Dear my fashionistas, welcome to my new post. At the very beginning of the post, I would like to thank you for the suggestions you would like to see as a guest in the new section on the blog “My side of the world”.

I managed to contact a large number of celebrities and to our great satisfaction this summer we will enjoy traveling with our dear people from public life. Don’t worry, there will be people from various spheres, from people from cultural and public life to politicians. Believe me it will be very interesting summer on Mr.M blog!

Today I decided to share with you a fashion post with one fashion outfit that can serve as inspiration for these summer days. I’m sure most of us are shocked by these weather changes.

The previous days are proof that summer has officially come to Europe and, of course, the high temperatures that are characteristic of this period. I believe that not all of us want to talk about fashion, but we must do our best to take care of each other and hope that the pandemic will come to an end soon.

The Coronavirus has spread all over the world and there is no country in Europe that has not seen a re-emergence of COVID 19 patients during the month of June. I would appeal to everyone to adhere to health measures and to wear masks indoors (shopping malls, shops, bakeries, restaurants) and transportation.

During this painting, I tried to take all the pictures outdoors with social distance. If you think that it will not help you at all, then at least think of your loved ones, I am sure that each of you in your household has people who are susceptible to the consequences that this virus can cause, and these are people over 65, people with weakened immunity. and health problems and children. Thank you for taking care of your health!

What are your “fashion” associations for the summer? As always, I will be honest with you, so I will say: Good iron, cotton, viscose and linen… First of all, the most important thing is that each of us feels comfortable in his clothing combination, because the summer heat can sometimes be unbearable. During the summer, each of us has problems with sweating to a greater or lesser extent. Because of that, the most important thing is to choose the right materials that would allow the skin to breathe!

As I said at the beginning of the previous paragraph, materials like cotton, viscose and linen are the “fashion symbols” of summer, but not every material is the same. When we talk about cotton, it is the material when the most important is the final way of processing or whether, in addition to cotton, some other material will be found in the composition of a clothing product.

Cotton is a material that is easily crumpled and I am sure that each of us had situations in life when he spent half an hour (if not more) ironing cotton things, you did not even leave your home, and the garment was crumpled…

I have one little trick to use for cotton shirts and I will sadly reveal it to you. I believe that you used to wash the curtains in your life and that you noticed that when you put the starch on, the curtains fall easily and do not crease! It is the same with cotton shirts (I’ve already tried with the linen-cotton trousers, but it all depends on the thickness of the material), once or a maximum of twice during the season, add starch and your long-lasting memory basket during washing and it will be less crumpled.

Of course, ironing is also a very important thing, when you iron cotton items, adjust the temperature of the iron to lower temperatures, and in that way you will choose creasing during ironing and you will not damage the material. You’re welcome! 🙂

What colors are in trend this summer? In addition to the standard pioneers in the fashion industry such as white, beige, nude, navy blue and red, there are also some colors that have performed color variations with the addition of new ones. The colors that are also current this summer season are: coral pink (a mixture of bright red and bright pink, a very interesting combination), saffron (a combination of orange and yellow), dark onion green (chive), turquoise green and for the end a light blue color, but that shade of faded jeans color.

I decided that my post today would be in standard beige – nude – white. This clothing combination represents everyday casual sporty elegance for men.

The story behind this outfit?

You had the opportunity to see the fashion details from this post, such as glasses and sneakers, last summer, they were just nicely maintained and here we are again on the streets of Belgrade. The pieces of clothing are new and I hope to make some more interesting combinations during this period. A white shirt will always find some perfect classic pants or jeans that can be elegantly tucked in and make us a “fashion icon”. The cut of the pants and that “baggy” moment is a facilitating fashion detail that will make several summer walks easier along the way.


Shirt: Loro Piana

Trousers: Loro Piana

Sunglasses: Givenchy

Sneakers: Makia Clothing

Dear fashionistas, I have prepared this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you like it! This outfit is made by something new, something old and a unique balance is the final result.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page. See you soon with another interesting story about Belgrade!


This post is sponsored by the brands Loro Piana and Makia Clothing. This post would not have been possible without the selfless help of the fashion house Loro Piana, which helps me express my fashion spirit with their timeless pieces.

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Dear Marko, your outfit is stunning! I just adore this shades of brown so much. Thank you for the tips how to care about cotton clothes, I struggle for years with cotton shirts.


I love your look! Whole outfit is classy and sunglasses are so urban and trendy! Can you tell me where I should try to find this Givenchy glasses now online? I tried in some outlet optical stores in UK, but I still I haven’t found them!


Man you look amazing! I am so envy because of this Loro Piana outfit!!! You really have a good silhouette, height and weight, so this looks great on you! Do you train something? I occasionally go to yoga, but I don’t honestly see any results.. Cheers from Aldershot!


I just love your shirt! It is so simple and elegant, can you tell me please where I can buy it in Prague I am not sure because of the shirt model? Is it slim-fit model or comfort style model? Thank you in advance!


Marko nice outfit, as you know a lot of good tips I would like to ask you something. Your sneakers look so good like brand new! How you manage to care about them so well? I have one sneakers in white suede leather and they are little dirty, so I would like to back them their fresh white look. How is it possible to do?