Hi guys!

How are you today! I hope you are good and ready for my new post! Today I will show you my outfit which I wore on the 3rd day of BFW (Berlin Fashion Week). As you know I am the person who likes to combine some unusual color with some ordinary color (in this case that will be a beige color). I think that I did a good job, but I must hear your opinion! 🙂


Third day was very exciting and I also met some new German bloggers and the interesting fact they are not fashion bloggers, mostly of them were travel, food or parenting bloggers. I really had a amazing time with them and we also used a nice weather to make photos for our blogs. Mostly of bloggers that day made photos in area of Brandenburg Gate, and we decided to go not so far but to try to be original and make some photos… I must admit my plan was to make some good photos and to meet Angela Merkell, but this time luck was not on my side… Oh, well what to do… I will try another time…



My outfit was on one hand was casual but also was sportive – elegant, because jeans you can also wear for special occasions but you must be careful with model of jeans, cut and of course with the color! Sweater I bought in Zara, now here in Germany are the final sales and I bought this beauty for only 7 euros! I think I catched a good deal!



I hope you will enjoy in these photos as I enjoyed while I was making them for you! If you have some suggestion or business proposal don`t hesitate just contact me and I will be happy to connect with you!

I must say big thank you to my new friends from SONY Deutschland! Now you will see my photos much better (perfect! :D) and they gave me my new friend Alpha 7R, I think I will call him Alphie from now. What do you think about this idea? It is a small but very profesional toy! This is my second time to use it for my blog, but I feel like I used him fo years!


Jacket: Zara

Sweater: Zara

Jeans: Pedro del Hierro

Sneakers: New Balance







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