My dear travelers and fashionistas welcome to the new story on Mr.M blog. In today’s post, we will say goodbye to the capital of Northern Macedonia – Skopje, in the hope that we will soon return to this beautiful city. Skopje is the city that delights you and because of the warm welcome you will always feel like you are at home.

Macedonians are known as very good and cordial hosts, so you will always be happy to return to this beautiful country. The fashion story I present to you today is similar to the previous one, I kept most of the pieces of clothing, I just changed certain fashion accessories.

With these two fashion outfits from Northern Macedonia, I wanted to show you the charms of winter elegance that you can achieve when traveling during the winter, when it is honestly not easy to fulfill due to lower temperatures and weather conditions.

I believe that each of you, when traveling somewhere during the winter, of course, if we exclude trips to exotic destinations, wants to travel light with less luggage, because winter outerwear and clothing can be “bulky” and a bit impractical. That is why I decided to show you how I “packed” for the winter idyll in Northern Macedonia.

I’m sure you will recognize most of the garments from the previous post, the leather jacket – parka by the Italian brand Corneliani is a star this time as well. If you want to remind yourself of the story of this unusual brand, which is considered one of the most prestigious men’s clothing brands today, I am sure you will be enchanted by their story.

Since I have had this jacket for almost two months and I wear it regularly, I have to admit that this is one of the lightest and most practical winter leather jackets I have had the opportunity to wear. The jacket can even be packed in a suitcase, even when it is nicely packed it can take up little space in the suitcase, believe me for that skill of packing it took me years of learning from my mistakes and it is a new life experience for me.

The fur on the jacket is exceptional and very quickly returns to its original form, since I believe we all know what a jacket that comes out of a closet or suitcase looks like. Since the jacket is made of the highest quality leather and due to the special treatment and coating, the leather is soft and will not wrinkle, which is why I appreciate this winter piece even more.

The jacket is one of the most important winter pieces, but it is also important which item you will bring in direct contact with your skin. The skin is the largest human organ that we must take care of, how it will look and how healthy it will be depends on ourselves and we must do our best to take care.

This winter was special for me because I had the opportunity to feel the highest quality cashmere found in Aida Barni sweaters, a brand that delights with its fantastic creations.

Aida Barni brand uses all kinds of the latest technologies to make cashmere knitwear, forming special looms to the latest and most advanced knitting machines. The entire production process takes place in Italy, more precisely in the company’s headquarters in the Italian city of Prato.

If you want to be up to date and find out all the news about new collections that Aida Barni is preparing for us, follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Making gloves is not only a job but also a real art. Passion, emotions, tradition and knowledge have been passed on to the third generation after 100 years! Raffaela Restelli has fully accepted the challenges of the new fashion era in which the market and the way of selling have changed with deep respect and belief in tradition and love for beautiful masterpieces that last!

Restelli gloves are not valued with money, but with a tradition and history full of love and patience that have no price.

You have had the opportunity to see this incredible Ématelier watch in previous posts, which, in addition to faithfully showing the time, is also a real master-piece of art that adorns the hand. My new friend Jaguar from the special collection “Kingdom” is a watch that was handmade in faraway Canada in the main workshop of Ématelier, a brand behind which stands a passionate watch lover, founder Alex Landa.


Leather Jacket – Parka: Corneliani

Sweater: Aida Barni

Watch: Ematelier

Gloves: Restelli

Jeans: Loro Piana

Sneakers: Saint Laurent

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of this second and at the same time the last special fashion from Northern Macedonia. How did you like this outfit of mine today?

I really tried to prepare this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you will like it! See you in a couple of days with a new story from Russia!

I advise you to listen to my advice due to the current unfavorable health situation in almost all European and countries around the world. If you need to go out into the fresh air, take a walk and clear your mind, feel free to do so, but do not go to places where there are a lot of people and encourage crowding.

I understand that people need to go out into the fresh air for physical activity and mental health, but you can do that by walking around the city every day, on low-traffic streets. Of course, you can walk in parks and other types of green areas or promenades along rivers, but keep the prescribed physical distance and use disinfectants and wear a mask.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. Stay tuned!


This post is sponsored by Corneliani, Aida Barni (Annapurna Spa), Ematelier, Restelli and Loro Piana brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.

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Lieber Marko, du erfreust mich immer wieder mit deinen Geschichten und wie du Marken und Reiseziele präsentierst. Die Jacke und der Pullover sind wunderschön, selbst durch das Bild kann ich die Qualität und Schönheit dieser Dinge spüren.


I really like your pictures from Northern Macedonia, your photographer really gifted for photography and you look great. All praise for your style, I love men who have a sense of beautiful things and who take care of themselves.


Die Jacke ist wunderschön! Kannst du mir sagen, aus welcher Art von Haut es besteht? Es ist zu sehen, dass das Leder weich und von guter Qualität ist! Viele Grüße aus Hamburg für meinen Lieblingsblogger! Wann können wir neue Briefe aus Deutschland erwarten? freundliche Grüße Florian


The watch is beautiful, every time I am thrilled with how you can combine it nicely with the rest of the outfit. You look wonderful and you have a beautiful smile! Lots of greetings from London! 🙂