My dear travellers, how are you today? I hope that you’re doing good! Finally it’s time for the weekend and a right time to share with you my new story from Moscow. I am always looking forward to sharing an interesting stories and I am quite sure that today’s story from Russia will be interesting to you. In previous posts you had the opportunity to get know better the rise and shine of the Russian capital and read my little fashion story. It’s time to tell you an intriguing story about a hotel that is at the same time one of the oldest hotels in Moscow.

Hotel National is located in the very heart of the city, right next to the famous Red Square and the political center itself – the Kremlin. Due to its location, the hotel was at the center of the battles during the October Revolution. The hotel officially opened the door to its guests in 1903 and at the very beginning it has gained the status of luxury and prestige hotel. Despite the high prices, the hotel was always reserved a few months in advance. Famous actors, politicians, traders, artists and diplomats were the dear guests of this hotel.

It all changed with the October Revolution and the National Hotel became a main station for the great revolutionaries. After the Bolshevik’s victory, all hotels in Moscow were nationalized. Hotel National also became the First Counsel house in 1918, members of the new government stayed in the rooms of this hotel.

Hotel National was the residence of the Central Executive Committee of the Russian Federation for a long period of time. In the 1930s was decided to return the former functions of the hotel. The hotel building was reconstructed, the ground floor was tiled with granite. After the reconstruction, the hotel looked a bit like a museum because of the furniture which was brought from the palace of Anichkov and the Kremlin Grand Palace, which also affected the price of services. Accommodation at that time was extremely expensive even for foreigners. The hotel worked with great losses, but in the 1960s the first stage of the reconstruction of the hotel was successfully completed and the hotel lost its fame which was gained at the very beginning.

In 1985, the main board of the hotel decided to restore the Hotel National completely. Part of the old furniture was sent to museums, the rest of the furniture was restored. The goals of this reconstruction of the hotel were to upgrade the hotel building, modernize the building, renovate the hotel’s interior. The health center, the attic with twenty additional rooms, a winter garden cafe are located on the north side of the Hotel National.

Ten years later, the hotel was completely renovated and it was ready to welcome its first guests. A new period of his history began. The hotel was awarded the category of a five star hotel. The present and the past have been successfully connected in the interiors of the National Hotel. In 2000, the hotel celebrated its 100th anniversary!

This hotel welcomed many celebrities such as the famous French diva Catherine Deneuve, renowned world fashion designer Pierre Cardin, current US President Donald Tramp, Kofi Annan, famous actor Alain Delon, Jack Nicholson and many others.

One thing is certain that Hotel National has survived everything in its existence, there are the scars may not be seen easily, but the turbulent history left a trail. Today it is a magnificent hotel that radiates elegance and its architecture shows the luxury of the Russian Empire.

Since the end of March is the beginning of the tourist season in Moscow, add to everything a fact that Fashion Week begins, it is very difficult to find accommodation in Moscow. Otherwise, I am very connected to Moscow because it is a city that has also marked my childhood. I remember how I made my first steps on Red Square and my mom could not stop me when I was trying to chase pigeons while we were waiting for Dad to finish with his business meetings.

Hotel National remembered me for a pastry shop which was near the hotel that always had beautiful, colorful cakes. They were nice moments when I got nice big fruit cakes and of course I get dirty, my mother was always crazy about my passion for cakes and my “lovely” behaviour to get dirty my new clothes. Okay, at least I was eating. After all, my Dad was my hero, my rescuer always comes to take me to the famous fairy-tale fountains, so much so that my mom can rest a little and go to do some shopping. Oh, memories!

Staying at this hotel was wonderful! The outside may have been cold, but the welcome was warm enough to warm my heart… It was strange how the gentleman on the entrance of the hotel knew my name and welcomed me to the hotel National.

Mr. Viktor is not just an ordinary doorman who has been working in this hotel for almost 20 years, he is a real living legend. Victor is the first smiling face that will welcome you to this famous hotel and will be happy to tell you the history of this hotel as he did in less than 20 minutes to tell the exciting story about this hotel.

After routine check-in process, I received information that we will get the most interesting room in the hotel. In the meantime I checked my email, admired the speed of the Wi-Fi and the lovely lady from the reception told me: “Sir, we have prepared for you room 101, we wish you a pleasant stay in our hotel!”. All right, I’m thinking of course the room must be beautiful when it’s in this hotel.

We get to the elevator and I still do not understand why we have a special escort to the room, the photographer makes me laugh that I have become a blogger huge star and I must be more careful now when I going out maybe paparazzi will wait for me in front of the hotel. It’s easy to make some jokes with me, I’m always a great inspiration to my team for making some “lovely” jokes…

It is because in our team we have a relationship built like a small family that is always there to help its members. Together we celebrate our successes of Mr.M blog, we are having fun together and of course we share all those less beautiful moments when we cry sometimes when things do not go exactly the way we planned.

We got directions and in a few minutes we found out that the original agreement was changed and that we got a presidential suite. I could not listen to the whole story because of lack dose of shock, I just remembered that we must be careful when it comes about the mirror… The person who brought us into the room went and left us in shock. At first I thought that they might have mixed up at the reception, but it is impossible that there are actually two reservations with the same surname.

We wanted to use this sunshine morning light to shoot phots for the blog, because who knows is it going to be still sunny whole day. Of course, I opened all the gifts and I got the famous Matryoshka doll.

The most interesting gift was a book in the leather band and a little letter. Since I have received few letters, you can assume that I have opened everything immediately because I am very curious person. It was strange that I got a small envelope, but I opened it. A note with a message: “If you want to find out why I’m special, open the page 101!”. The first thing you noticed on the indicated page is the image of the mirror. It was the story of room 101 and this unusual mirror.

There are two such mirrors in the world, one in Venice, and the second is in the room of this legendary hotel. There is not much information about the mirror, but it is considered it is old as hotel maybe even older than itself.

Our photo session interrupted the knocking of a butler that reminded us that the breakfast will be end in less than half an hour and it would be good to go to the breakfast room. As soon as I tell my photographer about food, then every work stops. Luckily, we had enough photos for the blog.

For the first time in my life, I made a photo in the dining room. You must be wondering why? I wanted to make a photo of young couple who seriously understood the term “Breakfast and Champagne”. She was absolutely amazing dressed, it seems that the dress is a handmade work with pearls and crystals. After a couple of minutes I felt more comfortable while I went to take a dessert, I met a young lady and I asked for a brand of dress. I’ve been struggling to remember the name of the designer until I get to ask the photographer for the price so that I forgot to take a chocolate cake.

Photographer told me it’s better to go back to take a chocolate cake because that designer has a really expensive dress so for me it will be better to get something to eat before I hear the price… I just back again to the dessert table and with the smile on my face come back to our table with the chocolate cake. We didn’t talk about the price after, I just wanted to enjoy in my cake.

Finally, after breakfast, we had a few hours to visit the city a little before the beginning of the fashion shows where we were supposed to attend that day. My fairy-tale fountains didn’t work, it was maybe still cold weather for the fountains. As you can see, the weather was wonderful, so we used to make another fashion outfit post. You will see more pictures of this outfit next week.

We spent this day wisely to visit the sights. First I wanted to visit the St. Basil’s Cathedral, who remained in my memory as a child of 3 or 4 years as one big ice cream factory. You can not possibly explain to the child that it is a religious object, but my mom has decided that the easiest way is to calm me down when I was a bad boy if it presents me the object in my eyes as an ice cream factory.

Moscow has changed a bit, of course, as a child I couldn’t understand that Moscow is one big metropolis that now has more than 20 million people. One city has almost 3 times more people than my entire country – Serbia. That is really impressive fact!

Moscow is one exceptional city and I’m always very happy to hear when someone is going to visit this magnificent city. In April 2019, it was my turn to feel the magic and beauty of this city, but I hope that one of you will soon visit the Russian capital and you will have your own opportunity to write down your story.

My dear travellers once again we have come to the end of our travel adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from Red Wings for this incredible adventure and the friendly staff from Hotel National that made our stay pleasant and we felt like we were at home.

How do you like this post about Moscow? Have you ever visited Russia? Did you have chance to enjoy in the magic of the Russian culture and maybe to buy some interesting matryoshka doll? I showed your mine in this post and I would like to share with me your experience!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.



This post was sponsored by Red Wings  Russian Airline company and Hotel National who is the member of the Marriott chain of hotels. I also thank my friends from Loro Piana on amazing outfits and Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the camera Alpha 7r Mark II.

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I would like to visit Moscow one day! You are one lucky guy Marko! My parents were there 10 years ago and they also visited St. Petersburg. Their stories about Russia are incredible so maybe one day I will go to see in live all those beautiful sights. Story about the hotel is really interesting and your photos with mirror are just stunning. I enjoyed in you post so much!


I love all hotels from Marriott group! I saw Hotel National in Moscow before because couple years ago there was some special event for journalists… I do not want to bother you with some details, but some of my colleagues were there and their experiences were absolutely amazing. I saw that hotel from our van when we were passing by hotel to pick up some journalists. It really looks glorious!


Marko as I can see on your photos you had a good time in Moscow. I was born there, but couple months after we moved to Canada. We are going almost every year to Moscow. You really showed my city in the best possible way. I am always happy when I read some articles about my city it is always so emotional for me. Have a nice day!


Nice post! Moscow is on my bucket list for years. My plan is to visit few cities in Russia and Ukraine as well. Moscow is the best way to start some Russian adventure. I like your pictures! There is some special, unique I talked with my husband for few minutes about your post and we didn’t find the right words to describe your post, but we share same opinion that the post is really good! Greetings from Megan & Steve


Good evening Marco, can you please tell me which lenses did you use for this photos? I like the sharpness which almost all of your photos have. Thank you in advance!