Hi guys! Welcome to my new post. I hope you are well and you are ready for my new post. December is one of those months of the year when you are thinking about what did happen to you. It was a very difficult year for someone and you hope that the next year will be better, while somebody this year was very successful and your plans are much better and you can expect the next year to be even more successful … It’s like black and white … Is there between maybe grey? No?! What about those people who are not hoping at all? Are they maybe a “new” grey? Think about it!

I sincerely hope that this year have brought to you many wonderful moments to remember and that you will have them even more in 2018. Many of you have sent me many times one simple question: “Marko, when you are going to post some outfit post with black and white pictures?!”.

December is time when some wishes come true, so it’s time to make your wish come true, but I must admit that I also enjoyed in making of these photos because it was one big challenge for me.



It’s the truth what people say: “A man learns everything while he is alive!” It’s the same with pictures! Man constantly learns something new when editing photos. Each picture has it’s own story. I used my last chance this year before the snow and I decided to make some photos for my post.

It was pretty fun, and I also had a interesting company…



These swans absolutely fell in love with my camera, so they were constantly in the frame… Some animals seemed to be a superstars. Since now I have a Midge in the video, ducks in Slovenia, swans on the river and once I think I had also a cat. I think I will soon change the name of the blog so Mr.M and friends will be perfect. If nothing else at all I have a company for the shootings! ?



I’m sure you know (You really can notice in my posts) how much I love trench coats and coats. That’s why I decided that my first “black-and-white” post would be with my favorite fashion item from my closet. It’s all about taste and style. Everyone is unique in some way, but I think that they are rare people who don’t like them. They are the true icon in classic men’s fashion. I’m sure that you remember of the black and white movies and almost every good-looking man was worn some trench coat or coat. They were also the symbols for the detectives, but the real guys were wearing their raincoats in the final scene on the rain… Is that fact just cool to me or you also feel that way?



These trousers are pure symbol of classic style, they maybe have a famous Italian touch… So classic and elegant in Italian “slim fit” way. Do you notice anything unusual in this “classic” black an white story?

Somebody will notice, someone doesn’t see at all – The Shoes! The shoes give this combination a new, fresh urban look. That’s the “Urban Classics” style I’m constantly telling you about on my blog.



The story about shoes may be little unusual, strange, but you will learn something…

They were bought during my first visit to Berlin, almost 10 years ago… Then I didn’t even think that Berlin would be my second home. I still haven’t forgot that day! It was a summer time – August. It really was is a nice and sunny day. Little Marko walked around the city and suddenly it started to rain, just to make it clear now after I learn that everything is possible in Berlin. Mom and I just run into the first store we came across and waited there while it was raining outside. Then you learn a very important lesson in life! You just have to try on 20 pairs of shoes just in case that you don’t have to go outside and get wet! I remember there in that store was some amazing final sales and, of course, my mother, like every other woman on the planet, decided to buy at least one pair of shoes.

I looked around at the store and I didn’t find anything interesting to me, until one German lady came to return one of the men’s shoes, she was furious and something was really really wrong. She pulled shoes out of the box and she were just showing around to store manager and store assistants what is not ok on those shoes. I looked like a crazy person who just fell in love because I really liked those shoes. The women returned the shies, of course and I came as fast as I could, just to see my shoes, because it rarely happens to me that I liked something at first sight so much. The manager said that the shoes were damaged inside, that somewhere inside of one shoe the sewing inside one of the shoes was slightly wrong…

I listened all those bad things, but I didn’t care about. I also didn’t care about the size, because they was one and the half size smaller than my actual size. The Germans saw that they had found the right “fool” customer for their product, and for small sum of money I bought Dior shoes that I still wear today as well.



My mother convinced me that it certainly wasn’t good at all (as any other mother on this Earth), but the price has won in this case. Afterwards, we realised that the German lady tried to damage the shoes so she failed and she painted the part inside of shoes and in the light it seemed as the sewing would turn out. Now, I can only tell her: “Thank you, so so so much!”.



How the time just flies… 10 years since my first visit to Berlin, and also we came to the end of my today’s post. Somebody says I’m a good writer, somebody says I’m not… Who knows… For a couple of days  you will have the opportunity to see the new post about Ljubljana – the city of Jože Plečnik.

I sincerely hope that you liked my today’s post. I’d like to hear your impressions, how do you like black and white images, and maybe I’ll include them once a month on a blog. Let’s just me know is that ok and what you think about my idea. For any suggestions or proposals for collaboration, please visit my CONTACT ME page.






Trench coat: Burberry

Trousers: Zara

Gloves: Burberry

Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo

Shoes: Christian Dior

Camera: Sony Alpha 7r via Sony Deutschland





This post is sponsored by Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.
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5 years ago

Nice outfit! First of all you are handsome man and it’s much easier for you to wear clothing. Your taste of style is just fantastic. Don’t worry you are a good writer!

Adrian Osle
5 years ago

Perfect coat!! I also love your sunnies, they are so dope!


5 years ago

Perfect outfit and great photos 🙂 I really enjoyed in your story about the shoes! I would like to buy Dior for some GOOD PRICE! Please, can you tell me how much you paid the shoes and the Burberry coat? Thank you! 🙂

5 years ago

Elegant… for sure! I love this style so much!