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Bye Summer!



Hi guys!

How are you today? I hope you’re good and you are ready for a new post!

So far you’ve been used to read my posts on weekends, but now I made a small exception because it’s August 31! That means the summer is slowly coming to an end. Some people find it difficult because kids are returning to school, while some have to go back to the office… It’s sad, I admit, but try to watch from a brighter side, for couple months are New Year’s holidays, so we’ll celebrate and rest again (Did I forget to mention gifts ?!).

This is officially my last outfit post for this summer season. In two weeks officially begins a new season on the Mr.M blog and you will be able to see new outfits and who knows you might get some new ideas! It means a lot to me when I get your comments and suggestions on social media or email and that means a lot to me…

For this post I decided to wear white trousers because who will wait next April, May and dark trousers will be on this autumn and winter, so I “grabbed” the last chance and walked in my new white pants on the Sava Promenade! Yesterday it was very pleasant by the river, the last rays of the sun were great for photos.


The yellow color is very unusual, its shades can be very striking, those are bright shades that combine with some jeans and then you shine like the Sun, while those slightly lighter shades are calm and more tender… I must admit that I feel a little hungry of this yellow shade because it’s associate me on banana ice cream! : D

With white trousers and this classic T-shirt, the moccasins are the best choice. The navy moccasins are always best for combining and they are always a good for the summer! Everyone already knows how many times I’ve been writing about how moccasins are comfortable!

Oh well… We came to the end of this post … I’m a little sad, I have the feeling that I have just finished a book, but on the other hand I feel happy because a new season begins! I sincerely hope that you liked this post!

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T-Shirt: Zara

Trousers: Pedro del Hierro 

Loafers: Tod’s

Camera: Sony Alpha 7R via Sony Deutschland

The post is sponsored by Grupo Cortefiel & Tod’s S.p.A.

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Hey Belgrade!



Hi guys!

How are you today? I hope you’re doing great and you are ready for my new post! I also hope that you had an amazing time this weekend and you are now prepared for the new week and some new adventures! Just want to tell you that you will see the new posts soon for a new season and I have some new campaign to show, I think you will like it! Stay tuned!

I love shootings on working days, but since Belgrade is very busy, then the best photos I made on weekend. Belgrade in the summer time is usually empty,  but this time was not such a situation, Belgrade remained alive and I decided to present it in my post today. I went to the old part of the town street. I was searching for an ideal location for my new post… I came across the graphite of an unreal girl and I had to stop and say, “I’m sorry, why is young woman painted on the wall alone this Saturday?! “. I failed, but sometimes it works, so it was worth trying! This time I did not succeed, but I continued in my searching for an ideal location in Belgrade and I was looking for inspiration…



This T-shirt is very pretty because of this unusual combination of beige-navy-yellow color and refreshes the person who wears it. First of all, I liked the fact that it was an affordable price and a great design, and nothing less from other shirts that were labeled with some famous fashion brands and cost only 9 euros …

Moccasins are a special story… I adore wearing them for summer, not only are they so easy to wear and somehow relax the legs, there is no sweating and of course, you need to wear socks that you can buy in every specialized store for socks (Calzedonia for example), just emphasize that you need them Socks for moccasins. Believe me, you will realize what I’m talking about when you feel the magic of a comfortable moccasin.


My blogger’s job is sometimes easy, as every other job always has a lot of challenges, sometimes it’s a daunting business challenge, and sometimes that is the sweet fashion challenges when you can not decide on the color or the model… The job you work, you must love, because if there is no such love or desire, everything is difficult and it can only affect you and your environment… Think of it! Till the next post, stay cool and fabulous, so you will see soon a new fashion combination on my blog!

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T-Shirt: Zara

Jeans: Pedro del Hierro

Loafers: Tod’s

Camera: Sony Alpha 7R via Sony Deutschland

This post is sponsored by Grupo Cortefiel











Novi početak…





Hello guys!

Welcome to my new site! I hope that you will love it and finally everything is organised now! I’ve been postponed the transition to WordPress for a long time. Finally, I’ve decided finally to grow up and start working on WP as other bloggers do. The weather these days was nice and sunny and I like every other blogger. I decided to use it and make pictures for my new post!

The today’s outfit is ideal for spring. You know how Spring can be an unpredictable season because of weather. People always must have plan B! (my mum every year has an umbrella in the bag until June!). This combination I like mostly because it’s cheerful, so refreshing. On some way wakes up that little child in you, saying that people who wear Convers sneakers never grow up… (I promise, I’ll not comment on that this time!)



Everyone who follows my blog, know what I think about red colour. The red color is always the best choice if you want to look younger! (Some people look thinner in the waist! I just heard it …)

Little story about Jacket & Jeans

Spring is a season that I just can’t imagine without a jacket. That’s why I’ve decided to wear again my favourite red jacket for this post. I have a few of them, but this jacket has something special and it becomes closer to my heart! Jeans have always been a fashion piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe. The jeans are good for everyone and they are great for every day. Some models can be worn in special (formal) occasions. I honestly prefer slim models of jeans because of my constitution of the body. I also like a little bit shorter model it’s a winning combination! (Sometimes you have to show new sneakers or shoes. I’ve already written about this “problem” in some of the previous posts!)

Why is Zara successful?

Zara is known as a brand for a younger population (pupils and students). By the time Zara has gained a new customer: Fashionistas (Fashion Icons). They don’t know about “fashion” boundaries and for them, years are only the number. Zara has become a synonym for high street fashion. Their models follow all possible fashion trends. Most important, it’s affordable to most of the people. Unfortunately today people have to get along in different ways because of finance. They also want to be a part of the latest fashion trends.



A sweatshirt is maybe is maybe my favourite fashion piece in today’s post. It’s just because of an anchor detail, which I always remind me of the summer and nice weather.

Converse sneakers: Yay or Nay?

For the end, that trash – The Sneakers! As I mentioned before in this post, Converse sneakers are famous in the world. When it was time to buy my pair, I just wanted to be unusual and colourful. I thought that white one is not too easy to care about for everyday wear. Red sneakers I have already enough, and somehow black is not just a colour for me. After a long search, I’ve found these kicks in Converse store in Italy.

I hope you enjoyed my today’s post. For all suggestions and questions please contact me via social media. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Jakna – Jacket:  Carolina Herrera

Duks – Sweatshirt:  Zara

Farmerke – Jeans:  Zara

Patike – Sneakers: Converse