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One Fashionable Letter from Heart of Lithuania: From Vilnius with Love!

Dear my fashionistas and travelers, welcome to the new fashion adventure on Mr.M blog! I know you love my travel stories, so despite the bad weather in the Lithuanian capital, I tried to make at least one fashion story.

Today we will talk more about fashion, but if by any chance you want to remember the travelogue from Vilnius, the heart of Lithuania, you can read travelogues about this unusual city at the following links:

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I must be honest that I looked at the weather forecast several times before the trip to Lithuania, but I sincerely hoped that the weather would improve at least at some point during my stay in the heart of Lithuania, but all hopes sank with rain that did not stop falling… The highlight of this trip is that I “caught” a period of less than an hour to take pictures of my outfit.

Today’s outfit will be a combination of new pieces and some old ones that were dear to you and loved on the blog, so I hope we will remind you of some interesting brands that you liked to see on the Mr.M blog.

Since the weather in Lithuania was more similar to autumn – early winter in Germany, I decided it was safer to bring a winter jacket. Luckily, I wasn’t wrong, as you can see I also wore gloves, which you can notice how spring in the Baltics can be quite different than we can expect during the month of April…

As you know in fashion industry, winter jackets were big, quite bulky and heavy, while today it is completely different. Today, the mirror is of real quality when the jacket is light as a feather, and extremely warm and suitable for all winter conditions. So it is with my jacket – the parka I got from my friends from Paul&Shark. This is its 3rd season and I really have to praise this incredible jacket! We visited the coldest parts of the world together, including temperatures that went down to minus 25 in beautiful, but extremely cold St. Petersburg. We survived various rains and snows, but here we are still hanging out.

The new technologies of the Fill Power 700 and 900 from the Paul & Shark fashion house provide incredible comfort with excellent thermal properties, which allows the jacket to help you withstand even the lowest temperatures. Filling strength 700 and 900 denote the insulation strength by determining its weight-to-strength ratio: it is considered one of the best available jackets on the market, thanks to its high degree of thermal insulation compared to its size. Feathers create “small pockets of air” that create a thermal barrier, ensuring maximum protection.

Since I receive several messages and emails on a weekly basis with the questions: “Marko, do you really keep all these things and do you really wear them?”, I think you got my answer in today’s post. ?

There is no person in the world who can hide his joy when he feel the new Italian leather. Today we will meet again the Italian family workshop for handmade Restelli gloves, a place where the art, tradition and beauty of handicrafts meet every day, which is the true definition of the Italian style and way of life. Making gloves is not only a job but also a real art. After 100 years, passion, emotions, tradition and knowledge have been passed on to the third generation! Raffaella Restelli has fully accepted the challenges of the new fashion era in which the market and the way of selling have changed with deep respect and belief in tradition and love for masterpieces that last!

In today’s post, you have the opportunity to see Restelli gloves made of special deerskin. These luxury leather gloves are made of the highest quality leather. The lining of these gloves is made of cashmere. For my visit to Vilnius, I decided to take a walk in my navy blue gloves, which were extremely warm and a real fashion accessory for this unexpected “winter spring” in the Baltics!

Restelli gloves are not valued with money, but with tradition and history full of love and patience that are priceless.

One of the brands that has recognized positive energy and love for adventures and unusual journeys is the Swiss watch brand Certina. We have already met with this brand during the winter season on the Mr.M blog and if you are interested to know why this brand is so special and unique, read the story at this link.

Certina watches are known for their precision, reliability and sporty character. The sports watch brand has built an international reputation for quality Swiss workmanship, during its long history, which is more than 130 years long. Certina is a symbol of durability and longevity, which is why the mascot of the turtle armor brand symbolizes robustness and longevity – characteristics that all Certina watches, without exception. Therefore, it is no wonder that turtle armor has been a symbol of the brand since the 1960s. Today, the distinctive outline can still be found on almost every Certina watch, as well as on the brand logo. It evokes the exceptional endurance that characterizes every Certina watch.

Today, after 60 years, Certina DS Jubile adorns my hand. It is an unusual feeling when one such brand with unique watch designs is my new partner in my adventures. The watch you have the opportunity to see in today’s post is the DS Jubile model, which exists in two versions, the basic one with a steel bracelet and the other with a leather bracelet. This watch combines precious materials with maximum precision.

This elegant men’s watch is equipped with an 18K yellow gold frame. It is powered by an innovative PrecidriveTM quartz movement, whose precision and reliability are confirmed by COSC. The watch has a date display. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and stainless steel case make this watch durable and robust: the watch can withstand water pressures up to 10 ATM. Illuminated hands contrast with the background and thus always provide the best readability. The stainless steel bracelet, which is attached to the wrist together with the button, makes this model from Certina impressive!

Technical characteristics

Dial: analog with display of date,hour, minute and second, hands with luminous material. Bezel: 18k gold
Movement mechanism type: Quartz
Glass: Antireflection treatment on one side Sapphire crystal
Case: 316L stainless steel
Case diameter (mm): 40
Case thickness (mm): 7.75
Bracelet: 316L stainless steel
Water resistance: 10 ATM – 100m
Buckle: 316L stainless steel
Collection: Urban

Warranty: 3-Year Warranty

If you want to be updated and find out which models Certina has to offer, visit their Official Online Store and follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

This turtleneck sweater was your favorite because of the unusual color and it became very dear to me. Aida Barni turtleneck neon green color is made of 100% cashmere. A classic model with a zippered collar that is ideal for all occasions, whether it’s going to work or an casual city walk, this sweater is the right choice for every modern man with style. This sweater can be worn with classic trousers, but also with jeans, as I did in today’s post, to get an casual everyday look.

The Aida Barni brand was created as an artistic expression of the way of life and existence, the essence of unstressed chic, refined luxury. A collection for men and women dedicated to everyone who loves timeless and elegant knitwear that encompasses true elegance in the preciousness of materials, shapes and details.

The man who wears Aida Barni knitwear does not follow trends, but creates and adapts them to the needs of everyday life. The men’s collection is made up of cult clothing items of sentimental value, which evoke a healthy and environmentally friendly way of life. Fans of the Aida Barney brand love natural and fine yarns, enjoy comfort, but do not give up the elegance and sophistication of cuts and models.

A new fashion detail that you met almost on Mr.M’s blog is this unusual backpack from the Bank on the Road collection, which was made entirely in Italy. Ideal for people from the business world and leisure, able to satisfy any practical functional or aesthetic need. The convenient internal pocket allows you to charge your tablet and smartphone anytime, anywhere. Modern, elegant line of ranches, made of high quality and waterproof nylon with special attention to leather and metal details. The aluminum personalization is reminiscent of the innovative creativity of the FPM Bank collection.

FPM Milano luggage and accessories offers travelers convenience and style, all in one suitcase and backpack. Designed by Marc Sadler, these lightweight, aluminum-reinforced suitcases are inspired by antique suitcases, specifically designed to give you the endurance you need when traveling. The combination of Avante-Garde materials and motifs of Italian design, give these FPM suitcases a robust and safe look.

If you want to be updated and find out which models of suitcases and travel accessories the FPM Milano brand has in its offer, visit their official online store and follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.


Jacket: Paul&Shark

Backpack: FPM Milano

Sweater: Aida Barni

Jeans: Brunello Cucinelli

Gloves: Restelli

Scarf: Johnstons of Elgin

Watch: Certina

Boots: Etro

This colorful red fashion detail is a gift from my dear friends from Scotland – Johnstons of Elgin. The scarf is a famous Scottish print for which this exceptional country is famous.

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of this special fashion story where together we discovered the beauty and brilliance of some new pieces and pieces that we all gladly remember. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the beauty of the pearl of the Baltic – Vilnius, as well as that you got inspiration for some of your ideal outfit! See you soon and continue our fashion adventures on the Mr.M blog! How did you like my outfit today?

I really tried to prepare today’s post for you with a lot of love and I hope you will like it!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. See you soon, stay tuned!

With Love from Lithuania,

This post is sponsored by Paul&Shark, Aida Barni, Brunello Cucinelli, Certina, Restelli, FPM Milano and Johnstons of Elgin brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.


Letters from Turkey: Istanbul, City of Two Continents…

My dear travellers, I hope you are well and ready for a new adventure! After a long break after tsarist Russia, a magical adventure that we all experienced together at the beginning of this year in St. Petersburg, it’s time for a new destination!

Today’s post will be dedicated to the city that I truly love because of its oriental charm and cordial mentality of the people. As a person whose travel has become more than a passionate hobby, I must admit that I missed some little things like the loudspeaker at the airport, travelers who are excited to look for their passports and flight tickets, especially the youngest adventurers who see special edition of M&M sweets in the airport shop.

This time I had the opportunity to experience the ease of travel with the unique and elegant suitcases and travel accessories of the Italian house Bric’s. The Bellagio collection allows all travel hedonists to travel in style with appropriate travel pieces that captivate with true elegance, while on the other hand, the Life Pelle collection nurtures the beauty of leather travel pieces with which you can travel around the world.

Italian fashion house Bric’s is the best ally for any trip with style: the Bellagio Trolley Organizer and the backpack from the Life Pelle collection.

Bric’s story begins with Mr. Mario Briccola’s dreams of quality luggage and leather goods in 1952 in the Como region. The brand has become internationally known for its handmade luggage made of the finest Tuscan leather and the most modern, durable nylon. Although Bric’s has now outgrown the original workshop, love and a personal stamp for every piece made are still present in every piece today.

Now the second generation of the Briccola family is providing its heritage of quality, style and attention to detail which Mr. Mario Briccola started. Known as the best Italian brand for luggage quality, Bric’s continued to justify its reputation. From luggage over handbags to spacious cosmetic bags and accessories quality workmanship is easily noticeable.

Using only the finest materials such as micro antelope skin that is resistant to all weather conditions and leather tanned in plants, Bric’s luggage is made to withstand everything and give you a sense of security and the beauty of travel in style.

With several leading stores around the world, Bric’s continues to develop Mario Briccola’s dream and becomes a world-renowned brand in the field of travel. Bric’s is a story about family, hard work, crafts and a company where dreams really come true.

This adventure would not have been possible without the cordial support of my friends from Air Montenegro who allowed me to feel the beauty and security of traveling during the pandemic.

Air Montenegro is a new airline founded by the Government of Montenegro at the beginning of 2021. The first flight of this company was made in June this year. Air Montenegro’s vision is to be one of the key pillars of tourism, to support the national economy and the economy as a sustainable company that will create a large number of jobs and reduce unemployment in Montenegro.

Responsible and sustainable business positively affect long-term relationships with society, resources and the environment. Air Montenegro also takes care of the safety and health of passengers and employees. It is important to note that Air Montenegro has received the international Safe Travels badge.

“Safe Travel” is a special tourist label that allows travelers to identify destinations and companies around the world, which in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have adopted global standards of health and hygiene.

Air Montenegro joined the European Association of Airlines of the Region (ERA) in October this year. One of the main goals of the Association, which has over 55 airlines, is to represent the interests of all members before major European regulators, governments and legislators in order to encourage and develop awareness of long-term and sustainable growth for the sector and the airline industry.

The first commercial flight of this company was on the route Podgorica – Sarajevo on June 1, 2021, as part of the Montenegrin national football team that traveled to Sarajevo. Regular commercial traffic of Air Montenegro was launched on June 10 with the route Podgorica – Belgrade. The fleet of this young airline consists of Embraer 195 medium-range passenger planes.

For all fans of the Montenegrin coast, the airline Air Montenegro has special offers for flights Frankfurt – Podgorica and Ljubljana – Podgorica and Tivat as well. These flights are performed throughout the year, so you have the opportunity to enjoy the natural wild beauty of Montenegro throughout the year. Also, one of the destinations in the region that you can visit with Air Montenegro is Banja Luka, which proudly bears the title of “Green Valley” as a symbol of beauty and greenery.

In today’s post, I will share my adventure and what a trip with Air Montenegro to Oriental Istanbul looks like! If you are ready to feel the magic of traveling during the New Year holidays, visit the Air Montenegro website and book your seat by the window so you can enjoy the enchanting view!

To get to magical Istanbul, the first thing you need to do is head to beautiful Tivat where you have two options: take a break and enjoy the beauties of Tivat and its surroundings or continue your journey to Istanbul and maybe during the return to experience the charms of wonderful Montenegro.

The flight to Tivat is maybe short, but the picturesque landscapes that you will have the opportunity to see will be worth as a new life experience that will not be forgotten. My sincere advice is to prepare your phones and capture these moments when you fly over the mountain ranges and suddenly see the beauty of the Montenegrin coast, these contrasts are just amazing!

Since I had the opportunity to visit Podgorica a few years ago, it was a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to see what the Mediterranean part looks like and to feel the beauty of the coastal landscapes.

Just landing at the airport in Tivat was a fantastic experience because you have the opportunity to see the Bay of Kotor. I have always been fascinated by airports located by the water. As it was cold and changeable in Belgrade, the weather in Tivat was unusually warm and sunny for this time of year!

Do you remember the possibilities I mentioned a moment ago? I decided that due to the terms of the consultation with the doctors and procedures that awaited me in Turkey, it was best to continue my journey to Istanbul, so I had at least 2 hours to enjoy the beauty and smell of water in the Mediterranean.

The time at the airport passed quickly, while I picked up my suitcase and performed all the necessary procedures, it was time to board the second flight to my final destination – Istanbul.

The flight Tivat – Istanbul lasts about an hour and a half, maybe about 1 hour and 45 minutes, just enough to enjoy “life in the clouds”. Istanbul has more airports, it is important to know that Air Montenegro planes land at the new international airport in Istanbul. Refreshment and in-flight snacks are available on all Air Montenegro flights.


Are there words that can describe this picturesque metropolis that today has over 15 million inhabitants, yes you read well over 15 million people live in Istanbul! Some sources unofficially claim that about 20 million people live in Istanbul, but that is unconfirmed information. Honestly, I believe that about 18 million people live in Istanbul, so maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Why do all roads lead to Istanbul today? Istanbul is considered the economic, social and cultural center of the Republic of Turkey. In addition, Istanbul is one of the most populous cities in the world, the seventh largest city in the world and the largest city in Europe. Istanbul is considered a bridge between East and West.

I admit that I have been to Istanbul more times than I have years and this city is one of my favorites because it has that unusual oriental charm and it is a city that never sleeps! There are many reasons why tourists come to Istanbul today, many come for good shopping, some for visiting cultural heritage, while some like me come this time for the famous medical tourism.

Taksim Square, located in the Beyoglu district in the European part of Istanbul, is a major tourist and recreational district known for its restaurants, shops and hotels. It is considered the heart of modern Istanbul with the central station of the Istanbul metro network. Taksim Square is also famous for the monument of the Republic, which you can see better in my picture with a simit (bagel).

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch the famous red tram number two and ride along the entire Istikal Street. It is a unique experience and will be remembered for a lifetime!

When you come to Istanbul, on the streets of the city you will notice the curled heads of men who have had hair transplants, masks on the noses of men and women who have solved their health and aesthetic problem, of course there are women in their golden age who proudly show that have regained their youth.

Since I came to Istanbul this time with the intention of helping myself, I did something beautiful and useful for myself in order to improve my health and beautify myself, I counted in myself how many people on the street really did something for themselves.

I admit that at first I was amazed while pulling the suitcase, I was not very active in counting, but I think I met at least 30 people who had some aesthetic procedure, mostly nose surgery or hair transplantation.

Turkish plastic surgeons are considered one of the best in Europe, perhaps even in the world. Also, other branches of medicine have been developed, especially oncology, which unfortunately has an increasing number of cases and patients come to Turkey to find a cure and their salvation.

In addition to aesthetic and plastic surgery, dental services are represented in Turkey, as well as services related to gastric surgery, procedures that enable significant and permanent weight loss.

Since many of you contacted me about obesity surgery while I was in Istanbul, I inquired a little about these interventions. Gastric surgery as part of obesity surgery is drastically cheaper in Turkey than in other countries in Europe and the world as well. Due to the large number of patients coming from Europe and the world, Turkish doctors have gained experience. Since there are several types of procedures related to obesity surgery, I am not competent to talk about it in more detail, but I can tell you that the prices are quite cheaper than in Germany.

Many people from Europe and the world went to Istanbul to solve this health problem and really managed to lose weight, but I note that it is necessary to be careful and choose the right clinic for any type of intervention. Obesity is a serious health problem and surgery to reduce the weight is serious and you need to find the right doctor to help you.

Most people who followed my experience on social media were interested in how medical tourism works in Turkey. Is it really based on the principle “you come in, go out and it’s over” and after a few days you just fly back home or is it just a fairy tale.

When it comes to plastic surgery, everything is extremely simple. The most important thing is not to make a mistake in the initial selection of the clinic and the doctor, and everything else goes according to plan. The second step is arranging an arrival in Turkey and the first consultation with a selected plastic surgeon.

At the first consultation, you meet the doctor and try to explain all your wishes in more detail so that the doctor understands the reason for your visit, as I explained in detail what bothers me on my nose and face in general. When it comes to communicating with the staff at the clinic, a large number of clinics have staff who speak some of the languages from your country or hire an interpreter who spends time with you at the clinic, as well as afterwards during the operation.

When you have finished the first consultation with your chosen doctor, his assistant will schedule an intervention. Sometimes the clinic immediately offers you the date of the operation, but in most cases the clinic schedules a consultation with the patient in the period when it can perform the intervention, so that enough time is left for the patient to decide after the first consultation.

Local transport around Istanbul, hotel – clinic – hotel is free in most cases so you don’t have to worry about how to get to the clinic and back to the hotel, everything is already organized. As for accommodation (hotels) when you go to Istanbul on this occasion, clinics mostly offer packages where hotels + transport around Istanbul and airport transportation and interventions are included in the price, but it is necessary to agree with the clinic in advance.

My mom and I were given an appointment for surgery which was two days after the first consultation so everything was very fast. You can use your free time to explore Istanbul.

Also a question which was repeated many times was the time which you need to spent in Istanbul during the visit. Depending on the type of intervention, the period that needs to be spent in Istanbul also depends. Calculate that plastic surgery takes between 10 and 15 days, depending on the procedure you are performing.

These were just introductory information about medical tourism, you will get all the more detailed information in my next blog post which will be dedicated to the operations that my mom and I did in Istanbul.

This post will be interesting to you as a kind of tourist guide that you can visit and see in Istanbul before and after the procedure. The operations did not slow me down too much, maybe I rested for 2-3 days and after that I went out on the street to see people and try various Turkish delights!

Everyone who goes to Istanbul for the first time is eager to explore this city and that is why they first head to Fatih, the part of the city where Hagia Sophia is located, the Blue Mosque and other sights for which Istanbul is famous. Of course, there is also the Capali Carsi in the neighborhood (the famous Grand Bazaar) where you can shop for interesting leather goods, sweets and souvenirs. When going to the Grand Bazaar, prepare your negotiating skills because Turks are known as skilled traders and bargaining is an integral part of negotiations. Take 1 to 2 days to tour this part of the city, depending on how interested you are about this kind of sights and shopping.

When you are done with the cultural uplift so that you can brag to your neighbors and friends about seeing some important sights in Istanbul, you can choose whether you are more for a shopping marathon (shopping without borders) or a cruise.

Istanbul is a promised paradise for all shopaholics, without false promises Istanbul is a place where there is a price range from the cheapest brands you can imagine, affordable jewelry and interesting things to extremely expensive things. No one was left empty-handed in this city, everyone found something for themselves and bought it, whether it was a small thing or an expensive thing.

If you are a fan of luxury fashion, and honestly your budget can’t afford it, there are more than 10 outlet shopping malls that are bigger than usual shopping centres in Germany and Europe so you can find everything your heart desires from the most famous brands from previous seasons.

The most famous outlet shopping malls are: Optimum Outlet, Viaport Outlet, Starcity Outlet.

Of course there are others, but these are with a better offer of brands. These shopping malls are located on the outskirts of the city, so get ready for an adventure in local transport. It can be an interesting and unforgettable adventure!

My hotel was close to Nisantasi, a paradise for luxury shopping where you can find all the world famous luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Berlutti, Max Mara, Gucci and others.

Currently, the choice of brands on Nisantashi has been reduced as all the big fashion houses have moved to big malls like Istinye Park, Emaar Square Mall (new mall), Kanyon Mall and Zorlu Mall.

During my last visit to Istanbul, I visited all the mentioned shopping malls, but as soon as I took out my professional camera, security guards came to warn me that photography is not allowed, so unfortunately you will be abridged the modernist beauties of luxury shopping malls in Istanbul, so you will need to feel it by yourself especially now when seasonal sales starts.

Nisantasi is a meeting place for Turkish designers, so if you happen to pay attention, you will notice numerous fashion ateliers that simply entice customers with their creations to look at their latest collections. Diamonds on the dress, no problem! Everything can be found in this city which is located at the crossroads of East and West.

Due to that fact, Istanbul has become a paradise for shopaholics from the Far and Middle East who come to Istanbul to feel the European version of the Oriental East.

Nisantasi is a popular district of Sisli district on the European side of Istanbul. It consists of settlements such as Tesvikije, Mačka, Osmanbey and Pangalti. A popular shopping and residential district, it is one of the most exclusive districts of Istanbul.

Here, as I just mentioned, you can find stores of the most famous fashion brands, department stores, cafes, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. Abdi Ipekci Street, the most expensive shopping street in Turkey in terms of rental prices, stretches from the Macka and Tesvikiye districts to the center of Nisantasi.

The Nisantasi district is unrivaled in terms of entertainment and cultural content. High class restaurants, cafes and pubs with various additional activities. In the neighboring areas there are large shopping malls such as Cevahir Mall which can be easily reached by public transport or a short walk.

Pangalti, which connects Nisantashi with Mecidiyeköy, is full of local shops and brands. In other words, Nisantasi can give you the opportunity to enjoy prestige and luxury with the ability to have everything at your fingertips.

When I’m on Nisantasi, I always like to go down to the neighboring district of Besiktas, the area where the famous stadium of the famous Turkish club is located and the part that goes out on the Bosphorus. The water always relaxes me and I like to watch the boats and seagulls that adorn this idyllic picture of Istanbul.

Besiktas is located on the European shores of the Bosphorus. The district encompasses important landmarks along the European shores of the Bosphorus, from the Dolmabahçe Palace in the south to the Bebek area in the north.

This area is home to lesser-known neighborhoods overlooking the Bosphorus where you have the opportunity to see expensive villas in Turkish series that we love to watch. I sincerely love this district because of the opportunity to go ashore and see the boats and to enjoy the beauty of the Dolmabahçe Palace, which I sincerely advise everyone to visit when they come to Istanbul.

Although this is a relatively small district of Istanbul, both in terms of population and area, Besiktas is one of the most important areas of the city due to its business and trade zones, historical institutions, universities and of course the fabulous view of the Bosphorus and waterways.

The photo was taken 7 days after the aesthetic procedure


Jacket: Paul & Shark

Backpack: Bric’s

Jeans: Brunello Cucinelli

Bric’s backpack from the Life Pelle special collection

Here on the coast you can see locals resting and fishing, all the way to those curious tourists like me who came to admire Istanbul and experience this view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus, which we only have the opportunity to see every day in favorite Turkish soap operas.

In addition to shopping, Istanbul is ideal for gourmets because Turkish cuisine is rich and their specialties are unique. If you are more of a street food lover then only three words are allowed: Doner, Börek and Simit. Doner is like Greek gyros that is made exclusively in Turkey with chicken and veal meat with various side dishes, the price of one doner portion varies from 12 to 35 lira depending on the portion size and additives.

Börek is known to everyone, pastry that you will not forget, the price of one serving of Borek is around 15 to 20 lira and finally Simit who never let me down on the street because on every corner in Istanbul you can see an interesting red stroller with bagels that currently cost 2.50 Turkish lira , about 23-25 euro cents. To understand the ratio currency, 1 euro is worth between 11 and 12 Turkish lira.

Istanbul is a city that you just have to love because it gets under your skin. It is a city that awakens a special kind of emotion in everyone. Istanbul is a city with many faces and I am sure that each of you will find at least one that you will adore. This is a city that will delight you every time you visit.

Some people say that it is necessary to come to Istanbul at least until you find at least one answer to the famous question: “Why do you love Istanbul?“.

Every good adventure has its beginning and end, so after less than 3 weeks in beautiful Istanbul it’s time to go home… This adventure was special for me because I fulfilled my greatest wishes and thank you to everyone who took the time to send quick message and to give me words of support. In a few days I will share with you my experience and what my makeover process looked like.

At the very end of this post, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends from Air Montenegro who made it possible for my adventure to be just perfect. I sincerely hope that we will meet soon be again and discover the world together.

I invite all travel lovers to visit the official website of the new airline Air Montenegro and book your ticket to Montenegro or some European metropolis! They say that the New Year in Montenegro is magical, it’s worth checking out!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bric’s for their trust and look forward to being a member of the Bric’s family and I am confident that together we will embark on new adventures early next year and write some new travel pages of the Mr.M online diary!

My dear adventurers, we have come to the end of this first special post from Turkey which would not have been possible without the selfless help of Air Montenegro and Arpanu Medical Group, partners who made it possible for me to share my impressions of medical tourism in Turkey.

Time always flies when a person has a good time! A man is rich at heart if he has managed to explore the world and I am glad to always be able to find suitable partners for my projects that allow me to discover some destinations in a completely different way during this global health crisis COVID-19.

I am honored to have the opportunity to work with companies that are at the very top in each industry and I would like to thank them for this amazing adventure and for allowing me to experience the charms of Istanbul in a completely different way.

How did you like this story of mine about Istanbul? Have you had the opportunity to visit this magical city so far?

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me you can write to me below in the comments. Of course, you can always contact me via email or social networks and you can find it on the CONTACT page. See you in the same place in a couple of days, with a new story!

Blogger greetings from Istanbul,


This post is sponsored by national airline carrier Air Montenegro, brands Bric’s, Brunello Cucinelli, Paul & Shark, and Arpanu Medical Group which represents my personal and honest review of their products and services.


Fashion Diary: Refresh the Gloomy and Cold Winter with some Bright Colors…

Dear my fashionistas, welcome to the new fashion story at your favorite place – Mr.M. We are slowly but surely counting down the last days of winter, hoping that spring will bring us some new joys. At this time last year, the world found itself in some absolutely unknown situation when we first heard about the Coronavirus and we could only sit in front of our TV screens and hope to overcome this catastrophe that hit the whole world.

Last year we could only imagine going outside at least for a moment and walking down our favorite street, this year at least we got some new hope that life would soon return to normal with the discovery of vaccines.

This year, I decided to say goodbye to winter with details of bright colors. I believe that red is a favorite color of most people because it is a color that signifies joy and happiness. Scientists believe that colors significantly affect mood swings and can affect people’s mental health.

Some research has shown that the color red evokes strong emotions and encourages an individual to make some new changes in life. I noticed that this is really a true fact, because whenever I decided to change my life habits or make new decisions, the color red was unconsciously a silent observer to my eye and every time I brought some details of the color red into my life.

When I applied for jobs in Germany a couple of years ago, I honestly had no hope that anything would change in my life. Every day, a large number of e-replies were I was rejected by companies, as my CV did not “match” with the required profile of the person who needed the advertised job.

I remember getting over 20 quite cold rejections during one week, but that didn’t discourage me from continuing to compete to find my place under the sun in the promised Deutschland (Germany)!

It was a very ordinary Thursday afternoon, I was walking down the streets of Belgrade and I noticed a kind old lady selling woolen gloves that she made.

The lady radiated positive energy and was very kind, lovely and smiling. On one box that was covered with fine velvet in wonderful navy blue color were on display some gloves. One bright red gloves stood out in particular. They were beautiful, but a little small for my hands, I don’t even know what force “pulled” me to buy them, but I did it!

I was happy for one such little thing, but my day was “saved” with one pair of perfect red gloves. At one point, I felt the vibration of the phone, which means receiving a new e-mail, because I did not want to spoil my “five minutes of happiness”, I decided to leave reading the e-mail for later when I come back to reality.

That day, one red glove brought me immense happiness and a change in my life that I will remember, today these beautiful navy blue Restelli gloves made of the finest leather protected my hands from dandruff caused by the cold wind that dries my hands with incredible speed.

I can say that these navy blue gloves also brought me happiness because they arrived early this morning and with them also some new good news that I will share with you soon when the time is right. It seems that gloves have become symbols of great life changes for me, maybe that’s why I adore these fashion accessories so much.

Life is unpredictable and full of surprises that can be positive or negative. I belong to a group of people who believe in the balance of life, so that life is made up of beautiful and those less beautiful moments that shape us and in that way we mature as individuals with all our virtues and flaws at the same time.

I always have an interesting question that I want to share with you, but I just managed to remind myself and ask you: “Do you believe in miracles?

Do miracles really exist or are they just beliefs? Honestly, I believe in miracles, but I do not rely too much on the factor of happiness. I always try to do everything in my power, and only then can I admit to myself that I did everything that was up to me and let myself wait for the good news. How do you think, what kind of energy do you invoke and radiate, so in the end you will get the results…

My today’s outfit helped me to bring a smile to the faces of passers-by. Some recognized me and finally listened to my advice from the blog to approach and get to know each other. One girl who has been following my blog regularly for almost three years asked me to take a quick photo and also took a selfie with my cheerful red scarf. Looks like it was the star of the day!

In addition to irresistible details like a scarf and a turtleneck sweater, I had another interesting red detail that you had the opportunity to see in previous fashion stories on the blog – the red watch!

This interesting red watch, in addition to faithfully showing the time, is also a real little work of art that can adorn everyone’s hand. My new friend Jaguar is from the special collection “Kingdom“. This watch is handmade in faraway Canada in the main workshop of Ematelier, a brand behind which stands a passionate watch lover, founder Alex Landa.

All “soft” knit fashion details are a gift from my dear friends from Scotland – Johnstons of Elgin. You had the opportunity to see this rollneck sweater on the streets of Berlin in one of the posts at the end of last year, but the scarf is a new detail that represents the famous Scottish print for which this exceptional country is famous.


Jacket: Paul & Shark

Rollneck sweater: Johnstons of Elgin

Scarf: Johnstons of Elgin

Gloves: Restelli

Watch: Ematelier

Jeans: MooRER

Boots: Etro

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of this special post where together we discovered some facts about the red color that most people love. How did you like this combination of mine today, with which I said goodbye to the last days of winter?

I really tried to prepare this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you will like it! See you in a couple of days with a new story from faraway Russia!

I advise you from the bottom of my heart to listen to my advice due to the current unfavorable health situation in almost all European and countries around the world. If you need to go out into the fresh air, take a walk and clear your mind, feel free to do so, but do not go to places where there are a lot of people and encourage crowding.

I understand that people need to go out into the fresh air for physical activity and mental health, but you can do that by walking around the city every day, on low-traffic streets. Of course, you can walk in parks and other types of green areas or promenades along rivers, but keep the prescribed physical distance and use disinfectants and wear a mask.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. Stay tuned!


This post is sponsored by Johnstons of Elgin, MooRER, Ematelier, Restelli brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.


Letters from Georgia: My Walk through Culture and History of Old Tbilisi…

My dear adventurers and fashionistas, how are you today? December is a month that is otherwise known as a period when people summarize some of their impressions, look at the facts, and set some new goals for the future. Someone fulfilled their expectations, someone suddenly “missed” some opportunities, but since life is the only thing that does not have a reprise, we forgive all our failures and we move our life forward.

A few days ago I had a lot of free time, so I sat down and talked to myself, which is not a bad thing to do sometimes. I put down all the good and bad things that happened to me this year and some used and missed chances…

I can tell you that the good things and all those used opportunities won at the end, so I realized that I didn’t have lots of things to regret.

Journeys and work have fulfilled my 2019 year and I hope 2020 will be even more successful for all of us, I guess we deserve so much! I also enrolled in additional master studies couple days ago, continued to improve myself, and I hope this will lead me in the right direction because over time I have learned to trust my instinct.

In some of previous posts you have had the opportunity to get to know the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi and see one of my elegant combinations in which I have explored the beauties of the modern part of the Tbilisi. Today I’m going to show you my second, everyday winter outfit, it may be a bit sporty elegance, but I find it possible to look nice and elegant in winter conditions as well.

Our best friends during the winter are down jackets. As the technology of making garments has improved, clothing has become lighter and more compact for everyday use. Before, anyone who mentions a winter jacket, people mostly think of the massive, bulky jacket when you enter to bus or all other kind of transportation you take up space for almost three persons. Today, this fashion story is a little different, jackets have become extremely light and because of our dear ladies the aesthetics have been raised to a much higher level.

I remember my grandmother always saying that a real fur coat or a feather jacket was of good quality, if it was heavy, it meant that designer was working hard to make it good. Today, the main sign of the quality is when the jacket is light as a feather, but extremely warm and suitable for all winter conditions. So this is the case with my new friend – down jacket/parka which I got from my friends at Paul & Shark.

Paul & Shark’s new Fill Power 700 and 900 production technologies provide incredible comfort with excellent thermal properties, allowing the jacket to help you withstand the lowest temperatures. The charging strengths of 700 and 900 mark the insulating power by determining its weight to charge ratio: it is considered one of the best jackets available on the market, thanks to its high degree of thermal insulation compared to its size. Feathers create “small pockets of air” that create a thermal barrier, providing maximum protection.

I have to admit that I was encouraged by the warmth of this jacket and encouraged me to take it off for purposes of taking some photos, as Marko Tadic says, a person who latches on to his throat, puts on a beanie, scarf and gloves and asks for another extra layer… It was interesting to walk the cobblestone of the old part of Tbilisi and “dig” through Georgian history. My adventurous spirit blossomed when Bojana and I climbed by cable car to Sololaki Hill, home to the most famous symbol of the city – “Mother of Georgia”. The view of the city from this hill is extraordinary, something that would fascinate any adventurer.

For all those people planning a trip to Tbilisi, I can tell you a few things that will be enough for you to decide to spend a couple of hours in this wonderful part of town where the old traditional spirit of Tbilisi prevails. Definitely one of the most beautiful parts of the city, even if it’s a bit touristy but hey, I like that tourists add some new value and vibrancy to the city, not to mention the extra revenue. A great place to walk where you can see a lot of old buildings (it would be nice if the Georgian authorities saw that it was worth the renovation and maintenance of this part of the city), the beautiful cobblestone streets, the “city” hills with the cable car to the top.

I suppose a lot of hostels, hotels and B & Bs also contributed to the popularity of this part of town. The only thing to note is that prices (not always) can be anywhere from 25-50% higher than in other parts of the city.

My dear fashionistas, once again we have come to the end post from special series of post from my Georgian adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of this post, I would like to thank my friends from Turkish Airlines and National Georgian Tourism Administration for this incredible adventure and Iota Hotel for their huge efforts to make our stay unforgettable and I felt like at home. Also I would like to say huge thank you to organizers of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi for kind invitation.


Down Jacket: Paul & Shark

Trousers: Loro Piana

Turtleneck sweater: Loro Piana

Sneakers: Roberto Botticelli

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r IILens: Sony G Master 24-70 MM

How do you like this outfit which I wore on the street of the Old City of Tbilisi? Have you prepared your winter friends – down jackets for this winter season? See you next week with another interesting story from Tbilisi, but we will see how looks like one interesting day on the fashion show on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.


This post was sponsored by Turkish Airlines and National Georgian Tourism Administration. I would like to say thank you to Iota Hotel for having us. Our days were fulfilled with special fashion adventures with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi and this was an extraordinary experience for me! Dear friends from Loro Piana and Paul & Shark thank you for making this outfit so great. I also thank my friends from Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera with Sony FE 24-70 mm lense from special G Master series of professional lenses.


Lifestyle by Noventa Di Piave

Hi everyone, how are you today? It’s time to make happy my dear fashionistas with new fashion outfit post. Today I will share with you two special outfit which I did with my friends from McArthurGlen Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet. Lately, I notice an increasing number of questions related to the “approval” of someone’s taste and style. Questions: “Do I have style?”, “Did I dress for some of the latest fashion trends?” And all other questions are sometimes completely unnecessary. First, we are all human beings and each of us is special in some way. Sometimes you need to wear clothes in which you feel nice and comfortable.

Fashion is a game, it’s something more than you see in a shop. A lot of work, effort and dreams are found in each of these clothes. The clothes will be sold once, but will the buyer return again? This is a question that everyday fashion designers ask themselves who sign those small labels which we carry around the neck.

Label? What is it? Is it just a piece of cotton cloth with the name of a brand or something? In today’s consumer society, the label unfortunately represents only one aspect of a new division of society… The label can not tell us whether someone is a good or bad person, but today there are people who like to love to put the labels on other people on the basis of the brands they carry. These are, in my opinion, mentally poor people who have nothing to offer, and are hiding behind their small branded labels that “mean life to them!”. On the other hand labels for me represent just quality and beauty of imagination of fashion designer.

We all love beautiful things, on the other hand, beauty is in the eye of the observer. Not all things have the same value for each of us. Nice things are always there to remind us that there is that little light at the end of the tunnel. In most cases people associate beautiful things and quality with high prices, but it does not have to do everything in life, which is nice, it’s expensive! That’s why there are outlets that help people who do not have a very “deep” pocket to buy some nice and quality things, while taking advantage of budgets that stand out for shopping.

After publishing my previous posts about the Noventa Di Piave outlettravel post and fashion outfit post, I realized that many people are not familiar with the way they sell in outlet shops. I’m going to try to explain, and I’m sure I might be a little more repetitive, but do not offend me!

Let’s explain the “life” flow of a collection of a brand that practices factory outlet sale. First, one latest collection comes to the official store of that brand, after a while the same goods come to a seasonal discount – sale. Goods left after seasonal final sales and goods that are damaged which are not sold in official stores are sent to the outlet store. The way of sale in the outlet store is the same as in the regular store, the collection always follows the current season, so if a regular spring / summer collection is sold in the regular store, the outlet shop is also selling the same spring/summer collection, but from the previous season.

When goods arrive in the outlet, it is considered a new outlet collection and usually the starting prices in the outlet are the same as the prices that those products had at the last (final) reduction in the official store or sometimes they start with more discounted price.

In the outlet there are also periods of seasonal discounts, and then you can buy products at a discount of up to 70% (sometimes there are also discounts and more than 70% in the case of a collection older than few of years ago, goods with major damages or some special offers) from the original price of the product in the store. In the outlet you can buy really nice and quality things, even if you are buying in the period of great savings, the savings can be drastically higher.

There is no need to run blindly for fashion because there are only few groups of people who can follow all of these fashion trends on time, especially if you are reading fashion magazines, you need a small fortune to be able to buy all those nice things that you can see on the pages of those famous magazines. Magazines, blogs, online portals and all other fashion literature should be used exclusively as inspiration.

If you have not been able to buy a fashion piece now, irrespective of whether it is a piece of clothing or fashion accessories, do not despair when you will find this thing at a big discount or in outlet. How many times I have found myself complaining about a good jacket, after a couple of days I forget that I wanted it at all… After a while I come to the same or similar jacket on a discount and then I buy. You can never buy all the things you want…

The first outfit you have had the opportunity to see on the previous pictures is a great combination for every modern man. Beautiful, street-style elegance complemented by elements of classic men’s fashion, such as a simple stripped shirt, which is simply a piece that every man should have in his closet. Jacket is an extremely important fashionable piece for every man, jacket is a mirror of every man. That’s why it’s always important to choose a piece that will be classic, stylish and can be used for more occasions, in most cases for some everyday use for work or some other daily activities, to some more ceremonial formal occasions.

A man can maybe save a little bit on other pieces, but when it comes to a jacket, the man should be a little “spender” and think about more.


Jacket: Paul & Shark

Shirt: Paul & Shark

Jeans: Dsquared2

Boots are from my own private collection.

Location: Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r Mark II


On the other hand, we have everyday street style, I used the same jeans from the previous outfit. Same jeans, two completely different fashion combinations. On the one hand, we have sportive-elegance that has a certain amount of classics and seriousness because of the shirt and boots. The other outfit is a little different and is suitable for younger men who want to follow the latest trends in men’s street fashion.


Leather Jacket: Guess

T-Shirt: Guess

Jeans: Dsquared2

Sneakers are from my own private collection.

Location: Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r Mark II


My dear fashionistas, once again we have come to the end of this second and unfortunately last special outfit post from Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling.

How do you like this post? Have you prepared everything for this Fall season? Have you visited this outlet before? If your answer is yes, I would like to hear your experiences. I would like to hear your opinion! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!



This post is sponsored by McArthurGlen Group and Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet. I would like to say huge thank you to these brands: Paul & Shark, Dsquared2 and Guess for all these beautiful combinations and a good time.
For all these wonderful photos I used Sony Alpha 7r Mark II.

All Roads Lead to Noventa Di Piave…

Hi guys, welcome to the new post. Today I have something special for you. Who follows me on social networks knows that I got a call couple weeks ago from the McArthurGlen Group of outlets to visit their outlet near Venice – Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet. I accepted the invitation with great pleasure and on occasion I took the opportunity to refresh my wardrobe.

In this special series of posts there will be three posts, today’s one where you will find out something new about the outlet and a special event known as #FashionFestival and two special outfit post with 4 fashion combinations that will help you to get some ideas for your ideal fashion combination. Before I start, I would like to thank once again my friends from the McArthurGlen Group for the invitation and that you have surprised me with a special visit to the outlet that kept my heart.

Honestly, I can’t remember whether I used to write to you on a blog or on social media before a information that I spent a certain period of my life in Italy. I lived in the area of Veneto in a city that is known as a protector of students, good fun and arts – Padua. What’s the connection with this outlet? Perhaps at first sight that information do not have anything to do with it, but if I tell you that Padova is about a 30-minute drive from Venice, you may associate that little Marko went countless times to an eternal city on the water known as Venice. ?

When you are a student, of course you want to dress nice and to be always in trend with the latest fashion trends, but you do not have a lot of money in your pocket, it’s logical to use some other wise ways to get nice things for less money like buying clothing in second hand shops, shopping at outlets or on open markets, the shopping on open markets is especially exciting in Italy when you are trying to find some nice labels for good prices. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, but when you do not have a lot of money, and you are a huge fan of fashion like me, you have to do some “fashion digging” and satisfy your fashion appetites in various ways.

On one occasion when I went to the supermarket to buy something to eat I noticed the ad for the Noventa Di Piave outlet. I wrote in my phone the name of the outlet and as soon as I came home I started with the researching, I was guided by the fact that this outlet advertised in Padova must be somewhere nearby…

After a short researching on the Internet, I decided to take the first weekend off for a day to visit Venice and go to that outlet. I wrote a list of what I need of new things in the wardrobe and left the list on the table near door, until the right time for Venice to come. What would I give for my careless student days to back again when I only had to worry about studying…

Finally that Saturday came, I started my day fresh, restful and full of enthusiasm, I entered the train and started my adventure with 130 euros in pocket just for shopping. I remember that first visit as if it were yesterday, that fear I will not throw money on the shuttle bus to the outlet and maybe I will not find anything that I need, but I decided to try my luck.

Somehow I found the way to a special shuttle bus that drives directly to the outlet, the outlet is relatively close, around thirty minutes drive from Venice. For the first time it is a bit difficult to find a bus stop that goes directly to the outlet, so when you are planning the visit to Noventa Outlet please read carefully this link. There are couple detailed explanations how you can reach the outlet with all kind of transports.

McArthurGlen outlets were not unknown to me, because I went with my parents and sister to a couple of their outlets in other European countries, but this was the first outlet which I found out on my own and that’s why I was most proud at that time.

In their outlets you can always find your favorite brands with constant discounted prices from 30% to 70% throughout the year. Noventa Outlet is special because of its beautiful architectural beauty that is enriched with mosaics and frescoes inspired by Venetian palaces. In Noventa Di Piave outlet you have over 150 stores and I’m sure you can always find something special for yourself or your dear ones.

The Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet has evolved a lot since my last visit, many new and interesting shops have opened their doors in this paradise for real fashion lovers. My first visit was successful at the Guess store, I managed to catch a good deal and bought jeans, sweatshirts and two t-shirts for 60-70 euros, and in Nike I bought nice sneakers for 60 euros, it was just a fate that only my size left at the time.

After the purchase, I sat down and I wrote down on paper and calculated how much I would pay it all in Serbia and maybe in other countries in Europe and I came to the conclusion that without 300 euros I would not be able to buy all these things in Serbia. A lot of people in Serbia and some European countries have different prejudices about outlet and what kind of things are selling there and also the famous question about the quality of those things.

This time I found my happiness in Cesare Paciotti’s shop and I managed to find several pairs of shoes that can be purchased at significantly cheaper prices than those which are now in Serbia and also in some countries in Europe as well.

I’ll try to explain to you little a bit the concept of sales in outlet. What kind of goods are sold in outlet? Outlets officially sell goods remaining from the previous season, it is sorted and compared to the season that is currently active either for spring / summer or autumn/winter  depends on actual collections in official retail stores. Prices in the outlet are officially reduced from 30% to 70%; in some cases, the goods can be reduced by 80% and 90% if they are the last piece or the last pair when we are taking about footwear or some accessories or if the goods are little damaged with some visible signs of sort of damage.

Almost all fashion brands have their own factory outlet stores, from luxury fashion brands such as Prada, Salvatore Feragamo, Dsquared2, Fendi, Burberry and many other luxury brands have their own factory store or outlet channel of sale.

Trench and Backpack: Coach – Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet

Also, some middle-class brands and street fashion brands have their own outlet stores, so a great balance has been achieved, and everyone can always find something nice at the outlet depends on your budget.

There is an opinion that luxury brands are expensive and outlet … Of course, they are not cheap, but there are certain cases when you can find some things extremely cheap. For that I’m a real fashionable “hunter”. I will tell you my two best experiences, I will not mention the brands, but I will give you the example of prices so you can keep in mind the relationship between price, quality and the benefits of buying as well which is good for you as a buyer.

Trench and Backpack: Coach; T-shirt and Trousers: Dsquared2 – Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet.

The first example – a jacket. On one occasion I bought a winter feather winter jacket in one of the McArthurGlen outlets, branded for 150 euros, I also took tax free (VAT Refund for NON EU countries residents) and the jacket eventually cost me 130-135 euros. The first retail price of a jacket in the store was about 2000-2200 euros (I know this information because I know the approximate price), when it came to the outlet, its price was about 1000 euros, there was one size plus plus it had one problem. Zipper was broken, so it was almost impossible to close the jacket, but it remained a slider at least. The jacket was beautiful, the color, the model, it was my size, but with the little problem…

I just sit and think about a little… A nice and high quality winter jacket in Serbia with down feathers, fine wool and cashmere and fur on the hood costs a lot … This jacket costs about 130 euros, the material is good quality, and the zipper is possible to be repaired by a good tailor. I risked it and bought it, as soon as I came to Serbia I fixed my jacket and carried it regularly for 3,4 seasons and I still wear it occasionally. Now it has been in my wardrobe for 8 or 9 years now…

Another example… The finest leather gloves also branded, firm, with the cashmere layer inside special for winter, cost about 250-275 euros in the store, retail price… I paid them just 15 euros, you read it well 15 euros and bought two pairs of them in two different colors. Shoes for winter, retail price of 600-650 euros in official retail store in outlet I found it just for 100 euros, but they were not my size. So, the shoe maker has done its magic and today I am gladly wearing those shoes when it’s cold and slippery on the streets in winter season.

I love beautiful things and I always try to care about them well and keep them for a couple of seasons, no one has found money on the road to be able to buy constantly new things.

The main reason of my visit this time was a celebration of the 10th birthday of the Noventa outlet and to enjoy in the Fashion Festival (#FashionFestival) once again with my friends from the McArthurGlen group. What is the Fashion Festival? Fashion Festival is a special event when selected stores at McArthurGlen outlets on the territory of Italy give special additional discounts up to 70%. This is a great opportunity to use just to refresh your wardrobe and surprise yourself or your dear ones with interesting fashion pieces or some fashion accessories: shoes, some other leather goods, jewelry and other fashionable deacons.

Outfit by Philipp Plein – Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet.

This year I have been invited to be one of the fashion ambassador for Noventa Di Piave Designer outlet and at least with a little help of my dear friends from Noventa Outlet. I tried to give you some inspiration, so I chose 4 dress combinations that I think you should have in the wardrobe this season.

I hope that at least I helped you a bit and you might get ideas for some of your perfect fashion combinations for this autumn/ winter season.

Jacket and Shirt: Paul & Shark; Jeans: Dsquared2 – Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet.

My dear fashionistas, once again we have come to the end of this special post from Italy. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling and shopping. I just can’t wait to show you what my friends from McArthurGlen Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet and I have prepared for you guys.

How do you like this post? Have you prepared everything for this Fall season? Have you visited this outlet before? If your answer is yes, I would like to hear your experiences. I would like to hear your opinion! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!



Jacket and Shirt: Paul & Shark; Jeans: Dsquared2 – Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet.

This post is sponsored by McArthurGlen Group and Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet. I would like to say huge thank you to these brands: Cesare Paciotti, Paul & Shark, Guess, Philipp Plein, Dsquared2 i Coach for all these beautiful combinations and a good time.
For all these wonderful photos I used Sony Alpha 7r Mark II.