best and most precious types of leather and deep respect for craft production were just the beginning of a long successful journey that would reshape the glove industry.

The factory was founded with its own leather reserves, which played a very important role in the leather processing process, over time production began to increase. The success of this small family company goes further and takes us to the early 50s when Piero Restelli Jr. and his wife, young and determined, presented their special collection of sportswear…

Soon, on the streets of Milan and throughout Italy, waterproof gloves made of the highest quality peccary leather covered with warm opossum fur became a symbol of the Italian “Jet Set” of high society and Restelli became a world-famous brand.

Making gloves is not only a job but also a real art. Passion, emotions, tradition and knowledge have been passed on to the third generation after 100 years! Rafaela Restelli has fully accepted the challenges of the new fashion era in which the market and the way of selling have changed with deep respect and belief in tradition and love for beautiful masterpieces that last!

Restelli gloves are not valued with money, but with a tradition and history full of love and patience that have no price.

I believe that today we have all recognized something beautiful in these stories, and that is respect for and preservation of tradition, following innovations in step with the times and dedication that has no price.

Work, effort and discipline are the three basic things that are needed to maintain in any business. Of course, there are also those moments when happiness, belief in one’s work and dedication play an important role.

The COVID-19 health situation brought difficulties to everyone, the world stopped and just started to develop and return to normal, but the new wave that started in Europe during October 2020 resulted in another wave that affects the development and survival of many industries.

In Germany, the economy began to recover, but with this renewed “quarantine” many people lost their jobs. Some world experts believe that the damage caused by the Corona virus will be significantly greater because many people have lost their jobs and many companies have closed their doors. Do you know how many families were left without income?

Picard, a brand that you have had the opportunity to see on my blog for years, are the famous leather backpacks that kept me company on my travels around the world. My new Picard buddy, we can call him Relaxed We decided to keep each other company on the streets of Berlin while we wait for this health situation to calm down and wait for better days to continue our traveling adventures.

Picard Relaxed is great for every day because it is big enough that I can take everything I need to do my daily duties around the city. The big advantage is the new special lining material that prevents the spread of radiation so you can carry various types of electronic devices without fear that some of the devices will affect your credit card or mobile phone.


Trench Coat: Burberry

The Roll Neck Sweater: Loro Piana

Watch: Epos

Gloves: Restelli

Backpack: Picard

Trousers: Brunello Cucinelli

Sneakers: MooRER

Of course, I also completed this outfit with the perfect brown MooRER sneakers that you had the opportunity to see in previous posts of this fashion season. I can’t wait to show you other models of MooRER sneakers so you don’t criticize me for having only one pair to wear this season.

My problem sometimes is that I get attached to some things and I am ready to wear them a couple of times in a row. This is exactly what happened with the things of the fashion house MooRER, and from a lot of things which I got, I became attached to brown pieces for now, trying to move to another world of colors.

I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the self care and protection of yourself and your loved ones. Let’s prevent the spread of the Corona virus and try to make this as just one bad dream that we have successfully forgotten.

Since I made these photos outdoors and I respected all the prescribed physical distance of 2 meters, I didn’t need to wear mask, but I wear a mask indoors and regularly buy hand sanitizers in small packages so I can always carry them with me.

Dear my fashionistas, we have come to the end of this special fashion story about the dedication, tradition, love and patience. How did you like this honey – golden – brown outfit of mine that I walked the streets of Berlin today? I have prepared this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you like it! See you in a couple of days with a new fashion story from Germany!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. Stay tuned!

From Berlin with Love,

This post is sponsored by Burberry, MooRER, EPOS, Restelli and Picard brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.


British elegance and Italian style on the streets of Berlin

My dear fashionistas, how are you today? I sincerely hope that you are well and that you are protected from this health catastrophe that started a new winter “wave”. All over Europe, the situation is alarming and we need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

Each of us must continue to work, but we must do our best to adjust our work and daily life in accordance with the current health situation. Since I have to do my job, I try to take pictures at a time when there are not many people on the streets and to avoid indoors for taking photos.

I appeal once again that it is necessary to take new precautionary measures and try to stay healthy and make our environment a better place. In previous posts, you had the opportunity to see me in a winter jacket, many of you sent me numerous messages asking where is my famous Mr.M symbol, a fashion piece without which autumn cannot pass on Mr.M’s blog – the trench coat.

I will dedicate the first November fashion story to my favorite fashion piece by which I became recognizable. The trenchcoat is a piece of clothing that has become a legendary fashion piece of the wardrobe of women and men around the world. The famous Burberry double-breasted coats are made of gabardine. Gabardine is a fine fabric made of combed wool or cotton. Woolen fabric is used for coats, suits and women’s dresses, while cotton is used to make light dresses and cotton is lined with rubber which is used to make raincoats.

Burberry trench coats have an insulated lining, classic or raglan sleeves. Classic versions of the Burberry trench coat can be found in different lengths, from just above the joints (the longest version) to above the middle of the thigh (the shortest). These coats were originally a garment for army officers, the coat model itself was developed before the war, but during the war it was adapted for use in the trenches of the First World War, after which they got their name – Trench Coat!

Traditionally, double-breasted trench coats are buttoned with 10 front buttons and have wide lapels, a “storm” flap and pockets that close with the buttons. Each double-breasted trench coat has a belt around the waist, as well as belts around the joints that can also be fastened. Have you ever wondered why coats have straps on the sleeves above the wrist?

During the war, these belts were practical to keep water from flowing through the forearm when officers used binoculars during the rain. The trench coat often has “shoulder straps” that close and these were functional characteristics in a military context. The traditional color of the coat was “khaki”, a light shade of yellow-brown. Today, newer versions come in many interesting colors.

Trenches remained in trend for decades after the First and Second World Wars. Their original role as a striking part of a military officer’s uniform provided the coat with a new, more elegant business note, although many prefer to tie a belt instead of using a buckle to project a more casual look than a strict military uniform.

In the 1960s, intellectuals wore trench coats over black roll neck sweaters, while some people wore coats as fashion details, as an elegant alternative to jackets.

Double-breasted trenches and coats have become an integral part of our everyday life and there really is no person in the world who does not have a double-breasted trench or coat in the wardrobe, regardless of the brand, a double breasted coat is a iconic fashion piece that never goes out of fashion.

My love for coats is due to my grandfather and father, who were great collectors of trenches and coats as well. My grandfather and father saved a part of their fashion paradise for me as well, and my father gave me my first Burberry trench coat almost 13 years ago, which I still jealously guard and wear today.

These are some of our family rituals, so we passed on our “male” love for coats to our dear ladies in the family. My mother as one of them was not a fan of this piece in the beginning, but with our influence, these fashion treats were also found in her wardrobe.

I have noticed that many people confuse the terms “trench coat” and “coat”. The trench coat is “thinner” and it is worn in the transitional seasons – spring and autumn, when we need protection from unexpected rain and windy weather, and we do not want to wear some heavy and warmer pieces.

A coat is a slightly more “serious” fashion piece for winter time, made of a thicker material, most often wool, cashmere or a combination of these two materials. There are other more exotic materials, but they are less often used due to the high costs of making and processing these materials, the best example is Vicuna shiny llama hair, which is exceptional and rare, but very expensive. A sweater made of Vicuna costs several thousand euros…

When we talk about wool, their fibers consist of several layers. Wool retains heat well and is often used to make sweaters and comfortable winter clothes such as coats, jackets, scarves and gloves. What all belongs to the wool fiber family? These are cashmere, angora, merino wool, lamb wool and mohair.

In today’s post, I wanted to show you an everyday, casual and relaxed fashion combination where one elegant piece, such as a trench coat, can be combined with jeans and sneakers. Also, this time I took the opportunity to show you a red roll neck sweater from my friends from Scotland, Johnstons of Elgin, which you saw in a more elegant edition in one of the previous posts.

Navy – red combination is always refreshing and proved to be the best fashion tandem where we have navy blue, which is a symbol of elegance, while red rejuvenates and refreshes a person. Red indicates a new beginning and brings a certain dose of joy.


This outfit is made up of products from the new Johnstons of Elgin and MooRER collection for autumn-winter 2020/21. In the list below you can find links for each product from today’s post.

One novelty for all of you, since I regularly get questions, do I have a discount code, I asked Johnstons of Elgin and they came out with my own personal code “MT10” you have a special 10% discount on the entire offer of Johnstons of Elgin products.

Trench Coat: Burberry

Roll Neck Sweater: Johnstons of Elgin

Jeans: MooRER

Sneakers: Bally

MooRER and Johnstons of Elgin are brands that try to make each piece with great care and you can really feel it when you worn their products. Their models are extremely comfortable, practical and wearable for any occasion, whether it is the clothes you need for every day and work, up to those slightly more formal occasions.

I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the self care and protection of yourself and your loved ones. Let’s prevent the spread of the Corona virus and try to make this as just one bad dream that we have successfully forgotten.

Since I made these photos outdoors and I respected all the prescribed physical distance of 2 meters, I didn’t need to wear mask, but I wear a mask indoors and regularly buy hand sanitizers in small packages so I can always carry them with me.

Dear my fashionistas, we have come to the end of this special fashion story about the iconic fashion piece called – The Trench Coat. How did you like this navy blue – red outfit of mine that I walked the streets of Berlin today? I have prepared this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you like it! See you in a couple of days with a new fashion story from Germany!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. Stay tuned!

From Berlin with Love,

This post is sponsored by Johnstons of Elgin and MooRER brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.


Urban Elegant Spring at Gardos

My dear travellers and fashionistas, how are you today? I hope you are beingware and have taken some precautions because of this new situation with the Corona virus. We need to be aware that this is only the beginning and that the Corona is a respiratory infection that can easily be infected by each of us and that it is just like any other flu. Of course, this is only the beginning of a pandemic and we must be prepared for the fact that there will be a large number of patients, it is important to remain alert and not to panic.

The Corona is dangerous for people in vulnerable groups, those who are already suffering from some autoimmune diseases, people with impaired immunity and the elderly people. All those who are sensitive to the flu, I remember five years ago when my grandmother died of the common flu that led to pneumonia at the age of 89. We need to be aware of the fact that this is a virus that will continue for some time. It is important not to panic and be adequately guarded, to maintain hygiene and to protect yourself well before going outside.

I decided to take pictures for a new post so I took the opportunity to visit one of the most important landmarks in Zemun – Gardos Tower. When looking at postcards and magnets that tourists can buy when visiting Belgrade, you cannot miss Kalemegdan, the Winner Statue and the Tower at Gardos.

Based on the traces and the remains found, the scientists concluded that some of the first settlements near Belgrade and Zemun were found near the Tower on Gardos. Today it is a historical monument where everyone can enjoy a beautiful view of the beautiful blue Danube and the Serbian capital, Belgrade .

This historic monument was built in the time of the Hungarian Monarchy, but to this day due to the great efforts of the authorities it has been preserved and we have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this extraordinary cultural monument.

Since my photographer came to Serbia because we were supposed to go on a planned trip to South America, but everything was canceled in the last minute due to the situation with the Corona virus, the photographer decided that he at least did not miss his flight to Serbia, so we considered some travel options in Serbia and Balkan region during March and April 2020.

So far, certain tourism organisations have been prepared to show their willingness and commitment to cooperate despite the current situation, which is why I am extremely pleased. I hope you enjoy the future posts that follow this spring.

Everyone who regularly follows my blog knows that my fashion posts are mostly educational and I will do my best to prove it this time. How did the Tower of Gardos begin? The famous tower in Zemun that adorns Gardos was built in 1896, when the Hungarians celebrated their 1000th anniversary of moving from the far Ural region to Europe. To mark this important anniversary, four millennium monuments have been built to mark the exact borders of Hungary on all sides.

The central millennium monument of this unusual composition, with statues of chiefs of the seven tribes who are the founders of the state and significant figures who have marked the rich Hungarian history, is today located on the Heroes Square in Budapest.

The tower on Gardos was built to mark the framed southern border of the Hungarian Monarchy and this is the only remaining monument outside the borders of the present-day People’s Republic of Hungary. Unfortunately, towers in Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania no longer exist.

Originally, this tower was named the Millennium Tower, due to marking one millennium, or 1,000 years since the arrival of the Hungarians in these areas. The Serbs who inhabited the present-day Zemun area had different names, but the most popular among the people was the name of the “Janka Sibinjan Tower”, after the famous historical figure Janos Hunjadi, who fought against the Turks and who was famous for his heroism and great deeds in many folk songs.

This name was widely accepted by the people and accepted by the Government after the First World War. Today’s name is Gardos Tower, named after the famous bank on which it was built more than a century ago.

Today, this place is the center of cultural and artistic events, so this time-honored beauty of Gardos has gained new meaning and splendor. Gardos Tower is the heart of Zemun on the bank of the Danube, which is open to visitors every working day from 10am to 7pm. I am sure you will enjoy it because the view from the tower is truly magnificent and unique.

For all the fashion lovers who follow my blog with great joy, I have to write some words about my today outfit, I hope my dear travellers will not take me wrong! 🙂

I’m sure you’ve noticed over the years, realistically, how and not when I’ve been repeating on social media as much as I really am a big fan and supporter of urban elegance where the trench coat is little more than a piece of clothing, but it’s an iconic cult of fashion!


Trench: Burberry

Turtle-neck Sweater: Loro Piana

Trousers: Loro Piana

Sneakers: Loriblu

How did you like this outfit I wore to visit the one of the most famous sights of Belgrade? Have you been in Belgrade? Here spring is the most beautiful period of the year I have prepared this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you like it! This outfit is made by something new, something old and a unique balance is a result.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.


This post is sponsored by Burberry. This post would not have been possible without the selfless help of Loro Piana fashion house which helps me to express my fashion spirit with their iconic and fashionable pieces.


Mr.M Fashion Guide: How to wear Iconic Leather Coat?

My dear fashionistas and travellers, how are you today? I think this winter has been the mildest for us so far, there was no snowfall that you have to admire. This year, we were alarmed by the Corona virus, which put us all in danger, I sincerely hope that the number of patients will be reduced and that a vaccine and adequate drugs will be found that will reduce the fatal outcome.

As I prepare for the Belgrade Tourism Fair, this year I will be the Destination Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is also the partner country of this year’s 42nd Belgrade Tourism Fair. If you are passing by, drop by the booth of the Arab Republic of Egypt to visit me and to talk about Egypt from February 20 to 23, and I would especially like to invite all those who are able to attend a special conference – a roundtable where Serbian journalists will show their sightings of Egypt. The roundtable will be held on February 22 starting at 12 am in Hall 4 (large conference room). I sincerely hope to see you soon! Drop by and say hello! 🙂

Today I am sharing with you an interesting fashion outfit post where you will have the opportunity to see the way I have combined one of the most fashionable pieces in the world right now – a leather coat. When you mention leather clothing, men first come to mind with some good leather jackets, of different lengths and models, but they are less common with leather coats, because sometimes they are not practical. Hand-to-heart, a leather coat requires a little more care and is not a practical piece of clothing if you have a lot of business to do during the day.

Fortunately, I took a day off before the hustle and bustle of meetings about organizing the Belgrade Tourism Fair to take pictures and write down some of my impressions of this outfit. In collaboration with my longtime fashion blog friend – Burberry, today I am able to show you one “eternal” piece from their new Spring-Summer 2020 collection. When I was picking outfits from the new collection, I tried to be unusual and authentic. Having been cooperating for over three years, I was able to feel the beauty of their famous gabardine, but this year I opted for a slightly different material – leather.

Because of my height, I have become a big fan of over-the-knee coats because I think the longer coats would “eat” me and I would look visually much lower. When you are wearing a leather garment you have to carefully consider the fact that you have to keep an eye on the weather forecast. The leather is very sensitive material and does not have good waterproof abilities, so it is important that you wear leather clothing in dry weather conditions, as some leather types may have water stains (most often in the case of velour type of leather).

Believe me, I learned this the hard way when I ruined my new velour leather trench at FIRST wearing because a terrible downpour hit me. Because the bright and light colour of the trench, dark rain stains remained on it. I wore it a couple of times so, after I painted it in navy colour, don’t ask better how it ended… I’m so sorry for that coat I still keep it in a special dust bag hanging in the closet, I’m just sorry to throw it away…

With this particular coat, the rain would not bother so much because it is a stronger calf box, this skin type is resistant, it is a little heavier, but it is of good quality. This coat is dark colour, so any traces of rain drops would not be easily seen on the surface. I stayed consistent with myself so I combined this “avant-garde” fashion piece with classic trousers and a turtle-neck collar sweater.

I have to admit that my only challenge was choosing the right shoes. First, I had some basic idea in my head that this coat should be combined with classic boots, but in the end my sneakers that I bought a few years ago in an outlet suddenly beat that first idea. I haven’t worn them for years, just tidied them up and placed them on my shoe shelf until they literally fell on my head today… I thought it wouldn’t be a bad thing for this fashion combination to get some casual note and make the combination not too serious.

I sincerely hope that I was able to bring out this iconic piece today. I may not be the Matrix, but it turned out nicely in the end, following my urban elegance style. See you in a couple of days with a new story, it might be interesting to do some cross-section of travel and make one short cross-section of the destinations I visited in 2019. I would love to hear your opinion and if you can give me some ideas.

There were some plans for new adventures in Asia earlier this year, but travel was delayed until the alarm because of Coronavirus disease, because tourism organizations did not want to put us bloggers at risk. I am try to organize some new journeys and I promise you will read some interesting stories on Mr.M blog, so I will do my best to organize something unusual and to please my dear readers with some interesting letters from some unusual parts of Africa and Europe.


Leather Trench: Burberry

Sweater: Loro Piana

Trousers: Loro Piana

High-Top Sneakers: Saint Laurent

How did you like this outfit I wore to visit the streets of Belgrade? I have prepared this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you like it! This outfit is made by something new, something old and a unique balance is a result.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.


This post is sponsored by Burberry. This post would not have been possible without the selfless help of Loro Piana fashion house which helps me to express my fashion spirit with their iconic and fashionable pieces.


Letters from Malta: Stylish and Fashionable Summer on streets of Valletta

My dear fashionistas, welcome to my new post! How are you today? I admit that it’s more boring to remind you how it’s hot as hell this summer, but it’s summer time that we all find our own way to “survive”. Today, I decided to share with you my first outfit post from Malta and at the same time to show you my first outfit I was wearing at the opening of Malta Fashion Week in Valletta.

Before I start, I would like to thank my friends from the National Tourism Organization of the Republic of Malta for a kind invitation. It was my pleasure to meet Malta from a completely different angle and, in addition to the famous stories about the knights and the island of waves, I realize that Malta is an unusual destination, which is, by the way, from the fashion aspect is one developing country.

After finishing with a tour of one part of the island, according to the plan and program, little Marko was supposed to go to the opening of the biggest fashion event in Malta – Fashion Week. This event is very important for the Maltese people, those are the days when Malta shines more and when people go out to gather and show some new fashion pieces from their closets that they might not wear everyday. On another hand that is also the goal of these fashion events, to play with art and to show some personal sense of style and fashion.

I decided to stay consistent with my “boring” elegant style, so I decided to take on some typical Sailor’s style. I’m sure you’re wondering what this Marko is talking about now! This style is based on three basic colors, which are navy (dark blue), white and red. There are also iconic stripes, which are in some way a trademark of this style. Otherwise the rule is that the stripes are almost always horizontal, but since in my life everything is different, I have solved to “turn” them vertical!

“All women love to kiss the sailors…” it is the famous quote, so I wanted to try my luck! It was there on the fortress of St. Elmo a lot of nice ladies, but none of them kissed me, they just came to see new fashion shows, looking for some inspiration… Okay, maybe I will be the lucky one next time.

The St. Elmo fortress is one of the largest open-air war museums in Malta that is of great historical and cultural significance to Malta. Fashion Week was supported this year by the Malta Tourism Authority and other famous companies and they wanted to combine fashion and history. Who watched my Instagram Stories from the fashion shows, you saw the beauty of the creation of various fashion designers. I think this event will remain in my memory because of the incredible location, the incredible smell of the sea, the breathtaking landscape and the interesting fashion creations that were created with lot of love by brands and fashion designers.

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on wearing sunglasses as part of this outfit, but I needed them because of the sun. While I was waiting for a special dinner to celebrate the opening of Malta Fashion Week, I decided to use my time wisely and make some photos of this lovely outfit. I walked around Valletta, just trying to remember about some interesting facts which I’ve learned about this unusual city that day from my guide.

I crossed along the streets Valletta, enjoying in the view of the sea from almost every street. My legs were little swollen, because of long walk that day, but I managed to make some graceful and stylish steps on the streets of Valletta and after I went to the opening of Fashion Week and saw the first shows. Sometimes my life is not perfect as it looks like on Instagram, but I’m trying to make it better at least for myself to have the strength to move on with my life.

I always try to do my job professionally as much as I can. In my job there are 3 sides which always need to be satisfied! First, people who regularly read and follow my content need to find out some value and personal usefulness of my work, second are my clients who also need to be satisfied and the third side – ME. Why? I am happy that I have the opportunity to turn my love of writing into a nice job that has its advantages and disadvantages, but it I truly love it from the bottom of my heart.

My love for fashion and travel has no limits, I do not care where my journey will take me, but it is important for me to have some nice memories and stories that I can share with all of you anytime.

For all these beautiful photos were taken in Malta by my best photographer with good equipment and I am grateful that I have wonderful friends of the blog who believed in me and my work and thus helped me to advance myself and that I can always share with you my memories in the best possible quality images and resolutions. This time we got a little boost, so my camera got “a new eye”, a lens from a special Sony Lens series for professional photographers G Master and I hope you will now enjoy even better photo quality. Thanks again for such a wonderful gift! I like it so much!

My dear fashionistas, once again we have come to the end of our adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of this post, I would like to thank my friends from Malta Tourism Authority for this incredible adventure and for their huge efforts to make my stay unforgettable and I felt like at home.

How do you like this interesting summer vibe outfit? Have you ever visited Valletta? Have you maybe had a chance to visit Malta before? I would like to share with me your experience!


Shirt: Zara

Trousers: Burberry

Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo

Sneakers: Saint Laurent

In a couple of days we will continue our adventure in Malta, you will find out more about this island and I will show you the beauties of sister’s island Gozo. I can’t wait to share all those beautiful photos with you.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.



This post was sponsored by Malta Tourism Authority. I also thank my friends from Burberry for this wonderful gift and Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera with Sony FE 24-70 mm lense from special G Master series of professional lenses.

Moscow: Russia’s Marvellous Capital of Fashion and Love…

Good morning, my dear traveling fashionistas, how are you today? Today I will share with you my last story from Russia, a country that is very close to my heart. In previous posts, I wrote to you about the reasons why I am emotionally attached to Moscow and the reason for my visit to this amazing city… Before I start today, I would like to thank Red Wings airline company and the hotel chain Marriott for collaboration, without their help, this adventure it wouldn’t be possible. I hope we will work again in the future!

Moscow, which is home to more than 20 million people with its beauty and elegance, attracts thousands and thousands of new passengers every day and of course returnees who are always happy to visit again this lovely city when they have time.

Moscow is one of those “eternal” classic cities in which nothing changes, but is jealously kept so that it is always authentic and traditional, always consistent with itself and its citizens. Usually people say that the Russians are extremely reserved people and that they are not very keen to help tourists, but the truth is totally different.

For example my photographer and I decided to visit the periphery for the purchase of some gifts, imagine when we were driving over 20 metro stations and still used and the bus people around us were eager to help us and to chit chat. The younger generations wanted to answer my questions about the stations where we should get off, if by chance they do not know the right information they will ask some unknown person next to them. On the other hand, the elderly generation of people had a little more free time, so they even entered into a more detailed conversation, and they were glad when they heard that I was from Serbia.

Many of them had some association with Serbia; some of their first neighbors are from Serbia, some of them were even in Serbia, but even though we are significantly smaller than Russia, they heard about us and do not have any prejudice about our country, it is maybe because we may a bit and similar nations.

During this trip I had the opportunity to see in live the class differences that you can notice in public, in which the middle class almost extinct, so other people from the working class who are looking for the small coins for a metro ticket in front of the machine for the metro ticket just looking for the 2 or 3 missing Russian Rubles to buy a ticket for the ride and people who do not know what will with the money and they’re buying diamonds and other expensive luxury premium items.

So I decided to use one sunny morning in Moscow before all my duties which I had to do and to make some nice photos of this outfit. In the background you can see the beautiful building and also one of the oldest hotels which I mentioned to you in the previous post – Hotel National. There I made those beautiful photos with a mirror for which I got a lot of questions last few days.

I would like to answer some of the questions that you have sent to me, it is not possible first to take the photo with a mirror because it is located in one of the hotel rooms. You can visit the hotel, there is a beautiful Cafe, you do not have to be a guest of the hotel, you can just enjoy the beauty of the interior of this historic place and drink coffee and enjoy some cake, or just visit, everyone is welcome to see and enjoy in the beauty of this hotel.

I think that the picture above is legendary, you are sure to wonder why? I’m just going to say this is one of the few photos where you can see my whole figure and even my shadow. Excuse me on my hairstyle “A La Nest”, I did not manage to fix my hair during this photoshoot, it was little windy! ?

The St.Basil’s Cathedral will forever remain in my memory as a memorial of a two-year-old little Marko who believed that it was an ice cream factory. It was probably the last hope of a mother who was convinced that such a little lie would calm her child at least a few minutes so that a woman would rest a little her mind. Sometimes it’s very hard to be a parent! 😀

My dear ones once again we have come to the end of our travel adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from Red Wings for this incredible adventure and the friendly staff from Marriott chain hotels: St.Regis Nikolskaya and Hotel National that made our stay pleasant and we felt like we were at home.

How do you like this post about Moscow? Have you ever visited Russia? Did you have chance to enjoy in the magic of the Russian culture and maybe to buy some interesting Matryoshka doll? I would like to share with me your experience!


Shearling leather coat: Burberry

Trousers: Loro Piana

Backpack: Louis Vuitton

Sneakers: Loro Piana

In a couple of days we will continue our adventure across Europe, you will find out more about the Principality of Monaco and the cities I had the opportunity to visit on the French Riviera! I can’t wait to share all those beautiful landscapes with you.

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P.S. If you want to remind a little or you have not been able to read any of the previous stories about Moscow on my blog, you can do it now. I hope you like it! Links:

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  3. Hotel National Moscow: Revealing the Secrets in room 101

This post was sponsored by Red Wings  Russian Airline company and St. Regis Nikolskaya and Hotel National who is the member of the Marriott chain of hotels. I also thank my friends from Burberry and Loro Piana on amazing outfits and Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the camera Alpha 7r Mark II.


Hotel National Moscow: Revealing the Secrets in Room 101

My dear travellers, how are you today? I hope that you’re doing good! Finally it’s time for the weekend and a right time to share with you my new story from Moscow. I am always looking forward to sharing an interesting stories and I am quite sure that today’s story from Russia will be interesting to you. In previous posts you had the opportunity to get know better the rise and shine of the Russian capital and read my little fashion story. It’s time to tell you an intriguing story about a hotel that is at the same time one of the oldest hotels in Moscow.

Hotel National is located in the very heart of the city, right next to the famous Red Square and the political center itself – the Kremlin. Due to its location, the hotel was at the center of the battles during the October Revolution. The hotel officially opened the door to its guests in 1903 and at the very beginning it has gained the status of luxury and prestige hotel. Despite the high prices, the hotel was always reserved a few months in advance. Famous actors, politicians, traders, artists and diplomats were the dear guests of this hotel.

It all changed with the October Revolution and the National Hotel became a main station for the great revolutionaries. After the Bolshevik’s victory, all hotels in Moscow were nationalized. Hotel National also became the First Counsel house in 1918, members of the new government stayed in the rooms of this hotel.

Hotel National was the residence of the Central Executive Committee of the Russian Federation for a long period of time. In the 1930s was decided to return the former functions of the hotel. The hotel building was reconstructed, the ground floor was tiled with granite. After the reconstruction, the hotel looked a bit like a museum because of the furniture which was brought from the palace of Anichkov and the Kremlin Grand Palace, which also affected the price of services. Accommodation at that time was extremely expensive even for foreigners. The hotel worked with great losses, but in the 1960s the first stage of the reconstruction of the hotel was successfully completed and the hotel lost its fame which was gained at the very beginning.

In 1985, the main board of the hotel decided to restore the Hotel National completely. Part of the old furniture was sent to museums, the rest of the furniture was restored. The goals of this reconstruction of the hotel were to upgrade the hotel building, modernize the building, renovate the hotel’s interior. The health center, the attic with twenty additional rooms, a winter garden cafe are located on the north side of the Hotel National.

Ten years later, the hotel was completely renovated and it was ready to welcome its first guests. A new period of his history began. The hotel was awarded the category of a five star hotel. The present and the past have been successfully connected in the interiors of the National Hotel. In 2000, the hotel celebrated its 100th anniversary!

This hotel welcomed many celebrities such as the famous French diva Catherine Deneuve, renowned world fashion designer Pierre Cardin, current US President Donald Tramp, Kofi Annan, famous actor Alain Delon, Jack Nicholson and many others.

One thing is certain that Hotel National has survived everything in its existence, there are the scars may not be seen easily, but the turbulent history left a trail. Today it is a magnificent hotel that radiates elegance and its architecture shows the luxury of the Russian Empire.

Since the end of March is the beginning of the tourist season in Moscow, add to everything a fact that Fashion Week begins, it is very difficult to find accommodation in Moscow. Otherwise, I am very connected to Moscow because it is a city that has also marked my childhood. I remember how I made my first steps on Red Square and my mom could not stop me when I was trying to chase pigeons while we were waiting for Dad to finish with his business meetings.

Hotel National remembered me for a pastry shop which was near the hotel that always had beautiful, colorful cakes. They were nice moments when I got nice big fruit cakes and of course I get dirty, my mother was always crazy about my passion for cakes and my “lovely” behaviour to get dirty my new clothes. Okay, at least I was eating. After all, my Dad was my hero, my rescuer always comes to take me to the famous fairy-tale fountains, so much so that my mom can rest a little and go to do some shopping. Oh, memories!

Staying at this hotel was wonderful! The outside may have been cold, but the welcome was warm enough to warm my heart… It was strange how the gentleman on the entrance of the hotel knew my name and welcomed me to the hotel National.

Mr. Viktor is not just an ordinary doorman who has been working in this hotel for almost 20 years, he is a real living legend. Victor is the first smiling face that will welcome you to this famous hotel and will be happy to tell you the history of this hotel as he did in less than 20 minutes to tell the exciting story about this hotel.

After routine check-in process, I received information that we will get the most interesting room in the hotel. In the meantime I checked my email, admired the speed of the Wi-Fi and the lovely lady from the reception told me: “Sir, we have prepared for you room 101, we wish you a pleasant stay in our hotel!”. All right, I’m thinking of course the room must be beautiful when it’s in this hotel.

We get to the elevator and I still do not understand why we have a special escort to the room, the photographer makes me laugh that I have become a blogger huge star and I must be more careful now when I going out maybe paparazzi will wait for me in front of the hotel. It’s easy to make some jokes with me, I’m always a great inspiration to my team for making some “lovely” jokes…

It is because in our team we have a relationship built like a small family that is always there to help its members. Together we celebrate our successes of Mr.M blog, we are having fun together and of course we share all those less beautiful moments when we cry sometimes when things do not go exactly the way we planned.

We got directions and in a few minutes we found out that the original agreement was changed and that we got a presidential suite. I could not listen to the whole story because of lack dose of shock, I just remembered that we must be careful when it comes about the mirror… The person who brought us into the room went and left us in shock. At first I thought that they might have mixed up at the reception, but it is impossible that there are actually two reservations with the same surname.

We wanted to use this sunshine morning light to shoot phots for the blog, because who knows is it going to be still sunny whole day. Of course, I opened all the gifts and I got the famous Matryoshka doll.

The most interesting gift was a book in the leather band and a little letter. Since I have received few letters, you can assume that I have opened everything immediately because I am very curious person. It was strange that I got a small envelope, but I opened it. A note with a message: “If you want to find out why I’m special, open the page 101!”. The first thing you noticed on the indicated page is the image of the mirror. It was the story of room 101 and this unusual mirror.

There are two such mirrors in the world, one in Venice, and the second is in the room of this legendary hotel. There is not much information about the mirror, but it is considered it is old as hotel maybe even older than itself.

Our photo session interrupted the knocking of a butler that reminded us that the breakfast will be end in less than half an hour and it would be good to go to the breakfast room. As soon as I tell my photographer about food, then every work stops. Luckily, we had enough photos for the blog.

For the first time in my life, I made a photo in the dining room. You must be wondering why? I wanted to make a photo of young couple who seriously understood the term “Breakfast and Champagne”. She was absolutely amazing dressed, it seems that the dress is a handmade work with pearls and crystals. After a couple of minutes I felt more comfortable while I went to take a dessert, I met a young lady and I asked for a brand of dress. I’ve been struggling to remember the name of the designer until I get to ask the photographer for the price so that I forgot to take a chocolate cake.

Photographer told me it’s better to go back to take a chocolate cake because that designer has a really expensive dress so for me it will be better to get something to eat before I hear the price… I just back again to the dessert table and with the smile on my face come back to our table with the chocolate cake. We didn’t talk about the price after, I just wanted to enjoy in my cake.

Finally, after breakfast, we had a few hours to visit the city a little before the beginning of the fashion shows where we were supposed to attend that day. My fairy-tale fountains didn’t work, it was maybe still cold weather for the fountains. As you can see, the weather was wonderful, so we used to make another fashion outfit post. You will see more pictures of this outfit next week.

We spent this day wisely to visit the sights. First I wanted to visit the St. Basil’s Cathedral, who remained in my memory as a child of 3 or 4 years as one big ice cream factory. You can not possibly explain to the child that it is a religious object, but my mom has decided that the easiest way is to calm me down when I was a bad boy if it presents me the object in my eyes as an ice cream factory.

Moscow has changed a bit, of course, as a child I couldn’t understand that Moscow is one big metropolis that now has more than 20 million people. One city has almost 3 times more people than my entire country – Serbia. That is really impressive fact!

Moscow is one exceptional city and I’m always very happy to hear when someone is going to visit this magnificent city. In April 2019, it was my turn to feel the magic and beauty of this city, but I hope that one of you will soon visit the Russian capital and you will have your own opportunity to write down your story.

My dear travellers once again we have come to the end of our travel adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from Red Wings for this incredible adventure and the friendly staff from Hotel National that made our stay pleasant and we felt like we were at home.

How do you like this post about Moscow? Have you ever visited Russia? Did you have chance to enjoy in the magic of the Russian culture and maybe to buy some interesting matryoshka doll? I showed your mine in this post and I would like to share with me your experience!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.



This post was sponsored by Red Wings  Russian Airline company and Hotel National who is the member of the Marriott chain of hotels. I also thank my friends from Loro Piana on amazing outfits and Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the camera Alpha 7r Mark II.


Postcard from Russia: From Moscow with Love

Good morning, my dear travellers, how are you today? Last week we finished our adventure in Eastern Turkey and it’s time for little Marko to move on. The same day, just a few hours after returning from Istanbul, I returned to the airport again and headed to the capital of Russia – Moscow. The reason for my visit was Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Moscow, which every year gathers the greatest fashion lovers because Russia is known as the best and also the largest market in Eastern Europe.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the airline company Red Wings, a Russian airline that has recently started to operate direct flights to Moscow from Belgrade (Serbia). Red Wings was established in 1999 in Moscow with the intention of connecting cities from Central Russia with interesting tourist destinations in Russia and abroad as well.

Red Wings currently has 12 airplanes in their fleet, they expect to extend their “flying family” with 4 new members this year. All planes have only an economic class, there is no business class. The company’s basic goals are passenger comfort and prices that are affordable to most passengers who want to discover some new destinations. When you’re purchasing tickets, you can choose one of three offered tariffs, one of them is LIGHT where you have the option of traveling only with hand luggage.

Route Belgrade – Moscow is something new, the company Red Wings is operating less than a year, which is a novelty in Serbian market. From now on, you can fly four times a week from Nikola Tesla Airport to Domodedovo airport and in about 3 hours you will arrive in the main capital of the modern Russian Empire.

Catering on the flight is exceptional, the choice of meals is great, portions are more than enough, believe me, I did not feel the need to have dinner after the flight. I can say all the best for the crew, for the first time in my blogger life, I was personally greeted by the pilots and the whole crew, which was an extraordinary experience for me. It was a great pleasure for me to work with a company like Red Wings and I hope that we will cooperate in the future and I will discover some other interesting cities in Russia. Who knows?! Everything is possible!

I just want to share with you one interesting fact, this summer Red Wings airline will celebrate 20th anniversary, so I’m sure they prepared some interesting gifts, so watch out carefully maybe you will catch some interesting offers and buy flight tickets for Moscow or some other interesting destination, check out their routes I’m sure you will find some interesting destination. It would be a nice gift for you or for your beloved ones. But you must promise me this will be our little secret!

This is my first photo from Moscow, I must admit that it was cold if you know the fact that the officially spring was already started, but in Moscow everything is different as you see… Different! It was was amazing night, those light decorations like in fairy tale, but my photographer wants to give me some lessons about my “traveling behaviour” with suitcases, but also trying hard to pull them like it’s nothing special hard… The photographer convinced me that I took along in Moscow with my “blogger diamonds” as the suitcase was so heavy that we could not find a better excuse for my crazy packing… Just imagine how I managed to pack all those things in only two hours… Do not mess with blogger who is going on Fashion Week… Never!

As you can see the decorations in Moscow are still on the streets and I can tell you it’s really great because you have the feeling that a million stars from the sky show you the right way. Tired of the previous adventure and another flight, somehow I reached the hotel…

Next morning, alarm on the telephone woke up me and officially the 30th of March was started, my first day in Moscow and the first day of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Moscow. Honestly, I didn’t sleep so much, maybe 2,3 hours, I spent almost all the night reading the instructions and schedule of all my duties… I did not even know where to go… As I finished with reading I just tried to calm down myself a little with the fact that I would probably not be the only one who lost in a metropolis like Moscow, otherwise known as a city with over 20 million people… Oh, Man three times bigger than my whole country Serbia!

Of course, it would not be me if I did not open all the packages I got, so I had to try all the things I got from various brands so I could go as all fashion blogger well dressed to the shows. Frankly, when I received the email from my PR agency that Loro Piana, one of the most famous Italian brands, showed an interest in cooperating with my blog, I could not simply believe that I would finally feel the softness of their famous cashmere and special Loro Piana wool. I was trying all those beautiful clothes in 4 am, so you can see the level of my great excitement!

I tried to copy some of the world’s famous bloggers, like “what a fashionable chaos is in my room, please do not disturb me”. The task failed, but we got a nice picture where I finally do not have a huge thighs when I’m sitting, but that’s why I make so many wrinkles my pants during this shooting. I thought that I need to iron them after breakfast, but I noticed that they were “corrected” after some time, so there was no need to iron them. Thanks God! Finally, I found the perfect trousers!

The photographer reminded me of my a long time unfulfilled wish, as I constantly talked about films and series where the main actors literally “glide” down the stairs and some bloggers have great photos like in the “Welcome to my beautiful home!”. This picture is very dear to me for a simple reason – finally people can see that I have eyes, since many people asked me where are my eyes when I’m smiling… Maybe on this photo my head is round and wide like the sun here, but it does not matter because my greatest critic (mom) gave me some powerful compliments for this picture and even ended up on the background of her phone… The sister was jealous for couple of days, I do not know if she has overcome this so far.


Leather Shearling: Loro Piana

Turtleneck sweater: Loro Piana

Trousers: Loro Piana

Moscow is a huge city and I know how difficult it is to find an ideal hotel in the city center, even if you consider the fact that you have come to the city on the list of cities that are the most expensive in the world then you understand that Moscow is all about nice and luxury things including all luxury premium fashion brands, amazing hotels and international restaurant with many different cuisines.

The first hotel in which I had the opportunity to stay on this trip was St. Regis Nikolskaya, a hotel located on the Lubyanka square few minutes from the famous Red Square. This 5-star hotel offers special personalised service as personal butler. All rooms in the hotel are decorated in the style of baroque with added stylish shades of brown tones that emphasize the elegance of this sumptuous paradise in the heart of Moscow.

This hotel is ideal for all travelers whose interests are related to culture, theater and history because Tverskoy part of the city is known as the main cultural core of the city where various cultural events are held. Also, this hotel is ideal for parents with children as it is also rated with the highest grade as the best family hotel for all those families who are looking for outstanding vacation in Moscow.

Now, the part that most of us adore, food! Breakfast is served daily in the Italian restaurant A Tavola located within the hotel. International cuisine, adapted to everyone… I have to admit that I was stick to this table those days with fresh fruit with croissants since I ate in Turkey as if it were not there tomorrow for me! In Moscow, I was on a diet, where I managed to lose 4 kilograms in 6 days with my diet “Now my dear Marko you will have some fun with fruit when you didn’t know to stop on time!”.

There’s a one interesting secret place – closed garden! On the picture from the hotel lobby which you saw few moments ago, you might have noticed a beautiful glass cupola. I’ve seen some pictures of the hotel’s beautiful yard, the first two days I tried to find it myself, but of course it was unsuccessful… My photographer came to the information, because I was embarrassed to ask because of my stubbornness because I was convinced that The yard must be somewhere… Of course, a visit to this yard must be announced because access is possible only with the personal butler. Interesting, we succeeded one morning to visit and see what is being hiding in that courtyard located somewhere in St. Regis Nikolskaya hotel…

I had a wonderful stay at this hotel, even I showed my admiration and I asked is there some possibility to be an inventory in this hotel, I would volunteer to sleep in the hotel hallway in a sleeping bag with a fruit breakfast… My suggestion was charming to the management of the St. Regis Nikolskaya Hotel, who knows I may one day succeed! This photo just screams: “Hello, I live here!”.

My staying at this hotel I will remember for the wonderful staff, even better candy on the pillow I ate to convince myself that black chocolate is not going to gain some weight… Marko, my dear child chocolate of course will help you to gain some weight, but if you walk 20 kilometers a day, you’re not going to get them so fast. As always, I’m just talking about weight! 😀

Since I could not find my photographer, who knows where he was lost in Moscow, I asked a maid if she was willing to help me, so the picture is above the masterpiece of a woman who does not normally take photos, but a two-minute course was enough for this lady to make this picture. I wanted to show you what the carpet looks like on my floor, so it’s good that I wanted to get one for my room. Everything is so classy and elegant!

I was simply delighted with this street lighting, I had the feeling because of the temperature that every evening the New Year’s Eve was there! It is not naive when you go out of the hall where the fashion shows and after you go out to minus 2 degrees outside or some degree that has crossed the zero a little… I really want to get some tips from Russians, their immunity is the best in the world. I want to have immunity system like that!

My dear travellers once again we have come to the end of our travel adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from Red Wings for this incredible adventure and the friendly staff from St. Regis Nikolskaya hotel that made our stay pleasant and we felt like we were at home.

How do you like this post about Moscow? Have you ever visited Russia? Did you have chance to enjoy in the magic of the Russian culture and maybe to buy some interesting matryoshka doll? I will show your mine in the next post, so stay tuned! I would like to share with me your experience! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.



This post was sponsored by Red Wings  Russian Airline company and St. Regis Nikolskaya Hotel Moscow who is the member of the Marriott chain of hotels. I also thank my friends from Loro Piana on amazing outfits and Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the camera Alpha 7r Mark II.



Another Letter from London: Somewhere Between Rain and Wind…

My dear travellers, how are you today? I really hope that you’re doing great, because today I have a special post about London! I have not written posts on the blog for almost a month and I have to admit that this was hard time for me. Before I start with today’s post, I would like to take the opportunity to apologize for the unexpected break due to health problems and press trips where I was further “exhausted” so I failed to recover. For a month, I almost have a cold that I have not managed to heal completely because I was so active, instead of sleeping at my home and drinking some warm drinks like tea… Well, in the end, you never know why it’s good!

Many of you wrote to me on social networks and on the email when I will publish new posts and why I’m not active on the blog? All of you who follow my work know how much I love my blog, but sometimes some unexpected situations happen and I can not achieve everything at once. I promise that we will be hanging out more often this month, and believe me this pause on the blog may be good because you don’t know how amazing new interesting  posts I’ve prepared just for you guys!

Why did I get sick (again)?! Because in the past few weeks, I changed few countries, few totally different climate and time zones so I lost many hours of healthy “beauty” sleep and believe me it’s not good at all! Turkey, Russia, and England totally three different climates, time zones that it’s completely normal that if you’re getting sick on this trip, you just need to start praying to God that you can not return to even more sickness… What happened to me, of course, while I’m writing this post the best friends of mine today are the drops of nose, wipes and a tea. Great!

London was the last stop on this special European “cruise”, you are wondering why I did not start in chronological order like any normal blogger usually do… I think this time has won this little love for the English capital which I had the opportunity to visit in January of this year and I already knew that I’m going to visit again this year, but I did not know exactly when…

This time I had a little more time, full three days, so it’s much better than 48 hours! Believe me when you’re sick, 72 hours looks like an eternity to you. The worst thing that can happen to you when traveling is to GET SICK! The biggest damage is that you came to enjoy and discover something new, but your organism obviously has some other plans for you… Finally, my crazy personality won, so I cried in the room at night with the high temperature, and during the day I was playing a role of the real “Londoner”.

Now I have one “serious” question for you guys, listen up! When you are traveling, do you like to “put in” your schedule and Sunday as well or do you like to avoid this day? Usually people when they plan to travel, they tend to be from Wednesday to Sunday or Thursday to Sunday. Simply, just to have little time to get ready for a new working week. In my case, when I have possibility to arrange my trip, I like to spend that famous day in a certain destination.

Of course, for some it is not interesting at all, but a big metropolis like London, central core on Sunday is almost empty, I know it well because the true British people love to spend their free time at fairs, which are related to the lifestyle itself (food, sweets, teas and other deacons).

I spent this beautiful Sunday on the streets in the heart of London because I like to see nice things, no matter that in 90% of cases I have no financial opportunities to follow these trends, but I always like to see beautiful things and get some inspiration.  Sunday is my favorite day for me in London, because I have all the streets for myself, there is no crowd and I can pretty much look around the shop windows… Lucky me! 🙂

London is a city that is famous for its climate because of the rain and probably you will have more chances to see the Queen in the supermarket buying a bread, rather than a beautiful and sunny day. London as a city is very beautiful and does not bother me personally when it’s cold, rainy and even foggy because in London you can always do something interesting. The only thing I do not like is their obsession for renovating of the building, so every time I visit London always, but literally I always find some London symbol covered as it is being renovated, as you can see in the picture above… Thank God and the Germans do not like so much to renovate , otherwise I would be crazy already…

In the picture above, you can see the most visited place and best spot for the photos if you want to show people that you finally visited London! Who was not in London before, has the feeling that the Picardy Circus Square is so big and reminds a little of New York, but after that same person come to London and realize that this is a big misconception and that Piccadilly Circus such a small square, but that does not mean that it is not beautiful… You should not be blind and to believe to the pictures at IG, because you can disappoint yourself later.

Let me now return to the beginning of this adventure of my travels which started with a trip to Turkey where I had the opportunity to work with the world airline company Turkish Airlines where I met the culture of Eastern Turkey, once again I had an amazing ride with the train after the adventure in India, with a famous train in Turkey that received the label “Turkish Orient Express” – Dogu Express, I meet new colleagues, made some new friends from the Balkan and Eastern Europe region. After this adventure I went to Russia, and as you see, Turkish Airlines has followed me everywhere. I can not wait to share with you all my impressions from Turkey!

Well, I know well that I turned off the topic again, but what to do when I am too much creative and childish and always I want to share with you as much as I can, so I love to write! I like this part of London because I know that I’m getting closer to my most favorite building in London, located in Regent Street at No. 121… That’s the biggest Burberry shop, I like to say the biggest Burberry department store in the world!

The most famous British fashion brand Burberry has captured the hearts of their loyal fans around the world with their eternal elegance and classic trenches and coats, but also Burberry print also became synonym of England and the United Kingdom in general. A fashion story lasting more than 150 years continues to intrigue the world. That’s why, a few years ago, they opened a unique Regent 121 store where literally they have everything, but EVERYTHING! You need some runway model of trench? limited collection of scarves? This is the place for you! Each time I visit this store, my heart just wants to jump out because it would like to take everything home, but of course we come to the real border of reality and the dreams where you realize that if you succeed to buy just one thing, you will bring with you Part of England.

As far as I’m concerned, they could lock me up here to sleep, I would not be upset at all, I do not think I would sleep at all and I would suffer from chronic insomnia because of such nice things here… I think Burberry should consider my proposal to be the part of ” live “inventory of their fashion family and that would be my happy end for me!

During this visit to London, I thought at least a million times: “God, why my photographer doesn’t apply for a visa of UK!”. All this because of these almost half-empty streets that would be ideal for making some photos, but I didn’t have anyone to take some photos of me. On the other hand, how I was ill maybe at least I hid a little my “perfect” look at the moment because of huge fatigue and exhaustion.

The photo which you see above came from the need to try to take the photo of a gentleman who you can see on the other side of the street with red jacket because I liked the jacket very much and I was convinced that it was the same red jacket that I saw on the previous day at a sale in a department store, but it was not my size… Of course, when it was on 70% discount and when I wasn’t the lucky one to get it, but at least this picture turned out fantastic! As I wrote at the beginning of this post: “I believe that everything in life happens for a reason!”.

This building called Liberty House will always remain in my memory when I once was with a friend in London and when we found ourselves near this unusual department store I said that it would be good to check if they have the jacket from the brand that was on some big discount in another shop, she was so horrified and she just had strength to answer: “Marko, how can you look for a jacket in the museum, do you see that is a house in a famous tudor style ?! You’re crazy! “. A few minutes later she was convinced that it was an unusual department store so she did not want to talk to me for a couple of hours because she felt some sort of a shame. ?

My dear travellers once again we have come to the end of our travel adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! This post will be my first for this month and there are lot posts to come soon. See you next week, with some new interesting stories!

At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from the London City Tourism Board, my friends from Sony who have challenged me again to use new little monster Xperia XZ3, new member of Sony Xperia family. All the pictures that you saw today in this post were created with the help of my new little friend Sony Xperia XZ3 and I began to think that I no longer need to carry the camera on the trip with me. This was a unique opportunity to introduce you a little better with a lifestyle of the city like London and I hope I’m going to visit soon one of my favorite cities in Europe.

How do you like this post about London? Have you ever visited England or UK? Did you have chance to enjoy in the magic of the London? I would like to share with me your experience! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

This post is sponsored by the London Tourism Board, with the unselfish support of other partners of the tourist organization. I also thank Sony for this challenge and I’ve made some amazing pictures with their new Xperia XZ3. I also thank Burberry Limited, in following posts you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of their interesting creations.

Letters from Finland: Last Call for Helsinki

My dear travellers and fashionistas, today I have prepared for you a special treat, because I realized that I missed to share with you one fashion-travel story from Finland. This post will also be the real ending of my incredible adventure that I experienced in the capital of Finland – Helsinki. For those who first read my blog and want to learn more about Helsinki, read the previous posts on this link, I’m sure you will love this lovely city in Northern Europe and will dissolve your heart.

Some people say that memories are not so important and after some time they will disappear from our memory… I disagree with this because I am sure that all the beautiful things that happened to us, all journeys and important memories remain in our subconscious and only is the question of the moment when our mind will again decide to remind us of those same nice moments! ? Since my adventure in Finland, it’s been a couple of months ago, but I still remember the crazy wind that was blowing during our last day in Helsinki.

I would like to back again there, before I start with today’s post I would like to say huge thank you to wonderful Elisabeth from My Helsinki and that I was the part of amazing #MyHelsinkiResidence project. Also, I would like to say thank you to all partners of this project and I hope we will work again soon!

I remember well that we took photos of this same outfit for two days because of the wind and I managed to make some nice pictures for this post, but I completely forgot about these pictures because after Finland I quickly got sick, and the trip to Cyprus followed up after and I completely has forgotten about these pictures. A couple of days ago, a boy from Bosnia and Herzegovina sent me an e-mail that he saw a nice black jacket in the first post from Helsinki, but he did not find a fashion post from Finland with that same jacket and he sent my picture in that black jacket as attachment.

After reading the email, I was not lazy, so I opened my blog and started looking for a post with this black jacket, so I realized that I actually forgot to post these pictures… Helsinki, a cold city with a warm heart was the perfect city for taking pictures of this fashion combination.

I am from those people who think that black colour looks much better on other persons than me and I have always tried to avoid black and grey colours. My mom who always had a great influence on my fashion taste and style always said one and the same sentence: “Marko, my dear child black is not the right colour for you… You are guy with the darker shade of hair, the black colour looks much better on blond person. Simply black on black, it doesn’t go so easily! “. That’s why I’ve always tried to not wear black clothes, maybe I used to have some black trousers, but I was trying to make clothes which going closer to my face to be brighter and cheerful colors, just to look more refreshing.

My best friends from Burberry wanted to send us blogger early gifts for Christmas so I got this jacket at my home address, which I really did not hope for because they wanted to surprise us with a gift for the holidays, and we had the opportunity to complete the outfit after with some other stuff. Since I picked out these gray pants that you see on the pictures and one sweeter orange color, I realized that I made a big contrast, so I decided to take the photos of a sweater another time, so I did not carry it on a trip to Finland.

Honestly, I was planning to shoot this outfit with one turtleneck sweater, which I bought in Zara, so I took it on the trip with me. Like everything else in my life, everything is so complicated, so I managed to burn my favourite roll neck sweater with the help of iron machine that I did not obviously knew to use it properly, because it was totally different with a bunch of options, I hoped that I managed to fit everything nicely, but the wool that sticked to the plate of the iron, so the sweater was burned there…

I was wrong, it was my favorite a piece in the wardrobe, since my skin is very sensitive to the wool, it’s easy to notice an allergic reaction on my skin somehow I succeeded with the softener after a couple of washes to make it good for my skin. Now that same sweater was destroyed, after 3 years of careful using and storage…

After half an hour of criticising myself and few chocolate bites, the photographer told me that he noticed in the past days that there was some special sale note in the window of the Zara, so we went out of the apartment without breakfast and went to Zara. There I found this sweater that fit perfectly and for 12 euros I got a new favourite fashion piece from Zara. Someone will say that the sweater may be a bit “old” for me, but I liked it at first sight and I think it can be combined easily because of these pastel colours stripes.

The last day in Helsinki ended, little Marko almost late for his flight, because the last train with which I could get on time went, luckily the tourist board had an understanding for me, so they helped me with the transport and everything was better than what I could imagine would ever be in my life. Sometimes people are needed for true happiness much less than some people think. I wanted to make nice photos, but I did not think about the time as always…

My dear ones, once again we have come to the end of this special fashion outfit post from Helsinki. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling and soon I will start collaboration with one worldwide airline and this year will be full of adventures and excitements, so be prepared!

Last day in Helsinki was so sad because we left our Aallonkoti apartment where we had feeling like we are at our home. Thank you for having us for a wonderful week, I hope we will see again!


Jacket: Burberry

Sweater: Zara

Trousers: Burberry

Boots: Makia

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r Mark II


At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from the Burberry and Makia who made my day with these nice clothes and I hope that I have succeeded to show you this elegant black combination.

How do you like this outfit? Have you prepared your closet for spring maybe? If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you! Now I will leave you just to enjoy in this beautiful landscape and of course the symbol of Helsinki – Helsinki Cathedral.



This post is sponsored by Tourist Board of Helsinki – My Helsinki, Aallonkoti Hotel Apartments, Makia brand, Burberry Limited and others partners of My Helsinki organisation which kindly help this #MyHelsinkiResidence project.
For all these beautiful photos I used Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera.