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Berlin: A Modern Fairy Tale City that inspires you…

My dear fashionistas, how are you today? I hope you have prepared well for this new fashion season. Honestly, I love this kind of weather when it gets a little colder outside, because Fall is my favorite season. Most of all, I like those periods when the days are mostly sunny and without rain, then it is enough for a person to wear something slightly and just go outside. You will surely be amazed why I’m in this post with short sleeves, but the pictures for this post were made over a month ago and I’ve been planning to officially end the summer season on Mr.M’s blog with this outfit post.

I have to admit that somehow I am glad that another successful part of the year has ended and I managed to find enough time to rest. On the other hand, I am sorry that these adventures have not been postponed for the winter, such as the adventure in Finland. An adventure in Lapland would honestly be the most beautiful winter idyll, but well any new experience is something the most beautiful what life can provide to each of us.

Berlin is just next to Belgrade somewhere in my heart… I consider it like my second home. As the name of this post itself says, Berlin is truly a modern fairy tale city that offers many opportunities. The only question is whether you will recognize those same opportunities in the right time … My grandmother used to say to me: “The golden carriage will pass by you only once in your life, try to jump in it just in time!”.

My mom repeats that sentence still today, because after all these years of life experience she has realised that this is one big lifetime truth. So it was enough for me with one simple email that changed my life by 360 degrees. The decision to move one part of my life to Berlin was one of the best decision. I did not repent, after all the adversity, paperwork and language barriers, I managed to find my place as a person and as a blogger, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to some people…

The difference between Germany and Serbia lies in the flexibility of life. Lifestyles in both countries are ok, except that in Serbia, unfortunately, poverty is recognized immediately due to low salaries. However, Serbs are “masters of our craft” and we have learned to live our lives on credit where you earn 200-300 euros and have expenses more than 1000 euros. No one asks you how to patch holes in your wallet, it is just important to get out of trouble. That… that’s the real art of life!

In Serbia as much as we have problems, we find time for everything. This is what I love about our mentality. Germany is a country where law and order are well known. Bills are waiting for your every 1st in month, your money is being withdrawn from you bank account and that’s it.

I’m always glad to meet people from our region in Germany. You would not believe how much Berlin actually is one “Little Yugoslavia”. There is not so much nationalization and making some greatness of each nation there, and in most cases they all get along well. A dozen families from Serbia live in my building, several from Croatia, if I remember correctly two from Macedonia and one from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They tend to gather once a month and talk about everyday life topics. On one occasion, I was at a reunion and had the opportunity to see cheerful Serbs, Croats and Bosnians embracing and cheerfully singing with good mood. It just doesn’t have that kind of tension and negative energy, which is nice when living in a remote community that’s not quite as close to our countries.

That is “glam and glitter” life abroad where everyone thinks your money is falling out of the sky and where everyone just waiting for you to pay with the big check of course with 6 zeros! The truth is completely different and it has to be told. Some people work so hard, so they do not there when their kids are waking up or when they are going to sleep, but in the end of month they still see the results of their work on their bank account. That will make a better future for their children… In Germany, where mostly people are struggling to repay those loans they have raised for cars and real estate, so that they can retire peacefully afterwards.

There is another paradox! The Germans are a very organized people, and in addition to the exact timetable for public transport, you also get a plan of your retirement on your first working day and they calculate how much your pension will be at some point of time in the future… Then you understand why everyone rushes to get and repay loans (some 70% of the population), while the rest of the people in Germany live in rented or inherited apartments.

Regardless of all that, I decided that one day in September I should forget about all the problems, so I tried to at least take care of myself. T-shirt which you can see is casual, navy-white stripes print with one interesting red “M” detail. You already had opportunity to see these sneakers in my posts from Azerbaijan this summer. I must confess that I admire them for having that kind of strength, it’s still suede leather and light colour, but as you can see some manufacturers are still able to do quality things.


T-Shirt: Makia

Trousers: Loro Piana

Backpack: PICARD

Sneakers: Makia

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r IILens: Sony G Master 24-70 MM

My dear ones, once again we have come to the end of our post. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! At the end of this post, I would like to thank my friends from Makia Clothing and Picard Lederwaren for these wonderful and evergreen fashionable classics!

How do you like this story about Berlin? I am sure that you have one nice, similar T-Shirt in your closet, so save it, believe me you can use it next year it still will be IN trend! See you next week with some new interesting story!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.


This post was sponsored by Makia Clothing and PICARD Lederwaren brands. I also thank my friends from  Loro Piana for amazing gift and my friends from Sony who made it possible to enjoy in these beautiful photos made with the Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera with Sony FE 24-70 mm lense from special G Master series of professional lenses.

All I want for Christmas…

Hi everyone, how are you today? I hope this Christmas spell has changed your mood, and you are celebrating this holy day filled with joy that bring you Christmas. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the great holy holiday of Christmas to all people who celebrates this holiday. Christmas reminds us every year about the most important values of life: love and respect. I hope that we will all find the peace that we are constantly searching for. I have tried to congratulate all my friends and associates who celebrate this great holiday, as they every year try to send me their positive energy and best wishes in January every year when the Orthodox Christmas is celebrated.

Today I decided to be in the festive spirit and to congratulate my friends from the Turo fashion house this great religious holiday in this unusual way, and I hope that my fashion greetings will mark this magnificent day.

If you have missed a chance to read the previous post which I made in collaboration with the Turo, you can do it now if you visit this link. I hope you will enjoy! Pictures for this post were made in early November this year, but due to the obligations of my photographer, we were unable to post this post before. I thank my friends from the Turo brand for understanding.

Cooperation with this irresistible Finnish brand completely confused all my “blogger” senses and I must admit that I had no idea where I could make the pictures in order to succeed in presenting this unusual outfit. The new special limited collection TURO x IKLA, which the Turo fashion house has prepared for this Fall/Winter season,is something completely new when we are talking about the male fashion scene.

In the previous post, I presented you basic goals and vision as the designer of this special collection shared with the world – Ikla Wright, a young Finn who found happiness in a fashion world in the capital of England, London. Although after many successes he has made as fashion designer in England, Ikla has not forgotten his homeland and has decided to give a fashion house Turo a real fashion freshness.

Unusual models, freedom in movements and basic colors that will always make every man timeless was the primary goal of the young creator to encourage younger generations of men to adopt a new urban style of classic men’s fashion.

Berlin, as a city of new ideas, the center of street fashion where many famous world brands were created may have been the ideal place to take pictures of this outfit. As you can see, it’s always fun, even when it’s cold, because the very idea of having the chance to make the photos in Berlin warm my blogger heart, so even the lower temperatures can not spoil my perfect mood.

Some scientists, after some years of research, have come to the conclusion that some colours can significantly affect the positive change in people’s mood and thus contribute to improving the overall health. Red color except it is also attractive for the human eye, has a lot of influence on mood swings. I’m sure you’ve all heard that the red color is a symbol of joy and love. Due to this symbolism, many fashion houses create special festive collections each year especially for the holidays season that contain red, green, navy and unavoidable white colour.

This red sweater reminded me of the holidays, the moments you spend with your family and friends during the holidays where you share happiness, joy and positive energy because holidays are the best when we are together.

My photographer had a completely different conception of my outfit, so instead of my version Christmas spirit, because of the unusual style of the coat, I’ve got a compliment to look like a student who is late for a train for the Hogwarts because there is a plot story of the famous Hollywood movie blockbuster “Harry Potter”. No one can “ruin” you better than your  closest associates.

I must admit… Well, maybe this compliment was the best description of this outfit and this is proof that every one of us has his own personal view of things that can also be real, only at first sight we do not personally notice it well.

You also had the opportunity to see these trousers in the previous fashion outfit post where you could see how they suit well and with warm pastel colours like it is camel colour itself. An unusual model, with a high waistline that can help men like me to visually for a moment “change” my lower part of the body. I may be tall, but my legs are a bit shorter for a couple of centimeters because my hips’ weight is lower for my height a little and the torso is getting more pronounced.

In the past few months, I have received a few interesting e-mails from young and older men in choosing the best men’s trousers when you have the problem with the stronger hips, after they noticed that I have a similar “problem”. Of course, this is nothing serious, but it is the physiognomy of certain men, and then we have a problem finding the ideal trousers. My advice is that if you have a problem with stronger hips, and the lower part of the legs is thinner, you always choose models of pants that are wider in the upper part, while in the lower part they are slightly narrowed or what fashion designers would say “cigarette” model of trousers.

My dear fashionistas once again we have come to the end of this second special fashion outfit post about Finnish brand Turo. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling and we will continue our adventures on Cyprus as well!

At the end of the post, I would like to thank my friends from the Turo fashion house which helped me to explore urban world of men’s fashion.

P.S. I have to share some confidential information with you! Special sales have started on official website of Turo fashion house, so now you can use your chance to buy these amazing fashion pieces on the links bellow or you can find some other interesting items for you.


Oversize Coat: Turo x Ikla

Sweater: Turo x Ikla

Trousers: Turo x Ikla

Gloves: Burberry

Boots: Makia Clothing

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r Mark II

How do you like this outfit? Are you ready to step into a new year with some new goals? If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT ME page. As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!


This post is sponsored by Fashion House Turo. For all these beautiful photos I used Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera.

Story from Berlin: Can You keep a Secret?

Hi everyone, how are you today? Welcome to my new post! Last week, I promised you the continuation of a story from Berlin…

At first, I would like to thank my friends from the Berlin Tourist BoardVisit Berlin for the support which they have provided and the incredible patience which they have for me because my German is at the basic level and I teach it and I constantly “want” from them to talk me about Berlin’s interesting facts in German, so I will learn easier this language! So let’s start with our today’s adventure!



I promised to all of you that I would show you the famous Brandenburg Gate. When the previous post was taken, the gate was renovated. In Germany, they usually have a kind of custom to use summer holiday time for reconstruction of buildings of exceptional importance because they are preparing for the new autumn/winter season and then the largest number of tourists come to Germany, especially in Berlin.



In the previous post – LINK, I wrote you about the famous bus lines 100 and 200 that help you to “cruise” and get to know Berlin better. I showed you the famous Brandenburg gate, I have fulfilled the promise and now  I can slowly walk to another location that is very beautiful to me and you should visit it when you already found yourself in the heart of Germany.



Slowly, but surely we are approaching to a Parliament. This part of the city is new and the architecture itself is modernist. The Parliament building itself is an older building, but there are certain elements such as the famous glass dome that you see on almost all of the postcards that represent the city of Berlin is almost new. Of course, it is open to visitors, but it is reserved for the bravest and with the greatest patience as the crowds are unbearable, so most people give up on sightseeing.



I always like to come here on the shore, sometimes I lean on the fence and watch the boats which are full of tourists and they love to wave people on the shore. Sometimes you just have to admit that these smiling faces also make you happy and I’m always gladly wave them, especially to the children, because who can resist the children and their amazing smile.

I usually come here when something is “wrong” in my life and does not go exactly as I planned, I buy something to eat, usually it’s a piece of fruit cake with blended raspberries, so I play sorrow scene like Carrie Bradshaw in Paris, just in Berlin! (and without that perfect French music which you hear when you watch that famous scene in Paris!).



This time, I wasn’t sad, but very happy to bring you to my second favorite place in Berlin! Really, how can I be sad when I have this cheerful shirt which I bought at final sale in Zara for just 7 euros. It can only be a reason for celebration and new photoshoot.

I did not even plan this shooting, I already had these trousers and sneakers on me. I bought the shirt that day and called the photographer to ask him when we can take some new photos for the blog, I just got the answer: “What are you doing now?”. My standard answer: “I was in Zara, the final sales are on, so I have to tell you…”. A brief sigh and silence meant that I should stop with the story of Zara! You know that my photographer does not like Zara, he does not like discounts, he does not like shopping at all… After a minute, an SMS message arrived: “See you in front of Brandenburg in 20 minutes!”.



So it was like we planned, after 20 minutes and my dressing up in the second Zara store… On the way, I bought new trousers! Forgive me, but they were 9 euros, I had to buy them! There, who would say that this shirt will fit in with my outfit, this looks so good. It is true that what people say is best to do things that are not planned.

These pictures of Parliament are very important and a bit different to me, and again that little Marko with a great desire to make new photos and of course to make a new post. Who knows when this little child in me will eventually grow up, maybe sometimes, and maybe never.



I have not met my dear Angie (Angela Merkel), I am waiting for the day when she will give me the honorary blogging order of honor and keys of Berlin because I “cleared” all the most important steps and benches in her city. Please, if someone has “connections” please, help me to meet her. One of the neighbours tells me that she lives near the Brandenburg gate and everyone is happy when they see her in one of the surrounding butchers shops. I went a couple of times, spent the money there, but I did not meet my dear Angie.



Trousers: Burberry

Sneakers: Burberry

Camera: Sony Alpha Mark II

My dear fashionistas and travellers once again we have come to the end of post. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling and we will continue our adventure in Europe. I know that you loved the travel posts from July and now I will show you all the beauties of Salzburg and Linz! Next station: Austria!

How do you like this story about Berlin? How do you like my Italian classic outfit in some new Berliner style? I would like to hear your opinion! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!





This post is sponsored by Berlin Tourist Board – Visit Berlin and Burberry company. For all these beautiful photos I used Sony Alpha 7r Mark II camera.

From Berlin with Love!

Hi everyone, how are you today? August has already started and showed us that the heat will not stop so easy, but I found I way to refresh myself. On the other hand, I have to admit that I am slowly getting used to these high temperatures, so I decided to keep my brain at least “cool” by writing a new post. Today, I decided to write about a city that gives me eternal inspiration, and on the other hand, a city that is my second home. Yes, I am writing you today a new story about Berlin.

Germany may be a little “hard and tight” country, but on the other hand, it is a country that offers many opportunities for everyone. Everything in live has its advantages and disadvantages, but at the end final results are amazing. Germany is not only one of the more powerful members of the European Union countries, but for some new, more modern professions like this one of my professions – blogging makes a real small paradise, where everything is arranged. In Germany, in every city, this programmatic way of life is simply felt, it’s just all planned, and you do not need to think about most common things. Every first day of the month you are charged with all the expenses for the current month, that in Germany the bills are paid in advance.

Berlin may be the capital of Germany, but it is not the main financial and socio-political center like Munich and Frankfurt. The most important thing is that this city is very close to my heart. Imagine my luck when I go to Lidl and buy nice chocolate for 60 cents and some interesting sweet cakes. It’s for me luck, in those little everyday ordinary things. Before I “get lost” in my blogging story, I would like to thank my friends from the Berlin Tourism Organization – Visit Berlin for wonderful cooperation.



The transportation card, ticket for bus, metro, s-bahn has risen to 2.70 euros, imagine that you are paying an extra ticket for the bicycle or baggage (believe me Germans rarely pay it, believe me, and this is also happening!). Good thing is that when you’re already in Berlin and you will just get over with the price of the ticket, what do the average usually tourists do? There is two lines that the Germans in Berlin despise, which are the famous line 100 and the line number 200. These are the two lines connecting the West Berlin Center to the East Center and these buses are always, but literally always crowded with the tourists who with the smile on their faces ask the driver in English “Brandenburg Gate ?!”.

Of course the driver, without a smile on his face, somehow managed to answer. “Ja, ja!” means Yes, yes … and the ride of the life can begin! By the way, of course, the older ladies with the bigger shop bags and shopping bags with wheels are entering, and they constantly complain about the lack of space and that an additional line should be introduced only for real Berliners. It’s all about everyday life, which makes Berlin a huge different world.



Of course, the tourists who are barely waiting to see this famous gate constantly ask how many stations there are to the gate, and Berliners just say you can’t miss it easily! I have to be honest, I did not trust people when they told me how people cried when they saw the Brandenburg Gate… Then I witnessed when the two girls fairly cried and jumped out of luck that they saw the gate from the bus. It was perhaps understandable to me, they were young and who knows how much they were collecting money from their student pocket money to come to visit Berlin.

Interesting! Well, I forgot to explain bus line 200 to you, it also connects the Eastern part with the West, but the route is a bit different, and one of the stops is the famous Mall of Berlin, a shopping centre. You gonna love it! Shopping centre is huge and there is a lot of brands there, I’m sure you will find something nice for you there! ?



So, that’s why I decided one summer afternoon this year, I decided to go on the ride with famous line 100! I came to the gate, the sun was very strong, all that heat, but somehow the Brandenburg Gate gave me the reasons for a smile on my face. You can also see how all that space is photogenic and that it is always full of people. If you want to find out what the “sea of people” looks like, you can see it every day in front of this famous gates.



In this post, we did not make the photos of the gate, because as you can see the sun it was too strong and the gate was renovated (we did not know that information when we went to the location for shooting), but in the next post you will have the opportunity to see the Brandenburg Gate in the best edition, arranged and renovated.



In the next outfit fashion post, I take you to a tour of Parliament in Berlin and of course I will fulfill my promise to show you the Brandenburg Gate. If by any chance you feel the urge to cry, at least you will do it in the comfort of your home and you will be ready when you see this same gate in live. I will admit that I cried when I saw the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but I was 10 years old, the excitement made my own. I cried at the age of 26 when I learned that I would go to India and after a few months the same situation for Morocco I repeated the same. As you can see I haven’t been made from stone! ?





Trousers: Burberry

Sneakers: Burberry

Camera: Sony Alpha Mark II


My dear fashionistas once again we have come to the end of post. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling and we will continue our adventure in Morocco. I know that you loved the posts from Morocco which I’ve published in July. That also will be the last post from the special series of posts about Morocco.

How do you like this story about Berlin? How do you like my Italian classic outfit in some new Berliner style? I would like to hear your opinion! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!





This post is sponsored by Visit Berlin.

Once upon a time in Berlin…


Hi everyone, how are you today? I sincerely hope that this winter has not ruined your good mood these days. Maybe I could cheer you up a little, I will share one fun fact with you that Berlin is these days much colder than I expected and that I really admire people how they manage to do their everyday routine. Today, I will write about the city where I spend more than 200 days per year and I am very proud to call that city as my other home – Berlin! I would like to thank the Tourism Board of city of Berlin – Visit Berlin for support. Thank you guys! 🙂



Life on the Belgrade-Berlin relation is not so easy, but I must admit that it’s much easier for me when I hear that all the most beautiful cities names in the world begin with letter B. Well, of course it’s a great compliment! Berlin, as I suppose you know is the main capital of Germany. Do you know what nickname the tourists gave Berlin? The city which never sleeps! Simply Berlin is a European city that never sleeps, even when the metro is closed…

How did I get to Berlin? I still think about that, but I think it was a destiny call for job, a paid flight ticket and a smile on my face are the main reasons that I might have the opportunity to change my life. As I remember it was like yesterday, a one rainy day in November. I didn’t allow the rain to ruin my special day, I immediately went to the hotel to leave my stuff. Exploring of the city and refreshing my memory was my first task for the first day a little because it was not my first “meeting” with this beautiful city.



I bought some sandwich, just sat on some “improvised” bench and I just started to watch people on the street trying to imagine myself in a suit or some nice coat how I’m running in the metro to catch the train because I will late for work. Pretty tense, is not it? Germany is a country in which rules are known in advance, there is almost no exceptions. Bills must be paid in advance by the first day of the month. I will only say a very well organised country.

Finally, day D came – interview with an employer. Shortly after stepping into the office building, I realised that this place wasn’t for me. Of course, the interview ended well, so I got a nice job offer, but I knew that this place was definitely not for me. Yeah, I know maybe you will say I’m a childish person, but I’m a big dreamer so please don’t ruin my hopes! 🙂



After the interview, I started to look the Berlin with some another eyes, because I was far from my goal – life in Germany. All right, I will survive! I was sure that there would be a chance that would suit me completely. I was lost in my minds, I walked the streets with some sad face, smile had gone. At one point someone tapped me on the shoulder with the words: “Oh my God, is it possible ?! Marko, is that you? “- It was my friend Ines, who moved to Berlin after being married. Fortunately, she ended up that day with the job and we headed for coffee right away.

After that typical talk and questions about family, health and everyday matters, Ines asked me one simple question. Why I came to Berlin? I explained to her that I had come for a job interview and that I was not really satisfied, and I would like to stay in Germany. Her question: “Marko, what do you think  about some job where you are going to work with German companies and International companies as well and occasionally to come to Berlin just to say hello? I have to tell you, your blog is absolutely amazing, I love it! “.

Ines is my colleague, my marketing soul. She has achieved her dreams, she has been employed in one of the most successful PR agencies in Germany. Suddenly, her husband called her called her, so she had to hurry home, she just gave me a business card and told me to come tomorrow morning and she would explain everything to me, she was sure that I would like her proposal.

After a sudden interesting meeting and conversation with my good friend I got some new hope, I wanted to yell so loud: “Berlin, here I come!”. I literally bounced off to the hotel, knowing that working with Ines is very funny because she is similar to me and nothing does not hold us in one place at all. It’s all nice, but I forgot to buy a metro ticket because of my happiness. Thanks God for not having control that day in metro!



New day has come, new hopes, it’s time for new victories! I was singing whole morning while I was dressing up for the meeting and slowly I headed towards to the address that was on the business card. A totally different feeling than yesterday, a beautiful building, people kinda cheerful, I said to myself: “Yes, that’s it!”. While I was trying to explain to the secretary why I came to Ines, she (Ines) by her good old customs, quietly came in and yelled “Hey blogger boy, come here we have some work to do!”. Ines and her pranks, you just need some time to understand her! ?

As we sat and talked, I lost myself in counting cakes and all those sweets and even big chocolate cakes began to arrive. Ines told me that I’m a goddamn lucky man because I came to their “Sweet Day” in the office when companies for which they work send them products to cheer them up. When I saw the conditions for work I would agree to work as a cleaner, cakes are acceptable to pay my bills! ?

We had a nice chit chat and finally we went over to the thing I came for. The whole thing was based on my blog that I opened just to entertain myself and finally that I have some place where I will be able to show people my love for life, fashion and to share some lifestyle tips and of course to entertain others with my posts. I have never had in mind that I would have the opportunity to earn something from my blog. It was so early!



I’m listening to Ines, in half of the fairy tale I’ve lost… I’ve already imagined myself on all those nice places she mentioned to me. I kept silent for about twenty minutes (wow that was a record for me!), I thought I would pass out! She mentioned that she immediately has excellent clients for me and that we can sign the contract tomorrow, I can bring contact with me to read it well and see what will happen to Mr.M blog.

Ines gave me an interesting red card, it was a beautiful red color. It was Berlin Welcome Card (a tourist card that gives tourists many benefits in Berlin). Thank to her I had my transportation card for the next 5 days! She saved me for the next 5 days and I managed to do something nice and see some new sights in Berlin. I mentioned that the Welcome Berlin card offers various benefits, discounts, and some attractions you can visit completely for free, while for certain you have special discounts that may mean a lot.

The best thing is a transport ticket for all three zones is included in the price. Berlin has A, B and C zones, and when you use the transport irrelevant whether it is a subway, S-Bahn or bus, you have to be careful that you have a proper ticket, otherwise you need to pay a fee if the controller comes! ? Transportation in Berlin is not cheap, so it’s best to check out the Welcome Berlin Card website and see the program that will fit your needs for your stay in Berlin. Berlin is no longer so far away, there are low cost flights, sometimes some good promo fares and for few hours there is you in Berlin!

A year and a half later, my life turned 1720 degrees! (360 degrees is too small for me! :D)      It’s the same Berlin, but a bit more beautiful version of little Marko who can say he is happy with his life. Oh yes, Berlin is my city of dreams! You know that famous sentence: “Come to Hollywood, here all dreams become real!”. I think that you can achieve your dreams a bit closer, perhaps in your neighborhood, somewhere in Europe. I found my Hollywood in Germany so you can try to find yours somewhere, or maybe you can try your luck in Germany why not?! Berlin is always there to welcome you!

Why do I love Berlin? Since I’m Virgo in the horoscope, at least once in your life I’m sure that you heard how Virgos are real maniacs when it comes about work and doing some things on time. That’s what I liked in Germany – Everything is on time! Whether it’s only a matter of transportation or the provision of some other service, regularity and quality is something I highly value. Their standard of living is far above ours in Serbia for example, but stop! Think about it? Just imagine yourself how you work in Berlin, you have some costs of living there, apartment, bills, food, clothes. Don’t worry, you will be able to do it, maybe you will save something and you will travel a little. It is important that you do what you love and everything is much easier!


How do you like this combination? How did you like Berlin? I would like to hear your opinion! Have you ever been in Berlin? If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social networks, you can find on the CONTACT page.

We’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!





Jacket: Burberry

Turtle-Neck Sweater: Pal Zileri

Trousers: Burberry

Scarf: Burberry

Sneakers: Tod’s


Camera: Sony Alpha 7r



This post is sponsored by Tourism Board of Berlin and Tod’s S.p.A.

Berlin Fashion Week Day 4



Hello, everyone!

How are you today? I hope you are ready to see my new post! Today you will see my last post from the series of Berlin Fashion Week posts. This is the outfit that I wore on the 4th day, but I had a minor accident with a memory card and my pictures are lost, and my irresponsible head was not immediately transferred the images on my computer after shooting! So, I did the pictures yesterday when I went to the final sales, so I decided to combine work and pleasure and just to enjoy the moment!

I managed to somehow the impressions about Berlin Fashion Week, and I have to admit that the excitement of BFW (Berlin Fashion Week) has not passed yet, it’s easier for me to write about it! 😀 I met a lot of bloggers, both German and European, who came to BFW to feel all the charms of Berlin.

I met a lot of bloggers, from Germany and some from Europe, who came to BFW to feel the magic of Berlin.




BFW is an event that can help designers, models, and bloggers to make some progress in their career. It was a little hard because there were a lot of events going on at the same time and I was struggling to do all of it so my day was literally filled from 10 am until 7 pm and then my day didn’t finish because we bloggers must eat something and to spend some time together… (this was not for recording, we destroyed all the evidence!)


The organization was amazing, I will soon write a special post about the BFW with the pictures which I will get from their photographers and so they can best illustrate the beauty of creations that I had a chance to see. Some bloggers were too emotional as if they were not going to be on a Fashion Week next year, but I think it’s the same tradition as travelers are clapping the pilots when they take off… (that’s my opinion). I’m glad that I met people who are great fashion lovers just like me!


I found this wonderful jacket in Zara, it was totally surprising to me and it became a part of my outfit that day, and in the end, the combination of pure elegance  transformed into some urban street elegance, even people wondered if it was “Balmain” when I told them that is simply “Zara” which you can buy for 20 euros on final sale, they just could not believe it. Viva la Zara !!!

The trousers are classic, which you would say “boring classic”, but I love it and here you can see how you can wear classic trousers with some urban pieces and to make a good match! In Berlin, I was thankful to God for having this jacket, because it was barely 15 degrees outside, and the rain just didn’t stop… In Belgrade, I almost didn’t get a heat stroke, but I was a hero because the post has to be published! Maybe the pictures from Berlin would be more interesting because I was jumping over the little ponds and I pretend that I was waiting for the taxi… Since the situation in Belgrade was “hot” (32 degrees) as in express pot I had to calm down and make pictures on a modern place…


I sincerely hope that you will like my post, my Alphie ( a name for my camera) did his job perfectly, but my photographer was a bit nervous…

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Of course I have to thank my friends from Sony Deutschland who gave me my new friend Alphie who helped me to record all my fashion outfits and the happiest moments in the best possible way.

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Jacket: Zara

Shirt: Zara

Trousers: Zara

Sneakers: Moncler

Camera: Sony model Alpha 7R via Sony Deutschland








Berlin Fashion Week Day 3


Hi guys!

How are you today! I hope you are good and ready for my new post! Today I will show you my outfit which I wore on the 3rd day of BFW (Berlin Fashion Week). As you know I am the person who likes to combine some unusual color with some ordinary color (in this case that will be a beige color). I think that I did a good job, but I must hear your opinion! 🙂


Third day was very exciting and I also met some new German bloggers and the interesting fact they are not fashion bloggers, mostly of them were travel, food or parenting bloggers. I really had a amazing time with them and we also used a nice weather to make photos for our blogs. Mostly of bloggers that day made photos in area of Brandenburg Gate, and we decided to go not so far but to try to be original and make some photos… I must admit my plan was to make some good photos and to meet Angela Merkell, but this time luck was not on my side… Oh, well what to do… I will try another time…



My outfit was on one hand was casual but also was sportive – elegant, because jeans you can also wear for special occasions but you must be careful with model of jeans, cut and of course with the color! Sweater I bought in Zara, now here in Germany are the final sales and I bought this beauty for only 7 euros! I think I catched a good deal!



I hope you will enjoy in these photos as I enjoyed while I was making them for you! If you have some suggestion or business proposal don`t hesitate just contact me and I will be happy to connect with you!

I must say big thank you to my new friends from SONY Deutschland! Now you will see my photos much better (perfect! :D) and they gave me my new friend Alpha 7R, I think I will call him Alphie from now. What do you think about this idea? It is a small but very profesional toy! This is my second time to use it for my blog, but I feel like I used him fo years!


Jacket: Zara

Sweater: Zara

Jeans: Pedro del Hierro

Sneakers: New Balance








Berlin Fashion Week Day 2


Hi guys!

I hope you are good and you`re doing well! It`s time for my new post! As you know I`m in Berlin now and main reason why I`m here is a Berlin Fashion Week. This event is so amazing and I wanted to feel that as I heard some amazing stories from other bloggers and I was so envy and one day while I was writing new post for a blog, I`ve got invitation from PR agency which organize this wonderful event. This is my outfit which I wore the second day of BFW.

I hope you will enjoy in these photos as I enjoyed while I was making them for you! If you have some suggestion or business proposal don`t hesitate just contact me and I will be happy to connect with you!

I must say big thank you to my new friends from SONY Deutschland! Now you will see my photos much better (perfect! :D) because they are new friends of my blog! Isn`t that just good?!

Camera: Sony Alpha 7RSony Deutschland


Jacket: Zara

T-Shirt: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Backpack: Louis Vuitton

Sneakers: Roberto Botticelli












Casual & Stylish on the streets of Berlin


Hi, guys!
This is my first post from Berlin! For today I prepared a simple and stylish outfit for a nice city walk. This season navy color will be very popular, and I’ve decided to try combine slim-fit cut trousers with a sweater. For this season you will need a nice pair of white sneakers, my choice was Moncler with little stars. This outfit maybe looks very simple, but believe me, it’s not. hope you enjoyed my today’s post. For all suggestions and questions please contact me via social media. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


 Sweater: Kenzo
Trousers: Zara
Sneakers: Moncler







Mr.M in Berlin – Part I

Hello, guys!

I hope you’re doing well and you can’t wait to see my new post. Spring is the time of the year when people try to refresh their closet, they’re looking for some new stylish items for the new fashion season. Yesterday I read in some magazine that sneakers made “big” comeback as must have a piece, but I really don’t know when sneakers (officially) go out of style because sneakers always were the part of fashion and they also have their own fashion culture called “sneakers culture”.



After I read all those articles, I’ve decided to listen to them and to celebrate first days of Spring with new Adidas sneakers. Here in Berlin weather isn’t like in Belgrade these days, so you need to wear one more layer and try to be fashion icon on streets of Berlin. Who follows me from beginning, know that trench coat is my favorite item in my wardrobe. I think this outfit is perfect for a casual walk around the city and maybe who knows if you change sweater or some other detail, you can compete in FW Street Style world- known event.

I hope you enjoyed my today’s post. For all suggestions and questions please contact me via social media. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Trenchcoat/Mantil: Burberry
Sweater/Džemper: Esprit Original
Trousers/Pantalone: Zara
Backpack/Ranac: Louis Vuitton
Sneakers/Patike: Adidas