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Arpanu Medical: My experience with cosmetic nose surgery in Turkey…

Dear readers, welcome to another new post on Mr.M blog. After 6 years of Mr.M blog existence, I know that people who visit my blog are divided into two groups: hedonists who are fans of more interesting travels and fashion lovers who are looking for interesting fashion inspirations.

Today’s post will be a little different, but I’m sure it will benefit all of you who are thinking about cosmetic surgery. The previous post was a kind of guide through Istanbul and partially explained the principle of medical tourism in Turkey. Today’s post will be dedicated to our personal experience with plastic and cosmetic surgery in Istanbul.

My mother had an unsuccessful nose intervention more than 15 years ago, she did rhinoplasty with nasal septal deviation surgery – septoplasty in Serbia. My mother was very disappointed with the results and out of fear she decided not to do this type of intervention anymore. The years passed, my mother expressed increasing dissatisfaction and I decided to help her fulfill her dream – to finally breathe and get a better look of her nose.

On the other hand, I was not satisfied with the appearance of my nose either and I had a problem with the deviation of the nasal septum. Honestly, my desire to have a more beautiful nose prevailed and along the way I decided to improve my quality of life, if I allow myself to breathe better.

When was I aware of the moment that I would change myself? The moment I bought plane tickets for my mom and me through the Air Montenegro website, it was only then that I realized that I would finally do something nice and useful for my mom and myself.

Arpanu Medical Travel is a travel agent, certified as a medical tourism assistance agent by the Turkish Ministry of Health and has been an active member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies since 2011.

Arpanu Medical aims to be your reliable partner during your medical experience in Turkey. Each patient has their own unique customized program with health services provided by esteemed hospitals and private clinics in Turkey. The basic task is to combine health with comfort and safety while performing the selected medical program.

Through its close and intensive cooperation with renowned local health care providers, the company enables it to continuously expand the range of services, formulate unique programs and offer cost-effective solutions for patients.

All operations are performed by highly qualified doctors and medical staff in modern, fully sterilized operating rooms with sophisticated state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Arpanu Medical offers a large number of medical services in the field of: Hair transplantation, Aesthetics , Dentistry, Bariatric surgery – obesity, ophthalmic services, in vitro fertilization – IVF, Oncology, as well as regular Health Check-Up.

What does medical tourism in Turkey look like with the Arpanu Medical and how does the process go from the beginning to the end of the chosen program? All information about the process you can find on this link.

In this post, I will describe our experience with Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, which belongs to the Arpan Medical travel group of medical institutions. Dr. Serkan Aygin founded the Dr. Serkan Aygin Medical Centre, which brings together highly qualified medical specialists, who provide the best medical services to patients with their experience.

Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic together with hair transplant services offered by Dr. Serkan Aygin also provides health services in the field of esthetics and cosmetic surgery.

The look of the clinic itself is modernist and you just don’t have the feeling that you are in a medical institution, but that you are in a museum of modern art. Dr. Aygin wanted to pass on his love of art and medicine to his patients, where in addition to exceptional service, patients can enjoy the beauty of modern art.

Before the first consultation with the chosen doctor, you get to fill out one type of questionnaire with basic personal information and about your health.

After the consultation with our surgeon, my mother and I realized that we had come to the right place. Mom and I were thrilled by the kindness of our chosen surgeon and Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic staff. The doctor listened to all our wishes and pointed out to us the possibilities, as well as potential solutions to our problems. My mother was offered a secondary rhinoplasty with a complete reconstruction of the nose and a cartilage transplant.

My mother’s operation was generally more difficult because of her condition, while my wishes were quite demanding because I had a specific vision of the look of my nose and face. The doctor was extremely patient, cheerful and smiling at the same time with a great deal of optimism, which gave my mother and me confidence that everything would be just perfect.

The next step was to schedule an intervention and wait for it! Excitement that is sometimes difficult to understand, but it is human nature to hope and strive for the best.


As with any cosmetic surgery, a certain type of preparation is required, you receive all the necessary instructions from the chosen surgeon during the first consultation, so you know exactly what you can and cannot do before the intervention.

Before the operation, blood tests and diagnostics (heart and lungs) are performed in preparation for the intervention itself and general anesthesia. Our tests were done on the day of the intervention. My operation was scheduled for 9 am, my mother’s between 1 and 2 p.m.

It is important to note that the local transport between the hotel and the clinic is regulated so that you do not have to worry about coming to the clinic for the first consultation, going to the operation and examinations that follow after the operation.

After the preparations, our surgeon came to visit us before the operation to go through the list of our wishes once again and to confirm all the requests. Because of the great excitement, I can only remember the quick change into hospital pajamas and the smiling nurses who greeted me during my “journey” through the hallways to the operating room.

The picture was taken 3 hours after the operation

Most of people are afraid of general anesthesia because each organism reacts differently to surgery and general anesthesia. Since I had various types of surgery (perforated appendix surgery, jaw surgery, etc.), I had experiences with general anesthesia several times, sometimes I was conscious, sometimes I only remember the details of waking up from anesthesia through the dream.

This time I really had a wonderful experience because from the first moment of waking up from anesthesia I was cheerful and in the mood for conversation with people. Anyone who remembers my Instagram stories, you know that I filmed the moments after waking up with an ice mask on my face.

Before and after my nose job – rhinoplasty

The operation went great, I got a meal after a couple of hours where I had an appetite and I ate well and talked to the clinic staff. After a few hours, the anesthesia subsides and mild pain begins, which can be regulated with painkillers and sedatives, but if you believe me, I didn’t take it. My pain was mild and I felt more like a kind of discomfort due to the swelling present, nothing more…

Mother’s makeover: before and after secondary rhinoplasty with total reconstruction and cartilage transplantation

My mom on the other hand had a slightly harder night due to more demanding surgery, but after receiving two doses of painkillers and tranquilizers the night passed relatively calmly and we were both curious to see what we looked like, the difference was that I had a phone so I could look at “the mirror” while my mom was quite impatient because she had nothing on hand to allow her to look herself.

My mother had a more difficult recovery because her operation was demanding, since a secondary rhinoplasty was performed with a complete reconstruction of the nose and a graft transplant in the form of a graft. 7 cartilage grafts were transplanted.

Since I had surgery in the morning, the nurses came to me in the evening to let me know that it was time for a little walk. I admit, I was scared because I felt mild pain and discomfort due to the swollen face, but with the advice of the nurses, little Marko left the Instagram and the recordings and went for a walk around the corridors of the clinic.

I am one of those patients who are extremely obedient and have a few questions and a thousand sub-questions. I took seriously the task of not looking at the ground, but keeping my head straight all the time, and that first walk went in the best possible way.

My mom later went for a walk, in the early morning hours, she had a feeling of nausea, but the medication helped her get through it all!

4 days after surgery


How is the recovery period after rhinoplasty? Recovery is an individual matter and depends on the severity of the procedure, I can only share my experience with you. We spent one night in the hospital and headed back to the hotel. We wore a nose mask for 7 days. My mom had extra patches for her nose reconstruction which I helped her to take off after 7 days.

While wearing the mask on your nose, until you take it off, you receive instructions and certain medications that help you reduce the pain, swelling, antibiotics and other drugs.

Day 7: Removing the nose mask and it’s for shooting the first post-op results

Swelling and bruising, how to deal with these “visitors”? Swelling and bruising are the most common guests after nose surgery that you will hang out with for a while. There are various tips and tricks that can help alleviate swelling and bruising with the help of medications and ice packs. In time, everything comes into its place, you just need to be patient. Time heals everything…

One picture with our surgeon

Nose surgery is a very delicate surgical intervention that has great health and aesthetic significance. Deviation of the nasal septum can be a major health problem and difficulty breathing can reduce quality of life. On the other hand, the aesthetic aspect of rhinoplasty is important because it restores self-confidence and a person feels better when he sees a better version of himself in the mirror.

When you decide on this type of intervention, it is very important to find the right doctor who will understand your wishes and needs.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Arpanu Medical Group and Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic for this exceptional experience and it was a great pleasure to visit Istanbul and change myself. Also, special thanks to Air Montenegro, which made my adventure unforgettable, and I hope to pack my bags again for some new adventures and memories that I will remember!

Dear readers, we have come to the end of this special post from Turkey, which would not have been possible without the selfless help of Air Montenegro and Arpanu Medical Group, partners who made it possible for me to share my impressions of medical tourism in Turkey.

The picture was taken 8 days after the nose surgery

Time always flies when a person has a good time! A man is rich at heart if he has managed to explore the world and I am glad to always be able to find suitable partners for my projects that allow me to discover some new and unusual destinations in a completely different way during this global health crisis COVID-19.

I am honored to have the opportunity to work with companies that are at the very top in the each industry and I would like to thank them for this amazing adventure and for allowing me to experience the charms of Istanbul in a completely different way.

How did you like this story of mine today? Have you ever considered changing something about yourself and doing something special for yourself? Cosmetic surgery is not a taboo topic and people should talk a little more about this type of intervention and you should be careful and watch who you trust and take care of your body.

If you decide to do something for yourself and help yourself, feel free to contact Arpanu Medical team which will help you to fulfill your wishes and feel a unique experience and see why Turkish doctors are the best in Europe and in the world as well!

5 weeks after nose surgery – frontal view
5 weeks after nose surgery – nose profile view

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me you can write to me below in the comments. Of course, you can always contact me via email or social networks and you can find it on the CONTACT page. See you in the same place in a couple of days, with a new story!

With Love from Belgrade,


6 weeks after nose surgery

This post is sponsored by national airline carrier Air Montenegro and Arpanu Medical Group which represents my personal and honest review of their services.