My dear travellers and fashionistas, how are you today? I sincerely hope that you are well and that you have been able to find some kind of fun during this situation called COVID-19 (Coronavirus). I am not going to give you any advice on how to spend your time during this ongoing alarming worldwide situation, I just want to ask you how much you can abide by the regulations currently in force during this state of emergency.

This is a time we need to spend with family and stay in touch with friends and the outside world via telephone and other online forms of communication which we successfully use nowadays.

In my previous posts, I did my best to find that it was primarily because of people who wanted to learn more about the sights of Belgrade, such as the Gardos Tower that forms the heart of Zemun on the banks of Danube and Topcider Park, which remained known as Prince Milos Obrenovic’s favorite green oasis. Today I wanted to introduce to you the most famous Belgrade “mountain”.

Avala is a hill located in the southeastern part of Belgrade, and just over 16 kilometers from the heart of the city, you have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional views of Belgrade, Vojvodina and Sumadija. Belgrade’s most famous “mountain” is 511 meters high.

In the Middle Ages, the town of Zrnov was located at the very top of Avala. In the 15th century, Zrnov was conquered and under siege by the Ottoman Empire, which built a brand new city and renamed it “Havale,” a word that comes from the Arabic language and means an obstacle.

Avala has been on the list of protected government properties since 1859 as a natural monument and a site of exceptional cultural and historical importance of Belgrade. It was not until 2007 that Avala entered the circle of protected green spaces of the city of Belgrade.

The mountain was declared a national park in 1936. A few years later, Avala was granted the status of public good of general interest and the administration was assigned to the Government of the Republic of Serbia. In the mid-1960s, more precisely 1965, the 202-meter-high Avala Tower was built, one of the tallest buildings in the Balkans. The tower was unfortunately destroyed in the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia.

Fortunately, with the Government’s decision, the reconstruction began in 2006 and the officially new Avala Tower was opened to the public on April 21, 2010. The new tower is the best replica of the destroyed one, and once again Avala has been given the opportunity to confirm its title of Belgrade’s most famous picnic and relaxation area.

On the Avala, you can also find the Monument to the Unknown Hero, the Monument to the Soviet War Veterans, the Memorial Park, the Monument to Vaso Carapic.

The beautiful forest, the restored tower and the Monument to the Unknown Hero are indisputably symbols of present-day Avala, however, older generations know that the well-preserved fortress of the medieval town of Žrnovo once stood on the foundations of the Monument to the Unknown Hero.

At the request and order of the king, the remains of the fort were destroyed by dynamite with the desire to erect a new Monument to the Unknown Hero on the remains. There has been public debate as to why King made such a decision, but no real conclusion was reached. I would like to share with you the fact that at the time, not far from the new one, there was already a Monument to the Unknown Hero, but it was also demolished. Only the cross left in the church in Beli Potok remains today.

A new monument to an unknown hero at the top of Belgrade’s Avala Mountain symbolizes the great plight of a country. Have you ever wondered who is the Unknown Hero resting on Avala?

It’s one boy whose childhood was violently interrupted in 1915 when he was hit by a grenade. Sculptor Ivan Mestrovic wanted to display a symbol of five centuries of slavery under the Turks with sculptures marking the different nationalities of the former republics in Yugoslavia…

On the other hand, many believe that the monument to the Unknown Hero was used not to give official meaning to the mysterious hero, but to display Serbian history with jeweled numerous Masonic symbols. Many today believe that King Alexander and Ivan Mestrovic were Freemasons.

Whether the Monument to the Unknown Hero is in fact, a grand Masonic symbol built for reasons unknown to us, or as many believe, is just one confirmation of the adherence to the idea of unification, by which King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic tried to prove his loyalty to the Yugoslavs… This is a secret we may succeed to find out, but one thing is inevitable Avala is a symbol of Belgrade that we can be proud of.

I will say that I made good use of one day and had the opportunity to learn more about Avala. As in past posts after a “walk” through history, I have to tell you something about my outfit.

When you are a blogger it is always a great honor for you to feel immense happiness and satisfaction when you get an invitation for collaboration with a brand that builds its story for years and invites you to be part of that fashion story. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the WELLENSTEYN brand, but it’s one of the more famous luxury German fashion brands. You may have been wearing it for years, but do you know the story behind this brand?

The history of the Wellensteyn brand began, sometime around the 1960s in Germany, but today this brand can be seen in stores across the United States and North America.

Then, sixty years ago, Adolf Wuttke was a manufacturer of mechanical instruments used to plunge into the depths of the North Sea. He always tried to be close with his customers, in the right way to find out what they wanted. Of course, he was always a welcome guest at the docks and shipyards that used his instruments every day.

After a while he noticed the need for adequate work clothes that would not only be part of the work uniform, but also possess a certain elegance. He did not want to create any kind of clothing, his vision was to produce the best jackets for men. That’s exactly what he did!

He created a straight line of stylish jackets and coats that were unique because they were made of special waxed materials that will withstand wind and rain, while keeping every worker at the dock safe from all natural disasters.

The company was taken over by Adolf’s son Thomas. Nowadays, the Wellensteyn fashion brand also has a women’s collection, with a number of different jacket styles that will give you exceptional comfort and impeccable elegance in any season.

The brand fosters a style of functional elegance, where I decided to introduce you a model from their new Spring-Summer 2020 collection. In the following posts you will have the opportunity to see some more interesting models.


Jacket: Wellensteyn

Sweater: Loro Piana

Trousers: Loro Piana

Sneakers: Tod’s

How did you like this outfit I wore to visit the one of the most famous city sights in Belgrade such as Avala? Have you been in Belgrade? Here spring is the most beautiful period of the year I have prepared this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you like it! This outfit is made by something new, something old and a unique balance is a result.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page. See you soon with another interesting story about Belgrade!


This post is sponsored by Wellensteyn. This post would not have been possible without the selfless help of Loro Piana & Tod’s Group fashion houses which helps me to express my fashion spirit with their iconic and fashionable pieces.

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Ich habe sechs Wellensteyn-Jacken in meinem Schrank. Ich liebe es, sie zu tragen, weil sie wirklich gute Qualität haben. Es ist gut, dass sie mit Influencer Marketing angefangen haben.


You always have amazing clothing! This time I love your sweater! I would imagine how looks like to be locked down in your wardrobe… If you are looking someone to clean up your closet I am the best person for you!

Hans K.
Hans K.

Ich erinnere mich, dass es 2014 im Winter war, als ich meine erste Wellensteyn-Jacke kaufte. Ihre Jacken sind wirklich von guter Qualität und stilvoll für einen lässigen Lebensstil.


Kurtka, którą nosisz jest w kolorze czarnym lub niebieskim? Życzę Ci wszystkiego najlepszego! Pozdrawiam z Łodzi


I like your outfit!!! This jacket is everything, especially for all those fashionistas who love navy colour.


Dear Marko, your photos are really stunning and I like your stories about Belgrade and Wellensteyn brand. I really now can’t say is this pure travel or fashion outfit post… This fusion of travel and fashion is incredible and it opens more possibilities to combine two wonderful things like fashion & travel industry. You should be proud on yourself because you can say that you’re a pioneer of this part of industry and your did a great job as well. We are sending you warm greetings from Norderstedt! 👋🏼