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All I want for Christmas…

Hi everyone, how are you today? I hope this Christmas spell has changed your mood, and you are celebrating this holy day filled with joy that bring you Christmas. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the great holy holiday of Christmas to all people who celebrates this holiday. Christmas reminds us every year about the most important values of life: love and respect. I hope that we will all find the peace that we are constantly searching for. I have tried to congratulate all my friends and associates who celebrate this great holiday, as they every year try to send me their positive energy and best wishes in January every year when the Orthodox Christmas is celebrated.

Today I decided to be in the festive spirit and to congratulate my friends from the Turo fashion house this great religious holiday in this unusual way, and I hope that my fashion greetings will mark this magnificent day.

If you have missed a chance to read the previous post which I made in collaboration with the Turo, you can do it now if you visit this link. I hope you will enjoy! Pictures for this post were made in early November this year, but due to the obligations of my photographer, we were unable to post this post before. I thank my friends from the Turo brand for understanding.

Cooperation with this irresistible Finnish brand completely confused all my “blogger” senses and I must admit that I had no idea where I could make the pictures in order to succeed in presenting this unusual outfit. The new special limited collection TURO x IKLA, which the Turo fashion house has prepared for this Fall/Winter season,is something completely new when we are talking about the male fashion scene.

In the previous post, I presented you basic goals and vision as the designer of this special collection shared with the world – Ikla Wright, a young Finn who found happiness in a fashion world in the capital of England, London. Although after many successes he has made as fashion designer in England, Ikla has not forgotten his homeland and has decided to give a fashion house Turo a real fashion freshness.

Unusual models, freedom in movements and basic colors that will always make every man timeless was the primary goal of the young creator to encourage younger generations of men to adopt a new urban style of classic men’s fashion.

Berlin, as a city of new ideas, the center of street fashion where many famous world brands were created may have been the ideal place to take pictures of this outfit. As you can see, it’s always fun, even when it’s cold, because the very idea of having the chance to make the photos in Berlin warm my blogger heart, so even the lower temperatures can not spoil my perfect mood.

Some scientists, after some years of research, have come to the conclusion that some colours can significantly affect the positive change in people’s mood and thus contribute to improving the overall health. Red color except it is also attractive for the human eye, has a lot of influence on mood swings. I’m sure you’ve all heard that the red color is a symbol of joy and love. Due to this symbolism, many fashion houses create special festive collections each year especially for the holidays season that contain red, green, navy and unavoidable white colour.

This red sweater reminded me of the holidays, the moments you spend with your family and friends during the holidays where you share happiness, joy and positive energy because holidays are the best when we are together.

My photographer had a completely different conception of my outfit, so instead of my version Christmas spirit, because of the unusual style of the coat, I’ve got a compliment to look like a student who is late for a train for the Hogwarts because there is a plot story of the famous Hollywood movie blockbuster “Harry Potter”. No one can “ruin” you better than your  closest associates.

I must admit… Well, maybe this compliment was the best description of this outfit and this is proof that every one of us has his own personal view of things that can also be real, only at first sight we do not personally notice it well.

You also had the opportunity to see these trousers in the previous fashion outfit post where you could see how they suit well and with warm pastel colours like it is camel colour itself. An unusual model, with a high waistline that can help men like me to visually for a moment “change” my lower part of the body. I may be tall, but my legs are a bit shorter for a couple of centimeters because my hips’ weight is lower for my height a little and the torso is getting more pronounced.

In the past few months, I have received a few interesting e-mails from young and older men in choosing the best men’s trousers when you have the problem with the stronger hips, after they noticed that I have a similar “problem”. Of course, this is nothing serious, but it is the physiognomy of certain men, and then we have a problem finding the ideal trousers. My advice is that if you have a problem with stronger hips, and the lower part of the legs is thinner, you always choose models of pants that are wider in the upper part, while in the lower part they are slightly narrowed or what fashion designers would say “cigarette” model of trousers.

My dear fashionistas once again we have come to the end of this second special fashion outfit post about Finnish brand Turo. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling and we will continue our adventures on Cyprus as well!

At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from the Turo fashion house which helped me to explore urban world of men’s fashion.

P.S. I have to share some confidential information with you! Special sales have started on official website of Turo fashion house, so now you can use your chance to buy these amazing fashion pieces on the links bellow or you can find some other interesting items for you.


Oversize Coat: Turo x Ikla

Sweater: Turo x Ikla

Trousers: Turo x Ikla

Gloves: Burberry

Boots: Makia Clothing

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r Mark II

How do you like this outfit? Are you ready to step into a new year with some new goals? If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT ME page. As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!


This post is sponsored by Fashion House Turo. For all these beautiful photos I used Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera.

Smile is the best gift you can give for Christmas…

Hi guys! Welcome to my first post in this 2018 year! I hope that you are good and you had amazing time for the New Year’s Eve. Now I’m preparing for the greatest holiday – Christmas. There are Orthodox Churches in the Europe and in the world that recognize the holiday dates according to the Julian calendar, for example the Russian, Ukrainian, and Serbian Orthodox Churches. Christmas is still on December 25 a holiday everyone rejoices, and most of all children. It’s a real family holiday, no one is alone. I’m sure that many of you have seen those famous American commercials where older people (father or mother, grandmother or most common widows) are waiting near the phone to be called by their children, and from the great expectations were nothing else left…

At the end of each Christmas ad you see the smiling faces of their grandchildren, their partners who are looking forward to seeing their loved ones. Such advertisements always put you to the point of thinking and you ask yourself these type of questions:


Has closeness disappeared? Has humanity “gone out” of the latest trends? Does love have a price?Are we afraid that we will be alone in our “gold” age?



When you are too young there is no too much space for thinking about that. Those questions are too serious to worry about. You don’t think about life and you just hope you always will be close to your parents. Suddenly everything in life is changing… You become a adult person, who must care about “new” family and your children and you just go away to find a better life for your family.

Christmas is a holiday that reminds us of some real values: love and respect. This should never be forgotten. Perhaps our financial standard has fallen significantly because of financial crisis and we may have become more nervous and impatient persons…

Holidays are the only time when we forget everything from our everyday life and we can take a break and everything will be just fine! We didn’t lose our way as people, that’s the most important thing. We have so many days in a year to be sad, just take you chance to spend at least this holiday time in peace and happiness.



Yesterday I went to take a package at the bus station and I watched a lot of people who came to Serbia to spend Christmas (and maybe Serbia’s New Year, we celebrate that in the night between 13/14 of January) with their loved ones. The tears of the joy, happy faces of mothers and fathers who are waiting for their children and grandchildren and most importantly: The Candies! The children react immediately! I was attracted to attention by a girl who has about 4 or 5 years maybe. She was waiting for her aunt from Germany! Naturally, the aunt came and brought a big package which was full of candies… Yesterday I was so envy on that girl, why I don’t have that aunt from Germany to bring me the package full of sweets, although I’m 25 and I’m still a kid! ?

My mom says, “It’s all good while your children are little and they are only looking for interesting little things like candies, you know all about that and you understand them very well. When they grow up and start asking for bigger things like expensive shoes or bags, then everything is much harder to understand…”. Just to know I am still a child who enjoys in chocolate! For “bigger” things in life I work hard to get them…



It is very important, during these holidays to think about the value of mutual understanding, respect and most important thing in life: LOVE. There are many family rituals (customs) for Christmas, but that’s all in the spirit of our faith. I had wrote a text on how my family celebrate this great holiday every year, but I finally realised that it wasn’t necessary to write about it. The most important thing is to celebrate this important holiday with happiness and a warm home full of love and understanding. It’s enough for everyone, I guess!



As I said at the beginning of this post, this is my first post in 2018 and I hope you will like it. The pictures are a little different, the editing of the images are different now and they get some new artistic touch. Thank you very much for all the nice comments and kind support that you have provided me in the past year and I sincerely hope that it will be even better for us in this 2018 year with new interesting pictures and fashion stories.



Once again, I want to remind you that Christmas is the time of forgiveness and connection with people … If you have any disagreements or you have lost contact with a loved ones, call them, or better you can surprise them with a nice visit. You will see you soon in some new fashion stories and interesting travel adventures.

So far, you have learned that everything is possible in my “interesting” blogger life! I think that February will be a very interesting month on my blog, and I will not talk about it yet, but I promise you will find out in time! ?



I hope you enjoyed my today’s post and you will listen to my advices. I would like to hear how much you liked my today’s outfit in the post? Many of you asked me about this jacket last year when I took some photos for Instagram in Berlin… It was already the end of winter, but you know that it’s always cold in Berlin and this jacket is perfect for that weather! If there were not my friends from Glamood by Spence and with the little help of Corneliani, this “beauty” wouldn’t been here in today’s post! This jacket may have been from some past season, but we all know that style is timeless and some good fashion items will be IN (trend) forever! I want to say thank you to my friends from Glamood for understanding and letting me to make this post “delay” for almost a year! ?






Jacket: Corneliani

Trouesers: Pedro del Hierro

Sweater: Massimo Dutti

Sneakers: Saint Laurent

Camera: Alpha 7r via Sony Deutschland



This post is sponsored by: Glamood by Spence, Grupo Cortefiel and Inditex.