My dear fashionistas, how are you today? I sincerely hope that you are well and that you are protected from this health catastrophe that started a new winter “wave”. All over Europe, the situation is alarming and we need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

Each of us must continue to work, but we must do our best to adjust our work and daily life in accordance with the current health situation. Since I have to do my job, I try to take pictures at a time when there are not many people on the streets and to avoid indoors for taking photos.

I appeal once again that it is necessary to take new precautionary measures and try to stay healthy and make our environment a better place. In previous posts, you had the opportunity to see me in a winter jacket, many of you sent me numerous messages asking where is my famous Mr.M symbol, a fashion piece without which autumn cannot pass on Mr.M’s blog – the trench coat.

I will dedicate the first November fashion story to my favorite fashion piece by which I became recognizable. The trenchcoat is a piece of clothing that has become a legendary fashion piece of the wardrobe of women and men around the world. The famous Burberry double-breasted coats are made of gabardine. Gabardine is a fine fabric made of combed wool or cotton. Woolen fabric is used for coats, suits and women’s dresses, while cotton is used to make light dresses and cotton is lined with rubber which is used to make raincoats.

Burberry trench coats have an insulated lining, classic or raglan sleeves. Classic versions of the Burberry trench coat can be found in different lengths, from just above the joints (the longest version) to above the middle of the thigh (the shortest). These coats were originally a garment for army officers, the coat model itself was developed before the war, but during the war it was adapted for use in the trenches of the First World War, after which they got their name – Trench Coat!

Traditionally, double-breasted trench coats are buttoned with 10 front buttons and have wide lapels, a “storm” flap and pockets that close with the buttons. Each double-breasted trench coat has a belt around the waist, as well as belts around the joints that can also be fastened. Have you ever wondered why coats have straps on the sleeves above the wrist?

During the war, these belts were practical to keep water from flowing through the forearm when officers used binoculars during the rain. The trench coat often has “shoulder straps” that close and these were functional characteristics in a military context. The traditional color of the coat was “khaki”, a light shade of yellow-brown. Today, newer versions come in many interesting colors.

Trenches remained in trend for decades after the First and Second World Wars. Their original role as a striking part of a military officer’s uniform provided the coat with a new, more elegant business note, although many prefer to tie a belt instead of using a buckle to project a more casual look than a strict military uniform.

In the 1960s, intellectuals wore trench coats over black roll neck sweaters, while some people wore coats as fashion details, as an elegant alternative to jackets.

Double-breasted trenches and coats have become an integral part of our everyday life and there really is no person in the world who does not have a double-breasted trench or coat in the wardrobe, regardless of the brand, a double breasted coat is a iconic fashion piece that never goes out of fashion.

My love for coats is due to my grandfather and father, who were great collectors of trenches and coats as well. My grandfather and father saved a part of their fashion paradise for me as well, and my father gave me my first Burberry trench coat almost 13 years ago, which I still jealously guard and wear today.

These are some of our family rituals, so we passed on our “male” love for coats to our dear ladies in the family. My mother as one of them was not a fan of this piece in the beginning, but with our influence, these fashion treats were also found in her wardrobe.

I have noticed that many people confuse the terms “trench coat” and “coat”. The trench coat is “thinner” and it is worn in the transitional seasons – spring and autumn, when we need protection from unexpected rain and windy weather, and we do not want to wear some heavy and warmer pieces.

A coat is a slightly more “serious” fashion piece for winter time, made of a thicker material, most often wool, cashmere or a combination of these two materials. There are other more exotic materials, but they are less often used due to the high costs of making and processing these materials, the best example is Vicuna shiny llama hair, which is exceptional and rare, but very expensive. A sweater made of Vicuna costs several thousand euros…

When we talk about wool, their fibers consist of several layers. Wool retains heat well and is often used to make sweaters and comfortable winter clothes such as coats, jackets, scarves and gloves. What all belongs to the wool fiber family? These are cashmere, angora, merino wool, lamb wool and mohair.

In today’s post, I wanted to show you an everyday, casual and relaxed fashion combination where one elegant piece, such as a trench coat, can be combined with jeans and sneakers. Also, this time I took the opportunity to show you a red roll neck sweater from my friends from Scotland, Johnstons of Elgin, which you saw in a more elegant edition in one of the previous posts.

Navy – red combination is always refreshing and proved to be the best fashion tandem where we have navy blue, which is a symbol of elegance, while red rejuvenates and refreshes a person. Red indicates a new beginning and brings a certain dose of joy.


This outfit is made up of products from the new Johnstons of Elgin and MooRER collection for autumn-winter 2020/21. In the list below you can find links for each product from today’s post.

One novelty for all of you, since I regularly get questions, do I have a discount code, I asked Johnstons of Elgin and they came out with my own personal code “MT10” you have a special 10% discount on the entire offer of Johnstons of Elgin products.

Trench Coat: Burberry

Roll Neck Sweater: Johnstons of Elgin

Jeans: MooRER

Sneakers: Bally

MooRER and Johnstons of Elgin are brands that try to make each piece with great care and you can really feel it when you worn their products. Their models are extremely comfortable, practical and wearable for any occasion, whether it is the clothes you need for every day and work, up to those slightly more formal occasions.

I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the self care and protection of yourself and your loved ones. Let’s prevent the spread of the Corona virus and try to make this as just one bad dream that we have successfully forgotten.

Since I made these photos outdoors and I respected all the prescribed physical distance of 2 meters, I didn’t need to wear mask, but I wear a mask indoors and regularly buy hand sanitizers in small packages so I can always carry them with me.

Dear my fashionistas, we have come to the end of this special fashion story about the iconic fashion piece called – The Trench Coat. How did you like this navy blue – red outfit of mine that I walked the streets of Berlin today? I have prepared this outfit for you with a lot of love and I hope you like it! See you in a couple of days with a new fashion story from Germany!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Of course, as always you can contact me via mail or social media channels, which you can find on the CONTACT page. Stay tuned!

From Berlin with Love,

This post is sponsored by Johnstons of Elgin and MooRER brands and represents my personal and honest review of their products.

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I’m a big fan of the Burberry coats! I have one double-breasted trench coat that my parents bought me for my 18th birthday and that’s it. I wish one day to have a Burberry collection like yours! It’s my dream!


This is a real autumn outfit. Since you have darker hair and eyes, red color is phenomenal for your. You have successfully combined it with navy blue. Your fashion stories are great, I just wish I knew when you would continue with your travelogues from Germany?


Dein roter Pullover ist wunderschön !!! Du siehst toll aus, ich liebe es, deine Post zu lesen. Pass auf dich auf und bleib gesund! Viele Grüße aus Hamburg


You have a very nice outfit, I especially like the trench coat and sneakers! Everything is fantastic, all praise for your new look. How do you maintain the whiteness of your teeth? Do you still use that electric brush you wrote to us about a few months ago? I’m thinking of buying that electric toothbrush or doing some teeth whitening procedure at the dentist soon. I would like to treat myself to a nice holiday gift


You look wonderful, I always wanted to ask you how tall you really are? Long coats and long jackets look great on you, so in my estimation I think you’re over 185, but I’d like to confirm. I wrote you an email a few days ago and I would love for you to answer me it would mean a lot to me. I got a job in a PR agency and I need advice. I have been following your blog for years and in a couple of posts you mentioned before how you worked in a PR agency and that… Read more »


Dear Marko, wonderful post! I like navy color so much and this outfit is definitively my favorite outfit on your blog this Fall season. I would like to ask you for my boyfriend how to choose the right size. He is 185 tall and about 82 kilograms, is it L or XL better size for him?


I just say: THE BURBERRY TRENCH COAT! <3 <3 <3