My dear fashioniastas, welcome to a new fashion story on the Mr.M blog. I hope you are well and ready for a new dose of fashion. We start today’s fashion adventure with new friends of Mr.M blog – ZEGNA. Ermenegildo Zegna, also known as Zegna or Ermenegildo Zegna Group is an Italian luxury fashion house. It was founded in 1910 in Triver, Biella, in the Piedmont region of northern Italy.

How did this exceptional Italian brand come about? Before founding the company, founder Ermenegildo Zegna’s father, Mr. Angelo, a former watchmaker, owned a woolen mill and looms in the Piedmont Alps, Italy. Ermenegildo, together with his brothers Edoardo and Mario, founded the company in 1910 in Triver in the Biellese Alps when he was only 18 years old, using his father’s looms and family property. A few years later, in 1915 to be precise, the company was renamed Fratelli Zegna di Angelo.

Zegna’s vision was to create high-quality fabrics, so he began to source wool directly from several countries around the world, such as Mongolia, Australia, South Africa, in addition to buying modern machines from England that enabled quality fabric production. During the interwar period, Zegna’s business began to flourish. In the late 1920s, the Lanificio (wool mill) employed more than 700 workers, which number grew to more than 1,000 in the late 1930s.

Not long after, in 1938, the company began exporting fabrics to the USA, through its subsidiary Zegna Woollens Corporation established in New York. Soon, in 1942, Ermenegildo’s sons Aldo and Angelo joined the family business of the company, which was renamed Ermenegildo Zegna and Sons. In the mid-1950s, the company employed over 1,400 workers.

Ermenegildo Zegna’s sons, Aldo and Angelo, took over the company in the mid-1960s. Under their leadership, the brand expanded its business into ready-to-wear and established new factories and distribution networks abroad. In 1968, the first factory for the production of sleeves and trousers was opened in Novara, followed by Spain, Greece and Switzerland. Sales and marketing departments have also been established in France, Germany, Great Britain and the USA. In the 1970s, Zegna launched its tailor-made service called Su Misura.

Zegna’s attention to wool quality continued in the 1960s and 1970s, as the company established the Wool Awards in Australia (1963) and the Mohair Trophy in South Africa (1970). The international development strategy led by the Zegna brothers led to the opening of the first owned boutique in Paris in 1980 and then in Milan in 1985. In the 1990s, more precisely in 1991, Zegna became the first luxury brand to open a boutique in China.

In the 1990s, the third generation of the Zegna family entered the business. Angelo’s son and namesake of the company’s founder, Ermenegildo “Gildo” Zegna, became CEO of Zegna Group in 1997, while his cousin Paolo was appointed president of Zegna Group. Under their leadership, the company embarked on a strategy of brand expansion and full verticalization. The first major recorded success was in 1991, when Zegna was the first luxury brand to enter the Chinese market, with a flagship store in Beijing and one of the first to enter the Indian market.

The ZEGNA brand has always been a favorite in the celebrity world. Numerous actors and models have advertised Zegna’s lines over the years. Celebrities featured in Zegna’s advertising campaigns are Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody, American model Ryan Burns, Irish actor Jamie Dornan, English actor Sam Reilly. In 2017, Ermenegildo Zegna launched a four-chapter campaign called Defining Moments. Robert De Niro, McCaul Lombardi, Benjamin Millepied, Park Chan-wook, Yoo Ji-tae, Wang Deshun, Sunny Wang, Javier Bardem, Dev Patel participated in the campaign. Two years later, in 2019, Zegna launched a new campaign, “What does it mean to be a man today?”, featuring Mahershala Ali and Nicholas Tse, focused on the definition of modern masculinity.

In today’s post you have the opportunity to see two interesting pieces from the latest ZEGNA SS24 collection: a linen shirt and jeans. The shirt is made of the highest quality linen in a gentle drape shade with stripes of different colors, while the jeans are in my favorite ivory (beige) color, which is simply the best color for the summer season because of its simple combination with all other colors from various palettes.

If you want to stay updated and find out what new products the fashion house ZEGNA has prepared for us, follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.


Linen Safari Jacket: Loro Piana

Linen Shirt: ZEGNA

Jeans: ZEGNA

Loafers: Fratelli Rossetti

Loro Piana is a renowned Italian fabric and clothing company specializing in premium, luxury cashmere and wool products. This brand belongs to the LVMH premium luxury brands and has been at the top of the fashion industry for years.

The Loro Piana world is special and magical, where everything can be done according to your wishes. In addition to an incredible fashion program for men and women, Loro Piana also has a home decor line. This brand is recognizable for its products made of cashmere and special Vicuna material, which is considered to be the most expensive material in the world.

I enriched my outfit today with a linen Safari jacket that is an integral part of every Loro Piana Spring-Summer collection, it is a fashion piece that is timeless and can always be found in the Loro Piana fashion house.

If you want to stay updated and find out which pieces the Loro Piana brand has in its offer, visit their official online store and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Fratelli Rossetti footwear is fantastic for the reason that this brand makes classic shoes that are elegant and simply iconic, shoes for all times! You had the opportunity to meet their most famous model Brera for the first time in my Jordan fashion stories. What is the story of this brand? In the middle of the 20th century, more precisely in 1945, Mr. Renzo Rossetti started his story from scratch, where he worked alone to cut leather for several types of sports shoes. His shoes were sold at the famous Brigatti store in Milan, one of the few remaining stores of its kind in the city. After a few years, Fratelli Rossetti saw success, but, wanting to develop further, they transferred the brands and equipment for this special production to Atala Sport in Padua.

So they decided to start their story again from the beginning and decided to switch to the production of classic shoes. Those were the years between 1952 and 1957, which witnessed the orientation and acquisition of new skills in the creation of women’s ballet flats and elegant, simple men’s footwear characterized by extremely flexible and high-quality workmanship. All this led to the creation of a small collection of men’s shoes with contours that differed from the various styles sold at the time. Renzo Rossetti consequently engaged in work that demonstrated his aesthetic sense and artistic perfectionism.

Fratelli Rossetti in its collections for men has timeless classic lines that you can find all year in their offer, some of the models are: Brera, Brera Sport, Hobo Sport, Yacht, La Giusta, Estate and Green Side.

In today’s post, I present one of the iconic Brera models. Brera is the bohemian quarter of Milan where, in the sixties of the last century, sculptors, painters and writers struggled to leave their mark with a new language and new forms. The liberal and cosmopolitan spirit was the source of inspiration for “Brera”, a moccasin with tassels, a style revolution in a country that is just rediscovering its joy of life. Brera combines different materials and colors as a true work of art. The special composition of materials and shapes makes moccasins a successful chapter in the history of Fratelli Rossetti.

Today you have the opportunity to see the famous Brera moccasins in brown color made of soft open-weave leather with evenly spaced holes in the upper part. Special high-quality processing and production. These moccasins have a hand-dyed leather sole. The shoes are handmade in Italy, like all other Fratelli Rossetti shoes.

If you want to stay freshly updated and find out which models of shoes and leather goods the Fratelli Rossetti brand has in its offer, visit their official online store and follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of another spring fashion story, where together we discovered the beauty and splendor of Italian fashion with the cult fashion house ZEGNA, the elegance and prestige of elegance with the luxury Italian brand Loro Piana, as well as the beauty of handmade Italian shoes with Fratelli Rossetti, partners with whom fashion stories are a real adventure. I sincerely hope you got some inspiration for your ideal spring outfit!

See you soon and continue our fashion adventures on the Mr.M blog! How did you like my outfit today? I really tried my best to prepare today’s post with lots of love and I hope you like it!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or any message for me, you can write me below in the comments. Of course, as always, you can contact me via email or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. I’ll see you soon!

With Love,

This post is sponsored by ZEGNA, Loro Piana and Fratelli Rossetti brands. This post is my personal and honest review of their products.

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13 days ago

WOW Marko, great fashion story and even better pictures. I enjoyed your story as always and I really like this Zegna shirt. I’m on vacation next week, so I’m going to stop by the Zegna London store to check out their summer shirts.

13 days ago

This is a really special and refined way to combine jeans with summer pieces like Loro Piana Safari Jacket and Zegna Linen Shirt. The moccasins are great, too comfortable I guess. Are the Fratelli Brera models sizing runs larger or smaller?

12 days ago

This is divine! Everything is perfect, but the Safari jacket is definitely my favorite.