Dear my fashionistas, welcome to the Mr.M blog. I hope you are well, that you take care of yourself and that you are counting down the days until the New Year with great expectations. For how many years I have been running the Mr.M blog so far, you have had the opportunity to see me in some more elegant editions or everyday combinations that included jeans.

I have to be honest and say that you can count the fingers of one hand how many times you saw me in a loungewear (tracksuit). Otherwise, in my free time and during the trip, I often wear tracksuits because they are the most practical and the person feels most comfortable during the trip.

Tracksuits have always found their way to our closets, they have their own fashion cult. There are people who wear tracksuits exclusively, and even to work, if they are lucky enough to have reasonable employers. Tracksuits for me represent a special type of fashion where the basic idea is to make a person feel comfortable, over time tracksuits have become elegant, so now some models can be worn on more formal occasions.

Honestly, it used to be hard for me to imagine, but when I saw some models of tracksuits, I completely changed my mind and realized that the concept of sportswear has changed over time.

In an interview, a fashion icon who is unfortunately no longer with us – Karl Lagerfeld stated that the joggers of the tracksuit is a sign that someone has given up on himself as a man and has surrendered without thinking about dignity.

In a way, the set of tracksuits has always been in fashion, many famous public figures and my fellow world influencers and bloggers wore the set of tracksuits in their relaxed releases and thus “forced” a counter to a famous designer who proved during his life that there is nothing. other than elegance.

I think that everyone has the right to dress as they want, it’s just that each of us has those days when we want to leave the house and walk without thinking about what to wear or whether we dressed “according to someone’s taste”. Even today, some people think that people who wear tracksuits only go to throw garbage and walk their pets, or they have decided to do some sports activities.

Today, loungewear is worn with elegant jackets and coats, if you use elegant fashion accessories, the tracksuit can completely change its original look and you get a completely different fashion combination with some special sporty elegant vibe.

My tracksuit today stands out from the classic rustling materials from which those casual fashion pieces are normally made. My friends from the Johnstons of Elgin brand proved to me that an everyday tracksuit can be made from the highest quality cashmere.

The inevitable combination of navy blue and gray color slightly emphasizes the special elegance of this set of tracksuits, whose upper or lower part you can buy separately if you have some special sympathies for one of the pieces or just do not want to be uniformed.

All of Jonhnstons of Elgin cashmere loungewear range is expertly crafted from the finest fibres to provide a soft touch matched with durability so you can enjoy an elegant look with lasting comfort.

From the living room to luxury travel, Johnstons of Elgin loungewear is straightforward and sophisticated, with minimalist detailing and refined styling. The using of Australian Merino Wool in their new lifestyle capsule collection provides an accessible price point while neutral colour shades add an organic feel.


The entire outfit is made up of products from the new Johnstons of Elgin collection for Autumn-Winter 2020/21. In the list below you can find links for each product from today’s post.

Great news for all of you, since I regularly get questions, do I have a discount code, I asked the Johnstons of Elgin team and they came out with great deal, so with the code “MT10” you have a special 10% discount on the entire product offer Johnstons of Elgin.

Cashmere Sweatshirt: Johnstons of Elgin

Cashmere Joggers: Johnstons of Elgin

Backpack: PICARD

Sneakers: Loro Piana

Johnstons of Elgin is a brand that try to make each piece with great care and you can really feel it when you worn their products. Their models are extremely comfortable, practical and wearable for any occasion, whether it is the clothes you need for every day and work, up to those slightly more formal occasions.

Of course, I also completed this outfit with Loro Piana sneakers that you haven’t had a chance to see on my blog so far. The first thing you can notice is that the colors of two different manufacturers fit perfectly and that this outfit is a real urban sporty elegance vibe.

Of course, this time too I took the opportunity to walk my best friend Torino through the streets of Berlin without which I can’t otherwise imagine my day. Picard backpacks are of exceptional quality and design and for all these years I have remained a loyal consumer to them and become a brand ambassador.

I like these clothing combinations the most, which can be described simply, without exaggeration or the need for unnecessary description, because we all have our favorite tracksuit in our wardrobe, which we wear on all occasions, no matter what others think of us.

I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the self care and protection of yourself and your beloved ones. Let’s prevent the spread of the Corona virus and try to make this situation just one bad dream that we have successfully forgotten.

Since I made these photos outdoors and I stick to the prescribed physical distance of 2 meters, I didn’t need to wear masks, but I wear a mask indoors and regularly buy hand sanitizers in small packages so I can always carry them with me.

Dear my fashionistas, we have come to the end of this special fashion story about the famous new fashion icon – tracksuit. How did you like this outfit of mine that I walked the streets of Berlin today? I have prepared this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you like it! See you in a couple of days with a new story from Germany!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. See you soon with another interesting story!


This post is sponsored by Johnstons of Elgin, Loro Piana and Picard Lederwaren brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.

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I agree with you, because loungewear is the best to every day, especially during this quarantine time when you work from home. Sincerely, comfort is on the first place for me! Your tracksuit is wonderful and I like navy color so much.


Ich trage gerne Trainingsanzüge und es gibt keine Tage, an denen ich keinen Trainingsanzug aus meiner Sammlung trage. Du hast recht, manche Leute verstehen immer noch nicht, dass jemand gerne Trainingsanzüge trägt, mein Job erfordert kein spezielles Kleidungsstück von mir, deshalb bin ich glücklich. Ich wünsche Ihnen viele Grüße aus München und schöne Ferien! Freundliche Grüße Martin


I would like to have sweat suit like yours! Cashmere is one of the best choices if you are looking for warm and cosily clothing!


Lieber Marko, du siehst fantastisch aus! Wie viele Jahre habe ich Ihren Blog gelesen und verfolgt? Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, wann ich Sie in einem Trainingsanzug gesehen habe! Du siehst viel jünger aus, glaub mir!


Dear Marko, you look so elegant even when you are just wearing a simple track suit! That is a pure evidence when someone tell it is not about the clothes which you wear, it is something special what you have in you as a person.


You look wonderful Marko! You even have better a$% than me! I am so envy!