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Mr.M Travel Diary: How Traveling Can Change Your Life?

My dear travellers, how are you today? I really hope you are in the perfect mood and you’re ready for a new post. In the previous post, I asked you for advice about blog content, as we will have little difficulty doing business in the tourism industry. Due to the spread of the Corona virus, world-class tourism will have great consequences as well as other services. For today, I have prepared for you a special post in which I will compare 4 destinations that are somehow “related”.

Travel is itself a great gift that life gives us and when we have the opportunity to explore new cultures and connect with other people. Whether it is a classic tourist trip or a business trip, the journey itself provides an opportunity to expand our knowledge and perspectives that will allow us to more easily to accept some of the new changes that are being imposed on us over time. Man is a social being who tries his best to feed his curious side, and scientists have confirmed that travel is the best “soul food”.

When it comes to travel, it is not the destination that matters, but the company you choose as your travel companions, because you mostly do not go alone. The destination is completely irrelevant, it can also be something in your immediate vicinity of where you live, to some of the farthest points on Earth. The possibilities are great, the question is what are your personal interests.


The first destination I decided to write you some of my impressions on today is far away country called India. I had the opportunity to visit this unusual and populous country in Asia two years ago, in 2018, when I was selected by thousands of bloggers from all over the world to visit this amazing country. At that moment, I was really excited and fulfilled with both business and emotional sides. Firstly, it was a great honor for me to be selected from so many bloggers in the world and to organize my trip in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of India. On the other hand, I fulfilled my biggest childhood dream and I visited the country about I heard the stories of my father who visited India many times.

I always dreamed of visiting the famous Taj Mahal and seeing the “River of Life” – the Ganges River flowing through the most famous historical city – Varanasi. As financial situation in the Balkan region is on average, poor level, most people only dream of going to India once for the lifetime or stay dreaming visiting this country. I was fortunate enough to fulfill my dream and embark on an incredible journey that I am sure would honestly not be able to raise money on my own and provide this kind of adventure which worth few thousands of dollars.

This trip was special because I was able to discover all the beauties of the Golden Triangle in India, thanks to the National Railways of the Republic of India, which helped me get in touch with the management of the Maharaja’s Express, a train everyone says is a “5 stars hotel on the wheels ”. Their team was carefully listening to my ideas and they were fulfilled my wishes so we made an unusual trip where we added a little more cities in their itinerary and I’ve got an unusual and magical trip through India.

It was my first long distance trip where I had the opportunity to get to know a whole new culture and to get to know the beauties of one of the most populous countries in the world – India. For 12 days of unusual train journey, we toured the quaint cities in the heart of India every day, and on this occasion I made a lot of interesting stories which I shared with you on the blog in 2018. It was a journey that fulfilled my childhood dreams, on the other hand I was extremely proud because I came to India for my dedicated blog work.

I think that everyone should visit India at least once in your lifetime just to see the beauty of the diversity of cultures and that Hindu culture may be far away to us, but at heart we will understand each others. Of course, it is necessary to save enough money to be able to feel the magic of this country and I think that for 1200 to 1500 euros you can buy plane tickets when airlines have some special fare sales and for that budget you can also provide decent accommodation and visit some of the most famous sights in India.

With pocket money you will need about 1800 to 2000 euros for a trip like this. When it comes to far distant destinations, most of the budget is spent on airline tickets while accommodation, food and basic necessities are not that expensive. That is why it is important to take advantage of the special actions that airlines occasionally carry out and by buying tickets to distant destinations like India.

At the very end of this remarkable adventure, I had the opportunity to visit the city of Varanasi, through which passes the “river of life” – the Ganges, which is of great mythical importance to the Indians. This is not an ordinary city, this is a place where the deity Shiva meets the Mother of Ganges daily. Hundreds of dead people are being burned here every day, who in this way get rid of the classical cycle of life and go to a holy place. It may be a bit morbid for our European understanding and way of life, but for Hindu culture this is acceptable as a cult that have some special order of process of life in their country.

If you want to understand Hindu culture, it is necessary to go there without any prejudice. If you go with some initial negative attitude, you will not be able to understand and see the contrast and all the beauty and diversity of this unusual country. My advice is to book your ticket and when you have the ideal opportunity not to think too much and enjoy the beauty of this far away country.

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A country that can be compared to India in some ways, not only do they share a place in Asia, but in both countries it is natural and their cultures are so unreal and different. When it comes to the size of these countries, it is impossible to compare, because Laos is one of the smallest countries in this part of the world.

No matter the size, this tiny green emerald of Asia can, due to its turbulent history and unusual culture, is great “rival” to India. This trip is a little fresher for me because this adventure was realised at the end of last year, in November 2019.

First when someone mentions Southeast Asia, the first associations are long and exhausting flights. Yes it is true, especially since you have to change several airports and flights to get to Laos, but when you step on the soil of this paradise of greenery you realize that it was all worth it. This is a land where you can rest all your senses. Unlike in India, Laos is for all lovers of nature and more peaceful tourism. Here you can come to really rest and learn something new about Lao culture and Buddhism in a completely different way.

It was a great honour for me to be one of the first bloggers in the world to have a chance to visit Laos in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism. The main goal of my visit was to promote Lao culture, traditions and their customs. I wanted to attend on their most important Buddhist religious festival, and a ministry team led by a minister made it a point to experience the beauty of sharing joy with others in mid-November when That Luang Festival is usually held.

In addition to the capital of Laos – Vientiane, I also had the opportunity to visit Luang Prabang, a city of great historical importance to the Lao people. It was once the “cradle” of the Lao kings and from there the influence spread to the rest of the country, until the role of the capital after the kingdom collapsed was officially assigned to Vientiane.

Laos is a country where you can explore the beauties and charms of untouched nature and learn some new historical facts about this part of the world. Believe me, no matter the size of this small country, it is all disproportionate to the injustice and fate of the Lao people throughout history.

In addition, you will learn more about their culture, traditions and religion. After this visit, I got a whole different view of the world with the help of the prism of truth that Buddhism gives you.

If you find the right guides to explain the essence of Buddhism and some of the basics of the rules and principles of this religion, you will understand some of life’s truths and injustices in life. Perhaps this will help you see your life problems from a whole new angle.

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Morocco is one of those countries in Africa that you fantasize about after seeing a movie or your favorite series. So it was the case with me when I dreamed about this country after I met her “cinematically” after I “saw” as a child in the last scenes of the famous movie “Original Sin” with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas and the series “Forbidden Love”. Where, in addition to Marrakesh, who played the leading role, was somewhere between the city walls and forbidden the love of the beautiful Moroccan girl Jade and Lucas, the love of two young people who defied all laws.

According to my social channels, Morocco is the destination that has caused the most emotion in most of my readers. Honestly, the same was the case with me. For a while, I dreamed of visiting Morocco and feeling that mixture of Africa and Europe in French language. Morocco is a country that you cannot describe in just three words. It is a country of contrast and to which I have given the epithet “Sand Fairy Tale”.

Marrakech is a dream city and it was a cradle of inspiration from one of the greatest fashion virtuosos, who certainly marked the 20th century fashion and made a real way for French design and creation.

In addition to Marrakesh, the serenity of blue azure shades of blue brings an unusual city on the Atlantic coast. Esauira is a picturesque fishing town. Due to the climatic conditions, he was given the sympathetic nickname “Town of the Winds”.

There is a very interesting festival that is organized every year in the fall and is dedicated to all dragon lovers. I may not have had the opportunity to feel that adrenaline, but I did enjoy the beautiful pictures shown by the guides from the Tourist Organization of this incredible city.

I found out a few more interesting things about this quaint town. Did you know that this city used to be known as the Portuguese name Mogador, which in Berber means a wall, because Portuguese Mogador was strongly fortified. It was because of these walls that Esauira was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in Africa in 2001.

The reason for my visit to this unusual country was the Gnaoua World Music Festival, which is a musical treasure trove of elements of jazz, pop and rock music, and trying in every way to explore some new musical directions. An interesting event that brings together artists from all over the world with famous artists who are members of the Moroccan ethnic group of peoples better known as Gnaoua or Gnawa.

I will remember this trip for the incredible blue and sandy scenery and smiling faces of Moroccans. It is the people that sets each country apart, many people think it is irrelevant, but it is the people who help differentiate a particular country from the rest. Collective behavior depends on whether the state will receive a positive or negative “rating”.

I hope to have the opportunity to visit Morocco soon again and to continue my adventure where I left off. Morocco is one exceptional country that gives us a lot of opportunities and it has been a great pleasure for me to feature it on my blog.

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A country with a long and fascinating history that marked human existence. The cradle of a civilization dating back a little over 4500 years, whose history we had the opportunity to learn in primary and secondary schools. When you mention Egypt, the first association with this ancient civilization is the “eternal” monuments that are one of the seven wonders of the world – the pyramids.

As we approached Cairo, I couldn’t even imagine that I would get a chance to see those incredible sights located not far from Cairo on the Giza Plateau. Only when you land in Cairo and head to Giza do you realize how small a man is, but with great effort he can do great things. The pyramids are the result of human efforts to work a miracle for the “gods on earth” as the rulers and pharaohs enjoyed the reputation of mythical beings at that time.

In October 2019, I had the opportunity to visit the center of Hellenistic culture, Alexandria and the jewel of the Red Sea – Hurghada, in addition to Cairo and Giza. It was my honor and great pleasure to be the Destination Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt this year at the Belgrade International Tourism Fair held a few days ago in Belgrade.

42nd Belgrade Tourism Fair marked this year and I am glad that for the first time in many years, Egypt was the partner country of such a significant event in Serbia and the Balkan region as well.

I hope that after resolving this current situation with the Corona virus, it will bring things back to normal and that at least towards the end of this year, tourism will be a bit lively. Tourists have always been dear and welcome guests to this country in Africa, and I’m sure the Egyptians welcome us this year with open arms.

In addition to exceptional resorts and landscaped beaches, Egypt is also known for its many cultural monuments and archeological sites. If you have the time, make some plan to visit Alexandria, a city named after Alexander the Great, the greatest conqueror. An interesting anecdote is that Alexander never actually saw the city but continued his march, but was buried in Alexandria after his death.

Maybe Alexander the Great did not have the opportunity to see Alexandria, but he tried to arrange it in his own way, so he hired urban planners and architects who, based on his ideas, edited Alexandria.

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My dear adventurers, once again we have come to the end of our first special post where I will share with you some of my personal experiences which I forgot to write you during posting regular blog posts. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of this post, I would like to thank my friends from airline companies and Tourism boards for all those incredible adventures. I hope we will continue our new adventures soon!

How do you like this post? Do you have some ideas? Would you like to see some other interesting reviews about destinations which I’ve already visited? Now is the perfect time to tell me and I will do my best to tell you everything about some destinations what I forgot to tell you before! 🙂

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.


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Letters from Morocco: Little Piece of Heaven in the Heart of Marrakech

My dear adventurers (and for all those who feel that way) welcome to my new post! Today I have some strange feeling where joy and sadness are mixed. Joy because I share something new with you from the country that left on me such a significant impression. On the other hand, there is a sense of sadness, because this post is also the last post from this special series of posts from Morocco.

Today I am leading you to an unusual paradise of the forgotten fashion virtuoso – Yves Saint Laurent. Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, better known as Yves Saint Laurent, was the famous French fashion designer born in Algeria, which is today considered one of the greatest names in fashion history. His reputation in the world is enormous, and at the same time many believe that he is actually responsible for the revival of high fashion from the “ashes of the sixties” and is attributed to the introduction of suits for women. Some people thought  that he was crazy, some challenged him, but Saint Laurent was the man who always went ahead of his time. Huge support in his work were provided by famous ladies, singers and actresses and one of them was Catherine Deneuve.

Before I “get lost” in my blogging enthusiasm, I would like to sincerely thank to the National Moroccan Tourism Office for this exceptional experience that I will remember for a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



Okay, you’re surely now wondering what the famous French designer like Saint-Laurent have some relations with Marrakech? Not far from the center of Marrakech, there is a street dedicated to this famous fashion designer, on one side are residential buildings, on the other side is Jardin Majorelle (botanical garden designed by painter Jacques Majorelle). A little far away from the classic Moroccan walls, on the other part of the city in nature and colorful heaven, there was second home of Yves Saint Laurent with his longtime partner Pierre Berge.



The house of unusually blue colour with bright shades of yellow was the home of a well-known fashion designer. The villa is surrounded by unusual African plants, but it was also the symbol of Saint Laurent and his eccentricity.

The villa that used for escaping from the real world, today attracts several hundred thousand people a year. All the adventurers who finds their way to Marrakech, just can’t skip this little paradise. Thanks to Berger, this site became available to the public after the death of the fashion designer so that all lovers of the work of Saint Laurent could enjoy the beauty of this garden.



Majorelle Garden, a botanical garden, covers an area of nearly ten thousand square meters and is a true artwork in the heart of Marrakech. The garden was designed by a French artist, painter Jacques Majorelle. How the garden looks today, it took almost 40 years. Everything started in 1923 with the planning the appearance of the garden itself, so that only seven years later a villa was built in the heart of the garden, the home of Saint Laurent and Berger, they were home a totally new look in the 1980s and rescued it from decay. Today, the villa and the garden are open to the public.



In addition to the garden and villa in this complex, there is also the Museum of Islamic Art, which offers an interesting selection of exhibits. Samples of textiles from the almost all regions of Africa, as well as samples of textiles from the special collections of Saint Laurent, can be found in this museum. In addition to the textiles in the museum are exhibited objects of ceramics, paintings by Majorelle and other artists.



Just a 2-minute of walking from this extraordinary paradise, in the same street with the is a newly opened museum dedicated to the life and work of the French designer Yves Saint-Laurent. Who would say that during the first Saint Laurent’s visit to Morocco in 1996, Marrakech would leave such a strong impression on the designer that he would then build his home in Marrakech and after his death that Government of Morocco will create a modern museum that would preserve his brilliant work in the fashion world.



A multimedia museum featuring thousands of books and videos, as well as special creations that marked the career of this celebrated designer. For those who are not familiar with his work and life, the fashion house “Yves Saint Laurent” officially closed its doors in 2002 and therefore the YSL brand has officially not exist. The designer withdrew due to illness and went for treatment. The brand has been redeemed, it has remained part of the brand name, and now the brand is called “Saint Laurent,” all sales revenue from the Yves Saint Laurent brand is located in a special foundation that is based on two museums: one in Paris and the other in Marrakech, financed and thus saved the designer’s work from oblivion.

Saint Laurent died in 2008 of brain tumors, but many believe he died of a broken heart because he was no longer able to create his real small art works that he was known to. His ashes were lit in Jardin Majorella because his desire was to enjoy in his garden and after his death. I think that he is very happy now in his small sunny paradise where the bloom of blue and greenery of African plants are running.



The museum is incredible and sincere to be you do not have to be some “blind” fashion lover to understand the work of this fashion genius. The man was unusual, his story in the fashion world will intrigue you and I believe that you, like me in one breath, will read those text lines that are written on the walls of the museum rooms.

He knew everything, his ups and downs, his friendship with Ketrin Denev – the famous French actress who was his best friend for the rest of his life. She was also the only brave to help him with his “crazy” and unusual ideas and together they made many successful campaigns. Yves Saint Laurent, besides the incredible gift for creating clothes and understanding of a woman, was an incredible photographer. The whole room is dedicated to the photos he made with Katherine Denev for his campaigns. On the photo above, I sincerely hope that you can, as much as you can, see the photos that Saint Laurent did with Katherine in Marrakech on the famous Souk.



In the museum there is a small cinema hall where you can comfortably accommodate and look at the recapitulation of this designer’s work and some interesting facts about his life. To visit this museum and botanical garden peacefully, and if you want to sit a little in the garden and feel the peace and beauty of nature, you should spend at least 2 to 3 hours. After that, you can continue to explore the heart of Morocco – Marrakech.



My blog day continued at the Palais Namascar Hotel where we had a small break and a nice brunch. The hotel is exceptional, I’m sure you will open the link to check it out and believe me it’s divine! Morocco’s Tourist Organisation has tried to show us the best that can be found in Marrakech.

Palais Namascar is a true paradise on earth and those who have the opportunity to visit Marrakech will not regret it because it is a combination of paradise surrounded by sun and hedonism garden where all your senses will enjoy.



My dear travelers once again we have come to the end of post, time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling and we will continue our adventure in Europe. If you need more information about address and work time of Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marrakech please visit this LINK.

How do you like this story about Marrakech? Did you like feel the fashion energy of Saint Laurent’s garden?  I would like to hear your opinion! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!





The post is sponsored by the Moroccan National Tourism Office – Visit Morocco, Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marrakech and Palais Namascar Hotel Marrakech. For these beautiful photos I used the Sony Alpha 7r  and Sony RX100 Mark V camera.