Hi guys! How are you today? I hope you are good and you’re ready for a new post!

Finally it’s time to start a new season on my blog. Before I start, I’d like to apologize to everyone for not been around for a while. The problem was on the website because it was hacked and all the data was infected with the virus and the site was not able to function normally. But, it’s all behind us and that’s why it’s best to start with my first post in this new season!

September is my favorite month of the year, you are surely wondering why? There are two reasons: the first is my birthday, and at the same time starts my favorite seasons – FALL!




The dark color is always the best choice, even when it comes to wearing a piece of clothing like a coat … No need to talk about it anymore, victory is guaranteed! I am sure that you, as well as myself, have many people around you who always say that some color doesn’t fit you as well… Sometimes you need to listen to the advice, but also sometimes you need to listen to your heart and who knows you may “grab” the right combination!



Sometimes you need to be spontaneous, persistent. It’s the same with fashion … Fashion may be a game in which there is never a winner; it’s easy for everyone to try to present their combinations in her own way and bring it some new and fresh life. The most important thing is to try something new and always improve yourself. Every combination is common, if you don’t add something to your own, and even if it was a very ordinary like smile, the most important thing is to have a heart…



The coat won me with its golden details, it was a love at first sight (I am a person who always attracts little details…). The jeans are great model and cut is apsolutely amazing so it follows this elegance type of style and everything looks like one perfect fashionable harmony. High-top sneakers are a bit unusual detail here, but why not? It’s good to take risks and try something new … I always say that my style is “Urban Classics” and here are the results: classic coat, jeans, high-top sneakers … I think this was and more than enough from me this time!



Once again, I want to take the opportunity to apologize to everyone who follows me and support me because this little break was not up to me. The circumstances were such that it happened that the website was hacked and that the only solution was to create a new website and it took a little time, but I’m here again! I’m preparing for a new fashion adventure and next week if everything goes well, I’ll take you to a well-known European metropolis! For a couple of days will you know and which city I will take you to…

I sincerely hope that you liked today’s post. If you have any suggestion, idea or proposal for collaboration, please contact me via social networks or by mail: mr.m.style@hotmail.com




Coat: Zara

Sweater: Esprit

Jeans: Pedro del Hierro

Watch: Daniel WellingtonS&L Jokić –  Satovi i nakit

High-top sneakers: Christian Dior

Camera: Sony Alpha 7RSony Deutschland

This post is sponsored by Grupo Cortefiel and S&L Jokić Premium watch store from Serbia.








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