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Burberry: An Exemplary Icon of British Luxury and Refinement

My dear fashionistas, I hope you are ready for a new fashion adventure. Autumn is the most interesting fashion period when we all tend to experiment a lot and play with fashion. A trench coat is the best investment with which you can always create a large number of outfit combinations without much thought. My story today will be dedicated to my most favorite British fashion house that you had the opportunity to see years ago on the Mr.M blog – Burberry.

All the people who have been following my blog for years know that I have a great love for Burberry trench-coats and coats, honestly I don’t even know how many of their fashion pieces I own anymore, but I know that this is my favorite trench and the color that I always like to wear – the color of honey. Soft pastel golden camel color that blends very easily with other colors. In today’s fashion story, I will show you a new and unique fashion item in my wardrobe: Burberry trench-vest.

Burberry trenchcoats and coats represent the pinnacle of world fashion and have become indispensable fashion classics today. These coats were created by the founder of the Burberry company, Thomas Burberry, more than 100 years ago, inspired by the British heritage, and at the same time introduced elements of urban fashion.

You can find all classic Burberry coats in 5 basic models: Legendary Kensington, Westminster, Chelsea, Waterloo and Pimlico. All models are named after London districts. What is the difference between these models?

The Kensington – a classic model with a modern cut that easily adapts to any silhouette. The most popular model, which is available in four basic colors: gray, navy, honey color (camel) and black. Also, this model is made in two lengths. The coat you see on me today is this model.

The Westminster – a model that is extended (oversized) and lightly cut for a draped silhouette. Basic colors: honey color (camel) and dark green (khaki). Also, this model is made in two lengths.

The Chelsea – a model characterized by a slim fit (narrow form close to the body) with narrow shoulders and a cut waist. The basic colors are honey and taupe and it is also available in two lengths.

The Waterloo – A more comfortable fit, a longer model than the classic with a subtle and relaxed fit that is ideal for layering. This model is usually made in three basic colors: maroon, black and honey-camel and is available in only one length.

The Pimlico, a simple flat cut decorated with a single-row fastening of a minimalistic character and a modern cut. This model is usually made in navy, biscuit (biscuit color) and honey color – camel. This model is also only available in one classic length.

I would like to note that all the listed colors are only classics that are always produced, but the Burberry company introduces seasonal colors to enrich its offer.

Most Burberry coats have been hand-crafted in Castleford, Yorkshire for over 50 years from gabardine – a revolutionary fabric that Thomas Burberry proudly introduced in 1879. Polished, light and practical, beautiful cotton resistant to all kinds of weather conditions that remains at the heart of the Burberry brand to this day. The classic coat model originated and developed from the basic form of the Tielocken coat, which was patented in 1912 by Thomas Burberry. A simple but refined unique shape that has been adapted over the years and has become a recognizable Burberry coat.

Each Burberry coat is special and has its own story – one that is made to last and write new pages of life’s chapters together with you. Buying a Burberry trench or coat is an investment, it is a fashion piece that can really be worn nicely and for a long time with proper maintenance and it is a thing you can leave for generations to come. I inherited my first Burberry coat from my grandfather and today I keep it carefully and wear it on special occasions because it has a special sentimental value for me.

When the time comes to buy a Burberry trench, it’s a big deal and especially if you are buying a coat for the first time it is very important to buy a “iconic” piece that you can combine with your items from your wardrobe and it is best to buy a coat in your favorite color, without blindly following trends.

To the readers of the Mr.M blog, I have become a recognizable symbol of autumn precisely because of the Burberry trench coats and I have received numerous questions about the advice for smart purchase of a Burberry coat. I have tried to highlight important questions and provide you with adequate answers that can help you during your purchase. All answers represent my personal opinion and certain observations, so don’t generalize things, take this as buying advice.

What are the basic colors you should think about when buying a Burberry trench or coat? There is no universal answer to this question, but I will share with you my opinion and some of my colleagues and fashion experts with whom I like to exchange opinions. I think that for a start, there are 3 colors by which the Burberry trench or coat is recognizable, and they are: Beige (washed stone color), Camel (honey color) and Black color.

These three colors are some fashion statement basics, but as I said it all depends on the taste of the owner of the new Burberry trench, maybe that customer thinks that the basic colors in the palette are: red, purple and olive green. Therefore, a person will decide to buy a coat in one of those colors, which Burberry has in its seasonal offer.

Is the length of the coat crucial when making a purchase decision? Of course! I always try to advise people to buy iconic items in classic cuts and lengths and not to blindly follow trends. Trends are changing, one season there are modern coats of casual cuts with puff sleeves quite long length to the ground, after two months or a year later another trend comes. My most honest advice is to buy a coat of length that suits your body constitution in proportion to your own height. Burberry trench coats exist in several lengths and I am sure you can always find the ideal coat for yourself.

Once again, is it worth investing money in a honey trench coat? If you are a fan of camel color and have a lot of things in pastel or neutral colors, then I think you know the right answer. If you feel some kind of insecurity while trying on a camel coat and reconsider your decision several times, I think it’s best to try another color. When you buy an expensive item like a Burberry coat it is something that must be accompanied by a feeling of fulfillment and security.

The trench coat or a coat are pieces that are worn over other pieces of clothing, so it is best to look at your favorite pieces of clothing and shoes before buying and judge for yourself which are the two or three colors that might come into consideration when buying a coat. Camel color is a neutral color and blends with other colors with great ease, but each of us knows our wardrobe best and you may find the ideal solution since buying a Burberry coat is a real investment.

Is it worth investing money in a vest-trench coat? A vest- trench coat is an interesting piece of fashion and can be worn in a variety of ways as you can always change the jacket or the piece of clothing you wear underneath, this makes this piece of clothing more attractive, but a coat is always a unique piece and if I personally would invest in my first capital piece, it would certainly be a coat or trench coat. A vest-trench coat is an interesting investment if you already have several trench coats or coats in your wardrobe, and in some way you want to refresh your outfits a little sometimes. To summarize, if you are building your wardrobe and investing in capital fashion pieces, my sincere recommendation is to first buy trench coats, coats and good jackets, but if you already own capital pieces in your wardrobe, a vest-trench coat is an interesting fashion piece that will refresh your outfits.

Did we fit in nicely at the end? Honestly, I believe we are. After so many years of loyalty to this British brand and because of my personal interest, I have learned a lot about their offer and I am lucky to always be able to show my favorite pieces from the fashion house Burberry on my blog.


Vest – Trench Coat: Burberry

Quilted Jacket: Roberto Cavalli

Turtleneck Sweater: Loro Piana

Trousers: Loro Piana

Gloves: Bottega Veneta via MYTHERESA MEN

Shoes: Christian Louboutin via MYTHERESA MEN

I have to admit that for the first time in my life I came across a fashion piece like a vest- trench coat and I wanted to combine it with some interesting jacket that is not thick, and on the other hand to match the colors. I found the solution quite unexpectedly in a jacket that I got last time from the Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli, but I didn’t get to show it on the Mr. M blog because of the intersection of the FW22 and SS23 seasons. I think this is the right time to show it to you because of its unusual bronze – brownish color.

Roberto Cavalli is a famous Italian luxury fashion company founded by designer Roberto Cavalli in Osmannore, Florence, during the 1970s. This brand has become famous in the fashion world for its colorful animal prints on leather and textiles. Roberto Cavalli produces and sells haute couture – a first line consisting of limited runway models, ready-to-wear products that are divided into several fashion lines, as well as fashion accessories, including handbags, glasses, watches, shoes, perfumes and jewelry. The company also develops an interior design program for high-end buildings and hotels.

Mr. Roberto Cavalli studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. His grandfather was a prominent painter of the Macchiaioli group. His fashion career began in the 1960s. Working in his own silk printing press, he began to apply a new painting technique to fully made garments, which later resulted in garment dyeing techniques. During the 1970s, he continued to experiment with other materials, mainly leather.

Mr. Cavalli’s debut collection was held in Paris in 1970, where he proudly displayed his leather patchwork designs, created in collaboration with Mario Valentino. In 1972, he presented his patchwork designs applied to jeans at the first Roberto Cavalli women’s collection show at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the main pret-a-porter event in Italy at the time. His work has attracted many global fashion houses, including Hermès, Pierre Cardin, Krizia and Emilio Pucci.

The 1994 collection at Milan Fashion Week staged a new vision of the Cavalli woman: playful tiger and wild animal motifs applied to jeans, printed clothing, embroidered fur and long, sumptuous dresses that elegantly revealed the woman’s body. Animal print has become a recognizable element of the Italian fashion house Cavalli. Later, sandblasted denim came out and the fashion house was the first to show lycra stretch jeans.

New clothing lines were launched on the market: Just Cavalli, Angels & Devils (renamed Roberto Cavalli Junior) and Class Cavalli. The first Roberto Cavalli mono-brand boutique was opened in Venice in 1996. At the end of 2001, the brand was distributed in more than 30 countries, including the United States, Asia and Russia.

The Marcolin Group began to develop and distribute Roberto Cavalli and Just Cavalli sunglasses and optical frames in 2002 alongside the Sector company, the Cavalli fashion house designs 6 Cavalli watch lines, which themselves achieved incredible success and contributed to the development of this fashion house. In addition to the world of fashion, the fashion house opened the Just Cavalli club in Milan in the same year. A few years later, in 2007 to be precise, Roberto Cavalli became the first Italian luxury fashion brand to create a limited collection for the everyday street fashion brand H&M.

In celebration of its 40th anniversary in 2010, Roberto Cavalli fashion house presented an exclusive show collection in Paris, which included most of its iconic dresses for which the brand has become recognizable. In recent years, under the leadership of Roberto Cavalli, the new interior design division Roberto Cavalli Home debuted at the 2012 Salone del Mobile.

The quilted jacket that you have the opportunity to see in today’s fashion story is a classic jacket with oversized cut that can follow current fashion trends. This showpiece is from the Fall/Winter 2022/23 collection, but I think it’s an exceptional timeless piece that will simply always be in fashion.

If you want to stay updated and find out what the Roberto Cavalli brand has in store for the new fashion season, visit their official online store and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Loro Piana is an Italian company specialised in clothing and textile products. This fashion house is considered the largest producer of cashmere and also the world’s largest artisanal company processing the luxury fiber.

The Loro Piana company has three divisions (textile divisions): a division that deals with the production of high-quality materials using precious fibers such as cashmere and baby cashmere, vicuna, linen and merino wool, a division that deals with the creation of luxury fashion items (production and distribution of men’s, women’s clothing, footwear and fashion accessories) and the interior design department – production and distribution of interior design products.

In today’s post you have the chance to see two special items, a turtleneck sweater and trousers from the latest men’s Loro Piana Autumn-Winter 2023/24 collection, which are just a small piece of my favorites this season due to their signature elegance and my love for neutral colors. Made from 100% cashmere, this light taupe turtleneck sweater is perfect for the man who pays attention to details and leaves nothing to chance.

This elegant cashmere turtleneck in lighter taupe color, is perfect for all occasions and extremely easy to match with other colors. On the other hand, cashmere dark brown trousers are a piece that every man should have in his wardrobe. If you want to stay updated and find out which pieces the Loro Piana brand has in its offer, visit their official online store and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Everyone who follows the Mr.M blog knows that I am a big fan of high quality and interesting shoes, regardless of whether they are sneakers or elegant shoes, I always try to pay maximum attention to fashion details such as footwear. Today we’re meeting again with a famous French house whose creations I adore and you’ve seen before on the Mr.M blog.

Today’s fashion story is special because I have the opportunity to show you my favorite new brown Christian Louboutin shoes that are a real work of art that marked the work of this famous maestro whose masterpieces adorn the shoe closets of many celebrities from the world of music, film and entertainment, and even politics! There is no person who has not resisted wearing this designer, regardless of whether it is a person of female or male, Louboutin shoes are loved by the whole planet.

If it wasn’t for my friends from MYTHERESA, a shopping platform that is a real fashion treasure for all men and women fashion lovers, these shoes wouldn’t be in this blog post on the Mr.M blog today. I am very grateful to the MYTHERESA platform for their trust and wonderful collaboration and I would like to thank them again from the bottom of my heart for my Louis Orlato Strass high-top sneakers made with Swarovski crystals in pastel – brown shades.

From my friends at MYTHERESA this season I also received beautiful Bottega Veneta leather gloves in cognac color, which are extremely attractive because of their croco embossed print. The quality of the leather can be felt at the very first touch.

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of this November autumn fashion story, where together we discovered the beauty and brilliance of the elegance of the luxurious British fashion house Burberry, the prestigious Italian brand Loro Piana, the luxurious Italian brands Bottega Veneta and Roberto Cavalli, which represent a symbol of timeless elegance and became a true classic, as well as French elegance with the luxury shoe brand Christian Louboutin and the beauty of shopping with the MYTHERESA platform, partners with whom fashion stories are a real adventure. I sincerely hope you got some inspiration for your ideal fall outfit!

See you soon and continue our adventures on the Mr.M blog! How did you like my outfit today? I really tried my best to prepare today’s post with lots of love and I hope you like it!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or any message for me, you can write me below in the comments. Of course, as always, you can contact me via email or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. I’ll see you soon!


This post is sponsored by the Burberry, Loro Piana, Roberto Cavalli, MYTHERESA (Christian Louboutin i Bottega Veneta) brands. This post is my personal and honest review of their products.


MONCLER: A Brand that was born in the Mountains and lives in the City!

My dear fashionistas, welcome to the Mr.M blog! I hope you are well and ready for new fashion adventures! You all know how much I appreciate the beauty and elegance of the color black, but I rarely wear it because I feel that my brown hair color does not suit me very well. I’m interested in your opinion, so tell me after this post how you think the color black looks on me, do you think it suits me?

Moncler is one of the most famous French-Italian luxury fashion houses specializing in ready-to-wear clothing, based in Milan. This fashion story begins as a jacket boutique, after which Moncler expanded to design vests, raincoats, windbreakers, knitwear, leather goods, shoes, perfumes and accompanying fashion accessories. The brand’s core symbol includes a rooster, the monogram “M”, a badge with felt appliqués, crossed skis and a cartoon duck mascot.

The Moncler brand was founded in 1952 in the Alpine town of Monestier-de-Clermont in France. Interestingly, quilted Moncler jackets were used by cold weather workers, mountaineers and skiers across Europe. Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini bought the near-bankrupt company in 2003 and moved it to Milan, relaunching Moncler as a global luxury clothing manufacturer.

Mr. Ruffini used his own capital to keep the brand running great and his faith and dedication led to the fashion house reporting an incredible 2 billion in revenue in 2022. The Moncler fashion house’s collaboration with new designers and the purchase of the Stone Island brand has led to an increased presence in street fashion and opening up new opportunities in the fashion world.

This iconic French-Italian brand of winter clothing, which became famous for its unusual warm and modern winter jackets, last year celebrated its 70th birthday in a special way – a special anniversary with a unique campaign “Forever Extraordinary” – Extraordinary Forever. In honor of this special jubilee, fashion house Moncler organized special exhibitions and fashion shows where special limited collections were shown that lasted 70 days. On this occasion, the famous Moncler Maya jacket model has been given a new look and has been redesigned in several new ways as a tribute to this legendary model that Moncler has become known for. The jackets were designed by seven world designers such as Thom Brown, Rick Owens, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Giambattista Valli, Francesco Ragazzi and Pharrell Williams.

The title of my post today comes from the brand’s slogan “born in the mountains, lives in the city” and it was a true story when the brand was under the creative leadership of Chantal Thomas, when Moncler made a historic transition from the mountains to the city and became an iconic winter brand that produced clothing for the younger generation. The door of luxury to this brand was opened by Mr. Remo Ruffini who started the strategy of globalizing the brand and directed the brand towards the luxury segment of consumers.

Fashion house Moncler has achieved worldwide success that continues to this day, and fashion experts believe that this is due to true respect for its own beginnings and improvement of archival models and active participation in the progress of the community through numerous projects.

What are the famous Moncler collections:

  • Moncler: the main fashion line for men and women
  • Moncler Enfant: children’s clothing collection
  • Moncler Grenoble: a collection of special ski clothing
  • Moncler Gamme Rouge: Moncler haute couture collection designed by Alessandra Facchinetti and then Giambattista Valli. From 2008 to 2018, the collection was presented during Paris Fashion Week. The collaboration and the last collection were concluded with the spring-summer 2018 collection.
  • Moncler Gamme Bleu: men’s collection designed by Thom Browne and presented at Milan Fashion Week. The collaboration and collection were concluded with the spring-summer 2018 launch.
  • Moncler About: Collaboration between Moncler and Off-White with Virgil Abloh (Fall-Winter 2016-17 and Spring-Summer 2017 collections)
  • Moncler C – Collide: Collaboration between Moncler and British designer Craig Green (Autumn-Winter 2017-18 and Spring-Summer 2018 collections).
  • Moncler Genius: Mr. Remo Ruffini conceived the Moncler Genius project in 2018, where designers create collections interpreting Moncler’s identity that are launched on a monthly basis.

In today’s post you have the opportunity to see the legendary Moncler Maya jacket made of the finest black leather. The jacket has an extraordinary amount of elegance, although I had the feeling when I saw it in the catalog that it was a sports jacket. My guess is that this model of the legendary sports winter jacket in a leather version is completely different and has a touch of elegance and refinement.

If you want to stay updated and find out which models of clothing and fashion accessories the French-Italian brand Moncler has in its offer, visit their official online store and follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

We continue our fashion journey through Italian fashion and today we are meeting again with one interesting brand on the Mr.M blog – Mauro Ottaviani. How to describe this Italian brand in 3 words? Passion, innovation and coherence. These are associations for the Mauro Ottaviani brand, which aims to provide a concrete answer to the needs of modern men, who are used to dynamic rhythms, yet capable of appreciating the values of quality and design. The search for raw materials became a central element, following the philosophy that high performance is obtained when design and functionality are perfectly balanced.

How did this brand come about? The roots of this fashion house date back to 1978, when Raniero Ottaviani founded what is still the production core of today’s company – passion and love for knitwear. A few years later, in 1993 to be exact, Raniere’s three children – Mauro, Simona and Elena – took over the group, inspired by their father’s work, but looking for a way to develop it in order to take the family legacy even further.

Initially, the group specialized as a high-level service offering quality support to its customers, who are among the most demanding names in Italian and international menswear. The company’s geographical location in the heart of the Umbrian production region guarantees access to superior craftsmanship and the expertise of a great culture and tradition.

In today’s post you have the opportunity to see Mauro OttavianiCASHLIGHT is a 100% premium ultrafine cashmere that combines the carded appearance of classic cashmere with the light and compact properties due to the twisting of carded cashmere yarns with brushed cashmere yarns. The sweater model you see on me is CL24504 – ROMA POLO made of Cashlight finest cashmere. In the next post, I will write more about this knitwear brand.

If you want to stay updated and find out what the Mauro Ottaviani knitwear brand has prepared for the new winter season, visit their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Leather Jacket: Moncler

Sweater: Mauro Ottaviani

Jeans: Loro Piana

Sneakers: Salvatore Ferragamo

Everyone who follows the Mr.M blog knows that I am a big fan of quality and interesting shoes, regardless of whether they are sneakers or elegant shoes, I always try to pay maximum attention to fashion details such as footwear. Today I want to introduce you to an Italian brand whose footwear models I adore and so far you have had the opportunity to see some of their famous models on the Mr.M blog.

Salvatore Ferragamo, rebranded in September 2022 as Ferragamo is a luxury Italian fashion house based in Florence. Specializing in the design and manufacture of footwear and leather goods, the remaining products include ready-to-wear, silk products, fashion accessories and licensed eyewear, watches and perfumes.

The company was founded in 1927 by Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence. The Ferragamo family remained the majority shareholder with approximately 65% of the company. The news is that the British designer Maximilian Davies has been appointed as the creative director of the fashion house Ferragamo from March 2022. There is a rule that only three members of the Ferragamo family can work in the company, to avoid creating a sense of fierce competition.

These Ferragamo sneakers are made of the highest quality genuine python leather in black. These sneakers are from the spring-summer collection, but due to the elegant black shade, I think they can also fit nicely with autumn and winter outfits.

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of this fashion story, where together we have discovered the beauty and splendor of the elegance of the luxury French-Italian brand Moncler, the prestigious Italian brand Loro Piana, the beauty of winter with the luxury Italian knitwear brand Mauro Ottaviani and the famous Italian fashion house that is a symbol of timeless elegance and has become a real classic – Ferragamo, partners with whom fashion stories are a real adventure. I sincerely hope you got some inspiration for your ideal winter outfit!

See you soon and continue our adventures on the Mr.M blog! How did you like my outfit today? I really tried my best to prepare today’s post with lots of love and I hope you like it!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or any message for me, you can write me below in the comments. Of course, as always, you can contact me via email or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. I’ll see you soon!

With love,
Mr. M

This post is sponsored by the Moncler, Loro PianaMauro Ottaviani and Ferragamo  brands. This post is my personal and honest review of their products.