Ciao ragazzi! Come va?
You just have to love the Italian language. Italian is easier to learn when you feel all the magic of Italian life. The Italian language is the language of love, passion and the most beautiful love songs – canzone. I am impressed by Italian, but let’s go back to the main topic of today’s post. Since I’ve visited Italy many times, I’ll try to introduce you to Italy and famous Italian lifestyle. This is not that easy, but let’s try!

I’m quite sure that all of you, sometimes had the opportunity to see examples of men’s and women’s Italian style & fashion, but reality is a very different story.Milano, Milan, Mailand… The first word that comes to your mind is FASHION. Milan is very different from all other Italian cities. Speedy life and city development resulted from the fact that Milan became the center of all economic, cultural and art events. Milan is the city that never sleeps. As a tourist, you have the unique opportunity to see how the Italians do it.

Morning… the city center, I walk from the Duomo to the famous street Via Montenapoleone. I see men in a hurry, in their slim fit suits, trousers naturally need to be shorter, often ankle-length is seen better in order to show the shoes. Branded business bags and good wrist watch are simply “must have” here in Milan. On the other hand, there are several women types, depending on whether they are strictly business type or a real fashionista who wants to prove to the world that she is “the one”. For most Italian women is very important to have branded bag and shoes. Everything else can be “no name”. Morning “Fashion Show” ends around 10 a.m. because even these fashion addicts must work. Most of the others that you see after 10 a.m. are tourists.


If you need to describe Italian style in one word it would be a GAME. Why?

They are well-known for combining colors, styles and different clothes in an unusual way, prints and designs. Sometimes this might seem extravagant, but believe me that Italians know when and how to wear it and this deserves the great respect.
We can learn really much about fashion and style from Italians: It is not all “black n’ white” and we should not always play it safe.What do you think of Italian style?

I hope you enjoyed this post. All suggestions and questions are more than welcome!
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