My dear travelers, I hope you are doing well. We may not all present at the moment right now because the holiday season is open, but the blogger’s work doesn’t know anything about vacation! Just another month is going to end, and another adventure on the Mr.M blog is also finishing, but a lot of interesting stories await you in August, do not worry.

It may be a little strange, but as a person gets older and becomes an “adult” personality goes through a few stages. I am currently in the phase of “being my own boss and paying my bills”. Tomorrow is the 1st of August and that means only one thing in the Western world, it’s time for payment and on another hand bills must be paid. It’s that little bit of a grown-up thing when you are young, you don’t have a sense of it because your parents are doing it for you, and your job is to enjoy in the life and to find your way. After is quite different!

Then you grow up, and you enter the world of adults where you see that everything is totally different. My first book on university with which I had contact began with a famous sentence, which was not very clear to me at first sight: “There is no free lunch!”. After you finish your studies, you start working and breaking into life every day repeating that sentence and every time it gets a different meaning, but whatever you turn it is not free! 🙂

Of course we all have to grow up at some point of time, but it would be best for all of us to save that little kid that sits somewhere in our soul and reminds us of some nice little things which are really important lessions in life. Sometimes that little kid can teach us more than some school or university can ever do.

Today I am thinking and trying to summarize these 27 years, what has changed in my life… I realized that as I opened my blog and started to write you here about my troubles and beautiful things in life, my personality has changed drastically. The blog is really a great thing, it came to me as a kind of psycho therapy. I managed to conquer my fears, to conquer myself! Sometimes it is very important to prove to yourself how strong you are and believe me, results will surprise you!

Before I start with my last post from this Lapland edition of posts, I would like to say huge thank you to Visit Rovaniemi and Finnair for this incredible opportunity to be one of the Rovaniemi Summer Ambassadors for 2019.

Today I will write you about my fashion adventure and how I explored Rovaniemi with a little help of my friends from fashion house Makia. Maybe you remember my adventure from Helsinki and one interesting yellow jacket – LINK. Yeah, that jacket was from the special collection Makia x MOOMIN, which was a collaboration between Makia, the most famous Finnish luxury street wear and MOOMIN. For the final part of their collaboration with the Moomins, Makia designers team got inspired by the easily relatable and curious character of Moominpappa.

Now it comes the time to present you a new Fall – Winter collection of Makia Clothing on my blog. I am sure that the first thought on your mind was: “What he is talking about, it’s still summer!”. Maybe for you is summer, but fashion brands need always to be prepared for a new fashion season.

When I had started my journey from Berlin to the heart of Lapland, in Berlin was around 35,36 degrees and I came to Rovaniemi with short sleeves T-Shirt. I will just tell you that in Rovaniemi was around 12 to 14 degrees, so it was like twenty degrees difference. For all humans, you know that would be a huge temperature shock for your body.

But, my friends from Makia have already known all those facts, so they sent me one box with all must have things to “survive” Lapland. At the first moment I just wanted to hug them all, because they really thought about everything, about every detail and they knew my favorite colours, so it was just a perfect match!

After I finish with my schedule it was time to show gratitude to my friends from Makia, so my photographer and I made a very last walking tour around the Rovaniemi and we made these photos.

Rovaniemi is a very interesting city, which can fulfill all your wishes and Visit Rovaniemi team did absolutely everything to show me all the beauties of this lovely city. This trip really was one interesting mix of everything: educational, funny and of course I met the Santa!

Makia clothes helped me a lot, so it was nice to explore Rovaniemi with their help. This outfit is ideal for casual city walk, as you saw in one of my previous posts from Lapland.

What I love about Makia? Makia is a brand which makes simple and functional design clothes that focuses on the quality materials which is the most important thing.

What I also love about Makia? Their way of communication with the influencers. For example, I received my package which was prepared on time, because my visit to Lapland was shorter than previous one in Helsinki. They made for me few outfits, they just asked me to confirm my sizes and they with their stylists made quite interesting choice of outfits for me.

After I’ve got my package, I saw on their online store one interesting beanie! It was simple, but the colour was just amazing, so I asked them is it possible to send that beanie, because I love red colour. The next day I’ve got a call from reception of hotel in Rovaniemi and they informed me that some new package is arrived for me, if I am free thay would like to bring it for me. Couple minutes ago I saw one big box, bigger than previous one…

My first thought was, this is too big for one small beanie! I opened the box and I was surprised because there was a totally new outfit which completely match with the beanie!

That was much more than I expected so I got 4 outfits instead of 3 and I just wanted one small, simple red beanie…

Life is interesting when you don’t have some high expectations. I am happy because I have my job which I really love from the bottom of my heart and I have family and friends who are always there in every single moment ready to help me and support every crazy idea of mine…

Last couple of days, I’ve got a lot emails with some questions, so I will use this post to give you an answer on the most interesting question.

“Dear Marko, I follow you for 3 years now and this is the first time that I have something to ask you. Is this blogging thing something what you really like or it is just because of money? If you feel that some part of question is not right, you do not need to respond me. I will respect your decision.”Kelly from UK (She gave me the permission to share her question here on my blog and to publish her first name).

Dear Kelly, I decided to follow my dreams, but I worked long years to make my dream come true. I always wanted to become writer, but as you know life has some other plans for us. This bloggers, influencers thing now is in the spotlight because of money. This is a job like any others, there is no difference. If you do not make some effort, do not expect something in return. First of all, I love my blogging job because it helped me to change myself to become a better version of me. I don’t want to lie anybody, this job is good, you have a lot of perks, freebies which sometimes you can’t pay if you work some regular job with some average European salary. People are curious to know, what exactly are we doing and getting so much money? I know that I work a lot, and this can be seen by the content I regularly share with all of you on my blog and social networks. Once again I love my job, even when I am not making any money, I am capable to work some side jobs to help myself if I need some money. I also love this because because it always give me a great feeling of freedom and relaxation when I have opportunity to write some new story, because I am the writer and editor at the same time! This is my little kingdom where I am always free to be myself and that is a real luxury in nowdays world.


Coat: Makia

Jeans: Pedro del Hierro

Sweatshirt: Makia

Beanie: Makia

Boots: Makia

So guys, my dear travelers, once again we have come to the end of our adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of this last post of this special series of posts from Lapland, I would like to thank my friends from Visit Rovaniemi for this incredible adventure and Arctic Light Hotel for their huge efforts to make our stay unforgettable and I felt like at home. It was my pleasure to visit Rovaniemi and to feel their hospitality.

How do you like this series of posts about Lapland? Have you ever visited Rovaniemi? Have you maybe had a chance to visit Finland before? I would like to share with me your experience! In a couple of days we will continue our adventure in Europe, and I will introduce you with one interesting and unexplored country – Azerbaijan! We are going to see Baku together and I can’t wait to share all those beautiful photos with you. Stay tuned!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.


P.S. If you want to know more about Rovaniemi and Lapland you should read my other posts, I am sure you will find plenty of interesting tips and information about this incredible part of Finland.

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This post was sponsored by Visit Rovaniemi Tourist Board and the main partners of this project Finnair National Finnish airline company and Arctic Light Hotel. I also thank my friends from fashion house Makia Clothing for amazing outfits and my friends from Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera with Sony FE 24-70 mm lense from special G Master series of professional lenses.
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Hey Marko, how are you? We met on the Malta Fashion Week! Today I saw your new post and I remembered the funny thing when we tried duffle coats in Malta on EG event! It was hilarious, but this coat suits you very well. The color is really nice and looks good on you. I hope you are doing well and we will soon again on some FW!


Makia is good brand! Everyone here in Finland love to have just one piece from their collection. This outfit is great! Greetings from Turku! 👋🏼


I’m also a huge fan of beanies! I have more than 40 and I wore them in any occasion, so do not worry about people.


Red colour is always refreshing and it fits you even better because you are darker and your eyes and smile comes easily in the spotlight! BTW AMAZING OUTFIT! I love the boots, everything is matched and looks at the same time elegant and casual as well. Do you plan to visit London again soon? I would like to meet you!


I have one question about your teeth. Did you have natural shape of teeth like this or you used to wear dental retainer to have smile like that? I have problem with my teeth and I some dentists said to me that is not possible for me to have nice smile even if I try to wear retainer… Now I am only obsessed with teeth of other people and try to find some solution for me. Your outfit is nice, but sorry I was focused on your smile because of my problem.


Nice combination, I like the way how you combined jeans with some classic piece such as duffle coat.