Hi everyone, how are you today? Have you finished all the preparations for the weekend? As I promised you last week, today I will show you all the beauties of the capital of England – London. A couple of days ago, with the help of my friends from the London City Tourism Board, I was able to visit London and to spend an unforgettable 48 hours in the capital of Europe that never sleeps.

When someone mentions you a word – London , what is your first association? For me it’s raining, misty weather, beautiful architecture and, of course, iconic coats and umbrellas from the British brand that I really adore – Burberry. London is a city for hedonists, a place where it is simply impossible to be dissatisfied with the service or selection of brands or shops, because London is itself a center of true hedonism.

I visited London for the first time as a kid whom my parents made to go with them and I would rather stay in Belgrade to play with my “squad” from the neighbourhood. Tt was winter time, December just before the Christmas holiday. I cried all the time, until my parents took me to see the famous Harrods department store that you can not simply skip easily when you come to London.

When you’re in London for holidays it’s just not important, do you had the money to buy something, or just come as tourists to enjoy in the Christmas spirit. That department store was incredible, especially for a kid who no longer wanted to return home. New Year’s magic made irreparable “damage” in the heart of a little Marko.

I’m sure that you know that well-know fact that the symbols of the London city are famous callbox and red dabldeker buses and every time you meet one of these two symbols on the street, you know that you have come to the capital of England. The English people and all the other nations that are part of the United Kingdom are completely different from the rest of Europe. Mentality, the way of life, and even humor is completely different, and who has not spent time with them can not understand some of their actions, behaviour and ways of life for a long time. Their humor on the first sight is not recognizable, their jokes make no sense to us, but if you spend time with them realize that they are completely different and their jokes are one big true.

Walking along the banks of Thames is always relaxing, whenever I get to this city I have to walk around this river and visit the Hyde Park for unusual furry friends – squirrels that are just so big and adorable, because they are all fed by people, but they are so funny and sweet. Since this time I was not able to visit everything in 48 hours which I had available in London, I decided to visit my sweet furry friends next time.

London is a city which welcome all of its visitors with open heart, it is not important whether you are a traveler with a limited budget or a wealthier traveler who has dropping diamonds out of the pocket, London is always here to welcome you. The only thing that is a bit harder for some countries, for example for Serbia and the surrounding countries of the region is Visa! Getting a visa for England is once an impossible mission, my friends have been denied twice, they simply do not know why, but they got a visa for the third time …

Not even today, none of us can understand why. The other thing is the price of a visa that changes from time to time, I did not pay the visa this time, so I do not know what its current price is now, but I know that the cheapest price is always over 100 British Pounds (B. Pound is significantly stronger than the Euro) .

What shouldn’t miss in London? My top 10 sights which you just can’t not miss!

  1. Big Ben Tower Clock
  2. Buckingham Palace
  3. London Eye
  4. Tower Bridge
  5. Trafalgar Square
  6. The oldest public opened museum on the world – British Museum
  7. National Gallery of London
  8. Hyde Park
  9. Walking around the Thames river
  10. St. Paul Cathedral

If you decide to buy a flight ticket from low-cost companies on time (2.3 or more months in advance) or take advantage of the action with low-cost airlines Wizzair, Easy Jet or some other low-cost airline company you can visit London for some really small amount of the money like 30-50 euros for return flight tickets per person. The only thing you should pay attention to is the location of the Luton Airport (where the Wizzair company operates) or other airports like Stansted, Gatwick, so you have to calculate that you will have to travel around approximately additional one to two hours, sometimes more to reach the London city. This is a little advice for all adventurers who choose this way of coming to London.

Is it possible to visit all the major attractions in London for 48 hours? It depends on you, primarily what you want to visit in London. For all the famous attractions in the city, sometimes there is a big line, and if you have only two days available to see the city, then it’s better to choose one or two attractive sights and come early in the morning to stand in line and pray to God as soon as you get to your goal.

London is an imposing city by itself. There has always been some sort of rivalry between Paris or London, which city is more beautiful, which city is more interesting… I can say that every city is beautiful in its own way, Paris is more charming and melodic harmony, on the other hand London is an urban centre and modern with completely different culture of life.

Cities such as Rome, Paris or London do not change at all, they are only maintained and slightly improved; these are cities that do not change their appearance and perhaps it is precisely in this interesting fact hides the magic of their popularity that simply does not turn off with time. London is the center of culture, art and all possible and impossible major events. It’s simply a city that does not sleep and where everything is possible.

London is also a great center for all gastronomy fans. Whoever likes and knows how to enjoy this kind of art, food for me is a pure art. Of course, we all have to cook something on a daily basis, but when we go to a special restaurant or want to feel the magic of some new cuisine or exotic tastes then each one of us likes to go to enjoy and the food then comes out of standard frame of everyday life and turns into a new dimension of art. If you want to enjoy the kingdom of countless unusual kitchens, London is the perfect place for you.

Of course, whoever loves shopping must immediately know that you have come to a real little paradise for shopaholics. Depending on your budget, London can offer you products from just a 2 pounds to some of the prices that normal people can just imagine about. That is London and in this city it’s just impossible to be dissatisfied with the choice, but you can always find nice things depending on your options. Of course it would not be bad if you go to see what the famous Bond Street and New Bond street which are just a real delight in luxury fashion world.

Of course, around London there are outlet villages, whole small towns where you can buy things at discounted prices. I would just like to mention that for this satisfaction you need a little more than two days stay in London, because in these outlet villages there you will spend almost one full day, and on the other hand, the offer of brands is mostly middle class and luxury premium brands that can be bought at reduced prices. There are also a handful of cheaper street brands in their offer, but it’s not really worth paying you 20 pounds for the bus shuttle ticket to the outlets to save 15 pounds for a thing you would normally buy in the city. If you are planning some nice shopping it is really worth to go there and I’m sure you will definitely find something nice for yourself.

London is a well-known fashion center, and Fashion Week – London Fashion Week is held every year, and separate collections for men and women are distributed all year round (4 fashion events for 2 fashionable seasons). Then on the streets you can see real fashionistas and London becomes one big catwalk. It’s pretty interesting to see, but as a blogger I have not yet had the opportunity to go to this unique event, I think that my time is coming soon!

My dear travellers once again we have come to the end of our travel adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! This post will be my first post this February and there are lot posts to come soon. See you next week, with some new interesting story!

At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from the London City Tourism Board, my friends from Sony who have challenged me to test the possibilities of the new Xperia XZ3, new Sony family member. All the pictures that you saw today in this post were created with the help of my new little friend Sony Xperia XZ3 and I began to think that I no longer need to carry the camera on the trip with me. This was a unique opportunity to get to know you a little better with a city like London and to visit again one of my favorite cities in Europe.

How do you like this post about London? Have you ever visited England or UK? Did you have chance to enjoy in the magic of the London? I would like to share with me your experience! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

This post is sponsored by the London Tourism Board, with the unselfish support of other partners of the tourist organization. I also thank Sony for this challenge and I’ve made some amazing pictures with their new Xperia XZ3. I also thank Burberry Limited, in following posts you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of their interesting creations.
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I haven’t visited London for almost 15 years now, but I just wanted to say that I love the way how you’ve told the story about London in your photos and in just 48 hours trip! WOOW You’re definitely my hero from now!


I Love walking round the parks in London in the spring! St James’s is my favourite spot! Would love to be in the capital when Eastern holiday will be on! I totally understand your childish soul when you’re spending the Christmas time in Harrods in that shopping world during holidays everything is possible


Wait?! All those phots have been made with the mobile phone??? REALLY? That is sooo good! I must check out those new Sony Xperia models ASAP! BTW I love London so much!


You are right about red busses! When I see double decker I know that I’m in London!


Ich liebe London! Rufen Sie mich das nächste Mal an, um mit Ihnen zu gehen! Ich werde alle meine Pflichten verschieben, um mit Ihnen zu gehen! A.


I’m going to London next week and I will be there for 72 hours! I thought that times not enough to see London, but now I really feel much better! Can’t wait ???