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Skandinavik Fur: Timeless and Iconic Elegance of Fur that is remembered…

My dear fashionistas, I hope you are doing great and ready for a new fashion adventure. Autumn is a period when we all change the arrangement of clothes in the wardrobe and look forward to warmer pieces such as sweaters, jackets and coats that keep us warm during autumn and winter.

When buying luxurious, timeless, authentic fur, Skandinavik Fur uses the expertise, sophisticated skill and love of the craft that has been passed down from generation to generation, to create a wide range of timeless and luxurious fur products, including clothing, scarves, covers and blankets.

This family company is run by the third generation, located in Siatista, an unusual city of 7,000 inhabitants in northwestern Greece. With 90% of the city’s population involved in fur production, it is a real art that is passed down from generation to generation. The name of the company itself is dedicated to Scandinavia, where most of the skins come from.

The best fur manufacturers are skilled and experienced craftsmen with a sharp eye for detail and a strong sense of aesthetics, devoting numerous hours in hand-making high-quality fur garments. Adapting to the new age and the digital world, this company has perfected its production processes.

Due to its unique holistic approach and with deep respect for natural resources, the Skandinavik Fur company rationally consumes fur. With good imagination, vision and skill of the master, they turn all the remnants of fur into beautiful fashion items whenever possible.

Fur is not exclusively intended for women, but also men’s fur coats can be an interesting accessory that will refresh the wardrobe of every modern man. You’ve probably once wondered what are the reasons for famous men, famous rappers who love chinchilla fur and long fox fur coats. The answer is simple, such furs exude magnificent energy that reflects luxury and style. Mink is the right choice to achieve a more elegant look, and a fur-lined parka or fur-lined leather jacket – shearling jackets are slightly more conservative options. You can explore the Skandinavik men’s collection and I am sure you will find something unique for this fashionable winter season.

The key difference in the fur that comes out of the Skandinavik Fur factory is the final products that require a lot of experience, skill, patience and a special manufacturing technique – a time-consuming process that many fur manufacturers have abandoned over time. All Scandinavian fur coats exude a unique and exceptional aesthetic, which is appreciated by the most picky fur lovers. In addition, their sectional fur-making techniques, such as half-skins, chevron patterns, oval patterns and others, create a unique look that can rarely be found in Europe.

When investing in a timeless piece like fur coat, you want to be sure to buy directly from an experienced fur manufacturer who can provide you with the best service after the purchase, transferring knowledge about how to maintain fur products, and at the same time offer high quality products that are professionally made.

The Fur Jacket from today’s post, a short jacket with a hood, is made of mink, which is specially painted in three colors. This model is also elegant and has a certain sporty elegance, so it can be worn by people who are oriented to a slightly different sports wardrobe.

Stay warm this winter while keeping a crisp look with the hooded SAGA mink fur coat. If you are looking for a sportive, casual and yet luxurious look then this is the way to go. The mink fur’s high insulation index keeps you toasty warm and you can forget the bulky outerwear when the weather becomes harsh. The straight cut provides extra comfort and a classic timeless look. Handmade with high quality standards and designed to last for years, if not decades with proper care. Made with female SAGA mink skins

Sharp lines, comfort and practicality are some of the basic characteristics of this luxury piece. It can be worn with a white shirt, black pants, an interesting leather belt or you can pair a nice white sweater with jeans. The hood is made of mink on both sides and on the top, because it is suitable for a luxury item like this jacket.

I tried to complete this outfit with classic Brunello Cucinelli pants and a skirt, elegant pieces that fit perfectly into this clothing combination. Gray simple pants and an elegant roll of soft light beige color fit perfectly this time!



Turtleneck Sweater: Brunello Cucinelli

Trousers: Brunello Cucinelli

Sneakers: Salvatore Ferragamo

Since the whole outfit was in a certain sporty – elegant tone, I decided to wear my new Salvatore Ferragamo made of embossed crocodile leather. I have to admit that they complemented this outfit in an unusual way. Of course, the black color goes great with the colors that predominate in my wardrobe. Salvatore Ferragamo is a famous Italian brand that is at the very top of the fashion industry and has conquered the fashion scene.

After many years of success, he managed to take a high position in the world of fashion and is known for the production of the famous women’s Varina ballet flats and men’s sneakers made of exotic leather.

My dear fashionistas, we have reached the end of this special post where we discovered some incredible brands from Greece and Italy! How did you like my outfit today? Have you found some inspiration for some of yours great outfit in brown – grey – black color?

I really tried to prepare today’s post with a lot of love and I hope you will like it! See you in a couple of days with some new interesting story!

I advise you to listen to my advice due to the current health situation with the new variant of Corona virus – Lambda in almost all European and countries around the world. If you need to go out into the fresh air, take a walk and clear your mind and enjoy the charms of the autumn, feel free to do so, but do not go to places where there are a lot of people and thus encourage crowds.

If you have been vaccinated (both doses of the vaccine or even with third Booster dose) you need to wear a mask for your own safety. If you are abroad on vacation, I would ask you to respect local COVID-19 laws related to community health.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or a message for me, you can write to me below in the comments. Of course, as always, you can contact me via email or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT ME page. I’ll see you soon!

With love from Berlin,

This post is sponsored by SKANDINAVIK FUR, Brunello Cucinelli and Salvatore Ferragamo brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.


Letters from Malta: Stylish and Fashionable Summer on streets of Valletta

My dear fashionistas, welcome to my new post! How are you today? I admit that it’s more boring to remind you how it’s hot as hell this summer, but it’s summer time that we all find our own way to “survive”. Today, I decided to share with you my first outfit post from Malta and at the same time to show you my first outfit I was wearing at the opening of Malta Fashion Week in Valletta.

Before I start, I would like to thank my friends from the National Tourism Organization of the Republic of Malta for a kind invitation. It was my pleasure to meet Malta from a completely different angle and, in addition to the famous stories about the knights and the island of waves, I realize that Malta is an unusual destination, which is, by the way, from the fashion aspect is one developing country.

After finishing with a tour of one part of the island, according to the plan and program, little Marko was supposed to go to the opening of the biggest fashion event in Malta – Fashion Week. This event is very important for the Maltese people, those are the days when Malta shines more and when people go out to gather and show some new fashion pieces from their closets that they might not wear everyday. On another hand that is also the goal of these fashion events, to play with art and to show some personal sense of style and fashion.

I decided to stay consistent with my “boring” elegant style, so I decided to take on some typical Sailor’s style. I’m sure you’re wondering what this Marko is talking about now! This style is based on three basic colors, which are navy (dark blue), white and red. There are also iconic stripes, which are in some way a trademark of this style. Otherwise the rule is that the stripes are almost always horizontal, but since in my life everything is different, I have solved to “turn” them vertical!

“All women love to kiss the sailors…” it is the famous quote, so I wanted to try my luck! It was there on the fortress of St. Elmo a lot of nice ladies, but none of them kissed me, they just came to see new fashion shows, looking for some inspiration… Okay, maybe I will be the lucky one next time.

The St. Elmo fortress is one of the largest open-air war museums in Malta that is of great historical and cultural significance to Malta. Fashion Week was supported this year by the Malta Tourism Authority and other famous companies and they wanted to combine fashion and history. Who watched my Instagram Stories from the fashion shows, you saw the beauty of the creation of various fashion designers. I think this event will remain in my memory because of the incredible location, the incredible smell of the sea, the breathtaking landscape and the interesting fashion creations that were created with lot of love by brands and fashion designers.

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on wearing sunglasses as part of this outfit, but I needed them because of the sun. While I was waiting for a special dinner to celebrate the opening of Malta Fashion Week, I decided to use my time wisely and make some photos of this lovely outfit. I walked around Valletta, just trying to remember about some interesting facts which I’ve learned about this unusual city that day from my guide.

I crossed along the streets Valletta, enjoying in the view of the sea from almost every street. My legs were little swollen, because of long walk that day, but I managed to make some graceful and stylish steps on the streets of Valletta and after I went to the opening of Fashion Week and saw the first shows. Sometimes my life is not perfect as it looks like on Instagram, but I’m trying to make it better at least for myself to have the strength to move on with my life.

I always try to do my job professionally as much as I can. In my job there are 3 sides which always need to be satisfied! First, people who regularly read and follow my content need to find out some value and personal usefulness of my work, second are my clients who also need to be satisfied and the third side – ME. Why? I am happy that I have the opportunity to turn my love of writing into a nice job that has its advantages and disadvantages, but it I truly love it from the bottom of my heart.

My love for fashion and travel has no limits, I do not care where my journey will take me, but it is important for me to have some nice memories and stories that I can share with all of you anytime.

For all these beautiful photos were taken in Malta by my best photographer with good equipment and I am grateful that I have wonderful friends of the blog who believed in me and my work and thus helped me to advance myself and that I can always share with you my memories in the best possible quality images and resolutions. This time we got a little boost, so my camera got “a new eye”, a lens from a special Sony Lens series for professional photographers G Master and I hope you will now enjoy even better photo quality. Thanks again for such a wonderful gift! I like it so much!

My dear fashionistas, once again we have come to the end of our adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of this post, I would like to thank my friends from Malta Tourism Authority for this incredible adventure and for their huge efforts to make my stay unforgettable and I felt like at home.

How do you like this interesting summer vibe outfit? Have you ever visited Valletta? Have you maybe had a chance to visit Malta before? I would like to share with me your experience!


Shirt: Zara

Trousers: Burberry

Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo

Sneakers: Saint Laurent

In a couple of days we will continue our adventure in Malta, you will find out more about this island and I will show you the beauties of sister’s island Gozo. I can’t wait to share all those beautiful photos with you.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.



This post was sponsored by Malta Tourism Authority. I also thank my friends from Burberry for this wonderful gift and Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera with Sony FE 24-70 mm lense from special G Master series of professional lenses.

Happiness in Black and White World

Hi guys! Welcome to my new post. I hope you are well and you are ready for my new post. December is one of those months of the year when you are thinking about what did happen to you. It was a very difficult year for someone and you hope that the next year will be better, while somebody this year was very successful and your plans are much better and you can expect the next year to be even more successful … It’s like black and white … Is there between maybe grey? No?! What about those people who are not hoping at all? Are they maybe a “new” grey? Think about it!

I sincerely hope that this year have brought to you many wonderful moments to remember and that you will have them even more in 2018. Many of you have sent me many times one simple question: “Marko, when you are going to post some outfit post with black and white pictures?!”.

December is time when some wishes come true, so it’s time to make your wish come true, but I must admit that I also enjoyed in making of these photos because it was one big challenge for me.



It’s the truth what people say: “A man learns everything while he is alive!” It’s the same with pictures! Man constantly learns something new when editing photos. Each picture has it’s own story. I used my last chance this year before the snow and I decided to make some photos for my post.

It was pretty fun, and I also had a interesting company…



These swans absolutely fell in love with my camera, so they were constantly in the frame… Some animals seemed to be a superstars. Since now I have a Midge in the video, ducks in Slovenia, swans on the river and once I think I had also a cat. I think I will soon change the name of the blog so Mr.M and friends will be perfect. If nothing else at all I have a company for the shootings! ?



I’m sure you know (You really can notice in my posts) how much I love trench coats and coats. That’s why I decided that my first “black-and-white” post would be with my favorite fashion item from my closet. It’s all about taste and style. Everyone is unique in some way, but I think that they are rare people who don’t like them. They are the true icon in classic men’s fashion. I’m sure that you remember of the black and white movies and almost every good-looking man was worn some trench coat or coat. They were also the symbols for the detectives, but the real guys were wearing their raincoats in the final scene on the rain… Is that fact just cool to me or you also feel that way?



These trousers are pure symbol of classic style, they maybe have a famous Italian touch… So classic and elegant in Italian “slim fit” way. Do you notice anything unusual in this “classic” black an white story?

Somebody will notice, someone doesn’t see at all – The Shoes! The shoes give this combination a new, fresh urban look. That’s the “Urban Classics” style I’m constantly telling you about on my blog.



The story about shoes may be little unusual, strange, but you will learn something…

They were bought during my first visit to Berlin, almost 10 years ago… Then I didn’t even think that Berlin would be my second home. I still haven’t forgot that day! It was a summer time – August. It really was is a nice and sunny day. Little Marko walked around the city and suddenly it started to rain, just to make it clear now after I learn that everything is possible in Berlin. Mom and I just run into the first store we came across and waited there while it was raining outside. Then you learn a very important lesson in life! You just have to try on 20 pairs of shoes just in case that you don’t have to go outside and get wet! I remember there in that store was some amazing final sales and, of course, my mother, like every other woman on the planet, decided to buy at least one pair of shoes.

I looked around at the store and I didn’t find anything interesting to me, until one German lady came to return one of the men’s shoes, she was furious and something was really really wrong. She pulled shoes out of the box and she were just showing around to store manager and store assistants what is not ok on those shoes. I looked like a crazy person who just fell in love because I really liked those shoes. The women returned the shies, of course and I came as fast as I could, just to see my shoes, because it rarely happens to me that I liked something at first sight so much. The manager said that the shoes were damaged inside, that somewhere inside of one shoe the sewing inside one of the shoes was slightly wrong…

I listened all those bad things, but I didn’t care about. I also didn’t care about the size, because they was one and the half size smaller than my actual size. The Germans saw that they had found the right “fool” customer for their product, and for small sum of money I bought Dior shoes that I still wear today as well.



My mother convinced me that it certainly wasn’t good at all (as any other mother on this Earth), but the price has won in this case. Afterwards, we realised that the German lady tried to damage the shoes so she failed and she painted the part inside of shoes and in the light it seemed as the sewing would turn out. Now, I can only tell her: “Thank you, so so so much!”.



How the time just flies… 10 years since my first visit to Berlin, and also we came to the end of my today’s post. Somebody says I’m a good writer, somebody says I’m not… Who knows… For a couple of days  you will have the opportunity to see the new post about Ljubljana – the city of Jože Plečnik.

I sincerely hope that you liked my today’s post. I’d like to hear your impressions, how do you like black and white images, and maybe I’ll include them once a month on a blog. Let’s just me know is that ok and what you think about my idea. For any suggestions or proposals for collaboration, please visit my CONTACT ME page.






Trench coat: Burberry

Trousers: Zara

Gloves: Burberry

Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo

Shoes: Christian Dior

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r via Sony Deutschland





This post is sponsored by Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.

Fashion Week: Ljubljana Day 1

Hi guys! I’m a bit late with postings, but you know it’s always with some reason. A few days ago I had the opportunity to attend the Fashion Week in Ljubljana (LJFW) and with a little help of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) I had the opportunity to get to know all the natural beauties of Slovenia and to explore Ljubljana a little bit. I am sure you know the famous quote: “All roads lead to Rome”; but my roads last week crossed with Ljubljana!


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


When you travel somewhere in November, you can only hope that time will be good and the most important thing – avoid the rain as much as possible! Ljubljana is maybe a small town, but believe me very charming, when I’ve seen street musicians on the I had the feeling that I am in Paris, I just lost a compass. Since I was little ill at the end of October, when the invitation to Fashion Week in Ljubljana came to me, I got one reason more to get better soon and to go on some new adventure!

Winter is, one of the toughest seasons for journeys. All those who are struggling to pack those big puffy jackets, sit on a suitcase to make it easier to close and pray for God for the suitcase to be in one piece and that is a story which repeats every winter. An additional problem is that you go to one such event like the Fashion Week and then you just have to shine! How to pack for the trip, without taking 3,4 suitcases with you ?! I have just one answer for you: the COAT! Coat, jacket with some warmer and active underwear (a very useful thing in winter!) is all you need for winter adventures.


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


First day of the Ljubljana Fashion Week, the wind blew so hard, so I kept repeating: “Marko, today is your day! Just shine!”. It was my way of survival!

You have already had a chance to see this coat in one of the previous posts (LINK), and since we (bloggers) don’t have so “deep” pocket! (unfortunately!) And we, like the rest of the normal people, wear some things several times. ?

Sweatshirt (my mom still claims it’s a sweater!) Is my favourite piece of this season, I wear it almost every day (God help me!). Pants are also like the sweatshirt from Zara, but they are not from this season. I bought last year at a discount for 7 euros. Yes, for 7!

Boots are new in my closet! ?  They arrived with the coat and I decided that their premier would be in Ljubljana. I thought it would be uncomfortable for the all day walking around Ljubljana, however, They did a good job and my feet are still very grateful… Is it because of the luck that I came to Ljubljana or for the amazing quality of the shoes? ?  I think you will know the answer!

The backpack for me is a memory. I got it for the 18th birthday and I’m very glad. Even that dark brown color, my sister still today, tells how she has crossed half the world to find him. So, that’s why I love it so much. 🙂

Glasses are also my favorite piece for this season, especially when I mask my face in the morning. Thank you Ferragamo!


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


In a few days you will have the opportunity to see special posts about Slovenia. A couple posts about places I visited during my stay and an experience I will remember for a long time. Traveling is a great thing, not only to get to know new cultures and customs, but you can also connect with nature.


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


I sincerely hope that you liked my today’s post and that you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, suggestions or proposals for collaboration, you can contact me via social media or via mail: [email protected]





This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience



Coat: Burberry

Sweatshirt: Zara

Trousers: Zara

Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo

Backpack: Louis Vuitton

Boots: Burberry

Camere: Alpha 7R via Sony Deutschland


This post is sponsored by Slovenian Tourist board (STO) and Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.

Black, black, black…

Hi guys! Here’s another Wednesday, and with it my new post! I’m very glad that you liked my previous post. Today I decided to show you something new on my blog, the street style you haven’t seen me before. Today, I wanted to be a post “from head to toe in black,” but still my photographer (better read my mother!) decided, it’s better to take a beige sweater and sneakers at least… Sometimes it’s really hard to live with me! But, wait it’s time to start with my today’s post!



I’ve been thinking about how to call today’s post for a long time. Fist, I wrote something, than I delete the title at least 100 times until I remembered one beautiful sentence “Black, black, black I LOVE YOU!” then I decided to use it (just a first part!). The black colour is eternal, it’s a classic. Black suit, a little black dress, a black bag are all the details that every fashion reader see in the most famous world magazines every season recommend that you have to have this season. I chose a black jacket, which is at first sight very simple. What do you see? A black, shorter canvas jacket, when you notice unusual pockets with those fashionable zippers… And? That’s it? I first saw on it fur trim, which is shining, metal chrome colour details, and I especially liked it’s length. When you have almost 2 meters, you do not have much choice when it comes about the jacket. I’m sure that other men who are struggling with height also felt that they liked the pieces that are more for the lower men. So, for example, I’m wearing a black leather biker jacket with those famous raves that I dream about, but the reality is different … When I dress it, I look at least as if I borrowed a younger brother’s jacket, so I hardly “boarded” it just to look like a “fashion icon” for some time (at least I think I look, but I know that the ugly truth is completely different! But I will not!). This jacket I liked because it’s not too short, but it’s quite long enough to satisfy my fashionable “wishes”.



The story about the glasses is very special… I am a huge fan of sunglasses, I only wear optical glasses when I have to! (now I carry them while writing thi post, otherwise my ego is dictated by the rules of 100% you would read every other sentence in this post “# $” jnsvd, that’s at best!). Since I’m still a big loser when we talk about glasses, they’ve all stolen or I borrowed and I forgot to ask for them, I only stayed with one pair now. When I bought them, I felt like Tom Cruise in Top Gan movie, and as time went by, I realised that they didn’t look good on me and so they were waiting for their 5 minutes to take them again… I almost received mail from representatives of Ferragamo, would I like a new pair of sunglasses? I mean, for God’s sake it’s almost a winter! I think maybe it’s not best time for sunnies now, but my mom is always there to fix me, so she put some of her sunglasses with the words: “Hey, babe!” And her famous waving like Queen Elizabeth II. Oh, I called out and forgot to say the most important thing! Of course I agreed to get the new glasses, and so these new sunnies which came to me. Come to papa! Now I have super glasses to hide from paparazzi! 😀 Now I understand the older people wearing sunglasses in winter, it’s nice and useful! You can hide wrinkles and bad mood! 😀



The sneakers are already familiar to you from some previous posts… What to do! The crisis also came in our perfect blogger world, so we have to wear some sneakers and more than 3 times (there are cases when there wore more than 5 times!). And this time my Alfie did a great job (if you forgot to tell you Alfie is my best friend, Sony Alpha 7R camera).

I sincerely hope you liked my today’s post. If you have any question, suggestion or proposal for collaboration, you can contact me via social media or by mail: [email protected]



Jacket: Trussardi Jeans

Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo

Sweater: Zara

Jeans: Pedro del Hierro

Sneakers: New Balance via NB Deutschland

Camera: Sony Alpha 7R – Sony Deutschland

Post is sponsored by Grupo Cortefiel, Salvatore Ferragamo S.P.A.