Hi! How are you today? I honestly hope that you are good and that you are ready for the new post. Those who follow me on social media have noticed that through my posts there is a hashtag: #ifeelsLOVEnia. Yes, you don’t need to guess anymore! Today on my blog starts a small series of posts from Slovenia that I would not be able to do without the help of the Slovenia Tourist Board (STO).

So let’s start!

Slovenia … Older generations remember this country much better from time of SFRY, especially our mom’s and dad’s when they went to Trieste, and then they had to come to Slovenia. On this road there is a famous city: Celje. What is your association for Celje? Do you maybe a little help?

Zlatarna Celje! That was my first association to Celje. Celje is an hour’s drive from Ljubljana and if you go to Slovenia you just have to visit this wonderful city.

Now I can proudly say: Welcome to Celje!



The town has a population of about 40,000, but it’s enough for me to be happy! At first sight, I fell in love with this city, just because of charm. As I walked slowly to TIC (Tourist Information Center), the city knocked me down. Street musicians, children who are cheering on the streets, the elderly ladies who are rushing to the market with their cute bags (I will explain why it is so important to go on the market on Saturday!) In larger cities you don’t have that sense of simplicity of life. I immediately took out my camera and started with “work” because every moment should be used in life and also on the journey like this!

It was interesting for the people to see me with the camera, so I had the status of the most loved person in the whole city on that sunny Saturday. Following the map and instructions from the mail, I come to the TIC and I met the smiling faces of my guides and the adventure has officially started!



Please, don’t be surprised if the weather changes on the pictures, the sun and the fog have played a bit with me. The history of Celje is very turbulent since the time of the old Celts, the Romans to the famous line of Habsburgs. While the “Celeia” was under the influence of the Romans, the city experienced a renaissance. The city was intended for people who entered the golden age, so that they could peacefully live their retirement days and give their contribution to Celje. Houses, it’s a mild word, those were villas! To understand how much they were out of their time, I will tell you that they had a special wall and floor heating and sewage system that today the city of Celje is using. I think it’s clear to you how many Romans were out of their time. The city has experienced its flourishing, trade has gone better than ever and Celje has become the main economic and trade center. Who would say?

After the Romans, the Huns come to Celje, the famous Migration Period… Celje loses its glow, the city was ruined, and until the early Middle Ages Celje was in a dark age. There is reason for this. The time passes to the Counts of Celje, the period when Celje returned its shine.

When you mention the Counts of Celje, the face of almost every inhabitant is the slight, proud smile. They played a very important role in the history of Celje, they were the most influential late medieval noble dynasty on the territory of present-day Slovenia.



The city is fascinating and hides very interesting secrets. I have an interesting little bit to tell a passionate love story, but I’ll talk about it a little later. ?

The picture you see above is the exit to the “Celje Beach”. Celje has its own beach. You did not know? There, you can always learn something new. This passage is new, they’ve made it a couple of days before my visit and you can spot the remains of the Roman Wall (in the right part of the photo, the old stone wall).



There is a one fact that impressed me very much. In the Middle Ages, people who were poor and who didn’t have the money to build their own home, they had a chance to make the place inside of the Roman wall and thus got a place they could call home. Very nice and human gesture! Today these houses are worth much more. ?

The view from the “beach” is absolutely amazing! Landscape like from a movie! And at the top is the famous Celje Castle, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit this time, but we agreed that during the next visit to Celje I will visit the castle because it requires almost half a day (if you are a fan of good stories and architecture). When I opened this picture on my computer, I just said WOW! that’s it!



The city allocates a lot of funds for maintenance, as well as for the reconstruction of the city itself and also a lot of help are donations from the European special funds.      The City also invest in art and help artists and they finance their projects.

As a sign of gratitude, the artist gives his best works to the mayor, and he gives this as a special gift to foreign officials. Really beautiful, Celje really deserves it. I really think that the Counts of Celje is smiling now from the sky and proudly watch their city. You can still feel that shine of old times, along with a good coffee and an interesting story about the history of this beautiful place, time flies! You will always try to find some more time to explore the city…



Since you were so good and you read some historical facts, you deserved to hear a love story. It’s not a classic love story, but it’s a story about love.

I’m sure you heard about Alfred Nobel? This is the one whose name is adorned with those great prizes for various disciplines, it is best known for peace. Yes, it’s the Nobel Prize! There are Nobel Prizes for economics, physics, medicine, chemistry, literature and as I have just mentioned for peace. What does he have to do with the town of Celje now? Love…

Sophie Hess was an ordinary girl from Celje who was sent to Vienna to become a young lady because of her free behavior. A girl with an unusual way of life at her age. She liked the adventures …

A young girl and a significantly older man, clear evidence that in the 19th century there were such love. There was a lot of it and it will always be… Sometimes love is really strange thing. Their love was unusual, but they couldn’t do it without each other. Alfred has a home in Paris, Sofia has also a flat in Paris… The same street but a few meters away… So it was in every town where Mr. Nobel had his properties. At that time they expressed their love by the letters. Her life was filled with fun. It was his longest love affair, and the last in his life.



Celje is a city that just asks you for just one thing – to explore. As we stayed longer on the Celje’s beach and talked about the Nobel story, little Marko was late for the museums. ?

I promised myself that I would come back to this town and explore all secrets which this charming town hide. And for the end I have one more interesting thing to share with you guys, but it’s for 18+! ? I’ll just say: The erotic fair in Celje. The only fair of this kind in Slovenia.




Guys, we have come to the end of my first post from this small series of posts about my adventures in Slovenia! In the next post I will take you to the mountains and I will show you an interesting town!

My suggestion of Celje’s tour plan and find out why Celeia is “the Place Under Place”.

Of course, for more information and suggestions about the tour in Celje, contact the Tourist Information Center – TIC, located at Glavni Trg 17 (Main Square 17). My warm recommendation is to visit Stari Pisker (Old Piskern). They have so large portions, you will not eat for the next 3 days, I know because I was there!

My suggestions:

Visit Slovenia.info

  1. Old Castle Celje
  2. Celje Regional Museum
  3. Saint Daniel Church
  4. Museum of recent History


I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this post today! See you next week!



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This is wonderful story about Celje. I live in UK, but I heard about Slovenia. Can you tell me is it ok to explore Slovenia if I start from Ljubljana? I’m asking because I can only catch a flight to Ljubljana from London. Thank you!


Das ist großartig! Meine Frau und ich waren vor zwei Jahren in Bled und es war sehr schön. Ist Bled sehr weit von Celje entfernt?


Ciao Marko! Come stai oggi? Il tuo post è fantastico, mi piace davvero! Hai descritto l’amore tra Sophie e il signor Nobel piace qualcosa di insolito, ma credimi qui in Italia, specialmente nella nostra storia, abbiamo avuto un amore più strano di questo. Ho tradotto il tuo post con un piccolo aiuto di Google translate perché non conosco l’inglese così bene, quindi perdonami. Ti auguro tutto il meglio e non vedo l’ora di leggere il tuo prossimo post. Arrivederci!


I was in Celje this year with my wife and it was nice. We loved it! My wife bought some jewelry. We had wonderful time there.