Dear my fashionistas, welcome to the Mr.M blog! The holidays are over and it’s time for some work. In previous posts during this pandemic, I have tried to draw your attention and point out the importance of maintaining health and physical fitness during this hard times.

In addition to the use of supplements such as vitamins that we all buy in pharmacies, staying outdoors, especially in the natural environment on green areas or by rivers, can contribute to the improvement of the general health of the organism.

Scientists believe that being outdoors has a beneficial effect on people’s mental health. When you have free time for yourself, take an hour or two of your time and walk by the river or stay in nature.

Of course, in addition to a good mood, for staying outdoors you need warm clothing items that will allow you to spend your stay in nature in the best possible way.

Today, we also will spend some fashionable time with the Italian brand Aida Barni, which makes exceptional pieces of cashmere. This brand has become a symbol of elegance and sophistication due to its perfect sweaters and fashion accessories made of the highest quality wool – cashmere.

Aida Barni uses all kinds of the latest technologies to make cashmere knitwear, forming special looms to the latest and most advanced knitting machines. If you want to be up to date and find out all the news that Aida Barni is preparing for us, follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

If by any chance you missed previous posts or want to be reminded of some details, you can read the posts at the following links. Tips for maintaining your favorite pieces of cashmere – link. In case you want to find out more information about the Aida Barni and Annapurna brands, you can read the story of these brands at this link.

In addition to warm sweaters, during the winter we all hang out with jackets or shearling jackets, depending on personal preferences. This time I decided to complete my outfit with the leather shearling jacket that I have had in my wardrobe for years, and every time I see it in the closet, I admire how some things just don’t change over time.

Of course, as you could see in one of the previous outfit posts, my new friend that helps me not to be late, while still having one unusual stylish masterpiece on hand, is a wristwatch made by the famous Swiss brand Epos. If by any chance you missed reading an interesting story and history of this company, you can do so by clicking on the link.

There is no person in the world who cannot hide the joy when you feel the smell of the new Italian leather. Today, we are once again hanging out with the Italian family workshop for handmade Restelli gloves, a place where the art, tradition and beauty of handicrafts meet every day, which is the true definition of the Italian style and way of life in general.

Making gloves is not only a job but also a real art. Passion, emotions, tradition and knowledge have been passed on to the third generation after 100 years! Rafaela Restelli has fully accepted the challenges of the new fashion era in which the market and the way of selling have changed with deep respect and belief in tradition and a love for lasting masterpieces!

Restelli gloves are not valued with money, but with a tradition and history full of love and patience that have no price.

Fashion trends vary depending on the season and weather conditions. Winter fashion trends are simple and the most important thing is to “respect” the rule that the most important thing is to be “layered dressed” due to the low temperatures that prevail during the winter period.

When it comes to winter fashion outfits, brown, navy blue and lighter neutral shades predominate in my wardrobe, with which I welcome cold winter days.

Today’s post contains the word nature in its title, and do we know what that term really means? Nature is, in the broadest sense, the equivalent of the natural world, the physical universe, the material world, or the material universe.

Nature as a term refers to the phenomenon of the physical world, as well as to life in general. This term usually does not include manufactured objects, nor human interaction, unless it qualifies as such, such as “human nature”. The notion of nature and the natural is also the opposite of the notion of the supernatural.

Today, in the everyday use of the word “nature”, geology is often referred to as the term wilderness. Nature can also define the general realm of various types of plants and animals, and in some cases the processes associated with inanimate objects – the way certain types of things exist such as the time and geology of the Earth, and the matter and energy of which all things are made.

Nature often means “natural environment” or wilderness made up of wild animals, rocks, forests, beaches and in general all things that have not been significantly altered by human intervention or those that last despite human interaction.


Leather Shearling Jacket: Armani Collezioni

Sweater: Aida Barni

Watch: Epos

Gloves: Restelli

Jeans: Loro Piana

Sneakers: MooRER

My dear fashionistas, we have come to the end of this third fashion story in 2021. How did you like this outfit of mine today? I hope that in addition to the definition of nature, you learned something new from my post today.

I really tried to prepare this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you will like it! See you in a couple of days with a new story!

I advise you to listen to my advice due to the current unfavorable health situation in almost all European and countries around the world. If you need to go out into the fresh air, take a walk and clear your mind, feel free to do so, but do not go to places where there are a lot of people and encourage crowding.

I understand that people need to go out into the fresh air for physical activity and mental health, but you can do that by walking around the city every day, on low-traffic streets. Of course, you can walk in parks and other types of green areas or promenades along rivers, but keep the prescribed physical distance and use disinfectants and wear a mask.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. Stay tuned!


This post is sponsored by Aida Barni (Annapurna Spa), Epos, Restelli, MooRER and Loro Piana brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.

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Dear Marko, I follow several blogs during this lockdown period and I honestly have to admit that you are almost the only blogger from the DACH region who draws attention to the Corona virus. Many of the influencers act as if the virus doesn’t exist, but let’s show what we’ve gotten from the brands. I agree, each of us must earn money and make a living from something, but we should at least think a little about others. Almost every time at the end of the blog, you point out how important it is to be physically active and that… Read more »


I’ve been looking for a similar leather shearling jacket to buy for a long time, but they are all either narrow models or short (they don’t cover the butt). Can you tell me the bar code of your model to try to find on Ebay or some other platform for selling used items? It would be great to make a blog sale of your stuff once! Every time I admire all those wonderful things you have! I would sincerely like to live in your closet for at least one day!


Schönes Outfit! Viele Grüße an meinen Lieblingsblogger! Können Sie mir sagen, wann der nächste Brief aus Deutschland sein wird? Ihr Post aus Hannover hat mir sehr gut gefallen!


Ich trage gerne Jacken mit Fell, weil die Winter in Norddeutschland kalt sind und nur solche Jacken für uns praktisch sind. Unsere Jacken sind einfach und nicht so elegant und schön, aber sie sind warm. Ich frage mich, ob ich irgendwo in Deutschland im Resteli-Handschuhgeschäft nachsehen kann. Ich bin immer zwischen 9 und 10 Größen je nach Hersteller.


Ciao Marko, è bello leggere il tuo post dopo questa situazione con COVID-19. Sei sempre ben vestito e mi piace molto il tuo stile. Sono contento che tu abbia continuato a lavorare anche se tutto era chiuso! È anche un grande piacere vederti sostenere noti e piccoli marchi di moda italiani. Grazie dal profondo del mio cuore! Tanti saluti da Mestre!