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Dear Belgrade, Everything I hide from you…

My dear Belgrade, I have not written you for a long time, I hope you will not be angry on me, because everyday life and duties did not allow me to write you earlier, so I took this morning off to write to you. How are you? What are you doing? Is there anything new in your life? Did anything change until I was gone?

I hope you will have some nice news for me! The newspapers report that the biggest Serbian friend comes to visit us, so if I grab some free time, maybe I will come to see you, and by the way to say hello our great friend. I heard that people is very happy because of him, they are sure that much of things in Serbia will change, maybe the salaries and pensions will finally increase slightly, so the people will at least will have the real feeling that they are actually alive…

My mother wrote couple days ago has wrote me that our lovely elderly neighbour  which we call Aunt Mica is especially feeling happy, telling everyone how she prepared the most beautiful dress and coat she wore at her wedding and kept those things for almost 50 years in her closet because of some special occasion which will happen. When our great friend appears on our TV screens, Aunt Mica does not blink at all, there is no power from too much excitement to do such a thing. I’m glad that at least she will fulfill her great wish, since many of us have not succeeded – Dreaming the dreams with the open eyes.

It’s not bad here abroad, You’ve been working from morning until you see that the sun has gone down, just behind of the buildings that you do not need to search for it. You live somehow, what our people would say: “Life goes on, I will go with it because that’s how it must to be!”. People here don’t know what it means when your salary is delayed, because here everything is well known and when the salary will be paid, all the bills will be directly paid from your account, there is no exception or some delay!

How am I? It’s not bad I’m not complaining, just trying my best to live nicely, I’ve finished various schools and my sister too, because of something, you will feel strange because you’re still away from home. In the first month, you will be caught by depression and nostalgia, but when your new salary transfers on your bank account, you will remember why you left your country. Believe me, my Belgrade, here abroad you live like at the airport, it’s still a free zone, but you are not with them and also you are not with your people. We, Serbs are not a bad people at all, we have not been ever something like that, just our life was something that was not perfect.

Everyone heard about us, books are being written, movies are being made, foreign bloggers come to Serbia… Not everything is so bad in the country of Serbia. It will be all right, but it still has something to change for us. My dear Belgrade, I’m sure you’re wondering what I am doing right now? I’m happy! I’m happy that I will come home, just to see you, by the way and to say hello to a great friend of Serbia who knows maybe he also follows world online trends and he will come out of the car to make some selfies with us who are looking forward to it, I hope it will be! Maybe it will not, but hope dies last!

Tell me as soon as possible if some of our friends are coming soon in Serbia, I will buy a flight ticket on time while these incredible sales of air tickets are on! Ideas I can come to see you for 20, 30 euros! It’s just Incredible!

I have to tell you that I am glad we will soon see each other again, right now I am packing a new white Zara coat, which I bought at the final sales, it was not easy to get it, but it was worth it, believe me! My dream was to welcome our great friend in crystal white coat, which is otherwise a symbol of peace and friendship.

I also bought a nice red sweater at Zara that “survived” even last year’s sale so I bought it for only 4 euros my dear Belgrade. I told myself, “Marko, you need to buy this red sweater just to feel happiness!” So that was my last words, before I heard famous beep which means that my credit card is accepted and I had enough money to buy this amazing sweater.

Are you ready for the guests my dear Belgrade? I am writing to you this letter from the metro, I have to drive precisely 32 stations to the airport and here I come to see you. As always, you wonder what I will wear and I will give you a little hint, but do not tell anyone, give me your word that nobody will know my little fashion secret! All right, here it is!


Coat: Zara

Sweater: Zara

Backpack: Louis Vuitton

Jeans: Makia

Jeans: Makia

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r Mark II

Dear Belgrade, please tell me how do you like this outfit? See you soon!

Best regards,

This post is sponsored by the Finnish fashion brand Makia. The purpose of this post is not to disparage or insult anyone, but entertainment! Mr.M said his opinion, if someone does not like it, please forgive him, he is just a human! The special guest who was mentioned in the text was the President of Russia. He visited Serbia in January 2019.
For all those beautiful photos I used Sony Alpha 7r Mark II.

Moomin’s Winter in Yellow Helsinki

You must go on a long journey before you can really find out how wonderful home is.

Snufkin (Comet In Moominland)

Hi guys, how are you today? I sincerely hope that you are good and that you are huge fan of Moomins. If your answer is YES, this post is perfect for you!

Today I have an interesting post for you. I will tell you how I managed to fulfill my childhood dream and remember my dear heroes from a famous cartoon – The Moomins. For all those who may not remember or are not familiar with these famous Finnish characters in a series of books, comics and television series, here’s a small reminder! Moomins are a family of white, round fairy tale characters with large snouts that make them resemble hippopotamuses.

This carefree and adventurous family lives in a house in Moominvalley, somewhere in the forests of Finland. In addition to them, books and series mention other characters that may be slightly different from them, but are accepted as part of a family and friends. A very interesting cartoon of my childhood and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to grow up with them, but I was not able to learn the Finnish language! ?

Maybe I did not able to learn Finnish, but I had a chance to visit Helsinki and feel that kind of nature and a slightly different life than we live in Serbia every day. Surely you are all now wondering what the Moomins have to do with this special fashion outfit post from Finland?

During my visit to Helsinki, I received a invitation from the famous Finnish luxury street fashion brand Makia to be one of the brand ambassadors of their brand. Since at a meeting with my friends from the My Helsinki I showed great admiration to their cult series The Moomins and told some situations from my childhood when I watched this famous Finnish television series, they sent it to representatives of the Makia brand and the this unusual cooperation took place.

The Makia brand was founded in Finland in 2001. This brand is a Helsinki based clothing company producing Nordic contemporary designs to stand the test of time, equally in quality and over trends to become a part of our everyday lives. The idea of Makia originates from the need to keep warm in harsh conditions, while befitting a city environment. Makia’s collection is inspired by the history and surroundings of Helsinki Harbour, where the brand’s headquarters are located and has evolved into a full line of garments to shelter you from head to toe.

This year, Makia brand managed to make first collaboration of this type with the Moomins. It is also the first cooperation of this cult Finnish brand like Moomin with a fashion brand such as Makia.

Bright colors, practicality and, of course, the quality of the materials are just a few reasons why this special collection of Makia x Moomin is so special. To me, this yellow jacket made a smile on my face that awakened in me that Little Marko who enjoyed in his favorite cartoon.

Another day in Helsinki has ended, little Marko filled his another childhood dream, and everything was better than I imagined as would ever be in my life. Sometimes, you don’t need a reason for doing everything in your life. Do it because you want to. Because it’s fun. Because it makes you happy.

My dear fashionistas once again we have come to the end of this first special fashion outfit post from Helsinki. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling and we will continue our adventure in Finland and Italy as well.

The fourth day in Helsinki ended, tired, but happy we went to our Aallonkoti apartment to fill our “batteries” just to continue our adventure. In the next post I will introduce you to the most beautiful zoo in Europe. It’s on island! I can’t wait to show you everything. 🙂


Jacket: Makia x Moomin

Turtleneck sweater: Makia

Jeans: Makia

Boots: Makia

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r Mark II


At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from the Makia who made my day with this new collection and I hope that I have succeeded to refresh this cold winter with these cheerful colours! ?

Perhaps at first sight orange and yellow colours do not combine well, but I learned from my previous experience that people mostly make a mistake when it comes to fashion. One thing is when you see clothes on hangers, but that right comes just by yourself when you dress up those things. You will see all those thing different on your body.

How do you like this post? Have you prepared your closet for new fashion season? If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!



This post is sponsored by Tourist Board of Helsinki – My Helsinki, Aallonkoti Hotel Apartments, Makia brand and others partners of My Helsinki organisation which kindly help this #MyHelsinkiResidence project. I will mention all of them in some of the next posts.
For all these beautiful photos I used Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera.