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Ljubljana: Small city with a Big Heart

Hi guys! Welcome to my new post. Travel is the best thing in a life that a person can buy. Everyone loves traveling, whether you are young and adventurous or older. Traveling is there to give us pleasure, rest and the nice memories for a life. For each trip, you need a good and reliable partner, so I would like to say big thank to the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) for this wonderful experience. This adventure has really filled up my old albums with some new photos and now my mom has put new photos into that famous album “Little Marko From the Cradle to…” for now we have reached 25 memorable years, but we have many to catch up! ?



Why was Ljubljana on my travel list this year? As a Fashion Blogger, Fashion Week is very important event for every fashion blogger, because it’s a place where you can meet some new colleagues and who knows you might also make some business contact for some collaboration in future.

So this year I was invited to attend on the Fashion Week in Ljubljana (LJFW) and I have to admit that this was a unique experience for me. Ljubljana is really an unusual city, who once came to Ljubljana, comes back very soon, because Ljubljana simply so charming city with it’s special magic. Anyone who want to feel the real adventure, must visit this wonderful city.



I’m sure you all know the fact that Ljubljana is the main capital and the largest city in Slovenia. Ljubljana is at first sight a small, nice city which has a population of about 300,000, but it’s enough for me to be happy. It’s great for me to be near to all those beautiful sights and you don’t need to use a lot of transport. Vey useful for health and you don’t need to pay expensive training sessions in the gym. You can do Cardio workout every day! Vey Practically, right?



Architecture in Ljubljana is unusual, there are many different styles. I promised you in my previous posts that I will tell you the story of a man who was always out of standards. Some people loved him, they simply admired his work, others just didn’t like him – Jože Plečnik. From the little boy people thought there was no bright future for his work due to school failure. His father felt that and he thought it was better for Jože to have a safe “job” in his hands and hire him in his workshop. Jože was a creative soul, he made a real little wonders of the tree, and after seeing the Wagner’s (Otto Wagner) draft of the Berlin cathedral, young Plečnik was absolutely fascinated by architecture and he succeeded and he started his studies in Graz.

With his work and unusual ideas, he thrilled his idol Otto Wagner and mr.Wagner took him to his architect office. After that, all is pure history and Jože Plečnik became an urban legend. He led a very simple life. Recycling and using more economical materials were the only ways of his work. He was extremely practical and economical man and perfectionist. Why some people didn’t like him? The answer on that question is simple, because of his sometimes strange nature and some of the actions he has done to prove to himself, and to others that he can do everything…



Ljubljana is known as the City of Dragon or the City of Jože Plečnik. The dragons have multiple meanings in their culture, some considered them to be symbols of courage and power, while others had a slightly different opinion. There are three legends which explain how the dragons have become symbols of Ljubljana. I will tell you a “verified” famous first legend! ?

The legend says that one day Greek hero Jason wanted to take the golden fleece and the skin of the golden ram, which was guarded by the dragon. After the battle with the dragon, where the king’s daughter, Medea, who fell in love with Jason, helped him with a magic. Of course he won the dragon and got a golden fleece.

As you always know, when you in love with someone you make some crazy things so Medea (princess) decided to run away with Jason after the battle. Her father (the king) was very upset and angry because of that and he sent the army to chase them. During the escape, the ship accidentally went to the mouth of the Danube, instead of towards the south to the Aegean Sea! There were no returns for young refugees, so they continued to the Danube, Sava and Ljubljanica rivers. They built a settlement at the source of the Ljubljanica river in order to prepare ship for transport to the Adriatic. The settlement was named Emona.

Near Emona, there was a lake and swamp, where one day Jason had a battle with a dragon, he fought with the dragon and of course he won. The city, which was formed in the Emona area, Jason chose the dragon as a symbol. Today, this city is called Ljubljana and has a dragon in its flag.



There are many more legends, but this is simply a favorite among the people! Ljubljana is maybe a small town, but it has a really big heart. I have to admit that I saw more street musicians in Ljubljana than in a major European cities like Paris.

Ljubljana is a city that will impress every tourist! Whether you are interested in history, architecture, food, or shopping, you can find everything in one place. Before I went to Ljubljana, many people told me that everything was much more expensive there than anywhere else in Europe, but I am from those people who simply believe in personal experience.

Slovenia has a higher standard of living than Serbia (my country) and countries in the region, but prices are not so high. Food for example is maybe little more expensive few euros, but that is absolutely ok. Clothing is even cheaper than in Serbia. I personally checked out a few things that were also selling in Belgrade and I found them in Slovenia and they are quite cheaper. That is my experience from this trip…



During my stay in Ljubljana, the rain didn’t stop, but this didn’t affect on the beauty of the city itself, as well as the photos look good at the end. The city is so beautiful so you will make beautiful pictures never mind are your professional photographer, you will enjoy. The Slovenians are very pleasant and they immediately realised that I was a blogger when I was trying to find some cool pose on the bridge. People waited for me to finish my job for a moment, but I noticed that after and we had to make small breaks, because I don’t have right to use someone’s kindness on that way.

It was quite interesting experience! 🙂



This picture was made on the famous Tromostovje Bridge (Triple Bridge). The name itself tells you a bridge made up of 3 bridges: a large central bridge and two small auxiliary bridges. Plečnik was so impressed by Italy, especially Venice, so he decided to make a small replica of the famous Rialto Bridge and I must admit that he did it with a little help from the optical corpse. The main central bridge is flat, the other two are staircase and the man from whichever direction he comes comes with the feeling that the bridge completely looks like the famous Rialto Bridge in Venice.


The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, lies on the river called Ljubljanica.


Ljubljana is a wonderful city and you will not be able to explore whole city just for one visit. You will come back to continue your adventure.

If you are in love you must visit the Mesarski Most! (The Butchers’ Bridge). It’s not as scary as it sounds, just as the name just says there were once the butchers were selling their products. Today is the Love bridge! You can here in Ljubljana, like many in many cities in Europe to try to “lock up your love”. Try it, you can’t lose anything!



Ljubljana is a great city for photography enthusiasts, wherever you go, the inspiration just wakes up in you and just enough to take out the camera or mobile phone and capture that little piece of the heaven and take it home with you. I’m doing that on every journey…



Shopping in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is also an excellent destination for shopping. Since I’m a fashion blogger, I have to say something about shopping in Ljubljana. As in any other city in Europe, you can find in Ljubljana more affordable brands such as Zara, H&M and others. As far as luxury brands are concerned, most of them don’t have their flagship stores in Ljubljana, but you can found almost all of them in the Galeria Emporium department store and in certain multi-brand stores which are located in the city center and in some big shopping malls.

If you want to refresh your closet with interesting pieces by Slovenian designers, my warm recommendation is to visit the ZOOFA multi-brand concept fashion store.

ZOOFA is a project of 12 young designers from Slovenia who have decided to help the domestic fashion industry.




As we walked along Ljubljana many times, it was time to see the tourist attraction which you almost see almost on every photo from Ljubljana. Ljubljana Castle and the famous white clock tower!

The Ljubljana Castle

A medieval castle, a symbol of Slovenian capital, an interesting tourist attraction. An idyllic promenade just a few minutes away from the heart of the city, the cultural center of Ljubljana.



If you come to Ljubljana, the castle is a place you must place on your travel bucket list. You need to take a few hours, and if you are a nature lover you can hike around the castle because the castle is in nature on a hill. Due to bad weather conditions we were not able to enjoy natural relaxation.

In the castle you can visit Viewing Tower and Piper’s Tower, Museum of Slovenian History and Museum of Puppetry.


Museum of Puppetry






The Museum of Puppetry is a unique museum in Slovenia and also in Balkan area. There are various kinds of puppets and the most interesting fact is that the museum is interactive! You can start the particular puppet show by yourself. Would you like to try to make your own puppet show? You can try a bridge that is 5 meters above the stage. You can feel how looks like to be a puppet master for a moment!

If your answer is YES, I want to try it then the Museum of Puppetry is the right place for you!




Ljubljana is a city that can respond to requests and those of the most travel hedonists. Numerous restaurants, bars, specialty food and goods shops… To explore the city and enjoy all those great delights, you need a good place to stay. I had the opportunity to stay at the Park Hotel, which is located in the center of the city and I have only a warm recommendation. The staff has made effort to make me feel at home.

Hotel Park is specific, it’s based on respect of ecological rules. The hotel on the roof itself has hives and they make their own honey… The food is exclusively from local farmers. At the hotel, on every wall has printed sentences that encourage man to save energy and natural resources. That is very interesting. I think you will be satisfied with the service! 🙂




Guys, as you know, time always flies so quickly when you are having fun. My adventure in Slovenia ended in November, and is now officially ended on my blog. Little #ifeelsLOVEnia adventure was a unique experience in my life, but I will miss my photos #ViewUnderMyUmbrella…

Life writes new adventures so I hope we will soon have the opportunity to explore another country … It’s almost New Year but I will not reveal location where I’m going to meet Santa this year! ?



I sincerely hope you enjoyed in my little Slovenian adventure and would like to hear your opinion. For any questions, suggestions or proposals for collaboration please visit the CONTACT page and fill out a short form or send me an email.





This post is sponsored by Slovenian Tourist Board.

Kamnik: The Breathtaking Beauty

Hi guys! Welcome to my new post. Man and nature have always been inseparable, only when people sometimes make bad things by their behavior and actions. Nature is good and forgiving everything, but we need to know that it can’t take a long time, and it is necessary to help nature.

Travel is a wonderful thing. A man sees new cultures, sees something new. With the help of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) I’ve got the chance to meet Slovenia and at least to enjoy in it for a moment.

Welcome to Kamnik!



After visiting Celje, with great excitement mom and I continued our adventure. Beautiful landscapes, mountains, forests look like a fairy tale. During my journey, I was thinking about my childhood when my father and I were researching forests in Serbia and when I first got on the skis. These are memories that always reminds me to winter magic and whenever I see mountains and forests, I would like to have a cup of warm tea. I know, I’m a dreamer…

I was barely waiting to get to Kamnik and to feel the fresh air. Kamnik is the name of the city, but at the same time also the name of surrounding area in central Slovenia. This is a place that can fulfill all your expectations. Whether you are a hiker, skier, or you want to feel the magic of the city and you want to know more about the cultural treasury, Kamnik is right place for you.



My first destination: source of Kamniška Bistrica river. Looks like a fairy tale… I had the feeling that I’m on the set of the famous “Harry Potter” movie. Being in the Alps and enjoying such a beauty, for one Saturday afternoon, is more than enough. Mission accomplished!



We must continue our journey, there is not much time for talking. We all know for the pictures how much is important the daylight. I went to see the gorges Veliki Predaselj and Mali Predaselj present the narrowest part of the riverbed of the Kamniška Bistrica. The gorge Veliki Predaselj is 30m deep at it’s deepest part, a beautiful scenery! Maybe it’s a little cold there, but when you see something like that in your life, the other part of you who is ready for the adventure will simply order you to move on!



This is one of the moments in a lifetime that is not so easy to forget. Of course the picture above you see is zoomed, because I wanted to show you that wonderful color of water. I’m speechless!

In the Kamniška Bistrica valley you can also visit the Hunting lodge of King Alexander I Karadjordjevic. I was not able to visit it this time because of the lack of time, but the house is so pretty and built by famous architect Jože Plečnik. I will tell you more about him in the next post, the man was brilliant, he was absolutely genious.

Now a little treat for all lovers of mountain tourism. I’m sure you know those sweet mountain huts. On the Velika Planina there are huts and people can enjoy their beauty.  Some people who are simply not able to hike because of  health condition or for some other reasons, such as parents with small children? Now there is also a special resort (SLOVENIA ECO RESORT). Slovenia Eco Resort is a place where you can feel the spirit of the Velika Planina and you can also enjoy a variety of dishes and outdoor activities.



I feel in love with Eco-village. It’s interesting that tourist season is open all year long because they have extremely developed outdoor activities such as hiking. These ducks were so friendly and sympathetic, and some of them were following me all the time, even when they noticed that I had nothing to give them to eat, they didn’t leave me. Maybe they liked my camera, so they wanted to be my models. ?

The eco-village has several huts that are very comfortable, the food is amazing, and I could notice it on the happy faces of the children. Children always know what’s the best. When you want to relax, you can use the sauna. If you would like to know more about this Eco Village, just visit this LINK.



It was time for little Marko to learn something new. Maybe I came a little late, but the town’s beauty didn’t disappear in the night. Street lamps, the architecture of the city itself, has made me to fall in love this small charming town at first sight. Small places hide huge secrets. So I heard many stories, one of them is a Legend about Countess Veronika.



As I always I will try to explain you the myth in the shortest way. Veronika was a lonely, evil Countess who lived in her castle in Kamnik. The legend says that she was so evil that she refused the request of three brothers who wanted to become priests and to set up the new church. The legend also says that she would turn herself into a serpent by her curse instead of giving money for that purpose. The curse was filled, Veronica turned into a snake, and the country swallowed her. The End…



Myth about Veronica is still a story that intrigues many people. Veronica has become much more than the legend, it has become the symbol of the Kamnik. Not only that, but also the children’s festival and the famous autumn festival in Kamnik carries her name. Interesting!



This view is just wonderful, isn’t it? Kamnik is an ideal city for people who want to discover something new. As I said, a small treasure chest of culture.

Did you know that there is the first edition of the Bible in the church library in Kamnik? Really impressive! It is only very important to know that you have to announce your arrival couple of hours in advance or one day in advance. You can do it with the help of the Tourist Information Center or with the help of a local guide in Kamnik.



I’m really interested to know one thing. Have you seen something unusual on the photo above? Please write down in comments if you see something strange. 🙂

I wanted to show you a detail, but at the end, a pretty picture of the city came out. ?



The old part of the town is beautiful, you just have the feeling that someone has briefly “teleported” you in the golden age of this town. Just amazing feeling!



We were little tired, but very happy because we had a chance to visit this wonderful town. With wonderful memories and with last atoms of strength we continued our trip. So guys, we came to the end of the second post in this special adventure in Slovenia. Next week I will take you to Ljubljana – the city of Jože Plečnik. I sincerely hope you liked this post and would like to hear your opinion. If you haven’t read my previous post about my trip in Celje, you can do it now! LINK





This post is sponsored by Slovenian Tourist Board (STO).





Fashion Week: Ljubljana Day 2

Hi guys! Friday is the day we are all looking forward to, irrespective of whether it is a student who counts minutes by the end of the sixth class, a student who is waiting for that famous break or an employee who nervously knocks under the desk and waits for the end of work time … That is the magic of that famous Friday, there are plans for a weekend that changes in 90% of cases, but it’s important that something happens in a life…

So, two weeks ago, just that Friday night, I was preparing for Ljubljana. Travel is great when it takes a man to relax and at least escape from his problems at least for a moment. So, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) helped me to forget my own problems and they gave me a unique opportunity to meet Slovenia in an unusual way.



It’s time to show you my second outfit which I was wearing on Fashion Week in Ljubljana (LJFW). I am a person who has always been honest, so I will again say what no one would admit in real life. This outfit is awesome over the day, sportive elegance, even when you add the fact that this jacket is so warm then you could ignore all other irrelevant things. “Urban Classics” is a style that I will always be faithful, it’s a matter of personality.

Fashion Week is an event where everyone is trying to be the real fashionista – fashion icon, just to show up on the pages of some famous fashion portals. If you missed my previous outfit post from LJFW, here is the LINK. 🙂



Many of you asked me where I bought this jacket. Everyone liked these unusually large pockets, decorative stitches and of course, fur on hood. My biggest fear when I wear darker things, especially shirts and turtle neck sweater. This jacket is from Burberry’s new collection, but it was only available on the US market, perhaps you could also find in some department store like KaDeWe in Berlin or Rinascente in Milan.

For someone this jacket is maybe too classic. Dark navy jacket could not beat shiny, sparkle things and shiny latex pants, but it was very warm to me and I didn’t get sick (this is most important thing to me in the winter season!). Yes, I know the real grandpa, but that’s how I like it. The backpack was not planned, but since I was on the trip, let’s say it has greatly combined with this outfit. ?

The jeans are of course also there, they are best for traveling. I brought 3 pairs of them, then you can imagine my obsession.



Maybe the weather this time wasn’t perfect, but believe me, Ljubljana is a city that simply gives you reasons for a smile and to be in a good mood. I realized after the end of the shooting that people were moving or going around using by another bridge. ? Looks like Slovenians have a lot of understanding for us bloggers! What else to say than thank you guys you are the best!



I almost forgot… You had the opportunity to see these shoes in the first post of this new Fall season (LINK), and I really have to praise them, because I regularly have problems with the shoes when I go on the trip. You know those classic short horror stories on the trip: “My legs are swollen!”.  I know that feeling, it’s so painful and harsh.



Ok, now it’s time to say bye till the next post, because we came to the end of today’s post. I hope you liked my today’s post and you could see that I explored Ljubljana with style. Once again I would take the opportunity to thank the Slovenian Tourist Board for support in this project and of course my mom who is responsible for these beautiful photos. Soon, expect my new post where I will take you a little to the mountains and remind you that sometimes it’s necessary to return to nature.






Jacket: Burberry

Sweatshirt: Zara

Backpack: Louis Vuitton

Jeans: Pedro del Hierro

Shoes: Christian Dior

Camera: Sony Alpha  7r via Sony Deutschland


This post is sponsored by Slovenian Tourist Board and Grupo Cortefiel.






Celje: The History of Love

Hi! How are you today? I honestly hope that you are good and that you are ready for the new post. Those who follow me on social media have noticed that through my posts there is a hashtag: #ifeelsLOVEnia. Yes, you don’t need to guess anymore! Today on my blog starts a small series of posts from Slovenia that I would not be able to do without the help of the Slovenia Tourist Board (STO).

So let’s start!

Slovenia … Older generations remember this country much better from time of SFRY, especially our mom’s and dad’s when they went to Trieste, and then they had to come to Slovenia. On this road there is a famous city: Celje. What is your association for Celje? Do you maybe a little help?

Zlatarna Celje! That was my first association to Celje. Celje is an hour’s drive from Ljubljana and if you go to Slovenia you just have to visit this wonderful city.

Now I can proudly say: Welcome to Celje!



The town has a population of about 40,000, but it’s enough for me to be happy! At first sight, I fell in love with this city, just because of charm. As I walked slowly to TIC (Tourist Information Center), the city knocked me down. Street musicians, children who are cheering on the streets, the elderly ladies who are rushing to the market with their cute bags (I will explain why it is so important to go on the market on Saturday!) In larger cities you don’t have that sense of simplicity of life. I immediately took out my camera and started with “work” because every moment should be used in life and also on the journey like this!

It was interesting for the people to see me with the camera, so I had the status of the most loved person in the whole city on that sunny Saturday. Following the map and instructions from the mail, I come to the TIC and I met the smiling faces of my guides and the adventure has officially started!



Please, don’t be surprised if the weather changes on the pictures, the sun and the fog have played a bit with me. The history of Celje is very turbulent since the time of the old Celts, the Romans to the famous line of Habsburgs. While the “Celeia” was under the influence of the Romans, the city experienced a renaissance. The city was intended for people who entered the golden age, so that they could peacefully live their retirement days and give their contribution to Celje. Houses, it’s a mild word, those were villas! To understand how much they were out of their time, I will tell you that they had a special wall and floor heating and sewage system that today the city of Celje is using. I think it’s clear to you how many Romans were out of their time. The city has experienced its flourishing, trade has gone better than ever and Celje has become the main economic and trade center. Who would say?

After the Romans, the Huns come to Celje, the famous Migration Period… Celje loses its glow, the city was ruined, and until the early Middle Ages Celje was in a dark age. There is reason for this. The time passes to the Counts of Celje, the period when Celje returned its shine.

When you mention the Counts of Celje, the face of almost every inhabitant is the slight, proud smile. They played a very important role in the history of Celje, they were the most influential late medieval noble dynasty on the territory of present-day Slovenia.



The city is fascinating and hides very interesting secrets. I have an interesting little bit to tell a passionate love story, but I’ll talk about it a little later. ?

The picture you see above is the exit to the “Celje Beach”. Celje has its own beach. You did not know? There, you can always learn something new. This passage is new, they’ve made it a couple of days before my visit and you can spot the remains of the Roman Wall (in the right part of the photo, the old stone wall).



There is a one fact that impressed me very much. In the Middle Ages, people who were poor and who didn’t have the money to build their own home, they had a chance to make the place inside of the Roman wall and thus got a place they could call home. Very nice and human gesture! Today these houses are worth much more. ?

The view from the “beach” is absolutely amazing! Landscape like from a movie! And at the top is the famous Celje Castle, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit this time, but we agreed that during the next visit to Celje I will visit the castle because it requires almost half a day (if you are a fan of good stories and architecture). When I opened this picture on my computer, I just said WOW! that’s it!



The city allocates a lot of funds for maintenance, as well as for the reconstruction of the city itself and also a lot of help are donations from the European special funds.      The City also invest in art and help artists and they finance their projects.

As a sign of gratitude, the artist gives his best works to the mayor, and he gives this as a special gift to foreign officials. Really beautiful, Celje really deserves it. I really think that the Counts of Celje is smiling now from the sky and proudly watch their city. You can still feel that shine of old times, along with a good coffee and an interesting story about the history of this beautiful place, time flies! You will always try to find some more time to explore the city…



Since you were so good and you read some historical facts, you deserved to hear a love story. It’s not a classic love story, but it’s a story about love.

I’m sure you heard about Alfred Nobel? This is the one whose name is adorned with those great prizes for various disciplines, it is best known for peace. Yes, it’s the Nobel Prize! There are Nobel Prizes for economics, physics, medicine, chemistry, literature and as I have just mentioned for peace. What does he have to do with the town of Celje now? Love…

Sophie Hess was an ordinary girl from Celje who was sent to Vienna to become a young lady because of her free behavior. A girl with an unusual way of life at her age. She liked the adventures …

A young girl and a significantly older man, clear evidence that in the 19th century there were such love. There was a lot of it and it will always be… Sometimes love is really strange thing. Their love was unusual, but they couldn’t do it without each other. Alfred has a home in Paris, Sofia has also a flat in Paris… The same street but a few meters away… So it was in every town where Mr. Nobel had his properties. At that time they expressed their love by the letters. Her life was filled with fun. It was his longest love affair, and the last in his life.



Celje is a city that just asks you for just one thing – to explore. As we stayed longer on the Celje’s beach and talked about the Nobel story, little Marko was late for the museums. ?

I promised myself that I would come back to this town and explore all secrets which this charming town hide. And for the end I have one more interesting thing to share with you guys, but it’s for 18+! ? I’ll just say: The erotic fair in Celje. The only fair of this kind in Slovenia.




Guys, we have come to the end of my first post from this small series of posts about my adventures in Slovenia! In the next post I will take you to the mountains and I will show you an interesting town!

My suggestion of Celje’s tour plan and find out why Celeia is “the Place Under Place”.

Of course, for more information and suggestions about the tour in Celje, contact the Tourist Information Center – TIC, located at Glavni Trg 17 (Main Square 17). My warm recommendation is to visit Stari Pisker (Old Piskern). They have so large portions, you will not eat for the next 3 days, I know because I was there!

My suggestions:


  1. Old Castle Celje
  2. Celje Regional Museum
  3. Saint Daniel Church
  4. Museum of recent History


I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this post today! See you next week!




Fashion Week: Ljubljana Day 1

Hi guys! I’m a bit late with postings, but you know it’s always with some reason. A few days ago I had the opportunity to attend the Fashion Week in Ljubljana (LJFW) and with a little help of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) I had the opportunity to get to know all the natural beauties of Slovenia and to explore Ljubljana a little bit. I am sure you know the famous quote: “All roads lead to Rome”; but my roads last week crossed with Ljubljana!


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


When you travel somewhere in November, you can only hope that time will be good and the most important thing – avoid the rain as much as possible! Ljubljana is maybe a small town, but believe me very charming, when I’ve seen street musicians on the I had the feeling that I am in Paris, I just lost a compass. Since I was little ill at the end of October, when the invitation to Fashion Week in Ljubljana came to me, I got one reason more to get better soon and to go on some new adventure!

Winter is, one of the toughest seasons for journeys. All those who are struggling to pack those big puffy jackets, sit on a suitcase to make it easier to close and pray for God for the suitcase to be in one piece and that is a story which repeats every winter. An additional problem is that you go to one such event like the Fashion Week and then you just have to shine! How to pack for the trip, without taking 3,4 suitcases with you ?! I have just one answer for you: the COAT! Coat, jacket with some warmer and active underwear (a very useful thing in winter!) is all you need for winter adventures.


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


First day of the Ljubljana Fashion Week, the wind blew so hard, so I kept repeating: “Marko, today is your day! Just shine!”. It was my way of survival!

You have already had a chance to see this coat in one of the previous posts (LINK), and since we (bloggers) don’t have so “deep” pocket! (unfortunately!) And we, like the rest of the normal people, wear some things several times. ?

Sweatshirt (my mom still claims it’s a sweater!) Is my favourite piece of this season, I wear it almost every day (God help me!). Pants are also like the sweatshirt from Zara, but they are not from this season. I bought last year at a discount for 7 euros. Yes, for 7!

Boots are new in my closet! ?  They arrived with the coat and I decided that their premier would be in Ljubljana. I thought it would be uncomfortable for the all day walking around Ljubljana, however, They did a good job and my feet are still very grateful… Is it because of the luck that I came to Ljubljana or for the amazing quality of the shoes? ?  I think you will know the answer!

The backpack for me is a memory. I got it for the 18th birthday and I’m very glad. Even that dark brown color, my sister still today, tells how she has crossed half the world to find him. So, that’s why I love it so much. 🙂

Glasses are also my favorite piece for this season, especially when I mask my face in the morning. Thank you Ferragamo!


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


In a few days you will have the opportunity to see special posts about Slovenia. A couple posts about places I visited during my stay and an experience I will remember for a long time. Traveling is a great thing, not only to get to know new cultures and customs, but you can also connect with nature.


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


I sincerely hope that you liked my today’s post and that you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, suggestions or proposals for collaboration, you can contact me via social media or via mail:





This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience


This trip was amazing experience for me. Thank you Slovenian Tourist Board for this amazing experience



Coat: Burberry

Sweatshirt: Zara

Trousers: Zara

Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo

Backpack: Louis Vuitton

Boots: Burberry

Camere: Alpha 7R via Sony Deutschland


This post is sponsored by Slovenian Tourist board (STO) and Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.