Hi everyone, how are you today? August has already started and showed us that the heat will not stop so easy, but I found I way to refresh myself. On the other hand, I have to admit that I am slowly getting used to these high temperatures, so I decided to keep my brain at least “cool” by writing a new post. Today, I decided to write about a city that gives me eternal inspiration, and on the other hand, a city that is my second home. Yes, I am writing you today a new story about Berlin.

Germany may be a little “hard and tight” country, but on the other hand, it is a country that offers many opportunities for everyone. Everything in live has its advantages and disadvantages, but at the end final results are amazing. Germany is not only one of the more powerful members of the European Union countries, but for some new, more modern professions like this one of my professions – blogging makes a real small paradise, where everything is arranged. In Germany, in every city, this programmatic way of life is simply felt, it’s just all planned, and you do not need to think about most common things. Every first day of the month you are charged with all the expenses for the current month, that in Germany the bills are paid in advance.

Berlin may be the capital of Germany, but it is not the main financial and socio-political center like Munich and Frankfurt. The most important thing is that this city is very close to my heart. Imagine my luck when I go to Lidl and buy nice chocolate for 60 cents and some interesting sweet cakes. It’s for me luck, in those little everyday ordinary things. Before I “get lost” in my blogging story, I would like to thank my friends from the Berlin Tourism Organization – Visit Berlin for wonderful cooperation.



The transportation card, ticket for bus, metro, s-bahn has risen to 2.70 euros, imagine that you are paying an extra ticket for the bicycle or baggage (believe me Germans rarely pay it, believe me, and this is also happening!). Good thing is that when you’re already in Berlin and you will just get over with the price of the ticket, what do the average usually tourists do? There is two lines that the Germans in Berlin despise, which are the famous line 100 and the line number 200. These are the two lines connecting the West Berlin Center to the East Center and these buses are always, but literally always crowded with the tourists who with the smile on their faces ask the driver in English “Brandenburg Gate ?!”.

Of course the driver, without a smile on his face, somehow managed to answer. “Ja, ja!” means Yes, yes … and the ride of the life can begin! By the way, of course, the older ladies with the bigger shop bags and shopping bags with wheels are entering, and they constantly complain about the lack of space and that an additional line should be introduced only for real Berliners. It’s all about everyday life, which makes Berlin a huge different world.



Of course, the tourists who are barely waiting to see this famous gate constantly ask how many stations there are to the gate, and Berliners just say you can’t miss it easily! I have to be honest, I did not trust people when they told me how people cried when they saw the Brandenburg Gate… Then I witnessed when the two girls fairly cried and jumped out of luck that they saw the gate from the bus. It was perhaps understandable to me, they were young and who knows how much they were collecting money from their student pocket money to come to visit Berlin.

Interesting! Well, I forgot to explain bus line 200 to you, it also connects the Eastern part with the West, but the route is a bit different, and one of the stops is the famous Mall of Berlin, a shopping centre. You gonna love it! Shopping centre is huge and there is a lot of brands there, I’m sure you will find something nice for you there! ?



So, that’s why I decided one summer afternoon this year, I decided to go on the ride with famous line 100! I came to the gate, the sun was very strong, all that heat, but somehow the Brandenburg Gate gave me the reasons for a smile on my face. You can also see how all that space is photogenic and that it is always full of people. If you want to find out what the “sea of people” looks like, you can see it every day in front of this famous gates.



In this post, we did not make the photos of the gate, because as you can see the sun it was too strong and the gate was renovated (we did not know that information when we went to the location for shooting), but in the next post you will have the opportunity to see the Brandenburg Gate in the best edition, arranged and renovated.



In the next outfit fashion post, I take you to a tour of Parliament in Berlin and of course I will fulfill my promise to show you the Brandenburg Gate. If by any chance you feel the urge to cry, at least you will do it in the comfort of your home and you will be ready when you see this same gate in live. I will admit that I cried when I saw the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but I was 10 years old, the excitement made my own. I cried at the age of 26 when I learned that I would go to India and after a few months the same situation for Morocco I repeated the same. As you can see I haven’t been made from stone! ?





Trousers: Burberry

Sneakers: Burberry

Camera: Sony Alpha Mark II


My dear fashionistas once again we have come to the end of post. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time! Don’t worry in a couple of days I will publish a new post where we will continue together to enjoy the charms of traveling and we will continue our adventure in Morocco. I know that you loved the posts from Morocco which I’ve published in July. That also will be the last post from the special series of posts about Morocco.

How do you like this story about Berlin? How do you like my Italian classic outfit in some new Berliner style? I would like to hear your opinion! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media, which you can find on the CONTACT page.

As I promised we’ll see again in a couple of days, so if something new and interesting happens to me, I promise, I will write to you!





This post is sponsored by Visit Berlin.


  1. Leonard August 8, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    I just love your smile! I can feel your positive energy. BTW I love your t-shirt! Navy looks good on you.

  2. Molly August 9, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    Awww Berlin! I would like to visit that city again I love it so much! You look amazing Marco.

  3. James August 9, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    I like your kicks so much. White sneakers are real classic! Burberry always has the best sneakers, are they comfortable? Thank you for the answer in advance! 🙂

  4. Clara August 10, 2018 at 6:53 pm

    I was in Germany few years ago. Berlin is my favourite city in Germany. Your photos are wonderful and I would like to ask you if you can write special posts about making photos just to give amateurs some tips. I think that will be the perfect! 🙂

  5. Hanna August 10, 2018 at 8:34 pm

    You are so perfect!!! I follow you for 2 years now and your style is amazing, so classic and elegant. I love that! Kisses from Heidelberg!

  6. Matteo August 10, 2018 at 10:15 pm

    Nice outfit man! You look like Italian. From photos I can only say that you are really look like Italian.Saluti da Napoli!


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