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Letters from Sri Lanka: Mirissa and Bentota, Real Diamonds of the Indian Ocean…

Dear my travelers and lovers of unusual journeys, welcome to the new adventure on the Mr.M blog! Thank you for the many letters and messages you have sent me and I must admit that it is a great honor and pleasure that my travelogues from Sri Lanka have fulfilled your time during winter and spring season. I am glad that you enjoyed my exotic adventure together with me and I believe that this year will be exciting for all my readers because I am preparing unusual travelogues from Europe and the world, so we will all truly enjoy it!

To my great regret, we have reached the end of this unusual and exotic adventure, so this letter will be the last in a series of posts related to Sri Lanka, but who knows, maybe I will return to this unusual island and continue our unusual adventure! Before I start today’s post I would like to thank the Sri Lankan Tourism Board for this amazing experience and for having the opportunity to continue my adventure on my favorite dream island!

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I will start today’s post with one exciting early morning cruise – a whale and dolphin watching expedition. Mirissa is an ideal place for whale and dolphin watching, the season suitable for this type of activity lasts from November to April, the period when this part of Sri Lanka becomes one “big playground” for countless species of whales and dolphins.

Some of the most commonly seen whale species in the area include: Sperm whales, killer whales, Bryde whales, short finned Whales, of course next to them you will be able to see playful flocks of dolphins and striped dolphins having fun around your boat! However, the main type of whale that needs special attention is the Blue Whale – which is considered to be the largest animal in the world! Whale and dolphin watching in the Mirissa is ideal for all true nature lovers as they set sail into the ocean.

I had this unforgettable experience in Mirissa with Certina DS Jubilee.

For all the adventurers who are headed to Mirissa, here is some basic information. Mirissa is a small town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, located in Matara County, in the Southern Province. It is located approximately 150 kilometers south of Colombo and is located at an altitude of 4 meters above sea level. Beach and nightlife of Mirissa make this coastal city a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka. This city is also a fishing port and one of the main locations on the island for whale and dolphin watching.

After Mirissa, I headed to Bentota, a coastal town in Sri Lanka, located in Galle County in the Southern Province. Bentota is located on the southern bank of the mouth of the river Bentota, at an altitude of 3 meters above sea level. The name of the city comes from a mythical story which claims that a demon named “Ben” ruled the “tota” – the river bank.

Bentota is a tourist attraction, with a local airport and many hotels of different categories for each budget, from affordable hotels range up to the most luxurious hotel resorts. This is a destination for all water sports fans. Bentota also provides an ancient art of healing called Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a science that describes all the favorable and unfavorable, including happy and unhappy states of life, together with what is good and bad for life, measures for achieving them as well as life itself. The written texts of this complete system of natural health are about 5,000 years old. For centuries, sages and physicians have discovered this ancient wisdom. Ayurveda is the oldest, most comprehensive health care system in use today.

Bentota is known for the production of Toddy, an alcoholic beverage made from coconut nectar. There is also a turtle hatchery here, located on Induruwa Beach. Bentota is a historical site described in ancient messengers’ songs (Sandeśa-Kāvya). Galapatha Rajamaha Viharaya is one of the five ancient temples in the region.

In the 17th century, the Portuguese built a small fortress at the mouth of the Bentota River (Benata Ganga), which in Sinhala was called Parangi Kotuva, which means fortress of the Portuguese. The river marked the southern end of Portuguese territory in Sri Lanka. The Dutch later allowed the fortress to collapse, turning one of the large buildings inside the fortress into a colonial resting place for Dutch officers traveling between Colombo and Galle.

The British then turned the holiday home into a seaside sanatorium. Sir James Emerson Tennent, the colonial secretary of Ceylon in his book, said the Bentota holiday home, set in a small park, deep in the shade of lofty tamarind trees on the part of the beach where the river meets the sea, is one of the coldest and most pleasant Ceylon. The British introduced railways in the early 19th century, mainly to transport coconut products from the deep south to the capital, building a permanent bridge – Bentota Palam to cross the river.

What can you visit in Bentota? Local sights you should visit:

  • Bentota Beach
  • Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery – a community turtle hatchery and turtle watching project established by the Turtle Conservation Project in cooperation with the Sri Lankan Wildlife Department.
  • Brief Garden – home and garden of renowned Sri Lankan landscape architect Bevis Bava, older brother of architect Jeffrey Bava. Located on the territory of a former rubber plantation, Bava continued to develop the estate until his death in 1992.
  • The Buddhist temple of Galapatha Rajamaha Viharaya, located in Bentota, contains stone inscriptions, stone carvings, pillars, ponds and troughs from the medieval period.
  • Helipad Richi Skilark. This heliport operates a helicopter ride in Bentota near the mouth operated by Skilark Aviation Helicopters.
  • River Boat Safari through the Mangrove Lagoon.

One activity I would advise you to embark on is a River Boat Safari through the Mangrove Lagoon. You can combine a river cruise with a visit to the Mangrove Lagoon, where you can see crocodiles that are now rare, but there are plenty of water monitors and river birds. This is a wonderful and relaxing experience where you can enjoy the majesty and beauty of the river landscape.

This safari is unusual because you have the opportunity to enjoy the exotic beauty of the flora and fauna that inhabit this part of Sri Lanka. In addition to the amazing scenery, you have the opportunity to get to know the locals and briefly get an impression of what life in Bentota looks like. During this one-day excursion, I visited a family that makes natural cinnamon products.

An unforgettable experience for me was to see the jellyfish live, when our guide suddenly dipped his hands in the water, I was expecting something preparing the engine, but suddenly he pulled the jellyfish out of the water, I was honestly amazed, but also delighted with the sight! I think this cruise is something you have to experience if you are coming to Bentota.

A few moments ago, I mentioned a visit to a family that produces natural cinnamon products, which was educational and unusual. I even had the opportunity to try cinnamon tea, which is effective and relaxes a person. Cinnamon can be used to make various creams, teas, cakes and products, even from the leaves of the plant, locals in Sri Lanka make roofs for their houses.

Another interesting thing that impressed me was that there are shops and fast food restaurants on the water, which I have not had the opportunity to see so far. There are also sacred places – temples on the water and on the shores that you can see during the cruise.

My stay in Bentota was unforgettable thanks to the team of the Sri Lankan Tourism Board and the friendly staff of the Taj Bentota Resort & Spa hotel who made my stay in this coastal city make me feel at home.

This luxury hotel complex, formerly known as Taj Exotica, this 160-room resort was built by Maga Engineering in 1997. Located in an exotic and beautiful town on Bentota Beach, the resort features distinctive colonial architecture marked by beautiful red tiled roofs.

This 5-star hotel resort offers an extremely rich range of services, including fine restaurants, modern rooms, a spa, a terraced infinity pool and a beautiful lobby with a high solid wood ceiling. The resort opened in 1997. Enjoy the view of the incredible beauty of the Indian Ocean.

Accept the modest greetings ‘Aiubovan’ with a smile, followed by sips of ‘Nelli’ (fruit wine), passion fruit or Ceylon iced tea. This is just a small part of everything that Taj Bentota Resort & Spa has to offer! Immerse yourself in a space that reflects the spirit of Sri Lanka.

Dear travelers, we have come to the end of this last post about the Sri Lankan adventure. It was my greates pleasure to present you all the beauties of Mirissa and Bentota, which would not be possible without the selfless help of the Sri Lankan Tourism Board in cooperation with local partners like Taj Bentota Resort & Spa. to feel the spirit and beauty of the Indian Ocean and Sri Lankan culture and tradition. Of course, as always, I tried to share my impressions of this unusual experience in Sri Lanka.

Time always flies when a person has a good time! A man is rich at heart if he has managed to explore the world and I am glad to always be able to find partners for my projects that help me discover new and unusual destinations in a completely different way during this global health crisis COVID-19.

I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with companies that are at the top of the tourism industry and I would like to thank them for this amazing adventure and for allowing me to experience the beauty of this unusual island country in South Asia in a completely different way.

How did you like this story of mine about my experience in Mirissa and Bentota? Have you maybe had the opportunity to visit Sri Lanka before? Share with me your experiences, I would be glad to hear!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me you can write to me below in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via email or social networks, all addresses can be found on the CONTACT page. See you in the same place in a couple of days, with a new story!

Warm greetings from Sri Lanka,


This post is sponsored by the Sri Lankan Tourism Board and Taj Bentota Resort & Spa. This post presents my personal and honest review of the destination experience.


Letter from India: The Magical Indian Panorama Journey with the Maharajas’ Express…

My dear travellers, how are you today? I believe that this heat and pandemic did not hinder you in performing your daily duties. Due to the current health situation, the only thing left for us to do is look at our old pictures and remember the beautiful moments from the trip and along the way hope that we will soon be able to travel normally again.

If you follow my blog for a long time, I believe that you will remember my stories about an unusual, distant land of contrast – India. Two years ago, more precisely in February 2018, I had the opportunity to visit this far distant country. My boyhood dream was to visit one of the wonders of the world – the Taj Mahal.

The plan of the National Tourism Organization of the Republic of India was to promote different regions in India with the use of railways. It was my first long train journey and all the time during the flight to Delhi I wondered what a trip really looks like where people spend most of their time on the train itself.

My thinking was interrupted by the captain of the plane, who welcomed us to the capital of one of the most populous countries in the world. The excitement and adrenaline after several hours of flights did its thing and I tried in every way to get around the crowd and find my hosts. A warm welcome and numerous gifts brought a smile to my face. During the drive to the hotel, the hosts tried to briefly explain the route and the way of traveling to me, but my eyes were fixed on the window because I was seduced by the lights of a world metropolis such as New Delhi.

Through conversation, I learned that I was one of the first bloggers from my group to come and that the remaining members of the crew would arrive by the early hours of the morning. Insomnia did its thing, so I decided to get acquainted with the details of the trip and started reading the details about the Maharajas’ Express, a dream train that many say is a five-star hotel on wheels.

The Maharajas’ Express is the only train that provides a journey that will be remembered for the rest of your life. The National Railways of the Republic of India, together with the management of the Maharaja Express, wanted to show people the beauty of travel that dates back to the famous Indian royal era. Maharaja Express trips are specially organized throughout the year and last on average between seven and ten days. The main goal of each trip is to acquaint tourists with the national treasure of India, the incredible Indian spirit and cultural heritage. All Maharajas’ Express trips are created to be in line with the wishes and needs of clients who value their money and expect a certain level of comfort and luxury during their trip.

This unusual luxury train in India, after many years of successful work, has received numerous awards for its exceptional hospitality. The specificity of this train is the presidential suite, which is symbolically called “Navratna“, which in Indian language means “nine precious gems”. The luxury train Maharajas’ Express received its own for the precious gems of various Maharajas (kings). According to tradition, the trains of the Indian Maharajah have 14 locomotives for guests, which are called: Moti (Pearl), Manik (Rubin), Heera (Diamond), Panna (Emerald), Neelam (Blue Sapphire), etc.

A traveler on this extremely luxurious train journey can get to know and come into direct contact with the cultural heritage of India. All information and travel instructions are sent to passengers by mail to the home address before the trip, and passengers also receive a special copy of documents and brochures before the train departs. Traveling by this luxury train will be an unforgettable experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

The price of the travel package also includes the services of professional butlers, spacious cabins with fully equipped bathrooms with basic packages for daily care, TV, electronic safe and wireless internet.

Maharaja Express has several dining cars (wagons) with different themed units, where an incredible variety of world cuisines are served in gold and silver cutlery in an elegantly decorated ambience. Themed restaurants are: Peacock Restaurant (Maiur Mahal) and Haveli Restaurant (Rang Mahal). One of the many cars is reserved for the Safari bar where passengers can enjoy a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with a number of snacks.

I have to admit that I spent a lot of time with pistachios, Indian nuts and unsalted peanuts while working on the computer during the trip. I think I spent more time in the Safari Bar than in my own room. All train services like food and drinks of all kinds are included in the price because the train service is “all inclusive” so you don’t have to carry money or the credit card with you every time.

Safari Bar wagon within the Maharaja Express

If you decide to travel by this magical train, you can choose between four programs: Indian Panorama, Indian Shine, Cultural Heritage of India and Jewels of India. Each of these programs is unique and differs in route and duration of the trip. I am a member of the crew that was on the Indian Panorama program. If you are interested in the routes and duration of all programs, you can read all about the program tours at this link.

For all those adventurers who have the desire to get to know India and visit this country for the first time, I wholeheartedly recommend the Indian Panorama tour. Why? This program includes all the jewels of Indian cultural heritage: Agra and Fatehpur Sikri (Taj Mahal), Jaipur (pink city of winds), Varanasi (the place where the river Ganges connects the earthly with the heavenly world), as well as many others. In addition to important cultural and historical cities, you will have the opportunity to go on safari and experience the beauties of the natural wild life of India.

For years I have dreamed of visiting the Taj Mahal and after so many years my dream has been fulfilled because of that I am most grateful to have a job that I truly love and that fulfills me with the selfless support of my readers who daily follow my unusual adventures around the world.

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Lunch time and arrival of Maharaja Express in Varanasi with a view of the river Ganges

My dear travellers, once again we have come to the end post from special post about my Indian adventure with Maharajas’ Express. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of this post, I would like to thank my friends from Maharajas’ Express for this incredible adventure and Incredible India for their huge efforts to make my dream come true. Also I would like to say huge thank you for this great adventure.

This time, Qatar Airways recognized the quality of my work and they wanted to be part of this amazing project. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with companies that are at the top of the tourism industry and I would like to thank them for this incredible adventure and for allowing me to experience the beauty of the world in a completely different way.

How do you like this story about India? Have you maybe had a chance to explore India with Maharajas’ Express? I would like to share with me your experience! See you next week with another interesting story!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.


This post was sponsored by Incredible India and Maharajas’ Express. I would like to say thank you to Qatar Airways for having me. This trip was an extraordinary experience for me!


Cyprus and Malta: Two priceless Gems of the Mediterranean Sea…

My dear travellers, welcome to my new post. Honestly, I hope you are doing well and that we all look forward to some better days that are characteristic of this period of the year after this lockdown. June is usually a month when people go to the sea or plan their summer vacation, but this year was an exception. Due to the new situation caused by the Coronavirus, people are prevented from planning summer vacations and maybe postponing their travels for the autumn season.

“Hello? Can you hear me? Can I change my travel dates for the Summer holidays, please?”

I was glad that many of you remembered my blog and a large number of readers have approached me via email and private messages on social media in the past few weeks asking for advice on where you could go on a “summer” vacation in the fall season.

What are the destinations that interested you the most? The people from Europe region were most suggested by the following destinations: Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco and Malta.

The Central street city of Valletta, the capital of Republic of Malta
Central street in the heart of Valletta – the capital of Malta


The Republic of Malta is a very small and densely populated island country made up of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean. The archipelago consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. This unusual island country is located south of Sicily, east of Tunisia and north of Libya, so geographically Malta belongs to North Africa, but from a political point of view, this country belongs to Europe and is a member of the European Union.

It was a great honor and pleasure for me to feel the charms of this island country in collaboration with the tourist organization of the Malta Tourism Authority. Before I start with the post I would like to inform you that MTA expressed satisfaction at the announcement of the reopening of the airport and the resumption of commercial flights to and from Malta as from July 1st 2020.

Republic Square is located in the city center of capital of Malta - Valletta.
Wonderful Republic Square in Valletta

The first group of destinations that are being reopened for travel comprises: Germany, Austria, Sicily, Cyprus, Switzerland, Sardinia, Iceland, Slovakia, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Israel, Latvia, Estonia, Luxembourg, and Czech Republic. More destinations will be announced in due course, once clearance from the health authorities is received. For more information about entry rules and reopening please visit the website of Malta Tourism Authority.

The capital of the Republic of Malta is Valletta. Due to its specific geographical location, Maltese culture is an unusual combination of many cultures that have been linked throughout history. These are mainly the nearby neighboring Mediterranean countries or the cultures of the countries that ruled Malta before gaining independence. The Maltese Islands are one big open-air museum, as 7,000 years of Maltese history, heavily influenced by the Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans, Knights of Malta and the British, can still be seen today.

The Tritons Fountain is a fountain located on the periphery of the City Gate of Valletta, Republic of Malta, Europe
Tritons’ Fountain in Valletta, Malta

Malta is an exceptional tourist destination, no matter what you expect from your vacation, whether you are a fan of active vacation or pure hedonistic relaxation, the possibilities of this island are countless. For lovers of culture and art, there are numerous museums and galleries.

On the other hand, for all gourmets, Malta is a real little paradise because you have the opportunity to enjoy the unusual specialties of this Mediterranean island.

Malta also has a large number of natural beauties such as numerous caves, coves and natural monuments. Don’t forget when you’re done touring the sights and enjoying the many delicacies, don’t forget to do your shopping or take a walk along the promenade in Sliema and Bugibba in the evening.

Mdina is a fortified town in the northern part of the island, which throughout history in the period from ancient times to the Middle Ages served as the capital of the island. The city is still fortified inside the walls and has a population of just under 300 people, but next to the neighboring town of Rabat, which is named after the Arabic word for suburbs. According to the latest data, the two cities together have just over 10,000 inhabitants.

Mdina still remained the center of the Maltese nobility and religious institutions. Assets are still largely passed down from generation to generation. The city never managed to fully regain its significance that it had until 1530, which also led to the popular nickname “Quiet City” by natives and tourists. Mdina is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is currently one of the main tourist attractions in Malta.

Vilhena Palace also known as the Magisterial Palace and Palazzo Pretorio, is a French Baroque palace in Mdina, Republic of Malta.
Vilhena Palace is open to the public as Malta’s National Museum of Natural History.

Today, Mdina is one of the main tourist attractions of Malta, which annually hosts about a million tourists. You can experience the city as an interesting mix of Norman and Baroque architecture, including several palaces, most of which are privately owned. In the period from 2008 to 2016, a major restoration of the city walls was carried out.

Cathedral and Monastery of St. Peter in the heart of Mdina, Malta.

During my visit to Malta, I visited Valletta, Mdina, Rabat, Sliema, the small traditional fishing village of Marsaxlokk (Marsa-Shlok) and the island of Gozo. This interesting island country has left an impression on me and I sincerely hope to visit Malta soon.

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Marsaxlokk is a small traditional fishing village in Republic of Malta.
Marsaxlokk is a small traditional fishing village known for its colorful boats “Luzzus”


The Republic of Cyprus is an island country located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its geographical position, Cyprus represented a crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, and many traces of ancient civilizations are still present, such as Roman and Byzantine.

One interesting fact that I learned from the representatives of the National Cyprus Tourism Office is that Cyprus is actually the warmest island in the Mediterranean. It is also called Aphrodite’s Island, because, according to one of the many legends, the Greek goddess Aphrodite was born here from sea foam. The most visited summer resort in Cyprus is Limassol, a city famous for its unrealistically beautiful beaches.

TRAVELING AFTER COVID-19: Cyprus is now ready to welcome travelers from several countries. Having successfully dealt with the Covid-19 epidemic, that you can explore this beautiful island once again. For further info regarding traveling please visit the official portal of Cyprus tourism.

Aphrodite's Rock, a landmark located near Paphos. Republic of Cyprus, Europe
Aphrodite’s Rock, a landmark located near Paphos.

Nicosia is the right place for fans of the combination of modern and traditional. The capital of Cyprus has adorned the old part of the city since the 12th century with an unusual promenade and cobblestone cafes. A place where history intertwines with the modern world.

The Liberty Monument in Nicosia

Larnaca is a few kilometers away from the largest international airport in Cyprus. The city is located on the southeast coast and is the oldest city on the island. In addition to Limassol, Larnaca is one of the most luxurious resorts whose port is visited by visitors from various parts of Europe and the world with new models of yachts.

The building of the administration of the Larnaca region, which is located in the center - Europe Square near the main Promenade. Larnaca, the Republic of Cyprus
The building of the administration of the Larnaca region, which is located in the center – Europe Square near the main Promenade.

Larnaca has modern equipped sandy beaches rated with high marks, which contributes to the development of tourism. The city is known for its landscaped promenade, which is located along the coast, along which there are rows of palm trees. One of the most famous sights near the promenade is the church of St. Lazarus.

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Church of St. Lazarus in Larnaca

My dear travellers, we have reached the end of this special post where I briefly tried to compare the beauties of these two unusual island countries in Europe. This is just the beginning of this special series of posts where I will try to describe some of my other observations that I forgot to share with you while I was writing previous posts about those destinations and of course you will have the opportunity to remind yourself some of my previous posts and all together “renew” the material.

Have you maybe had the opportunity to visit some of these gems of the Mediterranean? What are your experiences? Did you like Malta or Cyprus more and I would like to hear your reasons. I would really like to hear some of your experiences and I would be happy to read your impressions in the comments.

Harbour in Larnaca

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page. See you soon with another interesting story about Belgrade!


Morning in Limassol

This post is my gift to all my loyal readers who wants to learn something new about tourist destinations. The post is for informational purposes only and is not sponsored.


Letter from the Middle East: Dubai, the Center of Modern Oriental Luxury…

My dear travellers, how are you today? Today is the perfect day to start a new adventure, so this rainy Tuesday is perfect time for a new post! Journeys are truly gift to a gloomy everyday life and one has the opportunity to have fun and at least for a few days forget about daily problems. When it comes to travel it doesn’t matter the destination, the most important thing is that the person doesn’t go alone and to make a good plan of the program of the trip where everyone will have fun and have a nice relax.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the flydubai airline and the Dubai Tourist Board (Visit Dubai), which made it possible for my photographer and I to experience the beauty and charm of a center of modern oriental luxury such as Dubai.

When the flydubai airline began operating in 2009, the goal was to connect with their passengers and transport them to as many destinations as possible daily. Today, flydubai flies to more than 90 destinations and is constantly adding new destinations to their “sky” network.

Over 70 million travelers have given their trust and with flydubai they have visited the largest and most famous city in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai, making them the second largest carrier in UAE. The vision and support of the Dubai government created new opportunities for travel, tourism and commerce and improved connectivity by increasing access to Dubai and connecting with the rest of the world.

With increasing demand and an daily-expanding sky network, flidubai has added a number of new destinations in its offer. Having already opened routes to Africa, Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, the goal is not only to expand the network of destinations, but to make the route as efficient as possible, with more regular flights, direct flights and new aircraft with which will make every trip unforgettable.

Flydubai Business Class offers a more comfortable, relaxed and completely new flying experience. At the airport, you will have benefit from faster check-in and priority airport services, including a special check-in desk, boarding and bus service. You can also relax before your trip in the business lounge at Terminal 2 Dubai International Airport, and if your flight departs from Terminal 3, you can use one of the many Emirates business class lounges, of course, and the ability to enjoy lounges at airports around of the world using the affiliate networks of the airlines to which flydubai belongs.

On the board, you will be able to enjoy the personalized, professional and superior service of crew members who are in the service of business-class passengers. Choose a delicious meal from the menu where you can find specialties from a variety of international cuisines. My recommendation is to try Arabic cuisine specialties and I am sure you will enjoy the undiscovered flavours so far!

The flight from Belgrade to Dubai takes about 6 hours on average and I believe that your flight will be comfortable and fun, whether you choose to travel economy or business class with flydubai. Friendly staff, landscapes you’ll encounter along the way and who knows, you might meet someone on the flight.

I was able to meet an interesting lady in her late years who is visiting her daughter in Dubai. I have learned so many interesting things about this quaint modern city and received first-hand recommendations what I should not miss in Dubai!

Dubai is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of Dubai. Located in the eastern Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf coast, Dubai has occupied the central business center of Western Asia. It is also the world’s premier transportation hub for travelers and goods. Oil revenues helped accelerate the development of the city, which was already a major trading hub.

Today, less than 5% of the Emirates’ revenue comes from oil. Research from the Center for Regional and International Trade shows that, since the early 20th century, Dubai’s economy has largely relied on revenues from trade, tourism, aviation, real estate and financial services.

The history of human settlement in the area where the United Arab Emirates is now located is unusual and very complex. A large number of historical records point to the closely related trade links between the Indus Valley and Mesopotamia civilizations.

Archeological sites in the emirate of Dubai, especially in Al-Ashoosh, Al Sufouh, and extremely rich sites from Saruk Al Hadid, show settlement through the periods of Ubaid and Hafit, the Umm Al Nar and Wadi Suk periods, and the three Iron Age in the UAE.

This part was known to the Sumerians as Magan and was a source of metal ores, especially copper and bronze. The area was covered with sand about 5,000 years ago as the coast receded inland, becoming part of what is now the city’s coastline. The great find is pre-Islamic pottery found in the present-day city of Dubai, dating from the third and fourth centuries.

Before the introduction of Islam in the area, people in this region worshiped Bajir (or Bajar). Following the spread of Islam in the region, the Umayyad Caliph of the Eastern Islamic world invaded Southeast Arabia and expelled the Sassans. Excavations at the Dubai Museum in the Al-Jumairah region (Jumeirah) have found several artifacts from the Umaiyad period. The Venetian pearl dealer Gasparo Balbi visited this city in 1580 and mentioned Dubai (Dibei) which was significant at that time because of the pearl trade.

Dubai is thought to have been established as a fishing village in the early 18th century and by 1822 it had acquired the status of a city of between 700 and 800 members of the Bani Ias tribe and was subject to the rule of Sheikh Tahnun bin Shakhbut of Abua Dhabi . However, in 1833, after a tribal altercation, members of the Al Bu Falasah tribe separated from Abu Dhabi and settled in Dubai.

The Abu Dhabi exodus was led by Obeid bin Saeed and Maktoum bin Butti, who also became supreme authorities in Dubai until Obeid died in 1836, leaving Maktum in a bid to establish a new Maktoum dynasty.

Dubai signed the General Maritime Treaty of 1820 and together with other countries, following the British criminal expedition against Ras Al Khaimah of 1819, which also led to the bombing of the Gulf coastal communities. This led to a permanent maritime truce of 1853. Dubai, like its neighbors, also signed an exclusivity agreement in which the United Kingdom assumed responsibility for the security of the emirates in 1892.

Throughout the 1970s, Dubai continued to develop thanks to oil and trade revenue, even as an influx of immigrants fleeing the Lebanese civil war. Border disputes between the emirates continued after the formation of the UAE. In 1979, a formal compromise was reached that ended all disagreements. Jebel Ali Harbor was established in 1979 and JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free Zone) was built around the port in 1985 to allow foreign companies unrestricted imports of labor and capital.

Dubai Airport and the aerospace industry also continued to grow at a high rate of speed. Unfortunately for the 1990 Gulf War, Dubai experienced a major negative financial effect as major investors withdrew their money and chain stores closed their stores, but afterwards the city recovered in a changing political climate and managed to overcome all political and financial problems.

Later in the 1990s, many foreign trade communities – first from Kuwait, during the Gulf War, and later from Bahrain, in times of Shia unrest – moved their business to Dubai. The city had bases for filling up Allied forces in the Jebel Ali Free Zone during the Gulf War. The massive rise in oil prices after the Gulf War encouraged Dubai to continue to focus on free trade and tourism.

The number of tourist attractions and activities has increased significantly in recent years. There are many more options now than before, because all the activities were part of many hotel chains because the city did not have tourist attractions. Just the opening of the large Dubai Mall and the construction of the heart of the city (Dubai Downtown) have helped to expand the number of tourist attractions that make Dubai one of the most recognized in the world today.

The most striking attractions that have certainly changed the look of the city are the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain.

Burj Khalifa is known as the tallest building in the world. Visitors can take a special elevator to the 124th floor, which is known as the most beautiful vantage point from which Dubai can be seen in the palm of your hand. The Dubai Fountain, on the other hand, is the largest music fountain in the world that you can always visit for free, and it is part of the Dubai Mall.

Of course, besides the fountain at Dubai Mall, you can enjoy the winter magic at the spacious ice rink, aquarium and KidZania which is designed as a modern children’s playroom, believe me you have never had such a chance to see in your life. Honest to not be 27 years old, I would go play there all day long without break!

Bastakiya is known as a neighborhood marked in all travel guides and magazines as the old part of Dubai with a soul in which to keep the old city spirit and heritage. It was built at the end of the 19th century thanks to the Persian merchants who were attached to Dubai because of the easy and easy way to trade, and this is why this part of the city is named after the city of Bastak located in the south of Iran.

Many renovated buildings in this part of the city today still have special air conditioning systems called “Wind Towers” which was an interesting concept for the air conditioning of homes and commercial buildings. Today, most of the buildings in this part of the city are privately owned – homes and there are buildings of great cultural and social importance such as:

  1. Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Center
  2. The Museum of Dubai
  3. Arabian Tea House (formerly Basta Artistic Cafe)
  4. Majlis Gallery where works by local and international artists can be found.
  5. Ostra Gallery where you can find works of contemporary modern art and sculpture

Exactly 7 years ago, in February 2013, the Dubai Miracle Garden, a 72,000-meter flower garden, opened as part of the Dubailand complex. It is the largest flower garden in the world. The garden has a total of 45 million species of flowers maintained through a special irrigation system that uses wastewater that has been treated and plants are irrigated using a drip irrigation system.

During the summer from late May to September, when temperatures can be extremely high, with an average temperature of around 40 degrees, the garden is closed to the public.

Seeing the garden in full bloom with its 150 million flowers arranged in colorful bows, patterns and the myriad of shapes it forms is truly a magnificent experience for all your senses. Dubai Miracle Garden won two Guinness World Records for the largest vertical garden in 2013 and the largest flower sculpture in the world, shaping the shape of the 2016 Airbus A380.

The distinctive sculpture in this park is a masterpiece 18 meters high and is also the first Disney flower display in the Middle East and is made of almost 100,000 plants and flowers and weighs almost 35 tons. Every year, Dubai Miracle Garden changes its look and shows visitors a whole new concept and design experience. This unusual garden is visited by more than 1.5 million visitors a year.

My dear travellers, once again we have come to the end of the special blog post from Dubai. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of this post, I would like to thank my friends from Dubai Tourist Board – Visit Dubai and flydubai for this incredible adventure and Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre for their huge efforts to make our stay unforgettable and I felt like at home. Also I would like to say huge thank you for this great adventure.

This time, flydubai recognized the quality of my work and they wanted to be part of this amazing project. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with companies that are at the top of the tourism industry and I would like to thank them for this incredible adventure and for allowing me to experience the beauty of Middle East in a completely different way.

How do you like this story about this oriental luxury centre of the Middle East called Dubai? Have you maybe had a chance to visit United Arab Emirates? I would like to share with me your experience! See you next week with another interesting story!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.


This post was sponsored by Visit Dubai and flydubai airline company. I would like to say thank you to Four Seasons Hotel DIFC for having me. This trip was an extraordinary experience for me!


Letters from Laos: Vientiane, the Lost Treasure of the riverside of Mekong

My dear travellers, how are you today? I don’t know if you were surprised with this unusual “spring” time in the middle of December. Hopefully the climate will balance here in Europe because I don’t think this is natural. .

I would like to pass it on the subject of my today’s post and I will finally and officially “send” my first letter from Laos! A few months ago when I was invited to visit this smallest country in Southeast Asia, I was thrilled because I love to learn about a completely different culture and religion that is not so close to us from Europe – Buddhism. A team from the marketing promotion department of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of Laos invited me to visit their lovely country and feel the beauties of the Asia.

During our e-conversation, I found out that I was the first blogger in the world to visit the People’s Republic of Laos in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism of Laos and their local partners. Later, the world airline Qatar Airways became involved in this project, which enabled little Marko to go the way of the East. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the realization of this project: the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of Laos, Qatar Airways, and other local partners that I will mention in some of the following posts.

My room view in Crown Plaza Vientiane Hotel, isn’t it just great?

The purpose of this FAM trip is to get to know the People’s Republic of Laos through the prisms of culture and religion. Laos is a socialist country and the only country in Southeast Asia that does not have access to the ocean. Located in the heart of the Indochina Peninsula and borders Myanmar (Burma) and China in the northwest, Vietnam in the east, Cambodia in the southeast and Thailand on the west and southwest side.

Vientiane is the capital and largest city of Laos, on the bank of the Mekong River near the border with Thailand. Vientiane became the capital in 1573 due to the fear of the Burmese invasion, but was later looted and completely overthrown in 1827 by Siamese (Thailand). Vientiane was the administrative capital during French colonial rule, and due to recent economic growth, it is now the economic center of Laos. The city has more than one million inhabitants.

Vientiane is known as the home of the most important national monument in Laos: That Luang, which is a famous symbol of Laos and an icon of Buddhism. Other notable Buddhist temples can be found here, such as Haw Phra Kaew, which housed the Emerald Buddha figure earlier.

The name of the city comes from Pali, the liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism. Although the original meaning of the name of the city is “sandalwood city” (sandalwood – a powerful ancient tree), as ancient Laos inscriptions show (pictographically written, unlike the modern Lao language, which is written phonetically), in modern Lao, the meaning of the name Vientiane is ambiguous. Many, if not most, Laos people claim that the name of the city means “city of the moon”, while many also claim that the name of the city means “sandalwood city” because the words are spelled similarly and pronounced in the same way as in modern Lao language.

Most academic and historical sources in Laos actually support this claim, reinforced by the city’s Thai and Khmer names, and both retain the etymological spelling, which indicates the persistence of the exact meaning of “sandalwood city”.

On the picture which you can see above, you have the opportunity to see the greatest shrine in the Buddhist world – Pha That Luang (the Great Stupa) is a large Buddhist pillar encased in real gold and is located in the heart of the city. Since its inception, it is believed to have originated in the 3rd century, the stupa has undergone several major reconstructions, mostly in the 1930s, due to foreign invasions of the colonial powers in this area. That Luang is considered the most important national monument in Laos and a national symbol.

The architecture of this feast influences Lao culture and identity and thus became a symbol of Lao nationalism. The stupa today consists of three levels, each depicting part of the Buddhist doctrine. The first level is 67 meters by 226 feet (68 meters); the other is 47 feet long by 157 feet long; and the third level is 98 feet (29 meters) along each side. From ground level to the top, Pha That Luang is 44 meters high.

Only the top of the stupa is covered with real gold, the rest of the stupa is painted gold. The area around Pha That Luang has now been officially closed to prevent traffic.

What is the main reason for my visit to Laos? By the invitation of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of Laos, I came to attend the celebration of the largest Buddhist holiday – “Boun That Luang“, the largest religious holiday held in Vientiane for three days to seven days during full moon periods, on each 12th lunar month – November.

Monks and people from all over Laos are gathering to celebrate this holiday with a three-day religious ceremony, followed by week-long festivities, both during the day and at night. The procession of believers begins at Wat Si Muang in the city center and continues at the That Luang stupa to offer the monks their gifts (“offerings”) to collect enough merit for rebirth and a better life.

The religious part of this holiday implies that people, carrying flowers, bank notes, food and candles as a side dish, circle around That Luang three times in honor of the Buddha. Folk and other popular troupes and plays add to the significance of this festival.

In the next post, I will explain in more detail some of the customs that the Lao people observe during this holiday. It is extremely interesting and completely different from what we do in Europe and the Balkan region. This is one of the basic reasons why I love my job. I am always able to meet some new and unusual cultures and thus have the opportunity to expand my knowledge of particular cultures and religions.

The mentality of the Lao people is very similar to ours in Serbia, they are extremely hospitable and treat the guest as a member of their family. Their culture is different, as is the way they dress. In the picture above, you have the opportunity to see what a young girl who is going to celebrate with her husband at the That Luang Festival looks like.

They are extremely caring and willing to help tourists. I dropped a small amount of money in a huge crowd and one kid ran after me a few yards to back my money.

My view from Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel… It was magical!

During my visit to Vientiane, I went to the That Luang Festival several times at different times of the day so that I had complete insight into how the cultural program was held during the festival. Of course, during my little breaks I enjoyed the view from the terrace of my hotel room which had exceptional views of the Mekong River.

Of course, a team from the Ministry of Tourism did their best to arrange for me a tour of their most famous Buddhist temples, which you will have the opportunity to see in the pictures that follow this post later. Can you imagine how many Buddhist temples one of the smallest countries in Southeast Asia can have, like Laos? Please note that this country has a population of just under 4 million…

There are hundreds of temples in Laos that pay homage to Buddha and monks and nuns. These great places are reason enough to come and visit Laos. They say that they are the only countries in the world that have so many temples that they can devote to one of the many temples each day of the year. Isn’t it just interesting?

One of the most famous Buddhist temples in Vientiane is Wat Si Saket. The temple was built in 1818 by order of King Anouvong (Sethathirath V.) Si was derived from the Sanskrit title of honor of Sri, prefixed to the name of Wat Saket in Bangkok, and renamed by the contemporary of Anouvong, King Rama I.

Wat Si Saket is built in Siamese style of Buddhist architecture, with a surrounding terrace and a five-storey roof instead of the classical Lao style. This may have remained safe, since the Siamese armies that ravaged Vientiane after the Anouvong rebellion in 1827 used the facility as their headquarters and accommodation.

This temple is considered to be the oldest temple that still exists in Vientiane. The French colonial government rebuilt Wat Si Saket in 1924 and again in 1930. The Wat Si Saket Temple contains a cloister wall with more than 2,000 ceramic, silver, gold and wooden Buddha paintings. There is also a museum within this complex.

There are over 10,000 Buddha sculptures of various sizes and styles in this temple. The temple also has wonderful architecture and layout, with a history dating back to 1818. Most of these statues were made between the 16th and 18th centuries. You can also find a wooden snake-shaped trough used during the Lao New Year celebration (you can see in the photo above).

If you decide to visit the temple during the early hours of the morning, you will surely find many locals praying, giving their contribution (“merit offer”) and offering food to the monks. I will write about this in more detail in the following posts that I have prepared for you.

I was fascinated by the architecture of this temple, primarily because for the first time I came into contact with the culture of the Far East and this is something completely different from watching a show. This trip allowed me to learn something new about Buddhism as one of the world’s largest religions and to feel what it was like to live in Laos.

Not far from this temple is another Haw Phra Kaew Buddhist temple (now it is converted to the museum). The temple was built in 1565 for the purpose of guarding the Emerald Buddha, this temple has been rebuilt several times. The Haw Phra Kaew Temple was built in 1565-1566. after King Setthathirath, after moving the capital from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. The temple was built on the foundations of the royal palace to house the figure of the Emerald Buddha, which Setthathirath brought from Chiang Mai, then the capital of Lanna, to Luang Prabang.

The temple was used as Setthathirath’s personal place of worship, and therefore there were no resident monks in this temple unlike other temples in Laos. The Emerald Buddha remained in the temple for over 200 years, but in 1779 Vientiane was conquered by Siamese General Chao Phraia Chakri (who founded the current Thai Chakri Dynasty), the figure was taken to Thonburi and the temple destroyed.

The Buddha figure is currently located in Wat Phra Kaev, Bangkok and is considered a treasure of Thailand. The temple was rebuilt in 1816 by King Anouvong, and instead of the lost Emerald Buddha, they decided to create a new Buddha figure. However, the temple was again destroyed in 1828, when King Anouvong rebelled against Siam in an attempt to regain complete independence and Vientiane was razed to the ground.

The temple was rebuilt with the help of the French between 1936 and 1942 during the colonial period of French Indochina. The remaining remains of the foundations of the old temple were used as the basis for restoration; although they followed the blueprint for the construction of the old temple, the rebuilt temple is more reminiscent of a 19th-century ubosot or sim in Bangkok. For several decades, in the 1970s, the temple was transformed from a place of worship into a museum. The Government of the People’s Republic of Laos rebuilt this temple in 1993.

My dear travellers, once again we have come to the end post from special series of post from my Lao adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of this post, I would like to thank my friends from Ministry of Information, Culture, Tourism of Lao DPR and Qatar Airways for this incredible adventure and Crown Plaza Vientiane and Landmark Mekong Riverside hotels for their huge efforts to make our stay unforgettable and I felt like at home. Also I would like to say huge thank you for this great adventure.

Patuxay Monument (Victory Arch)

How do you like this story about Vientiane? Have you maybe had a chance to visit Laos? I would like to share with me your experience! See you next week with another interesting story from Vientiane, but we will find out more about That Luang Festival.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.


This post was sponsored by Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of PDR Lao and Qatar Airways airline company. I would like to say thank you to Crown Plaza Vientiane and Landmark Mekong Riverside hotels for having me. This trip was an extraordinary experience for me! I also thank my friends from Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera with Sony FE 24-70 mm lense from special G Master series of professional lenses.


Letters from Azerbaijan: What We Really Need to Be Happy?

Dear travellers, Good morning and welcome to another new post on the Mr.M blog. The season of vacations is going to end soon and we are preparing for some new work “victories”. I sincerely hope that you had a great time and that you made the most of your vacation memorable. As I did mine in Azerbaijan. This morning I was thinking about: “What We Really Need to Be Happy?”

Today’s post will be dedicated to the capital of Azerbaijan and one slightly different story. I am sure that for many of us it is always a problem to pack adequate clothing for the journey. I have to admit that I found myself in huge problem when I needed to pack my luggage. I had no idea what I need to pack and to prepare for 34-36 degrees in Azerbaijan when I checked weather forecast for the last time before my trip.

The first question I asked myself was, “Is there high humidity?”. The capital of Azerbaijan – Baku is blessed with climate. Due to its geographical location, colder air from Russia comes from North. While slightly warm and sandy air comes from Iran from the South. This unusual combination of climate and proximity to the Caspian Sea makes it easy to survive a tropical summer in Azerbaijan.

For the first time in my life, I packed a small suitcase and that half the things I didn’t manage to wear. That’s why I sometimes fool myself in the judgement… Anything is possible!

Due to the weather conditions in Azerbaijan during the summer, it is best to equip yourself with the clothes made mostly of Linen. Linen is the best natural material which allow our skin to breathe, I know there is another side of the story – it is hard to iron. Linen may be the best material when these high tropical temperatures come, but be prepared to iron almost every time when you come back to the hotel. If you are not used to iron, try a well-tried recipe.

When take off the linen clothes, place it immediately on a chair and fold your hands over the material, imitating the movements of the iron and leaving it overnight. The problem is that not every type of the linen react the same, so depending on the quality and the fabric processing of the linen itself, it depends on whether you will be able to straighten your linen garment. I have succeeded on this trip a few times since I have not separated from my white linen shirt. Sometimes we need so little for happiness! My happiness is when I do not need to iron my clothes too much, because I’m perfectionist, so I just can’t stand it if it is not good!

The second best material that can help you withstand high temperatures is viscose. Viscose is also natural material that cools and refresh the skin, of course, sometimes the opposite effect can occur when the combination of high temperature and high humidity, then only God is helpful to you, I will just say that I well remembered what spring in Sri Lanka looks like… You do not know Is it worse that you feel like you are a chicken in the oven or a feeling of helplessness that you cannot fully enjoy in a tropical paradise…

Baku is different and be prepared to bring with you comfortable and light clothing with you very, very comfortable shoes because believe me, YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED THEM! Baku is a huge city, boulevards are long and wide, so if you’re a fan of walking, get ready for a marathon. Transportation in Baku is very cheap, so you can use the transportation. The transport system is such that you can buy one card, but the difference is that one card can be used by more than one person, so you do not have to buy more than one card. The price of the card is about 2 USD, while the price of the ticket for one way ride is about 0.20 or 0.30 cents (USD), which you have to admit is much cheaper than Germany, where is one ride costs almost 3 Euros (2.80 in Berlin to be exact)…

As far as we are talking about food, trust me you won’t be hungry or thirsty, food is extremely affordable. I will only tell you that lunch for 4 people cost about 60-70 euros, and on the table were more than two kilograms of meat roast, various salads, various pies and sweet treats which is again similar, if not cheaper than the prices in European restaurants. Market prices are ok, I know prices of candies are much lower than European ones.

In previous posts from Azerbaijan, you have seen the cutest Marko in some pretty fancy cloths, but 80% of my time was spent in this let’s just say a simpler casual outfit. I changed two pairs of jeans and 3 linen shirts (which, by the way, were the same colors, same model) otherwise I am a person who binds to one model for a some period of time so in my free time (when I not taking photos for the blog) I only wear that one model in multiple colors (sometimes even in the same colour) until I’m not get bored, so I find some new “love.”

As I mentioned earlier, when you travel the most important thing is comfort. This is some of my suggestion for a summer version of the vacation outfit when traveling somewhere in the summer and exploring other parts of the country along the way, since I also went to rural areas where expensive clothes would surely be of no use for me.


Shirt: Makia

Jeans: Pedro del Hierro

Backpack: Picard

Sneakers: Makia

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r IILens: Sony G Master 24-70 MM

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends at Makia Clothing for their trust, as well as my associates from the Picard brand who have always been there to support my work. The products of these two companies have always been helpful to me on my trips. Makia clothing is simple, practical and functional, while other Picard leather accessories are of high quality and very durable.

All the backpacks I got from Picard are still like new, of course I clean and treat them nice after every adventure so I don’t let leather get ruined. As a traveler who always carries a laptop, camera and big lens in my travel bag and some other necessities I need to survive a classic day on the journey, I can tell you that Picard products are high quality.

My dear adventurers, once again we have come to the end of our post. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of this post, I would like to thank my friends from National Tourism Promotion Board of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Airlines for this incredible adventure and Qafqaz Thermal & Spa Resort Hotel Yengija for their huge efforts to make our stay unforgettable and I felt like at home.

How do you like this story about this simple and casual outfit? I am sure that you have one nice white linen shirt in your closet, use it and make this summer unforgettable! Have you maybe had a chance to visit Azerbaijan before? I would like to share with me your experience! In a couple of days we will continue our adventure in Europe. This time i will take you to Baltic and we will visit the capital of Latvia – Riga.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.


P.S. If you want to know more about Azerbaijan you should read my other posts, I am sure you will find plenty of interesting tips and information about this incredible country:

  1. Letters from Azerbaijan: Lahij, place where dreams are made of Copper…
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This post was sponsored by National Tourism Promotion Bureau of Azerbaijan and the national airline company Azerbaijan Airlines and Boulevard Hotel Baku. I also thank my friends from  Makia Clothing and Picard Lederwaren for amazing outfit and my friends from Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera with Sony FE 24-70 mm lense from special G Master series of professional lenses.

Letter from London: Centre of Hedonism in 48 Hours

Hi everyone, how are you today? Have you finished all the preparations for the weekend? As I promised you last week, today I will show you all the beauties of the capital of England – London. A couple of days ago, with the help of my friends from the London City Tourism Board, I was able to visit London and to spend an unforgettable 48 hours in the capital of Europe that never sleeps.

When someone mentions you a word – London , what is your first association? For me it’s raining, misty weather, beautiful architecture and, of course, iconic coats and umbrellas from the British brand that I really adore – Burberry. London is a city for hedonists, a place where it is simply impossible to be dissatisfied with the service or selection of brands or shops, because London is itself a center of true hedonism.

I visited London for the first time as a kid whom my parents made to go with them and I would rather stay in Belgrade to play with my “squad” from the neighbourhood. Tt was winter time, December just before the Christmas holiday. I cried all the time, until my parents took me to see the famous Harrods department store that you can not simply skip easily when you come to London.

When you’re in London for holidays it’s just not important, do you had the money to buy something, or just come as tourists to enjoy in the Christmas spirit. That department store was incredible, especially for a kid who no longer wanted to return home. New Year’s magic made irreparable “damage” in the heart of a little Marko.

I’m sure that you know that well-know fact that the symbols of the London city are famous callbox and red dabldeker buses and every time you meet one of these two symbols on the street, you know that you have come to the capital of England. The English people and all the other nations that are part of the United Kingdom are completely different from the rest of Europe. Mentality, the way of life, and even humor is completely different, and who has not spent time with them can not understand some of their actions, behaviour and ways of life for a long time. Their humor on the first sight is not recognizable, their jokes make no sense to us, but if you spend time with them realize that they are completely different and their jokes are one big true.

Walking along the banks of Thames is always relaxing, whenever I get to this city I have to walk around this river and visit the Hyde Park for unusual furry friends – squirrels that are just so big and adorable, because they are all fed by people, but they are so funny and sweet. Since this time I was not able to visit everything in 48 hours which I had available in London, I decided to visit my sweet furry friends next time.

London is a city which welcome all of its visitors with open heart, it is not important whether you are a traveler with a limited budget or a wealthier traveler who has dropping diamonds out of the pocket, London is always here to welcome you. The only thing that is a bit harder for some countries, for example for Serbia and the surrounding countries of the region is Visa! Getting a visa for England is once an impossible mission, my friends have been denied twice, they simply do not know why, but they got a visa for the third time …

Not even today, none of us can understand why. The other thing is the price of a visa that changes from time to time, I did not pay the visa this time, so I do not know what its current price is now, but I know that the cheapest price is always over 100 British Pounds (B. Pound is significantly stronger than the Euro) .

What shouldn’t miss in London? My top 10 sights which you just can’t not miss!

  1. Big Ben Tower Clock
  2. Buckingham Palace
  3. London Eye
  4. Tower Bridge
  5. Trafalgar Square
  6. The oldest public opened museum on the world – British Museum
  7. National Gallery of London
  8. Hyde Park
  9. Walking around the Thames river
  10. St. Paul Cathedral

If you decide to buy a flight ticket from low-cost companies on time (2.3 or more months in advance) or take advantage of the action with low-cost airlines Wizzair, Easy Jet or some other low-cost airline company you can visit London for some really small amount of the money like 30-50 euros for return flight tickets per person. The only thing you should pay attention to is the location of the Luton Airport (where the Wizzair company operates) or other airports like Stansted, Gatwick, so you have to calculate that you will have to travel around approximately additional one to two hours, sometimes more to reach the London city. This is a little advice for all adventurers who choose this way of coming to London.

Is it possible to visit all the major attractions in London for 48 hours? It depends on you, primarily what you want to visit in London. For all the famous attractions in the city, sometimes there is a big line, and if you have only two days available to see the city, then it’s better to choose one or two attractive sights and come early in the morning to stand in line and pray to God as soon as you get to your goal.

London is an imposing city by itself. There has always been some sort of rivalry between Paris or London, which city is more beautiful, which city is more interesting… I can say that every city is beautiful in its own way, Paris is more charming and melodic harmony, on the other hand London is an urban centre and modern with completely different culture of life.

Cities such as Rome, Paris or London do not change at all, they are only maintained and slightly improved; these are cities that do not change their appearance and perhaps it is precisely in this interesting fact hides the magic of their popularity that simply does not turn off with time. London is the center of culture, art and all possible and impossible major events. It’s simply a city that does not sleep and where everything is possible.

London is also a great center for all gastronomy fans. Whoever likes and knows how to enjoy this kind of art, food for me is a pure art. Of course, we all have to cook something on a daily basis, but when we go to a special restaurant or want to feel the magic of some new cuisine or exotic tastes then each one of us likes to go to enjoy and the food then comes out of standard frame of everyday life and turns into a new dimension of art. If you want to enjoy the kingdom of countless unusual kitchens, London is the perfect place for you.

Of course, whoever loves shopping must immediately know that you have come to a real little paradise for shopaholics. Depending on your budget, London can offer you products from just a 2 pounds to some of the prices that normal people can just imagine about. That is London and in this city it’s just impossible to be dissatisfied with the choice, but you can always find nice things depending on your options. Of course it would not be bad if you go to see what the famous Bond Street and New Bond street which are just a real delight in luxury fashion world.

Of course, around London there are outlet villages, whole small towns where you can buy things at discounted prices. I would just like to mention that for this satisfaction you need a little more than two days stay in London, because in these outlet villages there you will spend almost one full day, and on the other hand, the offer of brands is mostly middle class and luxury premium brands that can be bought at reduced prices. There are also a handful of cheaper street brands in their offer, but it’s not really worth paying you 20 pounds for the bus shuttle ticket to the outlets to save 15 pounds for a thing you would normally buy in the city. If you are planning some nice shopping it is really worth to go there and I’m sure you will definitely find something nice for yourself.

London is a well-known fashion center, and Fashion Week – London Fashion Week is held every year, and separate collections for men and women are distributed all year round (4 fashion events for 2 fashionable seasons). Then on the streets you can see real fashionistas and London becomes one big catwalk. It’s pretty interesting to see, but as a blogger I have not yet had the opportunity to go to this unique event, I think that my time is coming soon!

My dear travellers once again we have come to the end of our travel adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! This post will be my first post this February and there are lot posts to come soon. See you next week, with some new interesting story!

At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from the London City Tourism Board, my friends from Sony who have challenged me to test the possibilities of the new Xperia XZ3, new Sony family member. All the pictures that you saw today in this post were created with the help of my new little friend Sony Xperia XZ3 and I began to think that I no longer need to carry the camera on the trip with me. This was a unique opportunity to get to know you a little better with a city like London and to visit again one of my favorite cities in Europe.

How do you like this post about London? Have you ever visited England or UK? Did you have chance to enjoy in the magic of the London? I would like to share with me your experience! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

This post is sponsored by the London Tourism Board, with the unselfish support of other partners of the tourist organization. I also thank Sony for this challenge and I’ve made some amazing pictures with their new Xperia XZ3. I also thank Burberry Limited, in following posts you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of their interesting creations.

Letters from Morocco: Essaouira, Blue Diamond of Atlantic Ocean

Hello, my dear adventurers, how are you today? I sincerely hope that you are all good and that you have found a way to relax and find some nice and cool solution to defeat this boring heat. Last week, I promised you the continuation of adventure in Morocco. Today I am continuing the story about Essaouira, an interesting and lovely fishing town on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Are you ready for a new adventure? If your answer is YES! This is the right way to say bye to this very warm July and refresh yourself with this blue refreshing city known as the Essaouira.



Who had the opportunity to read my previous story from Morocco – LINK, you probably read the story about this interesting city. It’s not a problem I will repeat it again. ?

Essaouira is a lovely fishing town. Due to climatic conditions, Essaouira received a nice nickname “The City of the Winds”. There is a very interesting festival that is organized every year in autumn and is dedicated to all kites lovers. This time I did not have the opportunity to feel that adrenaline, but I enjoyed the beautiful pictures shown by our guides from the Tourist Organization of Essaouira.

I learned a few more interesting things about this unusual city. Did you know that this city was previously named by the Portuguese name Mogador, which in the Berber language means THE WALL, because the Portuguese Mogador was strongly fortified. Just because of these walls, Essaouira has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in Africa in 2001. I would like to say thank you again to my friends from the National Tourist office of the Kingdom of Morocco on this wonderful journey and an adventure that I will remember for a long time!



This “Blue” city attracts an increasing number of tourists each year with its unusual beauty and history. We spent a couple of days in this city and I have to admit that I loved Morocco because of people and their interesting stories. Not only that, but also their cordiality. Most people, vendors on the streets, fishermen when they heard that we came to the Morocco because  the Tourist Organization of the Kingdom of Morocco has invited us, immediately they offered to help us in any way and of course to try their nice products.

If I had accepted all those who offered me their products, I really do not know how to get back to Serbia. That number of suitcases would exceed all expectations, but thanks to God, I managed to explain to them that I do not have the place to carry those things and I left them to run their little interesting open-air shops.




I couldn’t refuse two people in this city. The first one was an elderly experienced fisherman who gave us fish, it’s a great gift. Thanks to Saul’s knowledge of French, besides the gift, we learned a few interesting things about fishing and about the history of Essaouira. The other person was a kind woman, who sold tea that spotted us in the main street while we were making the photos, she asked us what we were doing and whether if we were in the mood for tea, we could come to visit her lovely shop.

Of course, again, Saul was a life saver, because I understand the French language a little, I remember a bit of what I learned in my childhood, but of course not enough. After a couple of cups of tea and good stories, we continued the exploration of this Moroccan city.



The walls of this city are incredible, they hide some interesting stories that only wait patient adventurers, eager adventures to “hear” all of them. It’s hard to say that the view from the main wall is absolutely divine, there is the biggest blow of the wind and after that walk for 3 hours I tried to come to myself, but it was definitely worth it. If I need to go there again, I would definitely do that!




This view is absolutely priceless, if you come to Essaouira you must pay a visit there, especially in the morning. The sound of the ocean that passes through clay vases is a magical, unusual melody, a real symphony. After a walk we decided to go back to the hotel and fill our “batteries”.

After a good rest, as you can see, the smile returned to my face. I would like to thank the Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Hotel for hospitality and they were so nice and kind to answer any of my boring questions. Of course, people took my love for pizza seriously, so they made me a special Moroccan Happy Pizza! Happiness, happiness! An experience to remember! Thank you guys, you are the best!



After relaxing and cheerful time in the hotel our guides decided to take us back to the city to visit one interesting music festival. Gnaoua World Music Festival presents a music treasure that contains elements of jazz, pop and rock music and continues to explore some new music genres. An interesting event that brings together artists from around the world with famous artists who are members of the Moroccan ethnic group of people known as Gnaou or Gnawa. We had amazing time there and we had chance to hear a real music fusion!



When I got the invitation for this magical journey to Morocco and they also told me that I will have the opportunity to attend one such event where the pure and clean arts are only preserved, where other elements are not involved, which can otherwise spoil the beauty of art, as it is sometimes done by politics. I have to admit that I am not otherwise an expert in music art, but I just wanted to discover something new and to hear those exotic sounds, because I imagined it in my mind in a completely different way.

The Gnaoua Music Festival definitely changed my mind and solved all my concerns about this kind of music. Morocco is a country that has remained faithful to tradition, but with the advent of a new era, they have simply accepted the new things with a smile on their face and with an open heart, and now they successfully interact with their traditional culture and beliefs.


Ph. by Saul Aguilar – Instagram: @saaggo



These unusual sounds made me happy for two nights that I spent in this unusual city of Morocco. Otherwise I have trouble with insomnia when I’m on the trip, but I admit that this time it was not the case and that I slept nicely. Finally, on this trip I didn’t have those dark circles below the eyes, which worry the people around you, so everybody asks you a few times if you’re okay.

In Morocco I also had a nice tan, a good dream, and in one of the hotels I had a phenomenal face cream, imagine when I asked at the reception which cream is that as a simple question, as response I got supplies for a long time. Argan oil is really helpful, it is not some fairy tale story for young children! ?



The last day in Essaouira was fantastic, after a delicious breakfast, Saul and I decided to say nice Bye to this lovely city and we wanted to use the morning sun, photographers would always suggest that the best pictures are made between 7am and 9am in the morning, if we are talking about summer time and after five o’clock in the afternoon. Whoever did not know, just try the legend that the shadows are in the right place and that the photos are the best. Is there anything else that you can learn useful in my posts? ?



The soul of this city are small streets that you can notice from the main streets, where you can see that true everyday life in Morocco. This cheerful small street gave some special inspiration to me and this lady asked us to publish pictures where her face is not visible because her dress was very interesting to us. She was very nice and kind woman who wanted to help us and she posed for us for a few minutes and Saul even made a picture in the nearby store that she will have for a memory. I think those tears of joy and happiness were the best indicator how she liked her photo.



My dear travellers once again we have come to the end of post. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling and we will continue our adventure in Morocco.

How do you like this story about Essaouira? I would like to hear your opinion! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!



Photographer: Saul AguilarInstagram: @saaggo
Cameras: Sony Alpha 7r i Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Ph. by Saul Aguilar – Instagram: @saaggo


This post is sponsored by National Tourist Office of Kingdom of Morocco, Tourism Board of city of Essaouira, Gnaoua World Music Festival and Sofitel Magador Essaouira Hotel from Accor Hotels chain. For all these beautiful photos I used Sony Alpha 7r and Saul used Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Sri Lanka: The Island Where Dreams Live…

Hello guys, I hope you’re good and this nice time helps you to get through this working week so easily. There is still a little time left to the weekend, so the countdown can start now slowly! I think this is a perfect time to start a new series of posts and to discover all the beauties of a little paradise island country. Let me introduce you to one of the  most beautiful island – Sri Lanka!



When I received a mail from Sri Lanka’s tourism board, I couldn’t have read it all because of the excitement which I felt in that moment! The only thing I read was a sentence that I repeated in my head for a few minutes until I have finally come to myself and realized that I have the chance to visit such an exotic country: “Mark, are you ready for an adventure? Sri Lanka is calling you!”.



For a moment, I thought it was some early brilliant prank for April Fools’ Day, because the start of the trip was planned on April 1st and I just didn’t give up some importance. Of course, as always I just can’t sit like that so I checked with my colleagues bloggers.  I realized that it was time for the little Marko to visit Sri Lanka! My happiness in that moment I just can’t describe with the right words, there were tears of joy, my mom wanted to go with me, and there was a real mini drama in the house for a couple of days… After few days my mother, who as you know is my photographer, she forgave that I wouldn’t take her with me on the Sri Lanka’s trip.



The days have passed, the time for the journey was getting closer and closer, and I was secretly hoping that it was not a prank and I would really go to one such trip like that…

Three days before the trip I got my flight tickets and of course again you can just imagine me how I’m running through the house and screaming with joy, because that was the sign which I was waiting for…



The first day of the April, the unusual morning crowd in the downtown of Belgrade I hardly managed to get out and with a couple minutes of delay I checked on my flight and finally I’ve started my new adventure. That day I will remember, that is for sure! I didn’t feel the tiredness of the previous trip or the cry of frightened babies. I just couldn’t have missed reading of “professional travel literature” – Guide: How to survive Sri Lanka and some old issue of Hello magazine…



Well, landing in Doha it didn’t get to be scary as I was in India recently, so I acted like a true “professional” traveler and I went straight to the boarding gate for the Colombo.

After 11 hours of reading some “interesting” literature, few naps and 2 movies, Little Marko arrived to Colombo. First Impression: “I will die, here it has almost 37 degrees outside and it’s 4 am… God what’s waiting for me all those days!” I must admit they have very interesting airport. You wouldn’t expected to find a nice house technique at the airport itself! My mom still can’t forgive me when I told her how cheap the washing machine is. She has almost a heart attack because of sadness why I didn’t buy her a new Candy washing machine… of course it’s a joke! She was very happy when she saw a new pair of earrings, like any other woman! ?



The flight from Doha to Colombo was very interesting, although it was early in the morning and there was a lot of light there, so there was no feeling of how much hours you really traveled…

Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, is a real pearl of the Indian Ocean. The next day was interesting, together with my colleagues instagrammers and youtubers  I had the opportunity to enjoy in the magic of the Colombo. Just imagine walk the coast of the Indian Ocean and the temperature 37-degree, believe me it’s a real adventure. I was pretending that I’m hero just for two hours. I must admit that walking was worth because I’ve got a nice tan. 🙂



Sigiriya… The city of kings, a city that intrigues visitors with its history. Whether you are a lover of history or art, Sigiriya is the perfect place for you. And even if you just want to see more on Sri Lanka, Sigiriya for sure will stay in your memory for a long time.

Sigiriya or “Lion Rock” as a term or word is not widely known to people, but when someone shows the image of Sigiriya everything is changing. Almost everyone knows about the existence of this geological formation that the mighty Kings of Sri Lanka have turned into a fortress. Sigiriya is often called by people an eighth world miracle. Whether or not we will leave it to someone else to decide but it is certain that this natural formation and building is one of the main reasons for traveling to Sri Lanka. I would like to take the opportunity to say big thank you to Sigiriya Hotel for hospitality and kindness.  It’s a warm recommendation from the heart! On the picture below you can see that amazing Lion Rock from the Sigiriya hotel, isn’t it just wonderful?



The “Lion Rock” is a volcanic origin. It emerged as a hardened magma of long ago active volcano, which in the course of time has gained the shape that we now have the opportunity to see. Due to its position and natural shelters, the Lion Rock was inhabited since the prehistoric times. People who lived on and around, they left their stamp by building many caves and shelters. Since the end of the 20th century Sigiriya (Lion Rock) is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.



Since Sigiriya has no epithet of a religious building, you do not have to worry about dressing. It is very important that you know that when you visit religious buildings on Sri Lanka, regardless of the temperature for men it is important that they have to wear long trousers, they are allowed to be made of linen or some other light material for summer. Women are allowed to wear skirts or trousers just below the knee.



Guys, my advice for you is to go as early as possible on an excursion, there is a possibility that you will stay out of the crowd for a long time and the temperatures can be very high. Also the information you should know before you go on a trip is that there are more than 1200 steps on the Lion Stone, so whoever plans to climb to the very top should be in very good condition. I’ve reached the top, I really don’t even know how I did it. I thought of myself as a Rambo with that famous music from the movie, but I think I looked like a fallen mountain hiker who got lucky to get to the top! I’m honest at least! 🙂



At almost all of our excursions we met a lot of pupils from elementary schools, there were even pre-school children who always greeted me with the smile and with the famous question: “Where are you from?”. Very kind and nice children, they were really cute, even they were in a better shape than me! Whatever I am proud of myself, I have managed to climb this tall rock! 🙂





The view from the top was unbelievable, but I was most delighted when we got back to our van! ? The Lion’s rock is a real challenge for alpinists and for people who just love hiking, this was a great success for me and as I’m writing this post now, I just feel the same muscle pain which I had during this adventure. The blogging crew continues their journey and the next destination was the Kaudulla National Park. It’s time for safari guys!



Safari in Kaudulla National Park is the best activity on Sri Lanka that you shouldn’t miss. This is a unique opportunity to see the wild Asian elephants in live. This is the only place in the world where you can come this close to these wonderful animals. You can see their daily activities like eating, drinking water and swimming. Believe me it’s very interesting place.



It is very exciting when you have the chance to see elephants in their natural environment and at least feel the wild life of nature for a moment. Elephants move freely, we had a chance to see their mating…

I think they wanted to have a public! I thought for a moment to watch some reality TV show! But here the main actors are animals! ?



Third day on Sri Lanka’s adventure was slowly approaching to the end, a blogger crew came back to the hotel. Some people from the crew still had more energy to spend so they made a party. But for little Marko this day was too much and he went to sleep a little… I know, sometimes I’m very boring person!

Rise and shine sunshine! New day is up, little Marko has filled the batteries, and he has also prepared the batteries of cameras, so everything is ready for the action! Or maybe not ?! Maybe I’ll just chill a little and take another nap!



Finally, it was time for the beach! The east coast on Sri Lanka was not explored so much and we were the first group of international online media, which was visited this part of Sri Lanka. That was a great honour for us and this way I would like to thank the Sri Lankan tourism board on this amazing journey.

This was a very exciting trip, very fun when you have a good company everything is different! I was in the crew with the famous youtuber! He is well known in Canada, America and the Philippines, and he has millions of subscribers because he has multiple channels on the You Tube. His name is Mikey Bustos.

He is a very positive person, even I became a fan of vlogging now (Vlog – is making the videos of daily activities that would be interesting to the audience, a lot of bloggers and youtubers are doing that).  You can see me in his vlogs. It was so fun to make videos with him and Raquel and RJ (Romeo). Raquel and I just found out on this trip that we are real soulmates, why? We both have many interesting thing in common and both of us love photography.

Mikey, Raquel and Romeo were my companion with whom I spent most of my time in Sri Lanka. I can’t wait to see them again! Maybe we will catch up on my trip to the Philippines. Beside us, there were also professional photographers from Turkey and I aslo learned a lot of useful tricks! Thanks guys! ?



The ocean, the sun, but there is no more time to rest. Our break on the beach are interrupted by our guides and they remind us that it’s time to go on tour of the Hindu temple dedicated to the God of Shiva.



This is also one of the largest Hindu temples in Sri Lanka. It is dedicated to the Shiva, a god whose role is to destroy the Universe at the end of the existence of the world. The symbol of the Shiva is a phallus, which is an indicator of the male role in fertility and birth. Shiva is also a god of good and evil at the same time. It is easy to calm him down and at the same time it is very dangerous and very easily reveals its wrath…


The temple is very interesting and on the walls of the temple you can see God Siva in various situations. It was not allowed to take the photos in the temple, but you have the opportunity to see the diversity of colors on the photo above. I hope I have shown you this beauty and the vividness that this temple has.



After visiting the temple, we had the free time to explore the area and after that we were tired, but very happy and we returned to the hotel to charge our batteries for the new day.

Guys, we have come to the end of this first post from this series of posts about my adventures from Sri Lanka. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed and I would love to hear your opinion. Have you been in Sri Lanka? Are you planning to visit this tropical paradise? We’ll see next week what Sri Lanka has to offer us and we continue this amazing adventure! ?

If you have any questions, comments, suggestion or message for me you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as you know, you can always contact me via mail or social media, and you can find it on the CONTACT page.



I would like to thank Sri Lanka Tourism Board for this amazing adventure, as well I would like to say big thank you to hotels: Movenpick, Sigiriya Hotel and Nilaveli Beach Hotel.



This post is sponsored by Sri Lanka Tourism Board and Sony. This photos are made with the little help of Sony Alpha 7r and Sony RX100 Mark V.




Once upon a time in Berlin…


Hi everyone, how are you today? I sincerely hope that this winter has not ruined your good mood these days. Maybe I could cheer you up a little, I will share one fun fact with you that Berlin is these days much colder than I expected and that I really admire people how they manage to do their everyday routine. Today, I will write about the city where I spend more than 200 days per year and I am very proud to call that city as my other home – Berlin! I would like to thank the Tourism Board of city of Berlin – Visit Berlin for support. Thank you guys! 🙂



Life on the Belgrade-Berlin relation is not so easy, but I must admit that it’s much easier for me when I hear that all the most beautiful cities names in the world begin with letter B. Well, of course it’s a great compliment! Berlin, as I suppose you know is the main capital of Germany. Do you know what nickname the tourists gave Berlin? The city which never sleeps! Simply Berlin is a European city that never sleeps, even when the metro is closed…

How did I get to Berlin? I still think about that, but I think it was a destiny call for job, a paid flight ticket and a smile on my face are the main reasons that I might have the opportunity to change my life. As I remember it was like yesterday, a one rainy day in November. I didn’t allow the rain to ruin my special day, I immediately went to the hotel to leave my stuff. Exploring of the city and refreshing my memory was my first task for the first day a little because it was not my first “meeting” with this beautiful city.



I bought some sandwich, just sat on some “improvised” bench and I just started to watch people on the street trying to imagine myself in a suit or some nice coat how I’m running in the metro to catch the train because I will late for work. Pretty tense, is not it? Germany is a country in which rules are known in advance, there is almost no exceptions. Bills must be paid in advance by the first day of the month. I will only say a very well organised country.

Finally, day D came – interview with an employer. Shortly after stepping into the office building, I realised that this place wasn’t for me. Of course, the interview ended well, so I got a nice job offer, but I knew that this place was definitely not for me. Yeah, I know maybe you will say I’m a childish person, but I’m a big dreamer so please don’t ruin my hopes! 🙂



After the interview, I started to look the Berlin with some another eyes, because I was far from my goal – life in Germany. All right, I will survive! I was sure that there would be a chance that would suit me completely. I was lost in my minds, I walked the streets with some sad face, smile had gone. At one point someone tapped me on the shoulder with the words: “Oh my God, is it possible ?! Marko, is that you? “- It was my friend Ines, who moved to Berlin after being married. Fortunately, she ended up that day with the job and we headed for coffee right away.

After that typical talk and questions about family, health and everyday matters, Ines asked me one simple question. Why I came to Berlin? I explained to her that I had come for a job interview and that I was not really satisfied, and I would like to stay in Germany. Her question: “Marko, what do you think  about some job where you are going to work with German companies and International companies as well and occasionally to come to Berlin just to say hello? I have to tell you, your blog is absolutely amazing, I love it! “.

Ines is my colleague, my marketing soul. She has achieved her dreams, she has been employed in one of the most successful PR agencies in Germany. Suddenly, her husband called her called her, so she had to hurry home, she just gave me a business card and told me to come tomorrow morning and she would explain everything to me, she was sure that I would like her proposal.

After a sudden interesting meeting and conversation with my good friend I got some new hope, I wanted to yell so loud: “Berlin, here I come!”. I literally bounced off to the hotel, knowing that working with Ines is very funny because she is similar to me and nothing does not hold us in one place at all. It’s all nice, but I forgot to buy a metro ticket because of my happiness. Thanks God for not having control that day in metro!



New day has come, new hopes, it’s time for new victories! I was singing whole morning while I was dressing up for the meeting and slowly I headed towards to the address that was on the business card. A totally different feeling than yesterday, a beautiful building, people kinda cheerful, I said to myself: “Yes, that’s it!”. While I was trying to explain to the secretary why I came to Ines, she (Ines) by her good old customs, quietly came in and yelled “Hey blogger boy, come here we have some work to do!”. Ines and her pranks, you just need some time to understand her! ?

As we sat and talked, I lost myself in counting cakes and all those sweets and even big chocolate cakes began to arrive. Ines told me that I’m a goddamn lucky man because I came to their “Sweet Day” in the office when companies for which they work send them products to cheer them up. When I saw the conditions for work I would agree to work as a cleaner, cakes are acceptable to pay my bills! ?

We had a nice chit chat and finally we went over to the thing I came for. The whole thing was based on my blog that I opened just to entertain myself and finally that I have some place where I will be able to show people my love for life, fashion and to share some lifestyle tips and of course to entertain others with my posts. I have never had in mind that I would have the opportunity to earn something from my blog. It was so early!



I’m listening to Ines, in half of the fairy tale I’ve lost… I’ve already imagined myself on all those nice places she mentioned to me. I kept silent for about twenty minutes (wow that was a record for me!), I thought I would pass out! She mentioned that she immediately has excellent clients for me and that we can sign the contract tomorrow, I can bring contact with me to read it well and see what will happen to Mr.M blog.

Ines gave me an interesting red card, it was a beautiful red color. It was Berlin Welcome Card (a tourist card that gives tourists many benefits in Berlin). Thank to her I had my transportation card for the next 5 days! She saved me for the next 5 days and I managed to do something nice and see some new sights in Berlin. I mentioned that the Welcome Berlin card offers various benefits, discounts, and some attractions you can visit completely for free, while for certain you have special discounts that may mean a lot.

The best thing is a transport ticket for all three zones is included in the price. Berlin has A, B and C zones, and when you use the transport irrelevant whether it is a subway, S-Bahn or bus, you have to be careful that you have a proper ticket, otherwise you need to pay a fee if the controller comes! ? Transportation in Berlin is not cheap, so it’s best to check out the Welcome Berlin Card website and see the program that will fit your needs for your stay in Berlin. Berlin is no longer so far away, there are low cost flights, sometimes some good promo fares and for few hours there is you in Berlin!

A year and a half later, my life turned 1720 degrees! (360 degrees is too small for me! :D)      It’s the same Berlin, but a bit more beautiful version of little Marko who can say he is happy with his life. Oh yes, Berlin is my city of dreams! You know that famous sentence: “Come to Hollywood, here all dreams become real!”. I think that you can achieve your dreams a bit closer, perhaps in your neighborhood, somewhere in Europe. I found my Hollywood in Germany so you can try to find yours somewhere, or maybe you can try your luck in Germany why not?! Berlin is always there to welcome you!

Why do I love Berlin? Since I’m Virgo in the horoscope, at least once in your life I’m sure that you heard how Virgos are real maniacs when it comes about work and doing some things on time. That’s what I liked in Germany – Everything is on time! Whether it’s only a matter of transportation or the provision of some other service, regularity and quality is something I highly value. Their standard of living is far above ours in Serbia for example, but stop! Think about it? Just imagine yourself how you work in Berlin, you have some costs of living there, apartment, bills, food, clothes. Don’t worry, you will be able to do it, maybe you will save something and you will travel a little. It is important that you do what you love and everything is much easier!


How do you like this combination? How did you like Berlin? I would like to hear your opinion! Have you ever been in Berlin? If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social networks, you can find on the CONTACT page.

We’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!





Jacket: Burberry

Turtle-Neck Sweater: Pal Zileri

Trousers: Burberry

Scarf: Burberry

Sneakers: Tod’s


Camera: Sony Alpha 7r



This post is sponsored by Tourism Board of Berlin and Tod’s S.p.A.