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Grace Patricia Kelly: The Glamorous Journey to Monaco

My dear adventurers, how are you today? I hope you are ready for the weekend because I have a new interesting story for you! You know that I always try to keep my promises so here I am today with the new travel story. Today I will present to you the second smallest country in the world – the Principality of Monaco. All who followed my adventure this month on Instagram had the opportunity to see some pictures and enjoy the beauty of this small, but lovely country on the Mediterranean coast. Of course, the first neighbor is France, but this country is also located near the border with Italy.

What is your association for Monaco? Is it only story about luxury and famous casinos or Monaco has something more to offer? There is always more, but for the Principality of Monaco only one woman was enough to mark the history of this small principality in Europe.

I’m sure that at least once in your life you heard her name: Princess of Monaco – Grace Patricia Kelly. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA), on November 12, 1929. Grace Kelly is considered one of the greatest actors and fashion icons of all time. The woman, who radiated with her beauty and grace, began her first acting steps  in the theater, and then she got first her roles in the TV series and thus “moved” her career on television.

Shortly thereafter, she also received her first role on the “big screen” in the film “Fourteen Hours” after that film, for everyone it was clear that another great star was born in Hollywood. During her rich acting career, she won the Golden Globe and the Oscar, which have always represented the prestige and value of the best actors. The last film she recorded in her career was the “High Society” in 1956.

That same year she decided to end her acting career and marry Renier III, Prince of Monaco. Grace Kelly may have fulfilled the dream of many girls who dream to marry a prince, but is it a guarantee of happiness? Can the true prince contribute to the happiest and caring life and to be happy for the rest of your life?

Like every question in life and these questions give you a space for numerous answers, but the Princess of Monaco has chosen her own path. There are various sources who claimed that Grace Kelly was unhappy in marriage, that she had been trying togo to Paris and try to at least somehow return to her acting career… The truth is somewhere out there!

The Princess of Monaco was a huge fashion icon, so one of the most renowned French fashion houses, Hermes, just named by Grace Kelly one of their legendary handbag models – Kelly. This bag today represents a real status symbol and if you decide to buy it, just keep in mind that you need to be ready to pay a little fortune for that nice, fashionable bag.

Her coming to the royal family, Grace Kelly changed the public picture of the royal life. She always tried to actively participate in humanitarian actions and she became a mother. The princess of Monaco with Prince Renius III had three children – daughters Caroline and Stephanie and son Albert.

How this interesting love story began? Aristotle Onassis, a wealthy Greek shipowner, bought a casino in Monte Carlo in 1953, but the Monaco economy began to slip. Onassis talked about it with Gardner Kauls, the publisher of the magazine Luke, who noted that Prince’s marriage with a Hollywood star could attract wealthy tourists to Monaco. Kauls suggested to Marilyn Monroe, whom she really liked this idea.

However, Prince Renius III met Grays Kelly at the Cannes Film Festival in 1955 and thought she would be the ideal wife and Princess of Monaco. Prince, otherwise, had to marry because of inheritance, if he did not accidentally succeed in securing the heir to the monastic throne, his principality would belong to the Republic of France. With serious intentions to marry Ms. Kelly, the Price visited her on filming set of the movie “The Swan”, a few days later he visited her family in Philadelphia.

Because of this marriage, Grace Kelly gave up on her acting career. Shortly after their wedding, Prince Renius III presented her with a full list of strict rules which, as a princess, had to follow. Soon afterwards, the prince forbade the screening of his wife’s films in Monaco.

In 1962, Alfred Hitchcock gave Grace a lead role in his movie “Marnie”. Although she really wanted to return to the movie screen and her acting career, Prince even allowed her to make this film, but the people of Monaco protested because people didn’t want their princess to interpret the figure of kleptomaniac or to record love scenes with Sean Connery. Later she returned to television, reading poetry and doing narration for documentaries.

Grace of Monaco on her return from France to Monaco, along with her daughter Stephanie, had a car accident. The cause of the accident was a stroke, in which Grays Kelly lost control of her car. She died one day later at the hospital and she was buried on September 18, 1982, in her 52 years of age. She is buried in the family tomb of Grimaldi in the cathedral of St. Nicholas (you can see the picture of the cathedral in the picture above).

Prince Renius III, who never married again after her death, passed away in 2005 and was buried next to her. The funeral of the Princess of Monaco was attended by about 1,000 people, most of whom were from political life and members of royal families. Television broadcasts of the funeral were watched by millions of people.

Monte Carlo is a city dedicated to a woman who marked it’s history – Grace Kelly. Interesting fact, there is almost no store in Monte Carlo that does not have a picture of the royal family. There is also a beautiful portrait in the shop of the famous French brand Louis Vuitton. I tried in various ways to make some photos, but the pictures did not turn out just the way I planned, so I decided not to share those images with you on the blog.

The monument which you see in the picture above is located near the Prince’s Palace in Monte Carlo and erected as a sign of gratitude to Prince Albert I of Constant Roux, who was father of the Prince Renius III. Today’s prince of the Principality of Monaco, was named after his grandfather.

Monte Carlo is an interesting, vibrant city that never sleeps. There are always the best parties, beautiful expensive yachts, a city where the famous Formula 1 races are held, better known as Monaco Grand Prix. Of course, there are still many interesting events, that’s Monte Carlo! ?

It is a fact that the Principality of Monaco is one of the richest countries in the world because there is no tax and this is one of the main reasons why rich people want to obtain the citizenship of this small country. In Monaco there is no property tax, inheritance or donated property for direct heirs. To become a citizen of this country, you will need a lot of things… ?

My dear ones once again we have come to the end of our travel adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from Air France for this incredible adventure and Tourism Board of Monaco that made my stay pleasant and I felt like at home.

How do you like this post about Monaco? Have you ever visited Monte Carlo? Did you enjoy in the story of the life of one Hollywood diva and suddenly who became the princess? I would like to share with me your opinion!

In a couple of days we will continue our adventure across Europe, you will find out more about Malta and amazing event called Malta Fashion Week! I can’t wait to share all those beautiful landscapes with you.

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