Dear travellers, I hope you are doing well and you are ready for a new adventure! You’re used to almost all of my travel posts are titled with famous first words “Letters” or “Postcards” from a particular destination and I’m very glad that a lot of people who read my cheerful travel adventures regularly know that it’s time for a new travel adventure on Mr.M. Today I have prepared for you the first post from an island in Europe with one of the most beautiful, and at the same time one of the richest island countries in Europe – Cyprus.

After my exciting adventure in Morocco in May this year, I received an email from the National Tourism Organization of the Republic of Cyprus with an offer for potential collaboration if I am interested to visit Cyprus in November of this year. At first sight, I thought November is to far from now, but with great pleasure I accepted their invitation to visit this lovely county and to present to you, through a couple of special posts, on Mr.M blog.

I always easily will be deceived when it comes about the time… From May to November there may be many months to count when we look at it from some rational mathematical point of view, but life is quite another matter. Every day, people are preoccupied with daily activities, little joys and problems that fill their days, weeks and months. You do not notice it easily and time just do it’s thing – flies so fast, just like the sand in hourglass. That’s how it happened to me this time, so the days, weeks and months passed and this famous first part of November has came to mark the beginning of my new adventure.

Winter in Belgrade did her own thing. I got the fear, so I did not even know what to bring to my “winter” holiday in Cyprus, and in the end, like every average guy, I carried almost everything with me! With the full suitcase of medicines which I need for my cold, little Marko has officially started his adventure!

Maybe we were little exhausted, because we came in some early morning hours, but little Marko could not sleep. I drank all the possible medicines that could be drunk, imagined that I did not feel cold because of a my illness and dressed like all the normal world that morning. I did not miss anythings this time, I was really happy because I had the opportunity to experience the magic of the winter “summer” in Cyprus.

Republic of Cyprus has two airports: Larnaca Airport and the airport near Paphos city. When you come from Serbia, air carriers use the airport in Larnaca. Life on the island is interesting because of one very simple fact – each city is relatively close to another one. Whether you use: bus services or you want to rent a car or a car with a driver, believe me, everything is close.

I just want to mention for all those adventurers who want to rent a car in Cyprus and to explore the island independently, keep in mind the fact that in Cyprus the rules of driving apply as in the United Kingdom. Driving on the opposite side of road, than we used to be used in the other part of Europe, I just wanted to warn you about that fact. I’m sure you will have a quite adventure there!

Larnaca – Pearl of Cyprus on the sea coast

Larnaca with over 70,000 inhabitants is the third largest city in Cyprus. It is located in the southeast of the island and Larnaca is the oldest city in Cyprus, the legend says that it was built in the year 4000 BC. In ancient times, the city was named Kition. Due to its unusual geographical location and as a city at the crossroads of civilizations, the city had a quite exciting history. In the pictures above, you can see the Old Square in Larnaca, a square which today is the heart of Larnaca and the center of culture, where many cultural events are held every year.

One of the most important era that marked the history of this city was the Byzantine period due to the church of Saint Lazarus founded by the emperor of Constantinople, Zenon The Wise. In the basement of the church was one grave with sign “Lazarus, a friend of Christ” people believe that Lazarus (St. Lazarus) was the best friend of Jesus. Today the church of St. Lazarus is one of the most important sights of the city. There is an interesting tradition in Larnaca. On Lazarus Saturday, eight days before Easter, the icon of Saint Lazarus is taken in procession through the streets of Larnaca.

Orthodox Church of Sv. Lazarus is located in the old part of the city, closed to the Promenade of the city. St. Lazarus, who is considered to be the best friend of Jesus. Jesus resurrected him and sent him to Cyprus. If we just think about the period when the church was built, its architecture is impressive.

In the center of the church there is an iconostasis, which captivates all visitors with its beauty. I had the opportunity to see how the elderly people of Larnaca pray in the church and some of their daily customs when visiting this holy place. Maybe the way is a little different from ours in Serbia, but the same religion making us spiritual connected. The Orthodox Church in Cyprus is independent financially or in any other way dependent on another churches. On this trip I had the opportunity to visit many holly places on the Cyprus and I hope that I able to present you in some of the following posts.

What you should visit in Larnaca:


Cape Greco and Ayia Napa

After the sightseeing of Larnaca and some of its main attractions, we headed for the nearby town of Agia Napa. During our journey to Agia Napa we had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this natural stone bridge – Gefyri tou Koraka which is belonging to the national park Cape Greco. Nature is a miracle, somehow it can always obscure all the magnificent buildings that the human hand has made. We made a small break to enjoy the beauty of nature and this absolutely unreal color of water. I have to admit that the weather has served us excellently on our trip this time in Cyprus.

The time in this beautiful national park has just flied so fast and it was time to continue our journey to the final destination for today – Ayia Napa. I hope that at least you enjoyed the beauty of this beautiful view of the crystal clear sea.

Slowly, the time for the famous cypriot fish lunch was approaching, and we did not pass the halfway! It’s time to hurry up Ayia Napa is waiting for us! I was so excited because it was planned in our itinerary to visit another holly place in Cyprus – first female monastery in Ayia Napa.

This monastery was built around 15th century in the heart of the Ammochostos district in Agia Napa village by an extremely brave and courageous woman. A young woman who was a daughter of the famous Venetian aristocrat decided to run away from her home because she realized that she would never be able to marry someone she really loved, except for the members of the aristocratic society. This female monastery was built as in one type of medieval castles. One part of the monastery was built underground, but this has not yet been explored enough and that part of this monastery is not open to the public. The turbulent history is connected to this monastery, but despite everything that happened, it managed to resist the fortune of time.

This monastery was a shelter for all women who were rejected by their families and society. People usually think that persons who come from very wealthy families are selfish and only think about themselves, but this is one example that shows that it is not always the case. One woman who wanted to be loved did not succeed and she resolved to become an exile and find her refuge in a foreign country. She tried to help other women fighting for their own desires, imagine how it was then inconceivable and very difficult during the 15th century, when in the 21st century we continue to allow women to fight for their rights equality that should be acquired by birth. I really admire that woman how she managed to do everything and to help other women to realize their dreams.

Potamos Liopetriou – Natural fishing shelter

After we had the opportunity to hear something more about this brave young woman and to get to know a little better the history of this first female monastery, the guide has told us that there is an interesting surprise for the end of this day and if we are in the mood it will be great to visit it before the dinner which was planned by our friends from the National Tourism Organization of Cyprus. Of course, we accepted and after a few minutes we reached Potamos Liopetriou – which is known as a natural fishing shelter.

Thalia, our guide is who told us very interesting facts and stories about rich history of Cyprus during this one of our first day in Cyprus was absolutely right and this time! This is wonderful place! Here you have a unique opportunity to see how fishermen in Cyprus live and work. In this unusual fishermen’s heaven there is also a lovely fish tavern that is very good and where you can enjoy in fish specialties without spending a lot of money.

My dear travellers once again we have come to the end of our travel adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling and we will continue our adventure in Cyprus.

At the end of the post, I would like to thank the friendly staff from Frangiorgio Hotel that made our stay pleasant and we felt like we were at home.

How do you like this post? Have you ever visited Cyprus? Did you have chance to enjoy in the magic of the Larnaca? I would like to share with me your experience! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!



This post is sponsored by National Tourist Board of Cyprus, Frangiorgio Hotel and others partners of Cyprus Tourist Board which kindly help this project. I will mention all of them in some of the next posts.
For all these beautiful photos I used Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera.
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We were on Cyprus for our Honeymoon 4 years ago. It was amazing! Island is beautiful and we were in Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol. Today we refreshed our memories, thank you! We can not wait to read your other posts from Cyprus. Cheers! Patrick & Lillie


Larnaca looks like an amazing place to visit. I’m planning to visit Cyprus next summer with my girl. Can you please recommend me some hotels to stay in Cyprus? We are from Czech Republic, do you maybe know are our driving licence are recognised in Cyprus? I am asking because we also have problem in some EU countries when we want to rent a car. One more question for the end. Is it enough to stay 7 days in Cyprus if you are planning to visit Larnaca and Protaras? Thanks in advance!


Perfect photos man! Did you make maybe fashion outfit post there?! I fell in love with your trousers!!! Can you please tell me which brand are they and if it is possible to write down the link where I can buy them! ? Are you maybe coming to Spain soon? It will be perfect to meet you, I absolutely love your style and your work. I follow your blog for 2 years now!!!! Please respond!


Dear Marko, you are definitely right! Everyone needs a little vitamin sea, what an interesting title of a post. I like it! I have’t been in Cyprus yet, but I will write down on my bucket list!



I was there and I enjoyed in beauty of Larnaca. Weather is always so perfect, sunny and warm. I would like to move there one day when I go to my retirement.