Hi guys! It’s a new working week, so it’s time for new victories! I sincerely hope that you are doing good and that you have energy for new challenges. “Fashion as a way of life …” is not just a phrase, it’s the best way to “escape” from cruel reality and at least for a moment forget all your problems. It’s time to start my new post, so let’s start this “diary”!



This year, this Fall is so overwhelming, people just don’t know what to wear… Mid-Season sales are slowly going. I must confess they are great, while in some shops there is still a summer sales in Serbia. My neighbour, who is one of the prominent artists, said: “Buying clothes is like mixing the colors, pastel colors are spring-summer, while those are darker autumn-winter, we mix a little and get our own style. Wear clothes how you feel, and not how others say to you! “. It’s the same with my coat, it’s not too dark, nor too bright, but believe me, it’s enough to be warm! ?

If someone had told me a few years ago that I would wear a coat and that he would be able to warm me up, I would think for that person that he or she was crazy. Where will one coat warm you … My mother always told me:

“Son, when you start wearing coats, this is a new chapter in life for a man – becomes MAN (with BIG m, you will understand).”

As the years go by, I really have personally been convinced of it. Coat has some power, which affects the man who carries it. Guys, to disappoint you, you will not feel like Batman or Superman, it’s not a magic cloak. A lot of people on the street asked me where I bought thus coat and how beautiful it is. It’s just funny for me, how I have chosen that color. Since there were plenty of colors, a couple of bloggers got color codes, I started my searching in my shoes closet and I found my old shoes, which I adore because they are in the shades of brown-camel colors that I REALLY LOVE! I simply sent a piece of that print and after few days the package arrived, It was amazing, a coat that finally agrees with my favorite sneakers!



This is real “Urban Classic” do you remember that description of my style, the first post when I did not know where I was or what I did, but I knew one thing – I want to keep doing it!

I want to thank you for the support! This autumn and winter will be cheerful on my blog. Styles will maybe change a little, you may see me in some new releases, which you are not used to, but it’s all within the limits of good taste and good fun.

I sincerely hope that you liked my today’s post! If you have any question, suggestion or proposal for collaboration, as always you can contact me via social networks or by mail: [email protected]






Coat: Burberry

Watch: Hugo Boss

Sweater: Zara

Jeans: Pedro del Hierro

Sneakers: Christian Louboutin


Camera: Sony Alpha 7R via Sony Deutschland

This post is sponsored via S&L Jokic, Burberry Group and Grupo Cortefiel







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I am first time on your blog, and I must admit I like it so much! Burberry coat is always good choice and you look amazing. I just have read on Google that Serbia is also a country in Europe. First of all I thought that you are Italian, because you look like some Italian or French… You have amazing taste. You got my attention now!


Perfection! ❤️ I can’t describe how I feel now. The coat is apsolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing this amazing post on Linkedin! Keep up Marko! I wish you all the best!


You are so stylish! The Burberry coat is iconic and you wear it so well. Is this 100% cashmere coat? I must say again… I love it! I just can’t wait to see your new post! ?


Woow! This coat looks amazing!!! ???? I love it! And your shoes looks soo posh! ?